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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Man Goo, DNA and Little Kalvin's

That's gotta be one stinky pull-over. Kalvin wears this one, and only one pull-over in all his videos. I'd mention the underwear issue but as we Korffer's know, Kalvin doesn't wear any, he doesn't want to take the chance of... sourering his... well... you know... his DNA. Of course, Kalvin has wasted so much of his gold plated man goo into tissue paper and whatever else is... handy... that it really shouldn't matter anymore. In any case, Kalvin is creeping up on his middle 50's so I think any little Kalvin's (God, please no) is pretty much out of the question.

Korff: "I MUST be a biological father, especially since my family's DNA (which has the unique Ashkenazi genetic markers DIES) and this is NOT acceptable."

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The konfabulations and outright lies... kontinue.

The Korff and Reddi Facebook Show

Raj Reddi - BTW what happened to episode 2 of KKTV?

Kal Korff  - I already sent you a link of stuff that is on DW TV. I do not control the links, nor the web site. The next episode of KKTV will air shortly, the guest is from the USA, a scientist and we'll be talking about some great stuff. I am recording several shows so I have them in the pipeline, then they will be uploaded on a fixed schedule. Now, I have to record a news broadcast, please excuse me.

Raj Reddi - I also checked Daily World's FB page. They mentioned E2, but it was a dead link. Funny that E1 is still up but E2 was removed for some reason. I missed it.

Kal Korff - I think, personally, the pages need overhauls. I think they reflect the "we're growing" phase, and yes we are, meaning DW is. Tomorrow for example, I'm filming another episode featuring some top gourmet Indian cooking with a top chef, early shoot tomorrow, and will have a few of these in the pipeline before they air again so that it can be regular.

I was all set to go on another episode but the guest had to cancel from Europe due to an unexpected development, so that person will be on later, but threw the whole plan off course, so I want episodes in the can now and a backlog so that if something comes up, no shows that air regularly will b missed, just like Is It REALLY True? now is weekly, every Saturday.

Your input is always appreciated of course.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


August 26, 2016

We could go on and on re-editing Korff's videos, etc. We think not, we're as bored as the rest of you. We will assist Kalvin in making a better video, Kalvin, it's called the Law of Thirds, you dumb fuck. Look at the space above your bulbous head, you see that VAST amount of space above your head, the violates the Law of Thirds in video productions. At least get the basics right Kalvin.

Various Claims - August 24, 2016


I'm Humble, Motherfucker!


A Bigfoot Korffer chimes in.


Credit to Henry B. May IV‎, link to his YouTube Channel:

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