Monday, October 31, 2011

Come clean Kal and write the truth as it is. No? I'll do it for you.

I always await Kal's tiny brain to insert the turth about himself into one of his posts.  This might be what it would look like in a moment of sane clarity for the tubby cunt. My thanks to the Korffer for the following spoof on Kal.................................

BREAKING NEWS! Tomorrow in a newspaper that doesn't exist, I have a nearly 1,000 word baffling piece I wrote concerning what I want to be the truth about what happened to Navy SEAL Team 6 and how they met their tragic demise in Afghanistan. As my last pretend articles that are digitally altered so you really can't read them because I make this shit up and pretend to be syndicated, their deaths were more honorable than anything I could ever accomplish because I am a fucking loser living out my delusions on the internet.

I was given data from a source inside the Pentagon news search on Google on this, and I quote from documents I've dreamed up and name personnel and identify how many people from what branches of service - OK I just made that all up too so it sounds like I am connected but we all know the only connection I have is for midget porn.

One of the people killed was a woman for example, and I think about women a lot since the last girl I kissed was my mother and now I cannot be in the same room as a man without someone else being there. Wait.  What was I saying before?????

The report Xposes the BS I make up on a daily basis and all my lost years and uselessness could have been avoided, just like my untimely birth as I said months ago, and I am not even in the military though I used to pretend to be a Colonel in a fake organization and I stole valor by wearing military rank insignia on my baggy old leather jacket so I could impress people without any knowledge about me who would think I was someone important! I also like to impersonate a lawyer I've never met in order to try and strike fear into the people I hate. This does not seem to work for long and they are someone able to find out quickly that it was me and not the real lawyer's name I used. How do they find out so fast??????

The source I pretend supplied some secret information to me is utter "poppycock," and I just want to make sure that I sound sort of credible and you never know when a fish will float along and bite on my bullshit so I have something to do with my pointless existence. Needless deaths like this should never happen again, especially to our top elite forces that I love to pretend to be as good as but know I would not amount to a shit smear on the toilet paper they use.

The ends do justify means this time, and vice versa or at least I like to think that way so I can convince myself life has more in store for me than dying alone in a foreign country I ran to so I could avoid responsibility. That and having to kiss Art Bell's ass on worldwide radio in front of millions of listeners sent me over the edge. Okay that's bullshit too because I have been acting like a fucking lunatic for years

As an officially accredited international jerkoff  I often get tips and insider stuff I pretend is legit but that I really get off the internet, I love being in the business of "breaking" news that has already happened long before I get off my fat ass to pretend I have some hard hitting Xposes coming out against some major world figures and international subjects in the printed press over the next few months. I am a complete dipshit forpretending to have this latest Xpose published, I hope it causes a stink like the one that constantly follows me but I know everything I do makes absolutely no impact and can only pretend that my pointless actions have some validity to them.

I'd like to go into much more detail on this in my new book, in Volume VI, but we all know the book I have been promising for YEARS is NEVER COMING OUT and I don't understand why my manuscripts that are written on toilet paper and McDonald's napkins keep getting rejected!!!

Any comments about this Liberal, "self-progressive" Democrats? I have plenty eventhough I know everyone knows how fucking full of shit and hate I really am. I just want a free ride that I think I deserve and probably should be down at Occupy Wall Street mingling with the rest of the losers like me.  Maybe I'll bring my blue ribbon science fair prize to amaze everyone and a copy of my outdated books that I conned into someone publishing. Those were the good old days when I convinced everyone I was someone important and special and amazing.  Hell, I don;t even have a college degree.  I know I know I was supposed to be working on a thesis but I'm pretty sure everyone knows that is utter bullshit too.  Oh well. Time to move on to the next delusional cluster fuck lie.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Kal K. Korff floating his BULLSHIT

Kal's lies are like turds in a toilet bowl. They all get flushed out sooner or later. Accredited journalist? Flush! Coloenl? Flush! Genius? Flush! Original research? Flush! Terrorism specialist or analyst? FLUSH!!!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Kal K. Korff is NOT an accrdited journalist.

 Someone needs to tell that fool Kal that anyone can publish anything on the internet and claim to be an accredited journalist.  By saying he is an accredited journalist Kal implies he has some sort of credentials or education. Remember when Kal claimed to be a "colonel" in an Israeli founded military organization? Kal needs to stop being such a kunt. Kal is not syndicated anywhere currently.  However Kal is an idiot!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Secret Wars FAIL!!!!!!

Lads I think Kal might want to shift gears and write a book on a subject he truly is an expert in.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Secret Wars FAIL!!!!!!

Remember back long ago lads when Kal kept promising to show us a video of his finished manuscript for a book called Secret Wars? Someone postede this in our comments section. Still no book from kal.  FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazon Book Review

Secret Wars: Defending Against Terrorist Plots, June 26, 2011
By Greg Long

This review is from: Secret Wars: Defending Against Terrorist Plots (Hardcover)

Unfortunately, I got to know Kal Korff in about 2001. Several years later, I learned that he was writing a book on terrorist plots. He said that Prometheus Books was going to publish it. That was 2004, a long seven (7) years ago.

Periodically, Korff makes statements that the book will be published soon. Yet the book is never published. Does the manuscript even exist? He sent me a draft forward to the book, and provided an inkling of its contents. He even designed the cover to the book and submitted it to Prometheus. The publishing house made its own cover instead. The cover was posted on Amazon.

And there the cover sits. But no book. In the meantime, Kal Korff lives in Prague and apparently spends his time building (and often rebuilding) his Web site. He often attacks Billy Meier's claims, and also threatens various "ufologists" with lawsuits. But Secret Wars is never published.

Probably what will happen is Korff will publish the book himself. Or perhaps he is shopping the manuscript around. Unfortunately, I wonder if the contents are of any interest anymore? Korff's interests seem to shift day-to-day. So, who knows. It would be unwise to order a copy through Amazon because it might never arrive in your mailbox.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Can we add PLAGIARIST to the list? I think so lads!

 One of our many fine Korffers here has pointed out that not only is Kal so far behind the real news but that Kal is likely also a PLAGIARIST!!! read from the info posted here lads. Not only is Kal completely unoriginal but the fool cannot even keep up with the world in real time!!

A web site posts this info on September 20, 2011:

Korff posts this on September 29, 2011:

Google Introduces New eWallet for Smartphone Users

See for yourself Korffer's. While not a word for word rip off, it's very close.

So there you have it!  Kal K. Korff CAUGHT AGAIN!!!!! Poor dumb Kal. How many more times does Kal have to be EXPOSED?????????? Steve Jobs wouldn't know Kal from some passing flatulence. You had your 15 minutes Kal and that was last century. Too bad you're not bright enough to realize the time to move on passed long ago. And I wonder Kal if you are in Prague legally. I doubt it. Perhaps a call to the embassy should be made but I have no doubt that your name is the source of a lot of amusement there already.