Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kevin Randle comments on Colonel Coward

Flying saucer author Kevin Randle has made a blog comment about Kal K. Korff tucking his tail and running from his scheduled debate with Kevin Randle. Kal did announce there would be another debate this coming December but both Kevin Randle and Rob McConnel say the debate WILL NOT happen. And who can blame Kevin Randle for not wanting to waste his time with a LOUD MOUTH like Conniving Kal. The video with Kal giving his lame ass excuse for not appearing is full of Conniving Kal puckering up and thoroughly KISSING the asses of Kevin Randle and Rob McConnel.

The Great Roswell Debate

As some of you know, I had been scheduled to debate the merits of the Roswell UFO crash case with one of the most vocal opponents. The debate, arranged by Rob McConnell of X-Zone Radio (see his website was to take place on Thursday, August 28, but about two hours before the start, my adversary bailed with a lame excuse about terrorism. Unilaterally, he postponed the debate to December 7. Neither Rob McConnell nor I agreed to this change and it will not happen.

I make note of this here in case some of you may wonder why there was no debate (and others probably couldn't care less). He failed to appear, video taping some ridiculous excuse, in daylight hours, which means he planned to jump long before he notified McConnell. This is just another in the many strange tales that have come from him.

I will also note that he has a habit of bullying people, making claims that are soon disproved, and then attempts to hide the evidence of his failures. He changes the information to suit his purposes, has no ethical standards, and threatens those who disagree with him with lawsuits and worse.

I plan no further dealings with the man until he issues the apologies required for this bad behavior and several dozen other outrageous claims and mistakes he has made. For those who care to learn more about him, see


Conniving Kal growing DESPERATE!

It looks from my viewpoint that the final BREAKDOWN is starting for Kal K. Korff and the pressure of pretending and watching his fantasy world coming unraveled and his likely banning from the Xzone radio show it is all catching up with Conniving Kal.

Kal is becoming so DESPERATE he is having to go back in time for material now and it is because I think he has now realized that none of his threats, claims or lies are fooling or scaring anyone. I watched one of Conniving Kal's latest video farts and heard him refer to a visit at the U.S. embassy he had before made and some pictures Kal was getting all frothed up over having sent Royce Meyer III as some sort of proof.

I did some digging around and found these HILARIOUS pictures of Kal strutting around Prague! ahahahahahahaha This is some of funniest stuff I have ever seen about Conniving Kal!! Oh and be sure to call the pictures "video stills" or Communist Kal will call you a liar for calling them pictures! ahahahahaha Kal is OFF HIS ROCKER and is growing more and more DESPERATE as I'm sure he knows his world is quickly crumbling around him.

Conniving Kal is off on another video rant and says he is going back to the U.S. Embassy to turn over names and talk to embassy people. ahahahahahahahaha I don't think anybody in the U.S. embassy gives a flying fuck about flying saucers or any of your delusional rantings Kal. I found a reference where Conniving Kal said there were embassy people who were going to confirm all of his nonsense.

Go ahead and contact the embassy and ask about Kal K. Korff but be prepared to get a good laugh out of it all. And any moron can get a camera and film themself out in front of any building and say they are there for something. I could go down to any embassy office and film myslef walking in saying I'm having a secret meeting with a state official and can claim it to be about any topic I want like bigfoot, flying saucers, or Smurfs for that matter! I can show all these pictures and it doesn't prove a thing and my opinion is that only someone who is mentally insane would believe any such kind of proof offered. Just take a look at the old video with Conniving Kal standing out in front of the office of KPMG. You can't see the video anymore because Conniving Kal took it down so he could cover his tracks because it is clear Kal was LYING when he said there was an audit when KPMG knew noting about this audit and Kal couldn't produce his "as promised" audit results!

Conniving Kal really has a giant wet spot for Kevin Randle, David Beedny, Royce Meyer, Paul Kimball, Don Ecker and anyone who has called Conniving Kal out on his BULLSHIT. I know that David Beedny, Kevin Randle and Don Ecker have all left comments on this blog but I don't think Paul Kimball has dropped by or has Royce Meyerr III. If you are reading this blog please drop by and tell me what you think about Conniving Kal K. Korff! Your opinions matter and are always welcomed here! They all have some HILARIOUS stuff about Conniving Kal on their Internet websites that had me LAUGHING for hours and hours on end!!

I just wonder how much longer it will be before I'm hauled off for trial by Conninving Kal and dastardly super duper extra special secret service agents and thrown in a gulag. Or perhaps Conniving Kal is already planning the demise of us all with some top level government official.

Conniving Kal just doesn't know when to quit!

The latest and most laughable BULLSHIT from Kal's Internet website is just unbelievable. Here is Kal K. Korff already getting caught with his LUDICROUS EXCUSE about turning tail on his scheduled debate with flying saucer author Kevin Randle and "Conniving" Kal doesn't even skip a beat diving into the next BULLSHIT STORY!

Hitler said something about the bigger the lie the more believable it will be. Looks like Colonel Conniving has taken a page out of Hitler's book but I don't think anyone is going to believe this fishing story Kal is trying to push off.

Kal says "key evidentiary material" in a federal lawsuit that is the "smoking gun" proving the cops were wrong in putting a bullet in Kal's brother's head has been tampered with! Here is what Kal put on his Internet website.


So if this is "key" evidence and is as big a "smoking gun" as Kal says it is, why in the fuck would anyone be STUPID enough to send it to Kal let alone send it out of the country???? This might just be me but I would have that sitting in a safety deposit box in a bank and would have a zillion copies made and have those copies stashed elsewhere!! You would think that Kal who claims to be a player in the world of terrorism and intelligence would have been smart enough to have extra copies of such evidence and would have NEVER sent the ORIGINAL!! Nice job Colonel Dumbass!

Does this make any sense to anyone but Kal? Of course it doesn't because NO ONE would be FUCKING STUPID enough to send such highly key evidence to another country through the mail! DUH! For that matter who is fucking stupid enough to believe any of this silly shit Kal is putting on his Internet website? The big bad cops who shot Kal's brother right in the head drove all the way to a New Jersey postal facility and walked in and helped themselves to Kal's package out of the thousands of packages there! How convenient an excuse from Conniving Kal! YOU ARE FULL OF BULLSHIT KAL!

Kal makes the ABSURD claim that this was all a "trap" to find out who tampered with this package. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING KAL? ARE YOU THAT DELUSIONAL? Apparently so because if you are going to set a trap and you are supposedly cooperating with the authorities then why would you run the risk of LOSING your KEY PIECE OF EVIDENCE????? This from Kal who is supposed to be an expert on terrorism and intelligence!!

Let me pose this question from my massive knowledge of watching a lot of police shows on television. Kal, what are you planning on doing if your - ahahahahahahaha - "trap" fails and the people who "tampered" - ahahahahahahahaha - and stole this "key" evidence aren't caught??? Then this means your "key" evidence IS GONE you fucking MORON!

HELLO, KAL!!! KNOCK KNOCK!!! IS ANYONE HOME?!?!! Obviously not and this goes to further proving the DELUSIONAL state of Kal's RIDICULOUS claims. Nobody is going to believe this INSANE BULLSHIT Kal, NOBODY!

So Kal has set the stage for yet another of his claims to fail and Kal will have YET ANOTHER convenient EXCUSE at hand but the problem is the excuse is SO IDIOTIC and FULL OF HOLES that even the ost gullible would see through it! But I'm sure Kal believes it tooth and nail!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Kal K. Korff FAILS AGAIN and EXPLOITS, SHAMES victims of communism!

Kal K. Korff FAILED to show up for his debate with flying saucer author Kevin Randle on the Xzone radio show. Kal ran away from the very debate he had been challenging Kevin Randle to for a long time now. This is the not the first time Kal has ducked a debate with Kevin Randle and made some pathetic excuse. Someone commented on this blog here that Kal would make an excuse up so he could avoid debating Kevin Randle and sure enough this is what happened! And what oh what was Kal's excuse? Terrorists were coming after him!!!!!

The person who is the host of the Xzone is Rob McConnel and he made an announcement here on this blog and his own about Kal's suddenly withdrawing from the debate.

Rob McConnell said...
To the readers of this Blog:
My name is Rob McConnell, the host and executive producer of The 'X' Zone. Tonight, Thursday, August 28th, 2008, Kal Korff was to be a guest on our show to debate Dr Kevin Randle in The Great Roswell Debate. At 8:16 pm, tonight an email was sent to me by Kal Korff, of which I have copied here, pulling out from tonight’s debate:

Hi Rob,

I just got to an email terminal, I regret to inform you that the debate MUST BE DELAYED.











Kevin Randle did come on the show, I did two hours with Kevin, who, I will go on the record as being a very professional, hardworking and dedicated UFO researcher.

Please feel free to contact me at

All the very best.

Ro McConnell,
The 'X' Zone Radio & TV Show.
August 28, 2008

So the daring "colonel" Kal was able to escape by the skin of his teeth from these terrible terrible terrorists who were after him and he was able to safely get his video camera out, make a video in public during the day rambling why he had to withdraw from the debate and had time to load the video to his You Tube account?? This is beyond absurdity but then again we are talking about that idiot Kal K. Korff.

You really do have to see this video where Kal says hackers are after him and law enforcement warned him and communism has killed a lot of people and the debate about flying saucers will happen and he is involved in operations and and and and.

And you AREN'T FOOLING ANYONE with this nonsense Kal! Your game is up and it looks as though Rob McConnel has finally had enough of you and has promised to FULLY INVESTIGATE YOU. Rob McConnel even posted HERE he would get to the bottom of your RUBBISH!

Rob McConnell said...

Dear Blog Members:

Thank you for your comments and your observations. I sincerely appreciate them. I have launched a research project that will take some time to complete, so I ask you all to be patient but we will get to the bottom of things and when we do, I will be sharing our findings not only with The 'X' Zone Nation but with this blog as well.

I would like to share with you an email that I received this morning from Philip Mantle, the UK UFOlogist, author and researcher who broke the Ray Santilli case with his smoking gun - the very same evidence that Kal claimed he was going to use in the Consumer Fraud Case against Santilli:

"To be honest with you Bob Kal is full of it. He has not fulfilled any of his promises to me and I don’t believe a word he says any more.

All the best,


Please do not hesitate to contact me directly at or

Again, my thanks to Dr Kevin Randle for coming on the show last night, and to Michael Horn the North American Representative for Billy Meier.

All the very best,

Rob McConnell,
The 'X' Zone Radio & TV Show
August 29, 2008

And this email was sent to me from someone who directly asked Rob McConnel about Kal Korff's ruse to pull out of the debate.

To: ******
Subject: RE: Roswell debate
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 00:10:59 -0400

I find the whole thing very suspicious and I will get to the bottom fo it – I promise you.

I do not know where the video is. Try his website

All the best,


And I'd venture to say Rob McConnel did a lot of planning and preparing for this debate by even going to the trouble of setting up its own Internet website and a a chat message relay so listeners could send in questions directly to the debate! Were I Rob McConnel I would be really upset over tis and it appears he is and rightfully so!

Kal says in his video that the debate will be rescheduled for December. Uh, got some bad news for you Kal and you as an "investigative journalist" might want to check your facts before opening your big, gaping mouth. Rob McConnel says there WILL NOT be another debate and Kevin Randle has said he WILL NOT waste any more of his time on your antics.

Rob McConnell said...

Dear Blog:

Both Kevin Randle and I agree that there will be NO future debate on Roswell with Kal Korff. Here is some of the information pertaining to the Israeli Special Secret Services, which through a confirmed member of the intelligence community claims is a division within the Mossad.

Our source said, “...first, no standing col. would appear on your show or any show for that matter....and, further, it would be like you stating "I’m in the witness protection program," a statement that cannot be verified.”

The following article was sent to us from him.

Workings of Israel's secret service exposed
From London Times, 2 August, 1996

THE operational structure of Mossad, Israel's secret intelligence service, which has always prided itself on weaving a cloak of impenetrable secrecy around its covert operations, has been disclosed by a British specialist journal.

The details of Mossad's "family tree" appear in Jane's Sentinel journal, which has published a special edition on the eastern Mediterranean. The Israeli defence establishment has already reacted with concern over revelations in the same publication about the Israeli Air Force, including the location of all its air bases.

The detailed focus on the air force and intelligence services is due to be published in Sentinel next week. Apart from studying the internal workings of Mossad, which is estimated to employ about 1,200 people, the journal looks at the rest of the Israeli intelligence community, including Shin Bet, the counter-espionage agency and internal security service.

Mossad, the Central Institute for Intelligence and Special Missions, is the equivalent of Britain's Secret Intelligence Service, or MI6. Israeli newspapers and broadcasting services are prohibited from writing about Mossad.

According to the journal, Mossad's largest operational branch is the Collections Department, responsible for intelligence-gathering operations abroad. The Collections Department is split into sections and includes separate "desks" covering different regions. Branch A is said to cover Spain, Egypt, Cyprus and Algeria. Branch C is reported to cover the Mossad stations in London, Paris and Marseilles.

The journal also says that Mossad has a clandestine operations command, known within the Israeli secret service as Metsada, which runs "small units of combatants who carry out actions abroad against those considered to be a threat to Israeli security". The journal says: "These missions have included assassinations and sabotage."

The Metsada unit is said to be answerable directly to the head of Mossad, who was recently named by the Israeli Government as Major-General Danny Yatom, 51. General Yatom, said to be nicknamed "The Prussian", replaced Shabtai Shavit who resigned earlier this year after nearly seven years as Mossad's head.

Other Mossad branches are listed as the Political Action and Liaison Department which deals with friendly foreign intelligence services, including the American CIA and Britain's MI6, and a special section called LAP (Lohamah Psichlogit) which covers psychological warfare.
The journal says that one of the most important of the support departments is the Research Department, which has 15 separate desks, including ones for the United States, Canada, Western Europe, the former Soviet Union, Libya, Syria and Iran. It says there is also a nuclear desk which specializes solely in nuclear developments around the world. Israel is known to be keeping a close watch on Iran's nuclear ambitions; Iran is said to be ten to 15 years away from a nuclear bomb.

Sentinel says Mossad's Research Department produces short daily reports and longer weekly summaries on all areas of interest.

Shin Bet, the internal service, is reported to have three operational departments and five support departments. The operational sections are listed as the Arab Affairs Department, which monitors suspected Arab subversives; the Non-Arab Affairs Department, which is involved in "the penetration of foreign intelligence services and diplomatic missions" in Israel; and the Protective Security Department, responsible for protecting national representatives and assets.
Requests have been sent to the Israeli Government and US State Department requesting authentication of the statements made by Kal pertaining to he alleged involvement with the Israeli Special Secret Services.

I will keep this blog informed of our findings.

Rob McConnell,
The 'X' Zone
August 29, 2008

Kal likely read this book which has a very similar title to the book he says he wrote and this is the same book that IS NOT BEING PUBLISHED by Prometheus Books.

In Kal's video tirade he tries to blame Islamofacists, Internet website hackers, and the DA in his brother's shooting for all of the problems. Kal even starts talking about communism and the whole video is one discombobulated and poorly contrived piece of work where Kal is so obviously desperate to explain himself he throws in everything but the kitchen sink! One observant comment poster here pointed out that while Kal claims to be a terrorism expert and tries to say those responsible for hacking his Internet website are terrorists, they are a simple group of hackers who originate from the county of Turkey and are not terrorists as Kal wants to make everyone believe so he can perpetrate this make believe threat to justify him being a COWARD. How does a "terrorism expert" confuse some Internet website hacking defacers for terrorists????

To top off this video Kal SHAMELESSLY and INSULTINGLY makes his absurd excuses in front a monument to those who have died at the hands of true terror and oppression! I think Czech citizens should be OUTRAGED that Kal would dare to trespass on this sacred site to use it as a back drop so he can try to explain away why he is a COWARD and a PRETENDER!

I am confident that Rob McConnel will not let Kal off the hook this time and do not be too surprised when Kal suddenly has to go under ground on his next "assignment" so he can hide! "Conniving Kal" knows no bounds and will go to any length to indulge his absurd fantasies even trying to exploit those killed by communism!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Conniving Kal K. Korff HIDES data to cover his tracks

I put up here a bit ago about Kal K. Korff haivng deleted a video showing him in front of a KMPG office where Kal said KPMG was in the process of auditing Kevin Randle's flying saucer work.

To no surprise Kal has DELETED all this data from his You Tube website and from his "critical thinkers" Internet website in what can only be an attempt to cover his tracks since it has come to light that this AUDIT NEVER EXISTED to begin with! How convenient that this information has now "vanished" and cannot be viewed by consumers. But not all is lost thanks to this Xzone radio show!

Posted on the Xzone blog is Kal's own announcement about the audit! Kal really stuffs his own foot in his mouth by saying he would make another announcement with KPMG about this fantasy audit! I'm sure Xzone will not erase this important data but I decided to copy and paste it here.

KPMG to Audit and Certify Kevin Randle's False Roswell Claims
March 14 2007: United Arab Emirates, -- Tel Aviv, Israel.
Sheik Khalid Mohammad, the gulf millionaire playboy who is one of the financial backers behind the new reality-based TV series "Secret Wars" which chronicles the real life activities of Captain Kal Korff of the Israeli-founded Special Secret Services (S3), has hired the firm of KPMG to begin an immediate forensic audit and investigation of UFO researcher Kevin Randle's numerous claims and writings about the purported Roswell "UFO" crash of 1947.
"Mr Kevin Randle has made very serious and completely false allegations against our main star, Mr. Captain Kal Korff. Such lies are also a libel and slander against all of us, especially myself as a financial investor. Since Mr. Randle claims he has 'the truth' and even had the ego large enough to name his book 'The TRUTH About the Roswell UFO Crash' I have decided to order a forensic investigation into Mr. Randles numerous statements and wild accusations." the Sheik said in remarks prepared in advance and communicated by his translator.
"The UFO field is in serious trouble. We will spare no expense to expose before the public and even bring to justice in the courts if necessary many of the lies and slanders and blood libels that are often and eagerly spread by many so-called 'experts' in this field who have the public and the media fooled concerning their intentions and their motivations.
"It is an honor to document all of this for the world to see. It is something that should have been done many years ago. Unless KPMG cannot finish their task on time, we plan to release this audit exposing Mr. Randle's very poor research in time for the 60th anniversary of the Roswell UFO anniversary exploitation festivals."
"Furthermore, we are now sending out hundreds of 'freeze' notices to TV networks, producers and the media. If they wish to now interview Mr. Randle about Roswell, at least they will now be forewarned. We are also doing the same with other UFO researchers concerning other cases. We will also reveal instances where it seems as if Mr. Randle just made up what can only be called lies, and manufactured his Roswell 'evidence.' We have the proof now, and have had it for years in fact."
"KMPG will be contacting Mr. Kevin Randle at the appropriate time. Mr. Randle will be asked to formerly cooperate with this credibility audit, or he will face very serious legal actions and consequences. We will be announcing with KPMG shortly which office of theirs will be granted centralized jurisdiction to proceed with their forensic audit against and of Mr. Kevin Randle."
"Finally, we would like to thank Mr. Paul Kimball of RedStarFilms in Canada for continuing to provide us with material that we can expose in front of the world. Until Mr. Kimball published Mr. Randle's legally troublesome comments and lies, therefore also incurring additional legal and credibility problems himself, we had no intention of dealing with Mr. Kevin Randle at all.
Randle's claims were first exposed last century by Captain Kal Korff, who has written the best-selling Roswell UFO expose of all time. Mr. Randle has even admitted that several of his favorite Roswell 'eyewitnesses' were liars, -- just like Korff proved last century, and showed in his book The Roswell UFO Crash: What They Don't Want You to Know.
"Our next announcement concerning Mr. Randle will be made in conjunction with KPMG."
Posted by xzonenation at 10:18 AM

I hope to be not the only one who sees right through this laughable bit about Kal's "Israeli" founded organization receiving funding from a Saudi! TO me this is just the most ludicrous thing ever. And didn't Sheik Khalid Mohammad behead terror victim Daniel Pearl and plan the 9-11 attacks? Hmmm I wonder if Kal just pulls these names out of that big stupid hat he has taken to recently.

Rack up another claim from Conniving Kal that has been shown to be FALSE.

The countless FAILURES of Kalvin Korff #13

Directly from the mouth of Kal K. Korff, "Kal Korff, who holds the rank of Colonel in the Israeli-founded Special Secret Services, is the Counter-terrorism Commander for Kidon Unit Aleph, whose jurisdiction includes Prague. The Israeli-founded Special Secret Services (otherwise known as the YS3 or S3 for short) are scheduled to open up their formal office in Prague when Colonel Korff's new trilogy book series Secret Wars is published by Prometheus Books later this year. "SWAT," as the 5.5 year project is code-named, is Kal Korff's seventh, eighth and ninth book respectively. "

Rack up YET MORE FAILURES and BROKEN PROMISES from Kal K. Korff. Kal can't seem to get aynthing done he says he is going to do. It is now common knowledge among consumers everywhere that Kal K. Korff's book IS NOT BEING PUBLISHED by Prometheus Books as he says it is. And where is the super duper special secret services formal office that was supposed to open in Prague? What's wrong Kal, can you not sell enough iPods to pay the rent?

Kal the best way to avoid such embarrassment is not to make claims you clearly cannot deliver on. Kal K. Korff CAUGHT AGAIN not keeping his word to consumers.

By the way you should keep your eyes open for a new reality based show called Catching Kal where a worldwide audience will see first hand with all of Kal's claims listed out and are gone through line by line where the results of what actually happened are compared to what Kal said. With all the blabbing Kal has done there will probably be at least three-zillion episodes. CONSUMERS MUST BE PROTECTED from the outright idiotic claims made by Kal K. Korff.

I also would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to those of you having written in with al of the great stories and documented information about Kal K. Korff that will be used here and in episodes of Catching Kal! Keep that information flowing by sending it to me

Is Kal K. Korff letting business get in the way of accountability?

A few days ago I asked why it was not ok for some to call people like Kevin Randle "credible" but it was ok for others. Kal K. Korff has said people referring to this Kevin Randle fellow as credible are committing consumer fraud. Oddly enough the person who runs a radio show called Xzone named Rob McConnel had Kevin Randle as a guest on the show and Rob McConnel said Kevin Randle was credible.

So why does Kal not accuse Rob McConnel of committing consumer fraud as he has with others who have said Kevin Randle is credible?

Kal says he is the "bureau chief" for this Xzone show. Kal is given a regularly scheudled spot each week on the Xzone show. And then I found this and took a picture of it.
This Xzone show sells iPods and it appears that Kal might possibly have a business arrangement with this Xzone show to sell iPods. You can see this video for yourself.

If Kal does have a business arrangement with Rob McConnel then one might think it to be a conflict of interest for Kal as this Xzone show has a lot of flying saucer believers, bigfoot believers, ghost people, and the like on it.

So has Kal K. Korff sold out to make money and have a spot on a radio show or will he hold everyone to the same standards he claims to use on everyone? You cannot have it both ways Kal. If you are going to be a champion for consumers then you must be above any sort of activity that would present a conflict of interest.

I personally do not think Rob McConnel is committing any type of fraud but Kal must be even in his application of standards and this would include applying those same standards on Rob McConnel.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kal K. Korff EXPOSED for his hypocrisy, placing self interest before that of consumers!

I can't think of much else that truly sickens me than an asshole who is also an utter hypocrite. Yes I am talking again about Kal K. Korff and his "standards" and laughable ethics. It works with Kal this way in that if you happen to not agree with him you are targeted as a fraud. But if it is something that is so clearly wrong but Kal doesn't care for the facts of the situation then Kal will use that mightily warped logic of his to "justify" the means to his own end.

Kal has been on bat shit rant of late with this whole shooting business where Kal is using conspiracy theories and blaming everyone else for what happened. Kal even says that people involved in this are not following the rule of law and Kal goes on his usual diatribe of disjointed reasoning and faulty logic to "justify" his view so he can be right. kal is even taking an old play out of the conspiracy nuts play book by screaming COVER UP!

Kal's brother was tried and convicted in a court of law for what some say is a felony criminal act. Kal said it was all a coverup since his brother was convicted. Kal says this in SPITE of the FACT that taxpayers paid $90,000 for his brother's defense and some big CSI investigator did an independent analysis. Kal's broher's lawyer was given an equal opportunity under the law to provide a defense. Kal ADMITS in his now DEFUNCT column that the cops were in the right stopping the car Kal's brother tried to use to run over a cop. And now the WORLD HAS WITNESSED Kal ALTER his story a few times now about what really happened. Which version will it be this week Kal? You see there is Kal's "truth" and then there's THE truth and Kal's version of events usually crumbles on closer inspection. That and Kal can't keep his own story straight when he attempts to MISLEAD CONSUMERS. What fishing story will Kal INSULT consumers with next? You should have worked for the O.J. Simpson defense team Kal with that imagination of yours.

Kal first made the statement that his brother was just an innocent hitch hiker picked up by a bunch of strangers who happened to have just committed a crime and then AMAZINGLY Kal later CONFESSED that his brother was in a car full of his own friends and that his brother should choose his friends more carefully. So if the police "rightfully" pulled over the car according to Kal there really is nothing to dispute.

This basically boils down to Korff's brother tried to run over a cop and the cop defended himself as any human being in that situation would. The car was "rightfully" stopped by the police according to Kal's own words. Kal's brother was in the car AGAIN according to Kal's OWN WORDS! An outstanding warrant had been issued by a judge for the arrest of Korff's brother. Korff's brother jumped from the passenger seat into the driver's seat and tried to escape from the cops. Kal even said his brother should not have tried to leave!!

By Korff's own logic and statements regarding the rules of law then his brother should have followed the law and peacefully turned himself over to the cops. Had Korff's brother not acted with such wanton disregard for the law and the life of the cop he tried to mow down with a car and had Kal's brother chose to follow the law then NONE of this would have happened! If Korff wants to hold someone accountable then he should be holding his own brother responsible for his behavior that set these events into motion. While he's at it perhaps Kal should assess how much his brother's action have cost law abiding consumers.

You can't have it both ways Kal you repugnant hypocrite. Your DOUBLE STANDARDS have been EXPOSED to consumers WORLDWIDE! Kal is unfit to champion consumers with his two-faced standards and unwillingness to be objective in his own brother's criminal actions! How can we trust Kal to champion consumers when it is very evident that Kal will place his own wants and desires and his spite before the needs of honest consumers? You can't.

Kal K. Korff babbles on

Is it just me or is Kal K. Korff and his babbling getting worse? If you've visited the repugnant little man's Internet website recently you will see a video and ore of the same babbling and ranting about this shooting business. I got a rather good laugh at this silly "secret" document Kal has "released" and says is proof of what he has said all along about his brother getting a bullet in the head.

I'm going ot go out on a limb here and sy this document is a piece of rubbish and Kal simply made a document based on something provided in his brother's trial. I'd go more into this but this is all just the same rhetorical nonsense Kal has been on about for months and months now.

Here is how Kal operates. Kal will claim one thing and if it happens then he can take credit for it and say it is further proff that he is some sort of colonel and that his laughable "S3" is real and has power. If it doesn't happen then Kal can turn around and blame it on the law, corruption, and whatever other excuse he can pull out of his ass.

And where are the "documents" Kal said he would unleash in "hours", that was few days ago now and the only thing he has released is a laughable document he produced in the sad hopes of convincing people his "organization" is actually active. I want to see Kal get summoned to appear in this lawsuit and would like to see the defense summon all documents and agents from "S3". I think Kal would be rather lonely in court with his laptop.

my prediction is that the only documents Kal will be unleashing on the public are document from court and those documents filed in this lawsuit and that Kal's name won't appear on a single document. This is Kal riding on the back of his brother's tragic shooting in a desperate attempt to make his fantasy world seem real. Shame on you Kal, shame on you.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kal K. Korff and his laughable "operation"

Kal has put back up an old post where he says he is going to release documents in what he laughably says was a "classified operation" exposing some sort of corruption involved the shooting of his brother. If you notice in the video Kal likes to use the word "we" a lot to lead the viewer into believing Kal and his "operatives" - ahahahahahahahahahaha - sorry could not help bursting out into laughter there - are actually doing some sort of investigation.

Kal says this "operation" is the "subject of a FEDERAL LAWSUIT". It is true a lawsuit has been filed by Kal's brother. However, and to no surprise, Kal K. Korff is again MISLEADING CONSUMERS by claiming to be a part of this lawsuit.

Looks like Kal K. Korff is as much involved in this lawsuit as he was an "expert witness" in the OJ Simpson civil lawsuit. Kal is once again attempting to play games at the expense of his brother and taxpayers who are by the way consumers.

If Kal is playing such an large part in this, if Kal's "operation" is real, and Kal has all of this proof then he can prove it once and for all by being summoned to appear during the trial as a witness. Were I Kal's brother's attorney and Kal had all of this proof then I would use Kal as my star witness.

I'm rather certain the defense would love to get crazy Kal on the witness stand as Kal claimed his "organization" conducted soome sort of investigation about this case. If the lawyer for the defense in this case is smart they will summon Kal to court. I think the lawyers should also summon all of Kal's "operatives" and all of Kal's records to trial too including all files on the "special secret services". Can you imagine "colonel" Kal walking into a courtroom with that ridiculous cowboy hat? Ahahahahahaha! The defense would shred the poor, deluded bastard.

Kal also MISLEADS CONSUMERS by claiming his brother is innocent. Kal's brother is a CONVICTED FELON who may have been found not guilty of trying to kill a police man, but was FOUND GUILTY of trying to run over a police man with a car. If some scum tried to run me over with a car I bloody well would have shot him too! The man was convicted by a jury of his peers and his defense was paid for by taxpayers!

The other part which bothers me in all of this is Kal has been CAUGHT RED HANDED saying one thing and then claiming another! I know it isn't at all shocking to hear Kal is again playing games but this one really takes the cake. Kal claimed his "innocent" brother was just out walking around and hitched a ride with a car load of strangers who had (gasp!) just committed a crime and Kal's poor, poor brother was just a victim of circumstance.

Then Kal AMAZINGLY turns around and says his brother should have never been there and his brother should choose his friends better as if no one would notice the complete one-hundred eighty turn Kal made! From what I've found it turns out the people in the car testified AGAINST Kal's brother during the trial and that Kal was in the car from the beginning!!! Wow it's a conspiracy all the way around from the police to the crooks to the judges to the jury! At least that is the story "Conspiracy Kal" weaves hoping to ensnare consumers in his web of DECEIT.

From the sounds of it all Kal has somehow managed to obtain copies of this lawsuit and forensics stuff and is posting it in a poorly orchestrated move to somehow gain credibility and to MISLEAD CONSUMERS into believing Kal is playing some sort of integral role in the case. "Conniving Kal" at work once again doing what he does best by spinning and warping the truth for his own benefit and all at the expense of taxpayers and consumers!

The countless FAILURES of Kalvin Korff #12

There's nothing worse than a hypocrite. I truly cannot tolerate those presenting a self righteous exterior when the ugly truth is that they're worse than the people they pretend to condemn. Kal K. Korff is among the worst when it comes to hypocrites.

Kal has repeatedly accused others of uneven standards and of being selective in their truths. Kal has made it clear we cannot tolerate anyone promoting flying saucer or other nonsense.

How do you think Kal would feel about a chap who takes advertising money from a guy who claims the world is being controlled by lizard people and has written books about it?

It appears that Xzone radio show host Rob McConnel is doing just that. This rather bizarre fellow named David Icke says lizard people are actually running the world! And where else does this David Icke fellow advertise himself? On the Rob McConnel radio show website. Here is a picture I took of the website showing the advertisement for David Icke.
So is Rob McConnel not promoting this David Icke fellow by allowing him to advertise on this Xzone website? I find the whole idea of lizard people running the world to be absurd. Why is Kal not holding this Rob McConnel chap to the same set of standards Kal holds others?

If Kal doesn't hold Rob McConnel to the same standard then this must mean Kal endorses the views of David Icke as genuine and others advertising or appearing on the Rob McConnel show. If Kal doesn't hold the views of David Icke as genuine, then why has Kal not drawn the line and held Rob McConnel responsible to the same level Kal has held Kevin Randle and others?

Kal accuses Kevin Randle and many other people of fraud. While I do not think Rob McConnel is committing fraud and is just a guy who hosts a show, my understanding of Kal's standard is anyone promoting ideas, people, or making money off either that Kal believes to be fraudulent, those people are engaging in consumer fraud. If Rob McConnel is accepting advertising money from someone Kal believes to be a fraud, or if Rob McConnel is promoting them through advertising then Rob McConnel is by Kal's standard committing consumer fraud. I only think Rob McConnel is a radio show guy and I believe he is not committing fraud by putting on a radio show or letting people advertise on his show.

If Kal is going to let this slide, then Kal is a just another hypocrite in a world full of them. If Kal's self imposed ethics are as strong as he claims and if he is a real champion of consumers, then Kal would not hesitate to turn his sights on Rob McConnel.

But the sad, painful reality is Kal K. Korff is a hypocrite GUILTY of the same charges he levels at others. Kal is unfit to represent consumers in any manner so long as his ethics and standards can be bought for a spot on a radio show. Not only is Kal K. Korff a HYPOCRITE he is also a SELLOUT who can be bought for some publicity and a little attention all at the expense of consumers worldwide.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The hypocrisy of Kal K. Korff EXPOSED

A bit ago I wrote about the dilemma faced by Kal Korff. In short, one of Kal's arch enemies Don Ecker was featured on the Xzone show which turns out ot be a show Kal has a regular spot on. During the time Don Ecker was on the show I heard the show's host Rob McConell call both Don Ecker and a fellow named Kevin Randle "credible".

In the world according to Kal K. Korff anyone calling Kevin Randle "credible" or anything similar is a fraud and is engaging in consumer fraud.

With that said, and I find this point to be rather clear, Kal should then hold the host of the Xzone ACCOUNTABLE for claiming Kevin Randle is credible. By Kal's warped standards, this Rob McConell chap is committing CONSUMER FRAUD by publicly stating that Kevin Randle is credible. I don't think Rob McConell is doing anything wrong by voicing his opinion and the opinions of others, but Kal has made it clear that we are not to tolerate consumer fraud on any level. Kal would like everyone to believe he is the shining light of truth and ethics. The sad reality here is that Kal is just another hypocrite who will twist words and look the other way to serve his own selfish wants and needs, while leaving consumers confused by his actions.

As predicted Kal crawled back to the only radio program that will give him the time of day. Did Kal hold this Rob McConnel host accountable? When you are the one and only Kal "king of hypocrisy" Korff you sure don't.

Kal can belly-ache about holding people accountable and he can rage on about people supposedly having what he calls "double standards", but Kal's latest actions speak volumes about him and his one man crusade against certain people. Kal Korff is a hypocritical, two-faced oaf who won't even hold himself to the same standards he damns others for not supposedly having!

Seriously take a look at some of the guests on this Xzone radio show. The show has flying saucer people, psychics, ghost hunters, astrologers, hunters of bigfoot and the like who sell all sorts of stuff. Why isn't Kal holding host Rob McConnel for giving such people a public venue to advertise themselves and their products to consumers?

Kal you are a two-faced idiot who will only call out those you hate while turning a blind eye to those that serve you a purpose. If you were really the big consumer crusader you claim and as self righteous as you try to make yourself out to be, then YOU WOULD NOT HESITATE to level this Xzone show. I posed the question to Kal a while back if it would be his ethics or his hypocrisy. Clearly Kal has chosen hypocrisy.

One person emailed me adding this:

" Check this out. Korff has this Bob Heironimus guy claiming he was the guy who wore the supposed Bigfoot costume in the Patterson Film. Korff can't even provide the suit or have the guy claiming to have made it produce another copy, but that's another story all together and one of many of Korff's shortcomings where evidence and logic are concerned.

Korff goes off about holding people accountable for fraud nad blah, blah, blah. The only reason Heironimus came out claiming to have worn this nonexistent suit is because he was told he would be paid for his part in the film and never got paid! This is just sour grapes! If this is the case then the guy is an accessory to fraud. But Korff thinks otherwise since Heironimus "confessed" to it. So Korff thinks it ok for this guy to remain silent all these years about this alleged Bigfoot scheme yet doesn't hold him accountable? Talk about double standards and Korff sees nothing wrong with this? I wonder if the guy would have come forward had he been paid.

Korff loves this righteous persona he shows off, but in the words of Korff, "You can't have it both ways." "

Indeed, Kal, you cannot have it both ways. So there you have Kal K. Korff the king of hypocrisy who will crucify one person to commit what Kal considers consumer fraud, but will gladly turn a blind eye to someone serving his agenda. You're a DISGRACE to consumers everywhere Kal, an outright disgrace and a TRAITOR to the cause you PRETEND to champion.

Kal, you might want to look for your integrity as you have clearly lost it. You're a coward Kal K. Korff, a coward who isn't standing up for consumers. You are instead a loathsome rat who is willingly MISLEADING CONSUMERS!

Kal, I hope you learn from this PUBLICLY EMBARRASSING lesson I've had to teach you. If not then I am fully prepared to give you several more lessons. I don't think you can ever regain the trust of consumers worldwide after publicly disgracing yourself and showing your true colors.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kal K. Korff and the art of counting

Check out the picture I took of Kal's website today. Must be secret code for the super duper extra special secret services. A top 25 list with only 18 entries. Nice work Kal, you imbecile.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kalvin Korff CAUGHT erasing DATA and HIDING FACTS

To no surprise Kalvin Korff has been CAUGHT AGAIN covering up data and facts in a contrived attempt to cover his tracks from the HUMILIATION of his long promised KPMG audit being EXPOSED as a FRAUD! To have fallen on your own face so many times for the world to see must be utterly HUMILIATING for Kalvin Korff.

A little over A YEAR AGO Kalvin wrote on his website as FACT that the KMPG audit of flying saucer author Kevin Randle's book on the Roswell flying saucer was taking place and Kalvin's "backers" were paying for the audit. In Kalvin's own words from August 2, 2007 We first announced several months ago that our investors were going to hire KPMG to audit Mr. Kevin Randle and prove to the world what we have been saying all along and for more than 10 years now, that Kevin Randle's Roswell UFO 'research' and claims of alien bodies being secretly hidden by the U.S. Government are a bunch of hooey and nonsense, they are in fact a libel and slander against the good name of the U.S. Governmet and the hard working honorable men and women in its military," explained Kal Korff, the President and CEO.

Kalvin even posted a video claiming the audit to be occurring while Kalvin stood outside of the office of KPMG. The video has now been DELETED by Kalvin! And to prove that Kalvin made this statement as FACT I took a picture of Kalvin's old website. I also took the liberty of contacting KPMG and the company has NEVER heard of Kal K. Korff, Kevin Randle, and knows nothing about any audit of a lying saucer book! There is NO audit!

If this is not the case then Kalvin, WHERE IS THE AUDIT you claimed was taking place OVER A YEAR AGO???

Kalvin Korff CAUGHT AGAIN misleading consumers with his absurd claims and broken promises.

A side note here - I will be referring to Kalvin as 'Kal' from here on as one person pointed out it can be confusing to a degree with the names 'Kalvin' and 'Kevin', though I am quite sure no one would confuse that imbecile Kalvin with Dr. Kevin Randle even under the most extreme circumstances.

"As Promised!" my ass, Kal. The only thing you can rely on Kal Korff for is his lunatic claims and for him to not follow through on the big promises. Just look at this alien autopsy business. I'm sure Kal is joke of the day over tea and crumpets with that group.

" So I am known as a man who gets things done and seems to be able to figure things out." The words of Kal Korff coming full circle to bite him right in the ass. No Kal, you are known as a bad joke with a big mouth.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Paul Kimball to EXPOSE Kalvin Korff?

Not completely sure if this is a joke or not but you never know. One flying saucer person who also happens to be a film maker named Paul Kimball has been the target of Kalvin Korff's lunatic ravings for some time now from what I can see.

This Paul Kimball fellow was the one who EXPOSED Kalvin as a liar for claiming he was an "expert witness" in the O.J. Simpson civil lawsuit.

Now Paul Kimball says he is going to EXPOSE Kalvin Korff in an untitled documentary film. Kalvin has always wanted to be on real television so I suppose he might now get his wish instead of being limited to his stark raving babbling on

Whether this is a joke or not, if anyone could do this it would be Paul Kimball because of his background as a producer and director, unlike Kalvin who has only calimed to be working on such things.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kalvin Korff CAUGHT YET AGAIN!!!!

Well now here we go AGAIN catching Kalvin Korff red handed. Poor, dumb and desperate Kalvin just doesn't know when to quit no matter how many times he gets CAUGHT! Kalvin appears to be a glutton for public humiliation so I suppose I should give him more.

Kalvin said long ago,and now conveniently removed from his website, that the Special Secret Services would be funding the legal defense of Kalvin's brother. Kalvin even claimed that he would be traveling to the scene of the crime to do some CSI style work himself!

Here now are Kalvin's claims EXPOSED as utter BULLSHIT before the world once again. Not only did Kalvin NOT do any work at the scene of the crime committed by his CONVICTED FELON brother who tried to run a cop over with a car, the laughable Special Secret Services, and they are "special" all right, funded not one penny of Kalvin's brother's legal defense.

Instead by choosing to try and assault a cop with a car and taking no personal responsibility, Kalvin's brother wasted thousands and thousands in taxpayer dollars by having the Oregon Indigent Defense Fund pay for his defense. And while Kalvin keeps bringing up the cost of a forensic examination of the shooting and a hefty $90,000 price tag, it seems this is just more poop pouring out of Kalvin's mouth.

Some may note that Kalvin has been throwing the name Jim Pex around. Mr. Pex was asked about his cost in this and this is the message sent out by Mr.
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jim Pex
Date: Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 9:52 AM
Subject: Re: Kurtis Korff Shooting Case
To: **** ******

I was retained by the Oregon indigent defense fund for Korff. I do not have an office in D.C. but travel to the east coast regularly on casework. I will lecture to the Naval Justice School in Newport,RI on the 21st of this month. I have worked military cases from Alaska to Iraq. My most recent retained case on the east coast was in New Hampshire. My rate is $250/hr .

So are we to actually think that Mr. Pex spent three-hundred sixty hours doing this work? I find that hard to believe. So Kalvin's brother hit up taxpayers for $90,000 to fund this defense? And Kalvin has now changed his story from his brother being an "innocent" hitch hiker to not "choosing his friends more carefully". Kalvin Korff has now also been caught in another LIE by changing his story about his brother several times now! Dumb and desperate Kalvin will say anything to be right no matter how outlandish it is or how much of a lie it amounts to. And all at the expense of hard working taxpayers fleeced by another convicted criminal.

And where are these documents supposedly coming from in Washington, DC? Mr. Pex doesn't have an office there. Kalvin, you need to seriously work on getting your facts straight. Of course we all know how unreliable you are in the credibility department now since you were exposed as a LIAR who committed SLANDER.

Kalvin Korff CAUGHT AGAIN playing games and trying to put his own spin on the truth. This is how consumers are MISLEAD when someone like Kalvin annoints himself the light of truth and gets caught FAR too many time LYING. Kalvin, where is this twenty-five million dollars you're supposed to have? You must be selling a lot of iPods to fund the Special Secret Services, Kalvin, you complete crackpot.

The countless FAILURES of Kalvin Korff #11

"Please check back Friday evening (USA time), as the new site iPhone design will be implemented." So were the words written by Kalvin Korff promising his new website design "will be implemented" Friday evening. Chalk up yet another FAILURE of Kalvin Korff. Here it 9:15 in the morning Prague time and just after midnight in the United States and still NO website from Kalvin.

I find the "timing" of Kalvin's latest design upgrade rather convenient since his website was hacked only a few days ago. Even more convenient is Kalvin not making any mention of it. I though Kalvin Korff was a skilled computer engineer? How did he get hacked? For that matter where are is all of the power of the Special Secret Services to assist in this crisis?

I know I'm not the only one laughing at all of this. Kalvin can deny he was hacked all he wants, but the proof is in the picture I took of Kalvin's website.

Kalvin can try to deny all of his website was hacked but the proof will refute any claims he tries to make. See, Kalvin, this is what we call proof, not crazy claims of newspaper conspiracies as you like to make.

I have been informed that is what is referred to as an Internet "defacement" group that hacks into systems and plasters their label all over the website to let everyone know they were there. So if this merry band of hackers can so easily out-wit "computer engineer" Kalvin Korff, then how vulnerable does this make the Special Secret Services and their "encrypted phones" and the other nonsense Kalvin drivels about?

So here you have it once again with Kalvin promising to deliver and FAILING! Friday has passed and no new website from Kalvin. I wonder what it is with Kalvin and his need to constantly redesign his site? For that matter why does a self described "computer engineer" need to use a website template???

We're NOT laughing with you, Kalvin, you idiot.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kalvin Korff HACKED!

Reading the comments section it appears that Kalvin Korff's website has been HACKED! This is quite an EMBARRASSMENT and rather HUMILIATING for Kalvin after having bragged on several occasions of using an Israeli based secure server for email and the sort. Looks as though the Special Secret Service's IT department needs to hire more competent people.

But wait! Isn't Kalvin Korff a computer expert who was featured in a newspaper article, thus proving his computer genius??? Didn't Kalvin work on top notch computer projects because already mentioned newspaper article said he did??? Isn't this the same Kalvin Korff who penetrated the Iron Curtain's computer network by using Macintosh computers against the Kremlin's PCs because Kalvin said it was so and we could ask his mommy if we didn't believe him????

So where are you big computer skills at now Kalvin? Where is the might of the big bad Special Secret Services? This is TOO FUNNY! :) And we all know kalvin will be announcing that his website was attacked and he is yet again a victim. Better yet I think we can all expect Kalvin to claim the computer hackers were after important information from his server. What evil entity will Kalvin blame for what is clearly some computer geek joke?????

I'm laughing so hard over this I think milk just came out my nose!!!!!!!!!! Here is a picture I took the hacking!! see it for yourself

Monday, August 11, 2008

The dilemma of Kalvin Korff

Someone posting in the comments section brought up a rather interesting point. Seems Kalvin Korff has placed himself in a very tough situation. A chap named Don Ecker popped up in the regular spot of an Internet radio show that is usually occupied by our dear Kalvin. This radio show is called the X Zone and its host is a fellow named Rob McConnell.

Kalvin has proclaimed that Kevin Randle is committing fraud and is a liar. Kalvin has proclaimed that this Royce Meyer fellow commits consumer fraud by promoting Kevin Randle as "being credible." Kalvin also damns Don Ecker's credibility as marginal at best.

Where does this all lead, one might be asking. This leads Kalvin into a simple though I'm sure rather frustrating moral dilemma. Since Kalvin lamblasts Royce Meyers for calling Kevin Randle "credible"then here is Kalvin's problem.

When this Don Ecker chap appeared on this X Zone show in Kalvin's usually scheduled slot, radio host Rob McConnell called both Kevin Randle and Don Ecker credible. So the question now is will Kalvin Korff hold Rob McConnell to the same standard as Kalvin holds others? With mere utterance of the word directed in such favorable fashion to Don Ecker and Kevin Randle, isn't Rob McConnell now committing consumer fraud according to Kalvin's own standards? Isn't this Rob McConnell fellow now as "guilty" as the others, Kalvin? I'm not saying Rob McConnell is committing consumer fraud or doing anything else wrong, but I am posing a rather serious question to Kalvin Korff about his so-called "standards" and "morals." I've seen the list of some of the people that are on the X Zone and they don;t seem to be very "scientific" and seems to be rather flying saucer and new age types to me. How does Kalvin still appear on that show with all of those same types of people he has spoken out against?

So what shall it be Kalvin? Risk your spot on the only radio show that would host a loon like you on a regularly scheduled basis? Or stand by the "moral code" you foist unto others and proclaim Rob McConnell a fraud as you have Kevin Ranlde, Royce Meyer, Don Ecker and others?

I guess we get to see just how high your standards and morals are, or aren't. Will Kalvin risk his spot on the X Zone show or will he fold so he can keep the only soap box he has other than his pathetic website to stand on?

Kalvin Korff: Self Described "Victim"

In his latest rant against this Don Ecker fellow, Kavlin Korff describes himself as a "victim" of being attacked by others. I laugh at this simply because Kalvin is being EXPOSED and is trying to play the sympathy card here. Kalvin is a victim, a victim of his own words and actions that have EXPOSED him as a CONNIVING dolt.

Last week, Kalvin was CAUGHT trying to hide his past and was shown to be LIAR when he had to CONFESS a claim he made about a radio show host was FALSE! Kalvin isn't a "victim" of anything except his own HYPOCRISY and DECEIT.

If there are any victims to be had it would be radio host Art Bell and others who have been SLANDERED and ATTACKED by Kalvin Korff's FALSE CLAIMS and OUTRIGHT LIES. On many occasions now Kalvin Korff has been shown to be INCOMPETENT, WRONG, and to be MISLEADING CONSUMERS with his FALSE CLAIMS. These are the same CONSUMERS Kalvin boasts of protecting but he CLEARLY IS NOT when he has been shown to be CONNIVER!

You're not a "victim" Kalvin, you're a predator who prays on the ignorance of others in hopes some fool will buy into your outlandish, unsubstantiated, and various FALSE CLAIMS. Just a small sample of your FALSE CLAIMS AND DECEIT are the KPMG audit that NEVER took place, your book being published that the publisher IS NOT PUBLISHING, your phony flying saucer repository you promised ten-years ago that has amount to jack shit, all the lawsuits and arrests you have been promising for YEARS now that have yet to see the light of day, and so much more. kalvin is part of the problem with the world and most certainly not part of the solution. When you can keep your word about anything and when you decide to wake up and get some help to stop living inthis fantasy world, and when you can get your clearly overblown ego in check, Kalvin you might actually accomplish something with your pathetic life.

You're not a "victim" Kalvin, you are a product of your own doing so stop blaming others for your fuck ups and personal issues. Try being a man for a change instead of the sniveling, vengeful and hate fueled little twerp you are.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

More on CONNIVING Kalvin Korff and his being PUBLICLY EXPOSED as a LIAR!

I now have more on this apology Kalvin Korff had to issue to radio host Art Bell after Kalvin was CAUGHT LYING.

The story is that Kalvin was on a flying saucer radio show and made a statement of fact that radio host Art Bell had threatened to pull his program from three radio affiliates because Kalvin Korff was to appear on a radio program to discredit someone Art Bell knew.

Kalvin Korff said on this other radio program that he had spoken directly to managers at these radio stations who, according to Kalvin, told Kalvin Art Bell had indeed called and threatened to pull his show if Kalvin was to appear on any of their radio programming.

Of course this all turned out to be Kalvin Korff LYING and SLANDERING radio host Art Bell. I was sent the audio of Kalvin Korff when he was on Art Bell's radio show to publicly APOLOGIZE for LYING and SLANDERING Art Bell. This never happened and kalvin admits to LYING and SLANDERING. This is what was said.

Art Bell: "For those you not familiar with what is to follow, you may check my website and you will find audio files of the words said by Mr. kal Korff on the Sightings program, a syndiacted radio program that can be hear. I pretty well covered it last night, and as you know I was very, very angry. I believe we have with us tonight Mr. Kal Korff. Uh, Kal, are you there?"

{Kalvin was scheduled to apologize the night before but did not answer his phone when Art Bell called. Art Bell was rather upset about this and likely felt Kalvin was playing games with him.}

CONNIVING Kalvin: "Yes, sir."

Art Bell: "Okay, um, Kal, I was really really angry at you last night and my anger has somewhat abated at this moment. But, um, I believe you've got something you want to say."

CONNIVING Kalvin: "Yes, um, everything I said about Mr. Art Bell was completely untrue and false. I retract everything entirely and further apologize to not only Mr. Bell, but to the CBC radio network and the affiliates mentioned, KFY in Phoenix, KOMO and KVI in Seattle."

Art Bell: "So, your words about me and what I allegedly said were totally false."

CONNIVING Kalvin: "Yes, there's no evidence at all of, none of it held up and, um, you deserve an apology Mr. Bell."

Art Bell: "Alright, thank you., I want to say something to you and it is the following: Words , Mr. Korff, really do have consequences in UFOlogy, something we're both interested in. We've got room for all sorts of people, believers, skeptics, even de-bunkers like yourself. However, if the goal of our debate is the truth, then the reckless disregard for it harms all of us. So please, I would only ask this: the next time you decide to debate with statements of something you call facts, make damn surethat you know them to be facts and not slanderous lies. This method generally, effectively prevents embarassing retractons of the sort you just had to make.
Kalvin Korff:"

After being PUBLICLY HUMILIATED, Kalvin put these apologies up on the Internet. Kalvin of course tries to slither out of bu blaming "sources" and going so far as to imply that someone might be impersonating this Art Bell fellow. But it is clear that Kalvin stated he talked DIRECTLY to managers of these radio stations. So how does self righteous Kalvin expose himself to the public as a conniving slanderer? I thought about giving kudos to Kalvin for apologizing but realize he only did it to avoid being sued in court. You would think Kalvin would have learned from this PAINFUL PUBLIC lesson and the HUMILIATION he must have endured at having to kneel and beg for mercy before the host of a flying saucer radio show.

Welcome to Kal Korff's Web Site

THANK YOU for browsing my new WEB site. The official launch date is will be by the end of this month, August, 1997. In the meantime, there is something VERY important I must post here for the public record for all to see.

My Formal Apology to Mr. Art Bell

August 6, 1997

Dear Mr. Art Bell,

I offer to you, my personal and sincere APOLOGY to you regarding statements I made that you had threatened three radio stations and to pull their affiliations if they put me on their programs. There was NO MALICIOUS INTENT on my part to either libel or slander you, Mr. Bell.

The truth is, Mr. Bell, I BELIEVE YOU when you say you did NOT do this, and in the interest of getting to the truth I am making a point as I mentioned to you of getting all of the documentation to you that proves this was an innocent mistake.

I know, Mr. Bell, that you are respected in your radio broadcast profession. I also respect you as well, and know (based on having listened to you and thoroughly enjoyed, your audio book "The Art of Talk") that you have worked very hard to achieve the phenomenal success that you presently enjoy. I have also heard similar testimonies about you from your professional peers, on whose other radio programs I have appeared over the past years.

I would like to re-emphasize to you, your listeners, and the general public, that there was no malicious intent on my part to either malign, libel, or slander you – I simply reported information I had been told from various sources which proved to be incorrect upon close, careful investigation.

As I have also previously communicated to both your attorney and yourself in our joint phone conversation, my allegations made towards you, which were in error, were the result of a hodgepodge of confusion, INNOCENT confusion, on the part of my sources. To put it simply, my sources, which have proved TOTALLY RELIABLE IN THE PAST AND ON ALL OCCASIONS, accidentally confused (in part) the actions of Jim Dilettoso with you, Mr. Bell.

As the enclosed documentation clearly proves, it was Jim Dilettoso who sent a legal notice through his attorney implying legal action(s) if a certain radio station permitted me. Kal Korff, to come on their shows to talk about my research.

I enclose for your perusal not only a copy of Mr. Dilettoso’s letter to one of these stations written by his attorney, as well as this station’s reply to Mr. Dilettoso.

I sincerely regret any problems this may have caused you, Mr. Bell, and as the last of the documentation continues to come into my office, I will forward all copies of it to you so that you may be assured that this unfortunate mistake was indeed an series of accidental ones, and was and is not deliberately malicious.

I have posted as of several days ago, a public apology on the radio show "Sightings" and will make every effort to make sure that THIS public apology receive as wide a distribution as possible, including the posting of it on my own personal website starting tomorrow for the period of one full calendar year. This apology will be posted on, early tomorrow morning, which is my own personal website.

Sincerely and respectfully yours,

Kal K. Korff

Investigative journalist, author and researcher

"SIGHTINGS" is hosted by Mr. Jeff Rense. Below, is a word for word copy of my formal apology to Mr. Art Bell which was posted on the "SIGHTINGS" website as of August 4, 1997.

Kal K. Korff

Monday August 4, 1997 at 4:56 PDT

Dear Mr. Art Bell, I offer my sincere APOLOGIES to you regarding statements I made that you had threatened some radio stations and pull their affiliations if they put me on their program. There was NO MALICIOUS INTENT on my part to either libel or slander you. At present I BELIEVE YOU when you say you did NOT do this, and in the interest of getting to the truth I will make it a point as I mentioned to you of getting all of the documentation to you so you can investigate this. I know you are respected in your radio broadcast profession. You may want to consider the possibility that someone might be out there impersonating you. Looking forward to providing you with the documentation you have asked for and JUSTIFIABLY DESERVE.

Sincerely, Kal Korff

Friday, August 8, 2008

Conniving Kalvin Korff caught again!!!!

Kalvin Korff is a LIAR! This is a simple FACT recently confirmed by Kavlin Korff's OWN WORDS! I tuned in early this morning to an Internet radio show called Rob McConnell's X Zone. This is a show where Kalvin Korff appears as a regular but after listening to the host of the show I just cannot see how the guy allows Kalvin's lunacy to come to life on that show. The host sounds like an intelligent and articulate chap but I cannot for the life of me see why he lets Kalvin rant on his show. Entertainment value? Shock? Your guess is as good as mine.

After doing a bit of looking around on the Internet after listening to the show this morning I found out that Kavlin LIED about another radio host named Art Bell. Art Bell used to host a show called Coast to Coast and the show was apparently rather popular and Kalvin Korff angered Art Bell.

Kalvin said that Art Bell had contacted various radio stations to keep Kalvin off the air because Art Bell was scared by Kalvin but I don't know what this was over. This Art Bell fellow decided to put Kalvin in his place and told Kalvin he could either publicly apologize or get sued. Now if Kalvin was telling the truth he would never have apologized because he would have had nothing to fear in a court of law. But Kalvin did indeed go on Art Bell's radio show heard around the world and PROFUSELY apologized ADMITTING he LIED and that none of what he said was true. This would also make Kalvin Korff a CONNIVER. It was rather entertaining listening to a recording of this on the radio this morning and hearing how rather humbled Kalvin was made to be while apologizing on a radio show that is apparently heard around the world.

Here is CONNIVING Kalvin Korff CAUGHT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! WHEN will you learn Kalvin? One might think being PUBLICLY HUMILIATED and EXPOSED as a LIAR on a worldwide radio show while haivng to APOLOGIZE all over yourself would have been enough for most people to have learned that it isn't a good idea to make things up about people but apparently not you Kalvin. How EMBARRASSING it must be for Kalvin to have the TRUTH revealed about his CONNIVING and by Kalvin's OWN ADMISSION!

I'm trying to find a recording or transcript of the show and more information so I can put it up here. If you have a recording or a transcript would you please send it to and please include the date it happened.