Sunday, December 30, 2012

So Kal where is Secret Wars??????????

so Kal where is your socalled "definitive work on terrorism" these days??? Where is it Kernal Korff?? Kal you are good at making all these fake book covers but everyone knows that your FORMER PUBLISHER Prometheus Books is well aware of what a bloody lunatic you are and have no plans on publishing anything else by you. The publisher was probably smart and just paid you to make you go away. Funny but someone let me know that Secret Wars is also the title of a comic book. We all know this wouldn't be the first thing you have ever stolen nor will it likely be the last. I'm sure Prometheus Books has moved as far away from you as it possibly can. Kal you are even bad a failure!! ahahhhaaahhhahahaha

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Kal has the writing skills of a cat turd

So lads here is one of the many uninspiring and pointless articles Kal wrote during his time in the CR. Copied and pasted because I am too lazy to do any formatting. Try not to become too sick at the thought of Kal actually trying to teach people English. Kal you're an embarrassment to your country and the English language..........................................................................................................................

Welcome to Kal’s
Korner. Please
write to me with
your thoughts
and suggestions,
please always
remember that I
am here expresially for you.
My email address is:
It was this last Friday evening,
and I was not  in what we call
“the  best  of  moods.”  To  be
honest, I had a great day earlier
at the U.S. Ambassador’s resi-
dence, but when I left the offi ce
I was not in the best of moods.
  You see, my friend Bob Kivi-
at in Hollywood, yes, that Hol-
lywood,  did  not  send  me  any
material  that  I  could  work  on
over  this  weekend  concerning
the  alien  autopsy  hoax,  which
was  the  original  plan.  So Bob
does  what  we  call  in  English
“lets me down,”  we’ve  now
lost this valuable time. I leave,
and decide next to go shopping
at the Tesco hyper mart on the
way  home.  Since  it  is  Friday
night,  I  know  this  will  be  an
adventure  since  Friday  nights
at hyper marts are very busy.
  After  getting  my  groceries
and then waiting 10 minutes in
line, the store cashier sudden-
ly says that our line  is closed!
This  means  that  myself  and
two  other  customers  behind
me  are  suddenly  abandoned.
Of course, this did not improve
my mood.
  At  this  point,  the  older  lady
standing near me started to go
what  we  call  ballistic.  Like
a  gun  or  a  bullet,  she  got  re-
ally upset.  She  started  yelling
and complaining, while all the
Czechs in the other lines were
smiling  and  laughing  and  just
standing there watching her.
  I  had  a  choice  to  make.  Get
mad  and  get  in  another  line
and  wait  another  20  minutes,
or do the right thing. I chose to
change the situation.
I  went  up  to  the  help  desk.
That’s why they exist, to help.
I  asked  to  speak  to  the  man-
ager. After  a  few  minutes,  the
manager  came  over.  It  was  a
nice young lady, and she spoke
English.  I  told  her  what  had
happened, and I said “I cannot
believe that it is the policy of
Tesco just to cut off customers
like that, and force them to
start all over again at the back
of another line.” The manager
assured  me  that  it  is  not  the
policy of Tesco to do this.
  Next,  the  manager  walked
back with me to the same reg-
ister  that  I  had  earlier  stood
in,  that  had  previously  closed
down  right  in  front  of  me.  In
front of us now was this same
older woman, still busy yelling
at the clerk. This was her way
of “dealing” with this situation.
Now, it was my turn.
  I  smiled  at  the  clerk,  put my
items  on  the  conveyer  belt,
and  she checked me out. She
scanned  the  items,  rang  them
up  in  the  cash register,  and  I
then paid for them.
  Next,  I  smiled  and  thanked
the manager, then left. The old-
er woman who was very upset,
had chosen to be part of the
problem, not the solution

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Good old fashion journalism

That is what this website is...........


This is a shining example of journalism of which Kal K. Korff knows nothing of. How did this happen Kal???? How did a group of lads ever get the best of you Kernal Krapp? I thought you were some sort of special secret super spy or operative????? How in the world did it all come unraveled for you?? It is really easy Kal and it is because you are your own worst enemy. ahahahahahaaahhaaa!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

I am thankful!

I am so very thankful lads that I am not a mouth breathing, homophobic, racist, ideological zealot, fat crazy twat like Kal.

Happy holidays lads!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Nothing new here lads. Just reading how a group of civilians EXPOSED the lies of Kal K. Korff. If you are new here then this is required reading for all. NO LAWSUITS! NO BOOKS! NO NEW SHOW! NO ARRESTS! NOTHING! Kal K. Korff has UTTERLY FAILED on every level!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Kal can run and lie but he cannot hide!!!

Hi everyone, I wish I did not have to make constant reports like this, but in the interests of help spreading the TRUTH about the immoral cover up and disgraceful acts Kal K. Korff has engaged in re telling us the truth about his past, here's some more awful news.

Having access to such data, I have told several people about some of the stuff which is going to be released. Here's another nugget, and it isn't pleasant.

My motives are to try to help insure that mistakes made in the past, are never made again including the abhorrent use of basic English and shit use of proper grammar. Basic rules which were supposed to be enforced as per morals, laws, and common decency were blatantly ignored by Kal, and he should be prosecuted.

But he won't be for now.

What is additionally disgraceful is if this were a guy who had any fucking clue about what a dumbshit he is, he would have come clean a long time ago. But because he is a complete fucktard, one that everyone WANTS to see in jail very badly, they are not violating their own ethics as "journalists" and like Kal, are stonewalling the facts and trying to rewrite it to coverup his own bullshit.

REMEMBER how that cunt Kal made a "Big Deal" out of his imaginary rank as a colonel and said he was going to sue everyone and that he had operatives coming for those who exposed Kal? It has been DAYS AND YEARS since Kal made his threats and yet NOTHING EVER HAPPENED!

This is a great example of his bankrupt "moral" standards.

Kal is desperately trying keeping this off the map, including his CONveniently ripping off people in the Czech Republic and lying about being a human resources manager in India. But Kal will NEVER keep the truth from the public because Google has a search for Kal Korff ranking the top two spots to this blog and the website EXPOSING Kal!!  Fuck you, Kal.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Korff off bugger!

Where is the little lone nut these days lads? Where is the bloody little boner? What country is he off tromping and conning his way through? What ever did happen to the special secret services and all those agents from India??  ahahahahhhaaaahahahhahaaahaahahahhahahaha!!!!!!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

You're DONE Kal! DONE!

Lads here is a bit from The Korffing Syndicate. Enjoy!! Oh and I am still waiting for those bloody slow agents from India to show up!  ahhhhahaaahahahahahahahahahahahaaahaha!!!!

Kal K. Korff Con-Game Closed Down

August 20, Saturday, 2011; the Syndicate took control of the Kal Korff URL name, .

September 02, Friday, 2011; the Syndicate took over the Korff URL name: a short time later we pointed our newly acquired URL the just launched Korffie Leak web site.
September 4, Tuesday, 2012; The Syndicate launches the Kal Israel Face Book page, Immediately over 100 people ask to be friended, many of these people are already friends with the real Kal Korff. Kal Korff blocks the Kal Israel profile from his profile within the first week of it's launch. Kal Korff continues to run away and to not face his own demise.

March 10, Thursday, 2012; our Korffie Leak web site was launched:

March 04, Sunday, 2012, a few days before the Korffie Leak web site was launched, not coincidentally, 3 days before Korff’s 50th birthday, Korff sent a threatening e-mail (using the same anonymous e-mailer that he used to send his last threats to Don Ecker) to a member of the Korffing Syndicate. As expected, 7 months have elapsed and nothing ever came of the threat and the web site was launch. This threat was also the last threat Korff sent to anyone associated with the or the Korffie Leak web site.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Kulin"
Sent: Sunday, March 04, 2012 9:10 AM
Subject: Libel, slander, and the consequences

You think your ILLEGAL AND FRAUDLENT website about me, which is full of FALSEHOODS AND LIES is going to stand?

I have been patient and tolerate of your HATRED of me for quite some time but the gloves are now off!!!!

YAWEH help you for what I will do to you. I did NOT rise to Colonel by playing NICE. I did not get trained in Israel because I am timid.

Your cover is BLOWN and the wrath of G-d shall come down upon YOU and your whore family.

EVERY SINGLE PERSON involved in your little website, YOU, Ecker, Underwood, ALL of you are going to pay a HEAVY price.

As I speak now several Indian based agents are headed to the airport to pay you all a VISIT. My contacts at Interpol have provided me with ALL
your locations.



Over the past 7 months since the Korffie Leak web site was launched, Korff behavior changed in a very dramatic manner. Now vanished from the internet; the personal threats, the promises of legal actions, the iPad’s for Peace scam, the nano-dust claims, the braggadocio rants about his super secret and world changing missions as a fake solider working for a fake secret service, fighting on all fronts against terrorism and consumer fraud. Gone, evaporated, like that history and behavior never happened.

The truism here is that it never did happen in our reality-based world. Yes, Korff traveled to the Pakistan border with vials full of air, he traveled to India to fight in paint-ball battles and to pose as a fake Colonel passing himself off to the unsuspecting as a man of honor and importance.

Korff spun his wheels for over a decade trying to regain the minor celebrity he enjoyed for a short time as a child and adult before the age of 40. After the Korffing Syndicate stopped playing with Korff; poking at him to get him to react, we focused our efforts to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a lair, a fraud and a thief. Korff’s response to this information release…

Poof, all gone, never happened, nothing to see here but the Korff Man-Child wishing it all away. The internet never forgets. The Korffing Syndicate will forever be vigilant; monitoring Korff’s behavior and keeping the world apprised of his actions.

Korffing Syndicate

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Is Kal K. Korff secretly a scientologist???

You read it right lads!! This could be yet another momentous break through in exposing Kal K. Korff. While I cannot speak to this at the moment I will most certainly keep all of you Korffers appraised of this story if it proves to be true. And if one thinks about it then it makes perfect sense and explains a lot about Kal's fascination with flying saucers and religion. Though I think Kal ought not get his hopes too high that John Travolta will be calling for a back rub anytime soon. Kal may have hit the gold mine here with rich celebrities in an organized religion that he could try to con and beg. aaahahahhhhahaahahahahahahhhaaaahaha! Oh Kal you poor stupid cunt.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kal K. Korff

Here we are lads right back at it after a bit of a hiatus on my part there. And yes unlike Kal K. Korff I do have a life and have other things to do beside get all obsessed and crazed and such.

Our greatest Korffing asset ever the one and only FN sent me a link to Kal K. Korff being back on that low rate show Xzone with Rob McConnell!!! Well lads it turns out that this is just a piece used to fill in some extra time and was very old. I did listen to part of it and heard Kal proclaim and gush about his CONVICTED FELON brother's innocence. RUBBISH!Too bad Kal can't tell the truth about his brother BEING CONVICTED OF A FELONY ASSAULT CHARGE.

This is old hat lads and I won't go on about it. The sound of Kal's low tone whiny voice was more than enough for me to turn it off about 10 minutes or so into the bloody nonsense Kal was on about. Amazing to hear a madman rant on in total denial of the truth.

And for those of you commenting saying you have sent me photos of Kal the fact is you have not. I have received 2 photos from the same person and no one else. Someone with some better computer skills than I must take this challenge of the photos up and make some! Lads be sure to take care and never let up on that valor and ipod stealing disgrace Kal K. Korff!!!!!!!!

This blog lives!!

Oh Kal you lonely stupid fat fuck. This blog will never die and shall forever showcase what a vile scum you are. KIAI is here to stay and unlike you Kal I have a life so I am not able to sit on the Internet every second. Fear not lads because pictures will be posted and we shall continue EXPOSING YOU KAL KORFF!!!

continue ont

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Photoshop Korffin

 Have some more fun and send me some of these great pictures! Brilliant!!  ahahahahhhhaaaahahahahhhaaa

Kal can only dream about being 1/100,000,000 as cool as William Shattner or Leonard Nimoy. I'm sure Kal will wank off to these photos for weeks to come.

Kal has the intellectual prowess of a dead fern. Where is the proof Kal said he had about hsi 219 IQ? Maybe it is 219 when he competes in a Star Trek trivia contest.

Kal K. Korff FAIL!!!!!!!!

 Let's look at some of the past that has caught up to Kal and roundly kicked him in his lying arse. I'm sure all you fine chaps remember the days of Kal K. Korff and his internet threats. There were so many of these laughable threats that cunt Kal put forth I do not think anyone was able to keep them all straight.

A recent comment left here inspired me to revisit these little gems left for us by conniving Kal himself. I believe someone once referred to Kal as an internet terrorist and I agree that the lone nut was indeed out to make everyone's lives as miserable as he could once people started taking him to task over all of these ridiculous and outlandish claims Kal made.

Here we are all the way back to 2007 on Kal's website and his own words tried to make it sound like it was curtains for that flying saucer chap Kevin Randal. I'm sure Mr. Randal is in big trouble because he probably had problems breathing from laughing so hard at Kal's lunacy. No audit and KMPG denies ever hearing about anyone named Kal K. Korff.
A grand laugh to be had here lads with Kal claiming his websites generated nearly 50,000,000 hits!  ahahahhhaaaahahhhhhaa!!!!! Some of you with some brilliant internet skills found out that Kal's website did not even rank in the top 1,000,000 websites in the world. All those hits and Kal's site only has 23 guests online at any one time?  Bollocks!

A sad time for the kind hearted, generous and charitable when Kal LIED about becoming Pro Vas's CIO and CTO. We all know what happened after that when Kal decided to use Mr. S's good name to fraudulently get Apple products and not pay for them. I really believe Kal to be nothing more than a jealous grifter preying on those who have the success and heart Kal has always lacked.

This silly little show never happened just like 99.99% of the bloody bollocks Kal flaunted about.

Remember Kal trying pass himself off as being a mere 36 years of age lads? what ever did happen to all those big shows and such that Kal was supposed ot have on his youtube channel? Whatever happened to the millions that Kal was supposed to have for all of this stuff?????? What did happen to Kal's sheik sugar daddy? If Kal is Jewish then why would he consider working with a sheik? We all know the answer and the word here for those of you who do not is BULLSHIT. ahahahahahahhhaaaa Speaking of secret wars how long have we all been waiting for Kal's nonsensical book on terrorism now? years and years later there is still not a single page in print. ahahahhhaaaahahahahaha So much for the definitive work on terrorism by a guy who has never been involved with the military or government doing any sort of intelligence work. The shame you bring on the true heroes fighting terrorism Kal you repugnant worm.
My fellow Korffers please let me know what other nonsense Kal tried to blow at his ass at us all.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Where is your proof Kal???

I saw this recently during a search for Kal Korff "
Kal Korff has pioneered original concepts and techniques in several fields of study. These include archaeology, artificial intelligence, computing, criminology, forensics, graphical user interfaces, historical research, human interface design, hypermedia, multimedia, nanotechnology, physics, and weaponry."

BOLLOCKS! Where do you dream this nonsense up Kal you lunatic? Show us one patent or other actual and verifiable credit. You won't Kal because you can't and this is because you have done NOTHING. Kal you sad little clown.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kal Korff scamming in India? Probably

Dear god lads!!  I was just making my way through the internet and decided to do an image search for that bloated wash up Kal K. Korff and look what I found! It is an older fatter looking Kal who looks to be lecturing at Indo Global Colleges. It looks like Kal has slithered into yet another venture and this is likely why lads we have not heard any of the bloody nonsense about him being a colonel in some time. Has Kal conned and connived his way into yet another job at the cost of the unsuspecting? We need our Korffing detectives on this!! We must continue to alert and protect consumers!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kal Korff is a bigot

So Kal is on now about people being gay? So much for world peace there Kal you hateful bag of shit. Misogynist, pretender, fake colonel, hater. Why must you lie so much Kal? Right then it is because you think you can achieve some fame and fortune from it. Chubby little loser. What it must be like to live a life such that you can't face your own reality and have to attack others and lie and cheat your way through it all instead of being a man and taking some responsibility once in your miserable little life.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Where art thou pretender?

Kal has become so insignificant that a picture of his face is no longer required for a post lads.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kal is asshole, hear him roar

Well lads we have not heard much from Kernal Kal Koward Korff in some time now since he was EXPOSED by our very own Korffing Syndicate. Kal tried a threat to get it all quiet but it did not work. So where is the big mouth at these days? It seems like the once roaring mouth on Kal has been turned into nothing greater than a mouse fart. Where is all your talk at now Kal? UFO watchcat got your tongue you boorish little fool Kal? I'm still waiting for all of these agents Kal promised he would send after us all. Bloody hell I think we have all been waiting for this for YEARS now! Where is the KMPG audit you PROMISED was going to happen Kal? Are you still hanging around your buddy Scott Ritter and maybe having some top secret meetings at a playground? YEs Kal it all has come full circle and hit you right between the eyes you fucking imbecile. You painted your own arse right into a corner. ahahhhahahahaaahaha!!! I would wish Kal luck on finding his courage but you cannot lose that which you never had to begin with.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kal K. Korff FAILS!!!!!

Poor dumb desperate Kal K. Korff has decided to crawl back into his hole. So much for facing the truth Kal. where are your "ethics" and "morals" now Kal? It is simply a FACT that you are running away from THE TRUTH Kal because your pathetic facade has been EXPOSED.

Run coward run. You don;t have the courage to face the truth when your feet are put to the fire. But Kal has attacked so many others for the same behavior he is doing and that would be lying, making up false credentials, perpetrating fraud and so much more.


Friday, May 11, 2012

Kal K. Korff is an IDIOT

Case closed lads! Kal K. Korff has been proven to be an undisputed idiot. So I must ask just where oh where are the big scary special secret services these days? How about the KMPG audit? Terrorism book? 500 book deal? Anything? Just face it Kal you wanker. You have been utterly EXPOSED by a few people on the internet! No super secret spies or super geniuses just a few average people THOROUGHLY TORE YOU APART piece by piece using your own words and nonsense. How embarrassing this must for you Kernal Kupcakes. Ouch.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kal K. Korff FAILS ON ALL FRONTS!!!!!!!!

Well lads as we all knew would happen Kal K. Korff has crawled back in his hole to hide from the WEBSITE EXPOSING his past!!! I do believe lads that Kal was fond of saying that you can't hide from facts. What else is there to say here about this all lads?

So Kal where is the bloody KMPG audit and everything else you have LIED about all these years now????????? We all know it was utter rubbish all along Kal!  You FOOLED NOBODY you imbecile!

Kernal Koward will never step forward unless it is him impersonating a barrister again!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Jimmy D to Kal K. Korff: PROVE IT!

KIAI commenter Jimmy D has issued the following challenge to Kal K. Korff: "
"Buy the latest edition of 'The Times of India' (which is sold nationwide, so don't tell us you couldn't find a copy) and have yourself photographed holding it with the top front page headline clearly visible. Then post that photo on your Facebook page on the same day on which it was taken."
Kal's public claims of being in India have been heavily questioned and since Kal likes to say that it is up to others to prove their claims then lads I would like to see Kal live up to his own if any standard for once. Time to put it up or shut it up Kal.

Oh and lads we are now the NUMBER 1 GOOGLE search hit for Kal Korff.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Kal K. Korff FAILS to respond to BEING EXPOSED!!


In a blistering no holds barred website by none other than regular commentator and Santa in a floppy hat our very own FN has THOROUGHLY EXPOSED the fantasy life Kal K. Korff dished up to people on the internet, in an article in a free paper published in the Czech Republic, on Facebook and in you tube videos and on internet radio shows. For well over 2 decades now Kal K. Korff has represented himself and claimed to be a computer expert, a ranking officer in an anti terrorism unit, an author with a 500 book deal, a chap with a genius level IQ, a nanobot assassin producer, a CIA operative and oh so too much to list here lads.

It looks like Kal K. Korff has MISLEAD CONSUMERS and MISLEAD THE PUBLIC with his inflated or OUTRIGHT FALSE CLAIMS. So far Kal K. Korff has FAILED TO RESPOND to the website and is RUNNING AWAY instead of addressing it directly as he has always claimed to do. Tables are now turned Kal and I ask what are you going to do? Kal will probably just curl up into a ball roll into some crevasse for a while and reemerge with the usual lawsuit threats and other nonsense. I wonder how many lawyers will have their names falsely used this time around? I wonder how many fake agents are being dispatched to greet JimmyD or F1 Racer or Santa in a floppy hat? haahahahahahahhhaaahahaaha!!! The game is up Kal! Come out from under the rock you snaked under and own up chap.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kal K. Korff CAUGHT!! The silence is deafening!


Well Kal when will you stand up? Kal won't because he has been CAUGHT! CAUGHT! CAUGHT! Just like most cowards Kal will run and hide and avoid it instead of being a man and standing up. I thought you were not "timid" Kal. Slither back under your rock Kal and stay there you craven loser.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

EXPOSING the LUNACY of Kal K. Korff


Lads this is no bodge job by any means. It is utter aces lads and the amount of work that must have gone into EXPOSING KAL K. KORFF was a huge undertaking. People were cheesed off at that cunt Kal and they went out and did a thorough job TEARING KAL APART piece by piece using KAL'S OWN WORDS!!!! ahahahhhaaahahahahahaaa!!!! So how does self claimed genius level IQ toting Kal get taken out by a bunch of guys on the internet? First of all lads Kal is no genius. Second of all if you wave your utter nonsense about enough sooner or later someone will kick you right in the arse. Kal's had this coming a long time and rightfully so since Kal claims to expose frauds. Table turned Kal table turned and someone picked it up and cracked your skull wide open. That's has got to hurt chaps!  ahahahahahahhaaaaaahhhhaa!!

Go crawl back under your rock Kal. Naff off Kal. Can't wait to see how shirty Kal gets over all of this. I'm sure he'll be back in no time with his lawsuit threats and KMPG audits! ahahahahahhhaaaaahahaha

What a fantastic job done by the Korffing Syndicate.  Bravo lads!  Bravo! I did none of the work on that magnificent website other than advertise it here. Good job lads!!!!!!!! 

Sunday, March 11, 2012



Like an over cooked holiday turkey KAL K. KORFF IS DONE! Our very commenter to this blog FN has along with many others EXPOSED KAL K. KORFF'S LIES BEFORE THE PUBLIC. Kal was good at trying to do this to others with his mindless and crazed threats of lawsuits and secret agents that would "visit soon" and the endless harassment he dished out to others who took him to task on his bollocks.

This is not something you can just wash away Kal. For all your nonsense and endless parade of utter bullshit you have no one to cast blame upon but yourself for what many feel you have righteously had coming to you for all too long now. Santa in a floppy hat has posted a special message about the WEBSITE EXPOSING KAL K. KORFF and utterly destroying line by line Kal's own words and claims. Kal you can now take a bath in what you put out there for the world to see MR. FAKE COLONEL. For all the good people you attacked, slandered, threatened, and lied about it has all come back squarely in your face Kal. Enjoy it because you deserved it all along. How does it feel being the helm of a ship you know is sinking and you have not the sense to get onto an escape boat or at least wear a float? Goodbye to your facade Kal.


 So what is it like getting a fat sour taste of your own medicine Kal? You want the spotlight and now you have been given it. I heard you already have shot off your usual fake threats. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That is all anyone else is doing right is now laughing at how ludicrous you have been with your FAKE COLONEL claims and the rest of this mess you stepped into and kicked off in the direction of everyone else. You sow you reap Kal. This is what your wasted life has brought you. The public you claim to serve and protect had to go and find out the TRUTH and EXPOSE YOU KAL!
So you break out the flags and that goofy hat and your FAKE MILITARY RANK and your oversized leather jacket and tell us how it really is. I'm sure you will be up for days plotting the revenge that will lead you to no where fast. Sneaky vicious backbiting little pieces of shit aren't immune from getting caught. The only difference here is that no one made up a bunch of threats, no one screamed they would sue, no one made up that special agents would be coming to get them because some dared to speak out about your lunacy, no one is getting sued or prosecuted, and I could go on and on lads.

The most shocking piece of this all lads is that Kal K. Korff appeared to have more than quite ample opportunities for legitimacy but he just didn't seem like he could function in the real world of responsible and well mannered professional adults. Instead, we see the rail wreck that is Kal K. Korff bounding from one country to another making up preposterous claims. And instead of sitting around we have commenters here like FN who step up and take action!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

It is almost time lads!!!!!!!!

Your life is about to be laid out in front of the world Kal.  Every day brings us all closer to the day. Thoughts? Care to comment Kal? Each day that passes disappears another day for you to admit the truth for once in your life Kal. Be a good chap now and come clean Kal.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Time is running out Kal you bloated gas bag

It is coming lads!!!! Kal K. Korff is about to be EXPOSED!!!!!! Keep an eye here lads.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Kal K. Korff LIES about lecturing at IAU

Lads i think you should all know that kal K. Korff NEVER lectured at the International Astronomical Union's General Assembly held in Prague in 2006. This is but another sad bit from Kal that has a grain of truth imbedded in a much larger falsehood. Kal used his media credentials from Metropolitni Expres to access the event as a "journalist" and used the opportunity to for a picture of him at the event with a microphone in hand. This microphone was for questions from the press and Kal was NEVER a lecturer let alone an actual participant at the event.

A commenter left on this very blog is further evidence of Kal's deception:

A man named, Kal K. Korff, is making a claim that he gave a talk, or a lecture at an International Astronomical Union conference held in Prague in the mid 2000's, maybe 2006'ish?

I was hoping you could assist me in confirming that Kal K. Korff did indeed give a speech at this event. If you can not, do I need to send my question to some one else?


Response from the man in charge:

Ian Corbett

We have no record of Kal Korff ever giving a talk at an IAU meeting.

I appreciate the person asking the question and getting an answer but it was not me so I am not sure why my KIAI is in the post.  Not a problem though lads. So there you have it with more bullshit from kal.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Kal K. Korff on the run?

Well lads looks as though poor desperate Kal Korff has gone aloft from all. He knows there is a big pack of information about to be released about him that will FOREVER EXPOSE him and EXPOSE HIS LIES for all to see.

Comments lads? Thoughts? Stories? Come one share all!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kal Korff will REALLY be exposed soon!!!!!

The bollocks published long ago by this rob McConel character are NOTHING compared to what is coming up from the one and only FN. Kal you stupid fat desperate fool you have no clue what is about to slam into you. It is a little called the TRUTH something you are not very familiar with. I have seen it and it is going to EXPOSE KAL K. KORFF for good!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


It is coming soon lads! Kal K. Korff will be DEFINITIVELY EXPOSED by none other than our very own FN soon!  Oh Kal you poor dumb cunt if you only knew what was coming. It is massive and most certainly lads will show you exactly the bollocks of Kal K. Korff.

Kal K. Korff has impersonated a military officer and terrorism specialist. His claims about his education are EXPOSED. Hell lads ALL of Kal's claims are EXAMINED AND EXPOSED one by one. This is not going to be good for Kal and it should not be considering the number of times Kal K. Korff has MISLEAD THE PUBLIC and LIED TO CONSUMERS.

And lads I am rather curious as to how the "genius" Kal claims to be cannot even get his own timeline correct.  Kal K. Korff is an IDIOT!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Lads it looks like that arse Kal K. Korff gets to dodge a bullet for another month or so.  Our very own FN has done a massive amount of work compiling a massive amount of information on Kal. I was able to see it prior to it being withheld for a longer period as FN is conducting more work and adding massive information to already BRILLIANT piece of work EXPOSING KAL K. KORFF thoroughly in a detailed piece that will have Kal and his bollocks running for the hills lads! Kal you stupid fat cunt. You have not a clue what is coming at you! I will post the website just as soon as FN has finished up exposing Kal so soundly that it will actually cause Kal to feel it right through taht stupid cowboy hat and those FAKE military collar rank!!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The F-bomb kid

Come on now Kal we all know how bloody full of it you are when you claim the be the a-bomb kid. Everyone knows you are indeed the f-bom kid.  "Fuck you Milos Bartu!" Ring any bells Kal? ahahahahahhhhaaaaaa!!!!!!


How did you get so creepy Kal?  HOW???? You are a bloody loon there Kal!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kal K. Korff EXPOSED like never before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time for that cunt Kal to get his comeuppance lads! Our very own Korffer extraordinaire FN has over 7 gigabytes of data pertaining to Kal including 3000 emails, interviews with 100s of people, documents and all will reveal the truth about that Kal K. Korff has been running from for decades now!!! Are you ready to have it all come crashing down around you Kal?????? Gather round soon and witness KAL K. KORFF EXPOSED FOR GOOD!!!! Martina Tycova would be proud! aaahhhahahahahaahahahahaaaahahahh!