Sunday, October 11, 2015

I never claimed i did.

Here we present an interesting thread.  Korff’s FaceBook “friends” (and his High School buddy Raj) take him to task on his lack of education and Korff goes all Korff on him. NOTE: We’ve removed some of the non-Korffing information from this thread to make this exchange as short as possible. Korff's words and spelling was left unedited. Not quite as bat shit crazy as circa 2008 - 2010 but not that far off either.

October 4, 2015

Kal Korff: Chinmoy, please take this question the right ay, but are you feeling OK and do you live in the REAL world, my friend. The US Dollar is NOT the world's strongest currency. Not even close.

Raj Shekar Reddi:  Kal you are cracking me up. I realize you have had little to no formal education after high school, but given how often you make economic pronouncements you should consider reading a basic economics text. Specifically macroeconomics. I imagine that Wikipedia has a pretty good overview of the topic. Just so you know currency exchange rates are relative and are not by themselves indicators of a nation's economic health. What you've posted is completely nonsensical. To get an idea of how the world economy works you need discard these wrong ideas.

Kal Korff: Yes, Wikipedia is the beacon of truth, Raj.  They're so accurate, Noble World "doesn'texist" right? As far as education goes, since I entered the IT field, I learned a lot MORE about IT working for some of the top firms in the world in this subject than I would ever have at school. At LLNL for example, I worked with colleagues who spent six years studying CIS. I knew more than they did many times. Chinmoy said the dollar was the strongest in the world. Not true.

Raj Shekar Reddi: Kal its one thing to learn a little programming, data entry, word processing what have you on the job. In fact that is quite common. I'm CADD tech among other things in my day to day job and I am constantly learning new tricks. When it comes to CADD you won't learn everything in a classroom.

But fields like medicine, engineering, mathematics and economics require some formal understanding and are rarely, if ever, self taught.

I won't repeat myself regarding currency rates, but Chinmoy Roy is correct.

Kal Korff: Hi, sorry to have to correct you, but, I did not learn those "on the job" Raj. You can't say how I learned what I did, because you don't know. You were not there.  But I could not have worked in the places I did for the top companies I did if I didn't know my stuff. You also have no idea what courses I have taken nor where. I understand about the sciences, like medicine, etc., but since I never specialized in any such things, never claimed i did, the point is not relevant concerning me.

(ed; Korff worked in the phone customer support department at Apple. LLNL will not go on record that Korff ever worked there. Our research resulted in the fact that Korff worked for a sub-contractor at LLNL in charge of keeping their Apple computers in working order. What Korff did at Boeing is unknown, they have been contacted and they were unable to find any Korff related employment information.)

Raj Shekar Reddi: You didn't learn on the job and you didn't go to school...Hmmm. Did your knowledge come to you like an angel in the night?

Kal Korff:  I wasn't talking about them you brought them up. I was talking about currency exchange rates and how other currencies are stronger in this regard. I taught myself computers, by the way, became a good enough hacker to get job offers and was the only one in our dept at LLNL who did;t have a degree. Same with Boeing, etc. I also worked at Atari and Apple and Claris and they make the stuff consumers and schools use, so it doesn't get any better than that and learned to program teaching myself and also have taken many private courses over the years, prefer those to campuses actually. Less BS overhead. I remember when I was in college I had to retake German I AFTER having FOUR YEARS of it at JFK. All because they didn't recognize those credits. So I said screw them after one year and changed. Now the systems are far more compatible.

ed; Korff went to Junior college for less than one year, that was the end of his “after high school” formal education: Korff did not take German as a Freshman or Sophmore, he did as a Junior, and possibly as a Senior. That adds up to, maybe two years Korff.

Lisa Slovenz: I guess the most pathetic part is that the whole point of Kal's post is about the college graduate Commander in Chief in the White House that doesn't know what he is doing about a world changing war yet Raj and Chinmoy refuse to comment on that... I wonder why.

Chinmoy Roy: Lisa, I refuse to comment because you think education is worthless. I know how worthwhile is it having been on both sides: picking up computer skills and computer stuff and then going back to school full time to get a formal education and a degree in Computer Science. So it is only through education that you get to know how much you didn't know. So you think I should spend any time answering your questions when you are lost and wandering like a blind person in the domain of knowledge.

Kal Korff: Raj, you ignorant slut. I am relaunching the web sites after deliberately making them dormant for years when my next book launches shortly. We are filming the keynote for it this Friday.
But of course you knew that, right? Raj, when I got married, I deliberately stopped much of what I was doing. This includes everything from regular radio appearances to bothering exposing UFO and JFK CONspiracy nuts. A couple of months ago, I gave my first radio interview in years. It's on iTunes, you can listen to it, I was on Mind Cemetery, Chip Prescher's show and I announced what I am doing and planning and I AM doing it. I don't care if you or anyone else doesn't believe it. It's not my problem, Sir.

(ed; Firstly, Korff stopped his web site and Youtube activities because the Korffing Syndicate shut him down, as we will again should he start up any web site or Youtube postings again. Second, Korff said he got married in 2011, after meeting his Indian Princess (and her proposing to him after one "date") in 2010. The same 2010 that Korff ceased all web site and Youtube activity, the same 2010 that the Syndicate turned up the heat, launched our website, Youtube channel and in early 2011 Don Ecker exposed Korff on his radio show.) The dates don't lie, Kal Korff does.

Korff appearance:
Kal Israel’s Truth and Facts appearance:

I was referring to exchange rates. You changed the subject to a different issue entirely, then attacked me for not knowing that subject. Non sequitir. I am not an expert on economics. Never claimed to be.
Neither are you as far as I know.

Raj Shekar Reddi:  Yawn.

Kal Korff: You can "yawn" all you want, it won't change what's happening nor why I am proceeding with my plans. And just like the Noble World "not existing" issue, you can add these other items to the "I was wrong list"

Raj Shekar Reddi: Is that book ever going to come out? You mention it now and then, like it's just around the corner, but nothing so far. I'll repeat. Not only are your web links dead, you have them run together as one link. Not very techie.

ed; information of Korff’s book or series of books:

Kal Korff: Raj, we ARE filming the keynote this Friday (ed; October 9, 2015). The book will be out in about two weeks after that. Everything is explained in the keynote, and there's even preview shots of the new movie which comes out after that. I will also be announcing who else is in the upcoming movie. The domains will all point to the same web site, no need in having to make my work flow harder than it needs to be. Post once, deploy to several sites, that has always been my plan. Last Tuesday (ed; September 29, 2015) we went through rehearsals and were up til 3AM doing the dry run. Everything is set. I just need to execute now and I hope my "kritics" continue to delude themselves into wrongly "thinking" that none of this is happening. This is not a reference to you by the way.

Raj Shekar Reddi: So you're making two films? A "keynote" whatever that is, and something else? Is the second film a documentary or is it a video of you speaking?

Kal Korff: Thanks for asking these questions, by the way, sincerely. What we are filming this Friday (ed; October 9, 2015) is a video that explains my background and track record over the years since I have been out of the media largely since I got married compared to in the past, and it reveals things that are not on the Internet and exposes some of the BS out there about me. Then after the background the brief trip through the decades, since I have been into the certain subjects and have published works on them dating back to my high school years, after we go though and show all of that (some of this material will bring back memories for you), we show the new book and it will become very clear WHY I am absolutely qualified to write and do it. Then after this and I show the demo and different versions I introduce the new movie that is being filmed mention who is in it, show some imagery from it, and announce that this is the next project coming out. There are many more, but I cannot disclose all of them nor give release dates yet. The new movie is open ended so that if any sequels get done they can pick up right where this one leaves off. Ironically, a major movie about the very same subject is being done in Hollywood, this will only make our production much bigger, but ours will be out first.

Raj Shekar Reddi: Will this be posted to YouTube, or will people have to buy it?

ed; Korff never responded to this question.

Lisa Slovenz: Chinmoy you play the typical game of insulting people personally instead of discussing the actual issue on this post. And the game of putting words into peoples mouth when they never said what you say they said. Please find on this thread where I said education was worthless. I choose not to insult you personally, though I would love to, because I believe you can learn something from everyone - no matter how small. When you think you are above people that don't have a formal education that is when you become ignorant.

Raj Shekar Reddi: Sorry Lisa but you definitely implied that higher education was worthless (as many Republican leaders like to make their base think it is) by castigating our President for have a college degree aka being an egghead.

My point about higher education was in relation to Kal's ignorance in economic matters, yet his insistence on making definitive pronouncements. His talk about exchange rates only drove home the point. What I said was "given how often you make economic pronouncements you should consider reading a basic economics text". Basically, to have refined understanding of economic theory you need to have some formal study. Unlike language you don't just pick it up.

Chinmoy Roy: Notice Raj that I didn't even bother with Kal's specific comment that the dollar was not strong and the criteria he used to reach that conclusion.