Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kal K. Korff and Youtube

Over the last couple of years, after Kal K. Korff stopped posting videos on May 23, 2011, on any of his 3 Youtube channels (because the Korffing Syndicate shut him down by proactively editing his videos with the truth and humor), people have been wondering if Korff might have lost his Youtube username and password.

A few months back we did a little Korffing on Youtube and we found Korff (using his SecretWars username) responding to people regarding his Billy Meier research and supporting the work of Philippe Langdon.

Langdon is a man who has done some really good work; he built Meier craft models and then filmed and photographed them using the same equipment as Meier and all using just one arm, just like Billy Meier did. Langdon gives Korff some respect due to the fact that Korff was one of the only “researchers” to actually go to the locations Meier claims to have interacted with aliens, etc. Fair enough.

You can find Langdon’s work on his Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/Mrmorlam1

Many people have taken Langdon to task because of his pro Korff stance, at least as far as Korff’s Billy Meier’s work is concerned. In any case, people we’re bagging on Langdon and Korff’s name came up and then Korff stepped in to bully his way into the tread.

The image is a bit small but you really don’t need to even read it, suffice to say, it’s klassic Korff ranting. You can go to this link and read it all yourself if you must:

Our own FN stepped in and asked Korff to respond, and of course Korff did not reply, fucking pussy.

Kal Israel ~ 2 months ago

Hey Korff, why don't you answer the guys question: Alex Summers, "... you are Kal Korff who fraudulently claims to be a colonel in the Israeli secret services and is currently off the grid of the internet because of the amount of lies you have foisted on the public over your "career".

You can't hide from the truth Korff. Have you lied about everything? Absolutely not, you haven't lied about everything. Have you lied about many things? Does a Korff lie given the chance? Absolutely.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

And The Lies Continue

We will never stop bringing to light and reminding the public why Kal K. Korff needs to be monitored for the rest of his life. If Kal K. Korff would like us to stop, Kal K. Korff must publicly apologize to the many people he's harmed and then pull down every internet page he has control of and vanish from the internet forever.

If Kal K. Korff chooses to not do the right thing, we will never stop.

August 20, 2013: This thread updated with confirmation of recent research regarding the "media giant" Korff claims to be working for and getting paid by. Not so fast ass wipe. Your own "media giants" web site proves it out for us. Ha, ha, ha!

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