Saturday, August 2, 2008

Kalvin Korff CAUGHT!

As promised earlier in this blog I am putting up something sent to me by a person who wishes to remain anonymous. If you have any good information about Kalvin Korff please send it to me

I'm not a flying saucer person and find the subject good conversation but other than that its all nonsense and conjecture to me. I do understand what Kalvin Korff was claiming about the flying saucer picture.

As you might know about Kalvin Korff he really has it in for this Billy Meier chap. I've seen some of this Billy Meier flying saucer business and have to say it is completely unconvincing to me but there are some impressive looing photos. I am reading Kalvin Korff's book on this Switzerland flying saucer stuff and it has been a painful read!! Excruciatingly so!! Don't worry though, I didn't pay for the book otherwise I'd be getting a refund.

I received an email from someone including some Billie Meier flying saucer pictures and a description of the pictures. It looks as though Kalvin Korff has once again been CAUGHT MISREPRESENTING DATA and thus Kalvin would be MISLEADING CONSUMERS. This is what was sent to me.

"Just to show you how piss poor of an investigator Kal Korff is, here is a set of photos taken by Meier. This particular U.F.O. is known as the wedding cake. Kal Korff asserts that one photo shows a thumb tack that has fallen off the U.F.O. model. Come on, Meier's pictures are good, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out they're models."

"In this first photo, you can see the small, gold colored pieces sticking out around the middle section of balls. I've highlighted one area in the row of middle balls (big square)."

"Just below that highlighted section (smaller square), you can see a piece which appears to be laying on part of the model. Korff claims this piece is one of the small, gold colored pieces that has fallen off the model from the upper highlighted section where there is an empty space."

"I personally think the whole Meier case is a sham, a ruse. The point here is Korff claims to have a higher level of standards and investigative skills. As you might suspect, Korff demands nothing but the highest of evidence from everyone else but this standard doesn't apply to him. Korff has also stated that mistakes are inexcusable in conducting research."

"With that, how the hell did Korff miss what I'd call rather obvious, even to the layman U.F.O. investigator or casual observer. The second picture here shows the same spot Korff claims the piece fell from."

"But a simple comparison reveals the piece Korff says has fallen off the model is a ring, not a straight piece that is supposed to be a carpet tack. You can see a second ring highlighted as well in the lower right portion of the photo. The empty spot Korff states the piece fell from is clearly visible in other Meier wedding cake U.F.O. photos and obviously is empty by design."

"What Korff claims to be a piece that, unknown to Meier, has fallen off a model is actually that of the ring from a side view. Looking at the first photo I've sent, you can see the piece Korff says has fallen off actually has another dimension to it, which is the interior curve of the ring! Take a look at other Meier wedding cake U.F.O. photos and you'll see the area is empty in those photos, too. As Korff likes to say, "This is physics, folks.""

"I by no means am an investigator, I don't have a 200 IQ, I've never worked at Apple Computers or Lawrence Livermore National Labs, I've never been to Switzerland, nor have I written a book or been on CNN, so I'm quite unsure how Korff missed this and I did not. Rather embarrassing I'd say."

"And if you're interested, as you said you were reading Korff's book on Meier, you can go to this website and see the myriad of mistakes, a lot of amateur mistakes by the way, made by Korff: There is some rubbish in there about Meier's contacts and such, but apparently Korff couldn't even get some names or who was married to who straight. Korff, who claims to speak German and several other languages, couldn't even properly translate some of Meier's writings in the German language!"


Anonymous said...

This is some damn funny stuff! So what does the great investigator and analyst Kal K. Korff have to say for himself now? LOL! How does it feeling being the one exposed Kal? When do we get a public apology from you Kal about your being completely wrong on this Meier picture? Kal did say publicly he would apologize for any mistake he makes. Let's see if Kal can live up to his own word for once!

Anonymous said...

Much of Korff's work on the Meier case is flawed, inaccurate, and grossly exaggerated as are most of his claims. Korff's work is amateur at best and he relies heavily on the work of others.

What ever did happen to all of the motion picture reenactments Korff claimed to have done and said were as good if not better than Meier?

Korff won't deliver these goods as he had failed to deliver many times over. Too bad Kal's brain wasn't as big as his mouth.

So when is someone going to sue Korff for libel, slander, and fraud?

Anonymous said...

Better not get to chubby with the Meier camp. They are as fruity as Korff.

Philc said...

Please don't provide incentive for Meier cult members to post on this blog. The Meier case is an absolute joke and his followers make Kal seem stable.

We.Are.Kult.Of.Kal said...

I'm real impressed by the work on that last link.
Very organized and thorough review (ripping apart, more like it) of Korff's pseudo-book on Meier.

If Kal can't get straight some simple, common-sense arguments or metric conversions, then how can anyone believe the boy has even an average IQ of 100? I'm convinced, the boy really is an idiot.

He boasts and begs for attention, but when we give it to him, all we can find is fault (naturally, since that's all he offers). Sad. Real sad.

Kal is an idiot said...

The whole Billy Meier flying saucers in Switzerland bit is obviously pure fantasy just like Kalvin Korff's life. I would be the last person to endorse this flying saucer business. This latest information and the flying saucer pictures are just to show how INCOMPETENT Kalvin Korff is. Comments turning this into some sort of Switzerland flying saucer debate will be removed. The focus here is Kalvin's AMATEUR MISTAKE.

Anonymous said...

Some of Kal Korff's work on the Meier case is good and makes it clear Meier is a hoaxer. There is also some very poorly researched items int he book and mistakes that a competent editor should have caught. Kal makes proclamations in some parts and provides little or no proof. Kal seems to do this an awful lot in everything else he does. The blog post here shows just how horrible Kal's basic investigative skills are and it is too bad that this will give the Billy Meier zealots ammo, but it is clearly the thruth that the piece is supposed to be there and not a mistake. This is an embarrassing revelation to the world about Kal. As for an apology from Kal, don't hold your breath. Kal isn;t into apologizing for any of his Billy Meier stuff let alone any of the other numerous mistakes Kal has made.

Anonymous said...

Kal is a glory and attention hound. He just wants to be the man of the hour. I find it amusing that Kal and all the Meier fanatics missed this piece on the weddingcake ufo. I think this tells you all you need to know about the so-called Meier investigators and Kal Korff. They're both idiots and deserve each other.

Anonymous said...

Korff in his latest rambling about Kevin Randle says this: "We think the UFO field needs more people to get things right, not more people to get things wrong."

Live by the sword, die by the sword Korff. How we should take this latest revelation Korff about your incredibly dependable incompetence with your "analysis" of the Meier Wedding Cake UFO photo? You should join the Meier cult Korff, you'd fit in nicely with the rest of the fanatics.

And the thing that distinguishes Kevin Randle from you Korff is that Kevin has the integrity to admit when he is wrong unlike you. You're way, way, way out of your league Korff but your stupidity and massive ego blinds you to this simple fact.

I was going to donate all my Korff books to a local charity to sell, but I think I'll just burn them instead of polluting the minds of people with Korff's nonsense and incompetent research.

Anonymous said...

What a great blog!!!! Glad to see someone is *finally* exposing Kal K. Korff's ridiculous claims! I wonder when Kal will be coming back to the United States? I hear there are a few lawsuits waiting for him when he returns!

Anonymous said...

I think Kal started off with good intentions but he got too caught up in himself and trying to relive the past instead of getting a grip and moving on. I've always wanted to know what credentials Kal has qualifying his work. Any ideas? I can only find what appears in his book bio and stuff Kal's written and not much else.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Kal Korff HAS no credentials!
His MO has always been to ride on someone else's coattails after the fact. If he can't, then he jumps all over their ass!
That's why he is so antagonistic about folks like Long, Horn, Biedny, Meiers, Royce, Randle, Kimball, Ecker, etc., etc.
The one exception so far is Friedman.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with Korff trying to buddy up to people and ride on their work. Korff's being doing this to Phil Mantle for a long time now. Korff even tried taking credit for Phil Mantle getting his book published. Korff so badly wants to be in the mix he'll try to stir the shit any way he can to get himself out there even if it means shitting on the good UFO folks and selling out his friends.

PAY ATTENTION HERE KORFF: Iknow exactly what is going with this so-called debate between you and Kevin Randle on Rob's show. I know Kevin already agreed to do the debate and you're the one who is stalling saying no until your demands for some silly debate rules are met. Korff has set up his website to make it look like there are going to be sponsors and charities will benefit so when Korff decides to be a pussy and not agree to the debate, he can try and blame it all on Kevin Randle.

Korff, I also know about the way you want this debate moderated so its all in your favor. Korff you wouldn't show up at a true third-party moderated debate with Kevin because you know he'd spank your ass like the bitch you are and send you home crying.

Korff dodged Paul Kimball's gracious, open and honest invitation for a debate with Kevin Randle after Korff called Kevin a coward. You're the coward Korff and everybody knows it. So please stop torturing everyone with you stupid youtube rants where you repeat the same few things over and over. And when will Korff apologize publicly to Kevin randle over the *huge* and completely *rookie* mistake of claiming to have looked at every 1947 newspaper and proclaiming that Brazel was never on the front page? SOmething that Paul Kimball made you eat crow on big time!

Your game is up Korff and it has been for a long time now. You've been going off about the same shit for 2 fucking years now. 2 years!!! Get a life, get laid, get a hobby, get a job where you don't have to say "would you like to su0per size that", get a goldfish, go do something to fill the void in your pathetic life you fucking lunatic!

Kal is an idiot said...

This blog is about exposing Kalvin Korff's wild claims and is not about promoting flying saucer tales. All such comments shall be deleted.

Anonymous said...

Well OK. How about Kal's claim of single handedly solving JFK's murder?
Or his advice to the prosecutors on how to get O.J.Simpson nailed?
Or maybe he could tell us how to make a neutron bomb?

Anonymous said...

Who is the bigger idiot - Kal Korf or Billy Meier? I'm gonna' have to go with Kal on this one because at least Billy has more of a following compared to Kal's only two cult members which are Martina and his mom.

Anonymous said...

So the great Kal K. Korff missed what was in plain sight? No surprise there and Kal's stupidity has no bounds.

Anonymous said...

Kal first got away with lying about Meier then Bigfoot then Roswell, JFK etc. He saw how easy it was to fool people in the Paranormal Conspiracy field. He's made a living fooling people with his lies! All his research needs to be thrown out.