Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kalvin Karlton Korff - Facebook Fraud

As we await the release of the book, or series of books, WAG took notice of Korff's FB wall and the images he's been posting. Korffer's know Wide Load has zero real friends, lists none of his family members, or his "wife" on his FB profile, and he lives a life that's all about Kalvin. I, I, Me, Me, Mine, Mine.  Proof? Where's the Fecal Clean Up India photos and videos. Nowhere.

As Karlton pounds his keyboard; his love for Apple and his hate of America, he's also a sad sack and little man, hoping to get Likes from his "friends.

To this end, we present the images.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cleaning Up Kal Korff's Behavior

When Korff posts something "new" and of note on his Facebook wall, WAG sends it to us. This "new" material will always get posted before any threads we may be working on. "New" is better than old in the life of this Korffer.

Here we have Korff humbling bragging about India and how Korff is spearheading the cleaning up of its fecal covered streets while at the same time bagging on the USA, a country he's still a citizen of (just in case he has to run away from India, like he did the CZ) because of his lunatic behavior.

And of course, Korff already claimed he was "filmng video" (now, "doing videos"... thanks for stopping by Korff) and that material was going to be released a few weeks ago. A lie as always, confirmed by this new post. Clearly nobodies listening but we'll continue Korffing on in any case.

We will not stop.

WAG FaceBook Update - Oct 23, 2014
A snap of Korff's FB Wall... sick little asshole.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Kal Korff, cleaning up the world one turd at a time

WAG FaceBook Update Korff posted this on his wall today. 
Korff is not in the photo, Korff stole this photo from here - LINK

Korff has not yet Liked or Joined this Facebook page for the project, now he will. 

This is a very good article on this effort LINK. As you read this brief article, put your Korffing hat on, you will easily recognize why Korff has jumped on-board and is attempting to hijack this project.

Any opportunity for Korff to spread his lies and massage his ever growing ego, he will gobble it up. Kalvin wants nothing more than to be somebody. This is one of the reasons he moved out of the USA. Korff was the opposite of a nobody in the USA, he was outed as a known liar, a fraud, a lunatic cyberstalker and a guy who couldn't get laid if he paid for it... so he lied about that as well.

Keep it up Korff, we will never stop. Your internet shadow will forever show the truth and reflect your behavior. Forever and until the end of time. Think about that Kalvin. Long after you waddle off this globe, the results of your behavior are but a click away for the world to see.

So proud, so humble.