Friday, January 28, 2011

Any guess there lads?

So now there lads what will be Kernal Kolonlicker's next big announcement?
Will Kal finally come clean and tell the truth?  Will it be Kernal Korntwat announcing a massive 1,000,000 volume series on exposing those with poor bathroom etiquette?  maybe a new announcement on hsi super duper extraordinary one of a kind 62,541 book deal!!!!!! ahahahahahahahahahhhahahahaha. Or maybe Kal will have ventured where he never has dared before....................................

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kal K. Korff NOT INVITED to elite level conference

I see that there iwll be a large world class conference taking place in Saudi Arabia that is sponsored by the likes of Google and Boeing and it will feature world class speakers all experts in their fields. wow real life CEOs and PIOs and CIOs and the like. Even the CEO for Walt Disney will be there along with lads like Tony Blair and so many other important figures in such things as science and world peace and medicine and and and and...........................
KAL K. KORFF IS NOT INVITED!! Though lads it looks as though some other flying saucer chaps will be thee like Stanton Friedman and Jaques Vallee and Nick Pope. Many thanks for the email about this to from a fellow Korffer.

So how can it be lads that Kal did not get an invite? Someone pointed out that Kal once said he was being financed with millions and millions or dollars by a saudi king or prince or some such. This is true that Kal did sayhe was getting some bonkering sum of money from a Saudi and this is clearly not the case otherwise Kernal Kolon would not have to be selling ipods and the like.

So while Kal is roaming the rails of Prague late at night wondering what happened to his promising future and cooking up more of his ridiculousness it looks like his old pal Stan Friendman will be meeting royalty and will be among some of the finest minds and some of the most influential people in the world.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Kal K. Korff caught in ANOTHER LIE!!!!!!

It looks as though the one and only scum pile Kal K. Korff has been outed as a LIAR AGAIN!! Well lads it looks like Kal is up to his usual bollocks about police coming after people and charges and prosecution and the rest of the dog's dinner Kal likes to create. Kernal Krap claims the Czech police have contacted F1 Racer and Jimmy D both of these lads are ace posters here. Both our chaps Jimmy D and F1 racer report they are fine and are still awaiting this police contact Kal has been promising for something like a whole year or so now. But we all know that the police contact is just one more LIE from Kal.

As with all things Kal Korff this police contact is more duff. Kal don't you know that it is a sin to lie you stupid arsehole? Gormless wanking twit you are Kal the police have no interest in your delusions. Now run off and go pet John Thomas your only friend you fat fumbling knocker.

For all just coming here and reading up on the guy likely to be the world's biggest twat.  Kal loves lying about getting people arrested and prosecuted and a lot of other nonsense. I just wish Kal would STOP LYING so much! Just remember Kal that God doesn't liars or assholes so it looks like you are in trouble with the big man twice over. ahahahahahahhhaaa!