Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kalvin Korff PROMOTES and BELIEVES in ghosts!

Take a peek at some ghost photos Kalvin Korff claims are real! Once again you see Kalvin Korff in action trying to be the man of the moment by claiming these laughable "ghost" pictures are exclusive. Kalvin does commentary on the photos of what looks to be a demon and more commentary on laughable photos taken in a cemetery (this is the correct spelling by the way, Kalvin - it isn't "cemetary" as you have it. Good going, Kalvin, you tard. 219 IQ my ass!).

The photos are so ridiculous looking that it is embarrassing to see anyone publicize them as some sort of an exclusive story or as authentic! Kalvin even uses the word "ectoplasm" to describe what is happening in one of the photos!!!!! Kalvin states this as FACT! Where is the PROOF of this?? How can Kalvin say that what is inthe picture is ectoplasm??? Kalvin, this isn't very scientific of someone who loves to state that he likes hard facts and evidence.

Kalvin Korff is now a Ghostbuster! I can only imagine Kalvin Korff in overalls running around Prague with a Ghostbuster energy pack and gun! When do we get to see kalvin Korff ghostbust his way to saving the world? Hahahahahahahahahaha! The man is a true FOOL!

Oh, I almost forgot - starting soon I will doing a regular series here on the many, many claims made by Kalvin Korff. This series works very simply. You see, I quote Kalvin's own words where he makes a claim and then I show everyone just how full of shit Kalvin is when the said claim is proved to be untrue or when Kalvin doesn't take the action he claims he would. This will be a LONG series EXPOSING Kalvin Korff and his nutty claims. Developing.....


Philc said...

Wow. And to think that I actually agree with his conclusions regarding Roswell, Billy Meir, and the Patterson/Gimlin film. I guess Kal forgot about his "uneven standards of evidence" arguments levied at Royce Meyers III. Korff's getting worse by the minute.

Anonymous said...

Kal K. Korff claims bigfoot is a hoax but was working on a special about the best evidence for ghosts? Double standard Kal strikes again! Kal was probably set to make a lot of money and get on camera for this special so of course he is going to say what he has to so he can get some media attention.

Anonymous said...

This scumbag thinks he's above everybody and everything. How dare he go after UFO and Bigfoot people who have similar weak evidence? He want's to bust these people for fraud? Go f yourself kooky!

Anonymous said...

I saw this fucking loser on a show last night on cable.

Robert Kiviat has some stories I bet about Korff, as he produced a few shows with Colonel Retard in them.

If I found out that Kal Korff was going to be on the same show as me, I'd probably decline. Anyone who claims they have a 219 I.Q. and can't fucking spell, is an outright retard.

Now, he's hunting Ghosts, and Demons?

Yeah... If I needed more proof that this guy was just a shitstain in the bathtub of life, Here It Is.

100 bucks says that demons made him crazy.

Anonymous said...

Fucking hell... Look at the pictures. Totally Photoshopped. Robert Kiviat should be publicly humiliated for even talking to Korff, let alone giving this assclown a public forum to spread his lunacy.

Fraud, thy name is Korff.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff promoting ghost pictures is a fucking laugh! Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!! kal Korff you are the ass end of every UFO joke, so much so that even the UFO believers have more credibility and sanity than you ever will!! Bwahahahaha!!!! You're a joke Kal, a pathetic idiot who has wasted his entire life trying to be a somebody! You're a nobody Kal Korff and if you dropped off the face of the planet tomorrow no one would give a shit. In fact there would probably be a lot of happier people knowing that there would be one less lunatic asshole to deal with.

Anonymous said...

"(this is the correct spelling by the way, Kalvin - it isn't "cemetary" as you have it. Good going, Kalvin, you tard. 219 IQ my ass!)."

Kooky can't spell, and he should never be a writing English teacher; but kooks is not totally stupid. In some respects his past proves strong, as a TV commentator and authorist. He may have been a boy wonder, but what has he done for the last 10 years?

Last year, after a long lapse, I remember kooks unleashing a new website, with promises to shake the foundation of the paranormal and ufology with a mult-million budget. He promised TV shows and new book volumes, and merchandise! I wanted a "UFO watchcat" tee-shirt! He appeared serious, and I admit listening to his radio show with interest.

But his TV show turns into U-Tube rants put on by a dolt? The books not being published? How can you boast of a mega deal without a firm commitment from your publisher? If you were boiling stocks you would be the one investigated for fraud with lies like these! And you are attacking everybody famous and official in the ranks of UFO shite?

Kalvin K. Korff you suck! I feel your whole process is comsumer fraud. I want my time back! And I want a Yarns calender and a Tychova T-Shirt!

Anonymous said...

Martina Tycova does NOT exist.

If She is a super model, then why is there not ONE picture of her on the internet? Why do all the articles about her go right back to Korff?

It's because Martina Tycova does not exist. SHE DOES NOT EXIST.

Anonymous said...

Can you say 'photoshop' Korff? After watching another horrendous YouTube moronic bitch session by Korff where he attacks Randle and says witnesses aren't proof, I have to ask Korff this. Where's the proof in these 'ghost' pictures Korff???
You double standard conman, hypocrite, shit for brains.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa...

I went to the comments section of the previous post, to see if there was more follow-up about how "no one would voluntarily move to Prague..."

Now, I find this blog admin deleted half the contentious thread, all the fallout from him saying that: "Kal is an idiot said...
Comments removed due to loss of focus."

Whoa - you can't just 'fire and forget.'

I'm really enjoying this blog, really. I hate Kal as much as the next guy. But once you start skirting away from debate about your own statements, you become just like Kal himself.
So, why not just fess up, say "Yeah, that was a mistake." and move on. It was a bit offensive to thousands of us expats here. That's all.

Anonymous said...

...even more offensive to Czechs and Praguers, I'd say. To say that they all hate their home town and are dying to leave is just ridiculous. I can't think of many other places I'd choose to live and work full time.

Kal is an idiot said...

I wasn't the person making the comments about Prague, it was someone who commented as an anonymous user. The comments were removed to avoid any further arguing and the comments were derailing the blog.

Anonymous said...

philc -

I don’t understand why you would accept Kal’s treatment of Roswell. His book is filled with errors and personal attacks. He gets some things right but for the wrong reasons and I have demonstrated at that he has used false information to discredit witnesses.

He said, for example, that there were no black sergeants in Roswell and used that to say that Bill Brazel was less than truthful, yet the evidence proves there were black sergeants there. He said that neither the FBI nor anyone else could interrupt the teletype machine transmission as Lydia Sleppy claimed, but we learned there was a mechanism to do that. He combined the testimony of three different people to discredit Edwin Easely, giving the lies of the darling of the anti-Roswell crowd Sheridan Cavitt to Easley, but really doesn’t refute what Easley said. He tried to suggest that I had misrepresented the testimony of General Arthur Exon, but actually made the case stronger and then drew the wrong conclusions. He dismisses the testimony of Beverly Bean about her father Melvin Brown by saying that neither her sister nor her mother confirms, yet they have on video tape.

I could go on, but is there really a point? Believe Roswell or disbelieve, but please don’t think that Kal has done anything to discredit the case. We have found answers for most of his arguments, found that he was less than honest in his claims, found that he often distorts the picture or fails to present all the evidence, and that he isn’t above twisting the facts to hammer them into a position he likes.

Kal is clearly wrong on Roswell... it wasn’t a Project Mogul balloon because there was nothing classified about the experiments, only the ultimate purpose of them. Besides, there was no Mogul Flight No. 4, and if there was no Flight No. 4, there were no Mogul arrays to scatter debris, so there is no terrestrial explanation for what fell on the Foster ranch.

Philc said...

I simply agree with Korff's conclusion that the debris discovered by Mac Brazel did not come from an alien spacecraft. Korff's recent Youtube presentations are bizarre and hinder his credibility as a researcher, but the revelations in his book regarding Jessie Marcel and other dubious witnesses were eye-opening to say the least.

Marcel's grandiose blatherings in 1978 are the only reason that this case gained any traction and if the originator of the myth is an unreliable witness, one cannot trust any information that subsequently comes out of the woodwork.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you UFO and Bigfoot types - you have plenty of other sites where you can discuss Kal's work on Roswell, etc. But most of us here in Prague are simply interested in dismantling the common-or-garden fantasies of this fruitcake. His claim to have bee appointed as a spokesman on the new anti-missile radar system. His claim to be overseeing the use of nanobots in Afghanistan against terrorists. His po-faced assertion that a bunch of violent housebreakers fleeing a heist actually had the heart to stop and pick up a hitch-hiker ("Colonel" Korff's loser brother). That kind of thing...
As far as I'm concerned, you guys are off topic.

Anonymous said...

There IS a model named Martina Tycova. See:
She is about 30 (the same as - I guess - the woman in the YouTube clips) and is (or at least was) on the books of the Elite model agency.

Whether the YouTube gal is indeed "Colonel" Korff's Martina, or whether our favourite nutjob simply pulled that name off the Internet, I have no idea.

One thing IS clear, however: the Martina Týčová who is on Elite's books can by no stretch of the imagination be described (by anyone of sound mind, at least) as a "supermodel".

Anonymous said...

I followed the link and foudn the page, but there was no photograph on it. I couldn't find a photograph. We have a "super model" who doesn't post photographs? Did I miss something here?

Anonymous said...

The problem here is that Kal’s revelations are not accurate about Marcel or any of the other witnesses (except Kaufmann... it’s like those psychics, make enough predictions and something is going to hit). Marcel was who he said he was which was the air intelligence officer at Roswell in 1947. The discrepancies come from an interview conducted by Bob Pratt, but the transcript is misleading. For example, Marcel said that he had flown as a pilot, not that he had been one... his military record records his receiving two air medals, and that requires participation in aerial flight. If that condition is not met, then some other award is made.

If you look at the original transcript (because the tape doesn’t exist) you can see how things can be misinterpreted. The debunkers then jump on this, assuming that the transcript is an accurate representation of what Marcel said, never mind it can by unclear.

For example, in the Pratt interview, as it comes from the notes... “I got shot down one time, my third mission, out of Port Moresby (everyone survive) all but one crashed into a mountain.”

In Pflock’s book, he has cleaned up the transcript so that it reads:

Marcel: third time, out of Port Moresby.

Pratt: Did everyone survive?

Marcel All but one crashed into a mountain.

If I add a comma, I change the meaning... “All, but one crashed into a mountain.”

All I’m suggesting here is that the interpretation put on the Marcel interview by those others might not be completely accurate. And even if you reject Marcel, how can you then, arbitrarily reject other testimony... The Lydia Sleppy story, of having her teletype transmission interrupted was told PRIOR to Marcel being interviewed for the first time and Kal’s conclusions were inaccurate.

And even if the Marcel testimony is unreliable, how does that negate the testimony of Edwin Easley, which Kal confused with two others and got very little right? Or so many others who were there at the right time? Even if Marcel inflated his resume, does that negate what he said about the evens in Roswell?

Kal twisted the facts, left things out, forgot things and got them wrong in his attempts to discredit the Roswell case. I would hate to think that someone would reject the case without better evidence than that offered by Kal.

Anonymous said...

"The problem here is that Kal’s revelations are not accurate about Marcel or any of the other witnesses...zzzzzzz"
Look - most of those who follow this blog really aren't interested in this sort of thing. We've no idea what you're talking about.
KalIsAnIdiot - how about deleting screed like this? There are dedicated forums and discussion boards elsewhere for UFO stuff.

Bob Barbanes: said...

Whoa there, "anonymous." This "screed" as you call it gets right to the heart of WHY Kolonel Kooky is an idiot. The people who disbelieve Roswell only look at what they want to see. They overlook disparities in testimony, disregard witness statements as inaccurate, and disregard anything told to a family member. Anything that doesn't point to "Roswell" being a weather balloon is simply dismissed. "Couldn't have happened!" Which is, I think, quite a strong and illogical thing to say.

What Kevin has done is round up all of the information and put it out there. Then, sharpshooters like Krazy Kal come along and refute this or that by saying, "That's just not true" while providing no supporting evidence of their own.

A lot of us are interested in "this sort of thing."

So instead of trying to be Mr. Blog Administrator, why not let the real originator of this blog decide the direction it takes? If you don't like reading it, I shouldn't have to point out that you don't have to.

Anonymous said...

I agree Bob B. Kevin may seem a bit long-winded in his posts, but after all, writing is his forte. He is merely pointing out some of the flawed thinking of Kal K. Korff. (That's HIS forte - LOL).
Kal has been in the UFO field for a long time, not only Roswell but the Billy Meier case as well, about both of which he wrote his 'best-seller' books.


Anonymous said...

I duh-duh-duh-demand that this entire blog be shut d-d-down immediately or FACE LEGAL ACTION!!!

I'm not kidding. Kal backs me 110% and so does M-M-M-Martina who is right now m-m-massaging my back (see, she's right over there, so don't say she's not real or she'll sue you too).

As a full fled...full fled...full fled...really and truly Korporal in the Israeli-Saudi Special Secret Service, I insist you cease and duh-duh-duh-deceased.


Korporal Billy
Special Secret Service
Special Education Unit
Kolonel Korff Kommanding

Anonymous said...

you sound like an ignorant 14 year old...first of all, lets assume for a moment that ghosts exist...does that automatically = bigfoot exists? not hardly. secondly, why the hell do you care so much whether he believes in ghosts? who gives a shit? GROW UP