Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kal Korff sells Internet website?

Someone just sent me some information about a website owned by Kal Korff. I don't understand the significance of the Internet website other than it has the name Roswell in it so I will show you what was sent to me.

" Years ago that fucknut Kal Korff weaseled his way into taking possession of a website called The former domain holder got fed up with the Roswell circus and decided to stop wasting his time on ufo stuff and gave the website to Kal Korff. I am not 100% certain of this but I do believe Kal was given the webiste on the condition it only be used to further expose Roswell.

With a string of follies and other problems following Kal, who seems to be a fuck-up magnet, I've been told Kal was forced to sell the website to pay bills and to settle up on some other financial obligations. The guy who is now listed as the owner of the domain name is someone who buys and sells domain names for big bucks, though I have serious doubts Kal was savvy enough to come out very far ahead if he did sell it. If Kal didn't sell the domain name why is it now under someone else's name and no longer redirected to Kal's awful website? I think the name of the guy who used to own it is Kent Jeffries but I am not sure. I do recall Kal giving his usual "gosh I'm so honored and humbled" bullshit when Kal was talking about him being given the domain name."

Sure enough I did check on the Internet website and it no longer is connected to any of Kal's lunacy. There is also a new owner listed for the Internet website.

So has Kal Korff sold out again? If kal has sold out again I wonder what he used the money for? maybe Kal paid off some iPods? A laptop? A cellphone bill? A bus ticket?

I guess being humled and honored is meaningless against the might of the dollar and perhaps event he ethics Kal claims he has which everyone knows is as big a joke as Kal is.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Proof that Kal K. Korff IS an IDIOT!

He is amazing! He is incredible! He is unbelievably fucking stupid! He is one of the most inept people ever allowed to breathe and waste precious oxygen! Yes! It is the one and only Kal Korff! And this deplorable dipshit Kal is back in full throttle crazy mode once again embarrassing himself the best way he knows how - by opening his mouth and speaking!

You might have heard a bit of news about some pirates in Somalia taking over tankers and other types of boats. These pirates once captured a Russian freighter full of tanks and held it for ransom. Well shiver me timbers maties! Kal Korff has an answer to this world problem too!!!!

What incredible application of technology has Kal invented to deal with this crisis? What diabolical plan has Kal and Martina and S3 cooked up to stop these pirate thugs? Will Kal and Martina and their special commandos from the local McDonalds take a swim and board the pirate ships tossing nanotechnology laced McNuggets at pirate scum? Arrrrggggggg! Will Kal take off his asinine cowboy hat and don a pirate hat to go under cover? Will Kal sell iPods to the pirates in hopes of bridging the gap to peaceful relations while pocketing a few bucks? Parlay! What will Ka do if he is undercover with the pirates and they seize a ship full of iPods?

No no no no no. Kal has a much better plan. Kal K. Korff wants the world to fund a fleet of suicide drones to kill pirates by ramming their ships and flying into the pirates themselves! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Brilliant! My god there is no one else in the world that has considered this possibility except Kal????? And what better way to do it by using a drone that......hey, isn't this idea already being done? In the words of the ever so inept Kal Korff "duh!"

"In my new upcoming trilogy series on terrorism, Secret X Wars, I show how drones and unmanned vehicles of all kinds, even drones as small as insects, are being used to hunt down and eliminate rogue elements." so says Kal of his book that Prometheus Books IS NEVER GOING TO PUBLISH! This book of Kal's is on par with the new Guns n' Roses album with the only difference being Axel Rose's record will actually see the light of day.

Is this latest lame brain idea from Kal the most blatantly retarded thing Kal has uttered in a long time? On a side note here Kalvin you really do need to get a dictionary and look up the word utter and udder and try to discern the two for proper use when writing you blathering miserable lump of shit.

Of his sinister plan to rid the pirates from our world Kal said "The difference between our suicide bombers and theirs, is that we use machines and operate under justice — they use human bombs and fight against universal laws." Kal, a first grader could put a more cohesive and deep thought on a piece of paper with a crayon.

The inept Kal goes on with "If we make a point to develop and deploy a fleet of unmanned drones, optimized for fighting pirates, not only is this economical and effective, the world's nations could contribute to a collective fund to pay for all of this; they can also be designed to ram any ship, and of course sink it."

So let me see if I have this correctly Kal. We pay to design the drones, build the drones, send the drones out and let them ram either a ship or a pirate and this will save us money? This might just be silly little me, but don't you think it would be more effective to design and construct a drone with a multifaceted weapons system so it could take out multiple targets instead of just one target at a time? This might also save money by using the same drones over again instead of smashing them to bits in a suicide run, don't you think?

But the brilliant lunacy of Kal is not complete without having Kal state the obvious for all to read and then laugh their asses off. Kal in all of his glowing brilliance and deep rooted toilet intelligence says "Problems which are always avoided, always get worse." No shit Kal?

Just when you though this IDIOT could not get anymore idiot Kal lays it all on the line to exceed his former stupidity.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Coward Kal Korff "defies" British law.....from 800 MILES AWAY!

It certainly appears a certain conniving coward isn't taking his medication again. Yes oh yes that crackpot of a lad Kal Korff has hit the ground in full nutty and wasting no time at all in torturing everyone with his usual blabbering.

Yes indeed ever so so so brave Kal Korff is so courageous that he has chosen to "defy" a law in England making it illegal to publish the name and picture of a mother who took part in the alleged torture/murder of her own child.

Let me be crystal clear here so Conniving Kal Korff can't try to twist this all around and I will say that the act this woman is accused of having committed is utterly despicable and she indeed needs to do her time if she is found guilty. Unlike Coward Kal Korff I believe everyone, even an accused murder has a right to due processes in place by law. Just look at Kal's brother who got his due process and was found GUILTY of trying to run down a police man with a car and is IN PRISON. But I digress.

So here we have "big bad and brave" Kal Korff rather laughably "defying" British law from 800 MILES AWAY! This is the same Colonel Coward who claims to fight terrorists from Prague while the REAL HEROES fight the enemy on the frontlines in Iraq and Afghanistan. Colonel Coward has indeed mastered the art of throwing rocks from afar and running like the pathetic coward he has been his entire life.

Kal listen here, if you were as brave as you make yourself out to be then you'd be on the first plane to London and you would hand out fliers in the streets with this woman's name and picture. You would stay in London letting all know where you were staying and you would put out videos about it freely. But you won't do that because that requires courage and committment and ethics all of which you clearly have lacked all your life by trying to run down easy targets so you can make yourself feel like you are brave and trying desperately to give your less than meager life meaning.

So Colonel Coward until you get on that plane to England and do just that you need to shut that huge mouth you have. Having a big mouth is easy and you prove that all the time to excess. Actually having the balls to take action to back your words is something entirely different. Whether you realise it or not Kal the entire world knows there is no bite to your rather loud bark. Anyone can be brave from 800 MILES AWAY! ahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Colonel Coward at his finest walking up to the line and making faces but never having the balls to step over the line.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kult of Kal

Have I grown tired of the FUCK TARD in the picture to the left? Yes. Is this blog suffering from my lack of interest in what a fanatical FRUITCAKE calling himself Kal K. Korff does these days? Yes. Do I suffer from narcoleptic seizures at the mere mention of the name Kal K. Korff? Yes. Do I feel as though there isn't anyone with even a low level of intelligence taking Kal K. Korff seriously (minus dipshit Rob McConnel) on any level? Yes. Is Kal K. Korff the biggest FREAK of a lowly LOSER I've ever seen? Oh my, yes!

With that I give you a new place set to continue exposing the utter insanity of Kal K. Korff. I give you KULT OF KAL!

I might be up to putting something here every now and then. However, for the most part, I feel as though that dolt Kal K. Korff is a waste of my time. I could be changing litter in the cat box, watching snow fall, napping, staring at a spot on the wall, or any other number of similar things are far more stimulating, intelligent, and more important than that waste of a human life Kal K. Korff. To think good people die every day while Kal K. Korff is still drawing breath. Kal is God's BAD JOKE on us all.

DO not give up on all things Kal K. Korff. Most certainly some should march on making others who might be ensnared in Kal's bottomless pit of insanity and bullshit aware of exactly what sort of pile of shit Kal K. Korff really is. Really, who the fuck at his age runs around PRETENDING to be an officer in a make believe organization who wanders around Europe posing as an authority on the English language as he skips around selling iPods?

Kal K. Korff pretends to be a champion fighting against fraud. The truth he avoids is that he has the ethics of a pedophile in the middle of a elementary school playground at recess. Kal is as bad as the people he has a hard on for.

I will pop up every now and then as I have said. Thanks to all who chimed in here with information on Kal's nefarious activities and his spotted past. Don't let the piece of shit get away with his delusional bullshit.

All hail the KULT OF KAL!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kal Korff and missle defense bullshit part 2

Kal you should post your video or shut your mouth. No one believes a word that flies out of your fat face.

Reply from, your question already answered‏
From: Kal Korff (
Sent: Sunday, November 09, 2008 8:41:19 AM
To: Daniela Abrahamova (
Dear Ms. Abrahamova,

As you were already previously informed, a fact you are aware of, Miss Martina Týčová has both the videos you inquire about, as well as the rights to broadcast this material.

Since she also filmed it, we do not "control" this issue, we have nothing further to add to this matter.

You may wish to correct your "facts" since they are obviously not accurate.

Also, I am not "Colonel Kal Korff," Mr. Korff does not speak the Czech language.

I do.

Your last name implies that you are of Czech nationality, so your letter was forwarded to me.

You have the right to "believe" whatever you wish, the choice is yours.

Regardless, it does not "magically change" the facts, which do not care about people's opinions.

Kind regards,

On Nov 8, 2008, at 12:34 PM, Daniela Abrahamova wrote:

Dear Colonel,

How many times do I have to ask you? Where is the clip of you sending off your book series on terrorism to your publisher.

Again - I reproduce below the relevant text from your very own website:

" announced today that starting as early as next week, they will begin posting on the Internet the videotaped footage of their President and CEO, Colonel Kal Korff, sending off his new trilogy book series on terrorism, Secret Wars: Defending Against Terrorist Plots, to his publisher in New York, Prometheus Books."

Frankly, a more cynical person than I would be beginning to suspect that there never was any such videotaped footage...


Kal Korff and missle defense bullshit

An entertaining email exhcange between Daniela and Conniving Kal as he poses as Martina Tycova. Kal you are a complete loon.

Reply from CriticalThinkers - Missile Defense‏
From: Kal Korff (
Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2008 2:58:14 AM
To: Daniela
Dear Daniela,

We are sorry for the time it has taken to reply to your numerous letters.

Today we were intending to, this is not a specific response to your last letter, but to your letters overall.

You may be interested in knowing that Miss Martina Týčová owns the rights to the video footage which shows Mr. Korff being interviewed from the UK discussing the subject of MIssile Defense and terrorism.

This event filmed by Martina is a matter of public record, the video has not aired on our web sites, but probably will at some point, the decision rests with Martina. Although Kal is in this video, he does not own it.

And since the only individuals who have "questioned" this have also lied about the event, were not there of course; when they say it "never happened."

For the record, there is no interest here in "proving" that the sky is blue.

The last time this subject was discussed, Miss Týčová indicated she wanted to save broadcasting this footage to put it into a future episode of Is It Really True? Her plan is to read several of these lying emails people have published, and then make the video for sale which shows interview taking place.

She believes that if people are that desperate to "doubt" that this event took place, and then specifically make a POINT to LIE about it, then they should pay for the honor of seeing them exposed for the games they DO play.

Since Miss Týčová owns the rights to this material, we have forwarded all of your emails to her, including those of "Jimmy D" and others who use more than one phony screen name along with everyone else who has asked about this.

We cannot control if or when this material is released. We do not own it. Martina does.

If you have any questions about Missile Defense or things that Kal Korff can answer and does control so to speak, please feel free to ask.

The video of him being interviewed from the UK regarding Missile Defense is not one of them. Martina filmed it so she could later use it, because she read the lies on the internet, and knew she could easily expose these people later.

She will certainly do this when SHE wants to, not when people who have lied about it and Kal in general, "demand" it.

This is NOT a reference to yourself, for the record.

Thank you for your queries, we hope Miss Týčová will answer them one way or another.

Please give her some time since she is relocating her offices and busy producing, honestly, dozens of things. She is also focused on the historic debate, we think it is historic and so do many people, in December between Mr. Michael Horn and Kal Korff. Missile Defense might come up in that debate, and if it does, Kal Korff owns the rights to this footage as far as we know. While Martina is the Executive Producer, I think Mr. Korff has his own rights for once.

You may wish to ask Martina.

Kind regards,

cc: Martina Týčová - UFO WatchCat

We will either refer you to that material, when
On Nov 5, 2008, at 8:21 PM, Daniela Abrahamova wrote:

You know, Colonel - if I were a cynical woman I'd be thinking that you refuse to answer my request because there are no such video clips and there never were...they were just a figment of your imagination. But I'm sure they do exist. So why won't you tell me how I can view them?

Subject: FW: Still waiting for the video clips....
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2008 20:10:56 +0100

I'm STILL waiting, Colonel...

Subject: Still waiting for the video clips....
Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2008 18:34:42 +0100

Dear Colonel,

Once again, I have to ask you where are

a/ the video footage of you sending off the manuscript of your latest book to your publishers;
b/ the film of your interview with the BBC?

To jog your memory, please find following exerpts from the relevant posts from your website.

" announced today that starting as early as next week, they will begin posting on the Internet the videotaped footage of their President and CEO, Colonel Kal Korff, sending off his new trilogy book series on terrorism, Secret Wars: Defending Against Terrorist Plots, to his publisher in New York, Prometheus Books."

"...To be honest, there’s not much

to tell. What happened was af-

ter I had agreed to do a series

of interviews, one of which was

with the BBC, some people who

are into “UFO conspiracies”

and other such “kritics” started

contacting the BBC and lying,

saying that I had no background

to talk about missile defense!

Of course, this was NOT true,

but reality and facts never deter

such types, their “minds” are..." blah, blah, blah...

Kind regards,


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Kal K. Korff - does anyone really give a shit about this clown?

Does anyone care about Kal's lunacy any more or are we all just tired of it now that he has thoroughly been exposed by this blog as the bozo he always has been? Write your thought in the comments section. Did Conniving Kal make an appearance on Xzone Friday night or do you just not care?

I really believe that Conniving Kal has been righteously exposed here for the delusional nitwit he is.