Sunday, December 30, 2012

So Kal where is Secret Wars??????????

so Kal where is your socalled "definitive work on terrorism" these days??? Where is it Kernal Korff?? Kal you are good at making all these fake book covers but everyone knows that your FORMER PUBLISHER Prometheus Books is well aware of what a bloody lunatic you are and have no plans on publishing anything else by you. The publisher was probably smart and just paid you to make you go away. Funny but someone let me know that Secret Wars is also the title of a comic book. We all know this wouldn't be the first thing you have ever stolen nor will it likely be the last. I'm sure Prometheus Books has moved as far away from you as it possibly can. Kal you are even bad a failure!! ahahhhaaahhhahahaha

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Kal has the writing skills of a cat turd

So lads here is one of the many uninspiring and pointless articles Kal wrote during his time in the CR. Copied and pasted because I am too lazy to do any formatting. Try not to become too sick at the thought of Kal actually trying to teach people English. Kal you're an embarrassment to your country and the English language..........................................................................................................................

Welcome to Kal’s
Korner. Please
write to me with
your thoughts
and suggestions,
please always
remember that I
am here expresially for you.
My email address is:
It was this last Friday evening,
and I was not  in what we call
“the  best  of  moods.”  To  be
honest, I had a great day earlier
at the U.S. Ambassador’s resi-
dence, but when I left the offi ce
I was not in the best of moods.
  You see, my friend Bob Kivi-
at in Hollywood, yes, that Hol-
lywood,  did  not  send  me  any
material  that  I  could  work  on
over  this  weekend  concerning
the  alien  autopsy  hoax,  which
was  the  original  plan.  So Bob
does  what  we  call  in  English
“lets me down,”  we’ve  now
lost this valuable time. I leave,
and decide next to go shopping
at the Tesco hyper mart on the
way  home.  Since  it  is  Friday
night,  I  know  this  will  be  an
adventure  since  Friday  nights
at hyper marts are very busy.
  After  getting  my  groceries
and then waiting 10 minutes in
line, the store cashier sudden-
ly says that our line  is closed!
This  means  that  myself  and
two  other  customers  behind
me  are  suddenly  abandoned.
Of course, this did not improve
my mood.
  At  this  point,  the  older  lady
standing near me started to go
what  we  call  ballistic.  Like
a  gun  or  a  bullet,  she  got  re-
ally upset.  She  started  yelling
and complaining, while all the
Czechs in the other lines were
smiling  and  laughing  and  just
standing there watching her.
  I  had  a  choice  to  make.  Get
mad  and  get  in  another  line
and  wait  another  20  minutes,
or do the right thing. I chose to
change the situation.
I  went  up  to  the  help  desk.
That’s why they exist, to help.
I  asked  to  speak  to  the  man-
ager. After  a  few  minutes,  the
manager  came  over.  It  was  a
nice young lady, and she spoke
English.  I  told  her  what  had
happened, and I said “I cannot
believe that it is the policy of
Tesco just to cut off customers
like that, and force them to
start all over again at the back
of another line.” The manager
assured  me  that  it  is  not  the
policy of Tesco to do this.
  Next,  the  manager  walked
back with me to the same reg-
ister  that  I  had  earlier  stood
in,  that  had  previously  closed
down  right  in  front  of  me.  In
front of us now was this same
older woman, still busy yelling
at the clerk. This was her way
of “dealing” with this situation.
Now, it was my turn.
  I  smiled  at  the  clerk,  put my
items  on  the  conveyer  belt,
and  she checked me out. She
scanned  the  items,  rang  them
up  in  the  cash register,  and  I
then paid for them.
  Next,  I  smiled  and  thanked
the manager, then left. The old-
er woman who was very upset,
had chosen to be part of the
problem, not the solution

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Good old fashion journalism

That is what this website is...........


This is a shining example of journalism of which Kal K. Korff knows nothing of. How did this happen Kal???? How did a group of lads ever get the best of you Kernal Krapp? I thought you were some sort of special secret super spy or operative????? How in the world did it all come unraveled for you?? It is really easy Kal and it is because you are your own worst enemy. ahahahahahaaahhaaa!