Friday, May 28, 2010

Banal and facile

Weeks after announcing he would have a new revamped website and a job at an unnamed newspaper Kal K. Korff has once again done the impossible by again not delivering on a single promise or deadline. Bloody! How the hell does one guy fail so often????????????

No more facebook for Kal to lure new victims with as it appears Kal has been given the boot from facebook. It also appears that Kernal Kornholeblower will not be making a scheduled facebook chat and without explanation as to why. Not that anyone really gives a fuck about Kal for anything other than his pure hypocrisy and the fumbling and bumbling antics that can be both dizzying and entertaining.

Don't tell Kernal Kornnuts this, but insanity is doing the same thing over and each time expecting a different result. Kal please just belt up you blinkered dolt.

A quick review if you will of Kal's lamest hits including promises of several new books, new videos, a talk show, a radio show, a magazine, a newspaper gig, consumer fraud lawsuits, and let's not forget the ever grand and classic Kal K. Korff causing the loss of his own brother's lawsuit!! ahahahahahahhhhaaaa

Banal and facile. ahahahahaha

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Farewell to Kolonel Kornhole?

For anyone happening by at this late juncture news has been received that Kal K. Korff may have been given the top end of the boot out of Prague. Through all of Kal's cock ups and idiocy he has somehow managed to get a hold of some mugs and fool them into believing his rubbish.

Right now there is no set in stone information about whether Kal has been sacked from Prague or not. I hear visa problems can really be quite a pain in the rump for those flaunting around without the required credentials.

It appears that someone heard an American roughly fitting Kernal Kornass got tossed and some are under the belief it may by Kal. I hope someone can check with the consulate office to find out if it is true or not. Is it really true? ahahhhaaahahahahahahaa

I have a bad feeling that when Kal is found to be backin the states if it is true he has been booted that there will be a lot of people anxious for him to return so they can likely sue him or serve him with stalker papers. Kal will learn fast that you can't waffle on in the states like he has in Prague. The little world wide web terrorist may finally be at an end of his brazen bullying and we all know that Kernal Nitwit is a coward afraid to directly face people.

hopefuly Prague will be idiot free with the rumored sacking of Kal.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Where art thou Kolonel Krust???????

It looks like our dear old idiot and ego maniac Kal K. Korff has made like a ghost and disappeared!! Kernal Kolon has also made his facebook profile disappear as some have noted here. Did Kernel Kornflakes get tossed from facebook as he had from his own website server? Has Kernal Klump finally flipped out completely? Where is Kernal KooKooKooKoo? Does anyone really care? Likely not outside of the entertainment provided by Kal and his lunatic ramblings.

A few interesting rumors are floating around including Kal has been deported or has been locked away in the loony bin after running around naked in the streets of Prague screaming "I AM A COLONEL!!! MY NEW BOOK ON TERRORISM IS COMING!!!!" Of course now these are just rumors but I find it rather odd Kal has just fallen from the face of the World Wide Web without so much as a fart.

And there is of course Kal announcing that his website would be back in full swing but in keeping with Kal's usual arse to face operations Kal has fallen short on delivering yet another promise. Who knows what has happened to Kal and it would not surprise if the barmy dolt has gone right off the deep end.