Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kal K. Korff comments

Share any idiotic comments made by Kernal Kolon that you have seen or received.  I loved this classic bit of utter rubbish from Kal "In America, when some women learned I did not own a car they were suddenly “not interested” in me. Then when they later found
out that I had a driver who drove me around as part of his job and who also worked as an occasional bodyguard for me, suddenly, they were “very interested".

Kal can barely afford the rail these days.  ahahahahahahhaahahahahahahaha  A car and a bodyguard? hhhhaaaahahahahaaahaahahahahahahaaahahhahaha  Please Kal just stop with the delusions you nutty wanker.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kal K. Korff EXPLOITS Holocaust Children!

Conniving Kal K. Korff has again decided to again try to make someone out to be a racist by using examples of Jewish children being killed during the Holocaust in a desperate self serving attempt to gain notoriety!! Kal has tried to derail a best selling book and place himself in a spotlight by accusing the author of the book of incompetence. I won't go into detail here lads about the book but Kal is clearly trying to regain his former glory and is willing to do it at the cost of Holocaust victims. SHAME ON YOU KAL! We all know this isn't the first time Kal has used the victims of tyranny and hate for his own selfish needs.

Kal turned tail and ran from a debate on a radio program with Kevin Randle and Kal had the audacity to use  the memorial site of Czech victims for his BOGUS excuse of why he was too much of a coward to face Kevin Randle. Kal has a bad habit of exploiting the tragedies of others for his own selfish needs and in this case Kal is EXPLOITING CHILD VICTIMS of the Holocaust in a vain and desperate attempt to reinsert himself into the spotlight. Kal has not published a book since last century! Kal has LOST his job as a writer for a free advertising newspaper! Kal IS NOT an accredited journalist because there is no such thing. Kal is a shameless self promoter who will stop at nothing including EXPLOITING MURDERED CHILDREN for his own selfishness.  SHAME ON YOU KAL!!!

BREAKING NEWS!! KAL K. KORFF IS TAKEN TO TASK BY KEVIN RANDLE!   Read all about it here lads. And printed on Kal's beloved UFO Matrix website which is the only place that will give Kal any regular attention.  Onward Kevin!!  Onward!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Conniving Kal drops Kidon shenanigans

So I see our bloated bloke did not make the usual lies about himself in this area 51 article and did not refer to himself as Kolon Chickenshit of Kidon anything. Perhaps Kal found his medication? You can't hide Kal and this blog is STILL in the top google searches. How long until Czech authorities FINALLY catch up to Kal? Not long from what I hear. Beware all of Kal and his HATE and ANTI GAY INTOLERANCE. Kal is true EXTREMIST.

Monday, June 6, 2011

How to recognize a complete loser

How to recognize Kal Korff..........

Incompetence? Check!
Creepy? Check!
Fake military credentials? Check!
Liar? Check!
Camouflage clothes? Check!
Strong foul body odor? Check!
Greasy hair? Check!
Stolen Apple products? Check!
Phony nonprofit website? Check!
Impersonates a barrister? Check!
Poses with whore posing as fake Indian princess for creepy photo op in the woods? Check!

Add your own ways to recognize a loser like Kal K. Korff.