Monday, December 29, 2014

...while stuffing his face with KFC with the other.

Korffer, JimmyD, checks in with his own Korffing thread. Jimmy presents more proof that Kalvin Karlton Korff, self anointed FaceBook Accredited Citizen Journalist, has as much control over the written word as he does over his lunatic behavior. In short, very, very little. 

JimmyD regarding the image of the Korff "article" included below his text....

Well, FN, I found around 25 errors in all – many of them involving one of poor, stupid Kalvin’s big stumbling blocks … the incorrect use of commas. Sometimes he forgets to use them (“This will give you the most time to enjoy it of course”); sometimes he uses them instead of a semi-colon or dash (“… seeing the castle should be your first priority, anything else in Cesky Krumlov is a bonus”); sometimes he slings one in because he just feels like it (“ …Always remember when visiting a country such as the Czech Republic, that it has seasonal weather and temperatures”).

There are a few old favorites from his English teaching column days in there too. For example, the old “complement/compliment” mix-up, which the fat fraud has never managed to nail (“No European meal … would be complete without a nice wine or beer to compliment it …”)

There is an instance or two of what Karlton’s fellow academics term “tautology" – saying the same thing twice (e.g. “the local natives”).

And of course, there are the bizarre flights of fancy that are the mark of an illiterate moron trying (and failing) to punch above his intellectual/artistic weight (“Regardless of it’s warm or cold outside …”; “in the peaks of winter time” – peaks of winter time?!!).
I could go on and on, but Christmas is coming, and I have other things to do. I *am* looking forward to it – my wife and kids, my brothers, their wives and kids, my parents … all together for the first time in many years. On the 25th, as I survey the happy chaos unfolding around me, I shall raise my glass and think of Kalvin Karlton Korff, the liar, fantasist, fraud, charlatan, scam artist, thief, conman, pedo, and living exemplar of “the banality of evil” … sitting alone in his sweltering one-room Indian slum dwelling, the smell of shit wafting in from the street outside, peering at niche porn on his ageing stolen laptop, desperately trying to crank up his tiny member with one hand, while stuffing his face with KFC with the other.

Merry Christmas, “Colonel”. You deserve it. You are pure vermin.

God bless Sir Donald Ecker. God bless General F1 Racer. God bless His Serene Highness FN.

We will never stop.

Jimmy D

Korffer's we're not quite done yet. You may remember a short time ago Korff made another beauty Contest Judge Klaim....

We thought we should look into this ongoing (before 2013) claim. Please watch this short video to see the truth, and the proof, that Kalvin Karlton Korff lied, again.

As the Koffers Korffer, JimmyD said, we will never stop.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Kal Korff Lies Again, You Want Proof, Here It Is

You gotta have a pair first, Korff. A Merry Christmas you do not deserve. Fuck off loser.

Back in 2013 Korff made a claim that he was a judge in a beauty contest in India, we proved that this was a lie. He also claimed that he would post photos and videos of that contest. He never did, that was also a lie.


From: Kal Israel
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2013 10:35 AM
Subject: Mr. and Miss India Contest 2013

To Whom It May Concern,

I am hoping you can assist me in some research I’m doing for an article. A Mr. Kal K. Korff is claiming that he was a judge or helped in some way with something called the Mr. and Miss India Contest. He claims to have been called to the stage and while on the way up the stairs he tripped and that got a huge laugh, etc.

Can you confirm or deny that Mr. Korff attended and was in some way presenting and or involved in one of your contests on or around the date of September 29th, 2013.

Mr. Korff is located in Chandigarh India and he is employed by the Daily Post India -

Thanks you most sincerely,


Reply at 7:08 AM September 30, 3013

This is a lie.

Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

The New Lie

On December 14, 2014 Korff is making the claim again. Is he lying this time?
What the fuck do you think.

WAG FaceBook Update - 12/21/14

Korff gets a dose of truth from a FaceBook Friend.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Santa in a Floppy Hat stumbles in for a chat...

Santa in a Floppy Hat checks in for a very, very drunken 2014 update.

"Don't hate me because I drink, love me because I'll never, EVER stop Korffing! Fuck you Kalvin Karton Korff... lick your own nipples you fucking fuck!"

To enjoy this to the maximum, choose full screen.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Korff Countdown to a Lifetime of Failure

As we close out another year of Korffing, the Korffing Syndicate presents a graphic display of the days, weeks, months, years and DECADES which has passed since Korff made some of his most outrageous and egregious lies and claims. We could add another 100 count up clocks but we think the point has been made.
Time doesn't lie, Kalvin Karlton Korff does.

PS, Santa in a Floppy Hat is readying his first video appearance since March 10, 2012.

Syndicated Liar

Korff Posted This

We corrected his post with an upcoming event.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Can You Say Failure...

Kalvin Korff posted this on his Facebook wall on November 17, 2014

The Korffing Syndicate rights this wrong...
The book, or series of books... worth $2000! Someone on Amazon has offered a seller $2000 for a copy of Korff's unreleased book. We've sent a message to the seller, asking for proof that he has the book and that we might pay even more if he really does have the book.... Please don't forget to read the "reviews" on this book.... LINK - Korffing is fun.

Bad English, Korff Should Know...
WAG FaceBook Update - Get a load of this Korffers, Korff posted this link via his uber liberal high school teacher. All Korffer's know Kalvin Karlton Korff knows English like he knows low calorie foods, Korff does know falsehoods... lies, false claims, call them what you will, Kalvin Korff equals; failure.
Korff posted this on November 25, 2014. No mention by Korff regarding his lie that he was part of the OJ prosecution team. Korff lied about this. Read the web page for the facts.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

How dare they question the Korff!

   Kal K. Korff started out as a 13 year old boy researching UFO’s. Because of this out of the ordinary behavior (not many teenagers study the subject, they’re too busy playing sports and video games and trying to get a date), the adults in the field gave Korff attention simply because it was cute to see this cherub faced little dweeb sitting at their feet full of enthusiasm. After Korff wrote his pamphlet on the Billy Meier case, these adults put Korff on a pedestal, they started to ask him the questions and for his opinion. Bad move...

   The positive side of Korff’s behavior only lasted a few years; low self esteem and a fractured family put Korff on a reactionary path. When people questioned Korff's theories and claims, Korff would lash out. On a few occasions, Korff did go head to head in a debate but for the majority of the time Korff would fight back via the internet; threatening to sue and to get people fired from their jobs, anyone who dare question his results.

A few examples of Korff’s lunatic behavior:

1. Going after Royce Meyers III simply because RMIII moved Korff from his Hall of Fame (for writing a critical book on the Billy Meier case) and then moving Korff over to his Hall of Shame because Korff started making outlandish claims and threats. RMIII questioning Korff’s claims regarding Korff’s Dirt Bag Brother’s legal troubles was the last straw for Korff.

2. Calling Kevin Randle a coward for not debating him on the Roswell Case. Another case of fully lunatic behavior. Korff backed out of many debates in the mid to late 2000’s. He always had an excuse. The difference here; when Kevin Randle and Big Don Ecker would call Korff out on this kind of behavior, Korff went ballistic. How dare they question the Korff! How dare they!

3. Stealing the identity of a Southern California lawyer to threaten Don Ecker with litigation. This example more than any other shows the over the top lunacy of Korff. Korff must have known that Don Ecker would contact this lawyer (located right in Don’s back yard) and ask him, “Hey, what the hell is going on?” Don did, the lawyer didn’t know, Don went public, Korff went quiet. 

   The point of the story… Korff reacts when the facts go against him. He manufactures drama, fueled by emotion and blinded by jealousy and rage, banging out e-mails so fast he doesn’t give his actions a second thought. More proof; look at the videos Korff pulled off the web after even he saw the lunacy on display. Little Kalvin must get back at Ecker, Randle, RMIII and anybody else… for what? 

   For taking their own research and that of the Korffing Syndicate and going public to prove that Korff’s full of shit, a pathological; cyber bully, liar, and a shit bird prone to making grandiose claims and threatening people when it doesn’t go his way? 

Had Enough Yet Korff?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kalvin Karlton Korff - Facebook Fraud

As we await the release of the book, or series of books, WAG took notice of Korff's FB wall and the images he's been posting. Korffer's know Wide Load has zero real friends, lists none of his family members, or his "wife" on his FB profile, and he lives a life that's all about Kalvin. I, I, Me, Me, Mine, Mine.  Proof? Where's the Fecal Clean Up India photos and videos. Nowhere.

As Karlton pounds his keyboard; his love for Apple and his hate of America, he's also a sad sack and little man, hoping to get Likes from his "friends.

To this end, we present the images.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cleaning Up Kal Korff's Behavior

When Korff posts something "new" and of note on his Facebook wall, WAG sends it to us. This "new" material will always get posted before any threads we may be working on. "New" is better than old in the life of this Korffer.

Here we have Korff humbling bragging about India and how Korff is spearheading the cleaning up of its fecal covered streets while at the same time bagging on the USA, a country he's still a citizen of (just in case he has to run away from India, like he did the CZ) because of his lunatic behavior.

And of course, Korff already claimed he was "filmng video" (now, "doing videos"... thanks for stopping by Korff) and that material was going to be released a few weeks ago. A lie as always, confirmed by this new post. Clearly nobodies listening but we'll continue Korffing on in any case.

We will not stop.

WAG FaceBook Update - Oct 23, 2014
A snap of Korff's FB Wall... sick little asshole.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Kal Korff, cleaning up the world one turd at a time

WAG FaceBook Update Korff posted this on his wall today. 
Korff is not in the photo, Korff stole this photo from here - LINK

Korff has not yet Liked or Joined this Facebook page for the project, now he will. 

This is a very good article on this effort LINK. As you read this brief article, put your Korffing hat on, you will easily recognize why Korff has jumped on-board and is attempting to hijack this project.

Any opportunity for Korff to spread his lies and massage his ever growing ego, he will gobble it up. Kalvin wants nothing more than to be somebody. This is one of the reasons he moved out of the USA. Korff was the opposite of a nobody in the USA, he was outed as a known liar, a fraud, a lunatic cyberstalker and a guy who couldn't get laid if he paid for it... so he lied about that as well.

Keep it up Korff, we will never stop. Your internet shadow will forever show the truth and reflect your behavior. Forever and until the end of time. Think about that Kalvin. Long after you waddle off this globe, the results of your behavior are but a click away for the world to see.

So proud, so humble.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I reached what I call consciousness...

The Eye's of Kal Korff

Mark Twain — 'The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.'

Kal Korff: “On October 19, 1973, (Korff was 11 years old) I reached what I call consciousness, or being self-aware. Namely, that I would die someday, as does everyone, and that if humans (especially these wonderfully mature "adults") kept behaving and misbehaving the way they DO (despite telling us kids NOT to do the bad things they do), that our species would eventually destroy itself, and this realization destroyed my childhood, especially since I saw this taking place in my time, and I didn’t do anything to cause these problems.”

   As a 13 year old boy, Korff started researching UFO’s. Because of this "out of the ordinary" behavior (not many teenagers study the subject, they’re too busy playing sports, video games and trying to get a girl friend), the adults in the field gave Korff attention. They found it kind of cute to have this enthusiastic cherub faced little boy sitting at their feet.

   As Korff progressed; writing and mimeographing a pamphlet on the Billy Meier case and appearing at various UFO clubs to present his information, adults started to ask Korff for his opinion and give him even more attention. Then, in his early 30’s, Korff, armed with very low self esteem, and a very high regard of himself (based on the past media coverage and attention), Korff entered his reactionary behavior phase, a phase he is still fully engaged in as an "over 50" senior citizen.

   When people questioned his theories, work, claims, etc., he would lash out at them. On a few occasions Korff went head to head in a debate, but the majority of the time Korff would lash out via the internet (sometimes as the real Kal Korff and many times as a faceless, anonymous source); threatening to sue and to get people fired from their jobs, basically anyone who questioned his work, Korff would go after.

   Here are a few of the vilest examples of Korff’s unhinged reaction to being questioned…

·       * Going after Royce Myers III simply because RMIII removed Korff from his UFO Hall of Fame and moved him over to his UFO Hall of Shame, and then the icing was when RMIII called out Korff as a liar regarding all manner of claims, not the least of which was Korff’s lunatic involvement in Korff’s brothers manslaughter case.
* Korff went so far as to call the Apple Corporation before they had one of their huge conventions to complain that he couldn’t attend their upcoming convention because a man named David Biedny was scheduled to speak there and he felt unsafe to attend because (Korff claimed) that Biedny threatened to cause him bodily harm.
* Korff then called out Kevin Randle as a coward for not debating Korff on the Roswell Case and he called into question Randle's education and military service. All accusations fully unfounded and based on ZERO facts.

·       * And lastly, and this has been proven, Korff procured a few Apple devices to start up his own Apple product sales service in the CZ, using the  name and good well of a well known CZ-based humanitarian to “pay” for the equipment.

   People may wonder why the Korffing Syndicate continues to monitor and report on Kal Korff. These 4 examples of his behavior are reasons enough to monitor Korff but these example only scratch the surface of Korff’s lunatic behavior.

And, Korffing is fun.

   Currently, Korff is trying to float a new scam; a headmaster of “school”, the curriculum based on mannerisms and etiquettes? Look over this .PDF read this closely and you can witness the lunatic behavior of Kal Korff for yourself.

We will not stop, ever.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Same Behavior, Same Results

Poor, dumb, Kalvin K. Korff. Try as he might, he can't stop himself from making promises, setting deadlines, humbly bragging and coming up empty.

As we wait for Kalvin to make some kind of excuse regarding the release of his book, or series of books, and as we ready a few new posts to keep the energy up, we present Kurtis Korff, circa 2014, beard and all, with his Family in tow, although no Kalvin, because he's in self imposed exile in India.

We do not post this to engage in any exchange with Kalvin's extended family, notice we don't name any other names. It wouldn't help the cause and it would only bring us down to Kalvin's level of behavior to call out family member's in the lame attempt to piss people off to get a reaction.

No, we present this for no other reason that to prove to Kalvin that we will not stop monitoring him.

We will never stop.

WAG Update 9-16-14
Korff, still using this photoshop image on his .PDF articles...
Korff looks like this now

Monday, August 25, 2014

A Book or Series of Book's...

Kalvin Korff Book Klaims

Claim 5: Septemeber 8, 2006 ~ Korff, "I am never returning to America as far as I know, and am working on nanobot assassins, which are in the book as well."

Claim 61: Expected to make history with his three book series called Secret Wars: Defending Against Terrorist Plots, which will be published by Prometheus Books in 2007.

Claim 64: Vice-President and is a co-inventor of the “BookBrowser” online information system.

Claim 76: Has a 500 book deal with an unknown publisher

Claim 88: Claimed to be releasing Billy Meier - Michael Horn material called "Light Yarns"; promised 24 books (the 32 books). Never happened.

Claim 93: "Since October 19, 1973 I have been involved with over 500 operations and projects."

Claim 95: Claimed a new Roswell series, NINE books to be released. Never happened.

Claim 104: 2008 Korff: "I will be on my Secret Wars book tour in 2008”.

Claim 116: Korff claimed to have sent us nanotechnology in between the last page and the back cover of a copy of one of his books which we did receive, but after careful examination there was no proof of any nanotechnology found. Kal Korff told me that using a magnification glass or 10 x microscope I would be able to confirm the identity of this nanotechnology. A contact at The University of Waterloo in Ontario said that nanotechnology would NOT be able to be viewed with a magnifying glass or low powered microscope.

Claim 126: Claimed to have sent of the manuscript for his book (or series of book) to Prometheus. Never did.

Claim 127: Claimed to have a video and would post it, showing the mailing off of the manuscript for his book (or series of book) to Prometheus. Never did.

A History of Lies - LINK

WAG UPDATE / 8-25-14

Korff posted this on FaceBook today, bragging about his "book tour" after he wrote that Meier book. In truth, the "tour" took place in California and Washington resulting in a very weak turn out.

In our effort to inform and educate the public, this is our more truthful version of this image:

Having fun yet Kalvin...

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I lie, therefore I am. I am, therefore I lie.

This is the first time Korff has mentioned this new education based lie on Facebook. Let's make him pay for this behavior. Contact the people involved with Korff and warn them of his past.

* Address: Noble World School, Salempur Road, Deoria, Uttar Pradesh [INDIA]
* Admission Help Desk: 05568-226000,085770-91010
* For any further information mail us at :
* Admin Name: Manish Tiwari:

August 13, 2014 - Facebook WAG

This is for people who have an interest in my next two books coming out as early as next month and by the end of this year: I have just viewed the final cover for one of these upcoming titles and have signed off on it, it has also been reviewed legally and passed. As soon as I have release dates I'll let everyone know. 

There is so much to do on so many fronts, I'll also be starting the smart classes shortly we are launching at Noble World School where I am also the Principal, this school exists in a very underdeveloped area of India and is the FIRST school in this region to have iPad centric classes and agreements with dozens of schools so that Indian children can learn with their "study buddies" online together. I am genuinely honored and humbled to have been asked to help manage this project and advise on it, more such schools will be opened up across India after this first project is complete. We're closer to being done than not, it's been a lot of work and everyone involved works hard. We have some really great staff and talent.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Kevin Randle checks in with the Syndicate to answer a few of our questions. Thank you Mr. Randle, for your service and your honesty. Kevin Randle's: Blog 

1. When did you become aware of Kal Korff?

When he inserted himself into the Roswell investigation as "one of the major players." I did read some of his nonsensical book but didn't see anything of value in it.

2. What event or issue started the feud, threats and accusations?

I think it was when he wrote to me as a colleague and fellow military officer... and I basically ignored him. He then began to challenge me to a debate about Roswell on the Rob McConnell show, suggesting that I was avoiding him. I wasn't aware of McConnell or the challenge. I did accept and eventually a date was set by Korff bailed some two hours before air time.

He was annoyed that I didn't recognize the source of his commission, and it was right after I had mentioned that I had been promoted to major that Korff promoted himself to colonel.

3. Did you ever receive any communications or documentation that was the result of Korff’s threats?

Lawyers, Government, the Police? There were all sorts of threats of legal actions if I didn't take my posts about Korff off my blog. Never did, and heard nothing.

He claimed that KPMG was going to audit my work to prove that I had been wrong about Roswell, but I can't see an international accounting firm would waste their time on something like this. Never heard a word about it.

4. Did he ever follow through with any of his threats?


5. Why did you bother to take Korff on and expose him on the internet?

Because he claimed to be a military officer, wore the insignia but offered nothing to prove that he was entitled to wear them... Given the situation of "Stolen Valor" this really offended me.

6. I know you’re not a mental health professional but, given your experience and history with Korff, what is your best assumption as to why Korff behaves the way he does?

Ego... childishness...

7. While I understand that you don’t associate yourself or even think about Korff very often anymore, what would it take on Korff’s part for you to put all this behind you in the public forum? Could Korff rectify this situation?

No. To do anything like that would validate Korff. The best course for me is to ignore him.

8. What is your take on the Korffers and the Korffing Syndicate and on the vast amount of material they have published regarding Korff’s behavior?

9. Any final thoughts of Korff, Korffing and in general, the characters found in Ufology and paranormal research?

Korff reinvents himself, moving from one arena to arena to another when he is exposed as a charlatan.

The Koffing Syndicate thanks Mr. Randle for taking the time to answer our questions. We know he is a very busy professional, and a REAL hero with better things to do. You hear that Korff... A bonafide, authentic, genuine, real, true, actual... hero. Mr. Randle's Blog - LINK

Friday, August 1, 2014

Lying Liar

A quick post before a major one... Kal Korff continues to lie to children.

Posted on July 27, 2014

Your Headmaster

Friday, July 18, 2014

India Good, America Bad....

A WAG Update

This Korff Facebook post has been sent to us by our favorite female Korffer. This Facebook post speakes for itself. Along with this post, Korff is posting dozens of posts a day, mostly political (libtards, liberals, etc.) and pro Apple material. Nobody cares, nothing to see here, move along...

July 15 - Kal Korff : Hi everyone. I just wanted to share with all of you a REAL EXAMPLE of how prices in INDIA are MUCH MORE REASONABLE than in the overpriced USA. For the next two weeks, I'll be getting three teeth replaced, which broke when their mercury amalgam fillings broke, which were put in my mouth in 1969, when we landed on the Moon! The center of these teeth broke, so now I need to have caps and bridges put on, and they have to send the proposed molds to a lab, I have to try a test bridge first to make sure it fits properly, then I get to have the final stuff put in. THE COST FOR ALL OF THIS WORK, including cleaning, diagnostics, molds, crowns, bridges, and everything s a whopping $200 and 87 CENTS!

Now, for all of you who are "fans" of ObamaCare, HOW MUCH WOULD THIS COST YOU? I'm paying cash, NO INSURANCE! India doesn't have National Health Insurance.

Instead, they tend to keep everything CHEAP so that people can AFFORD IT!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

This might not be the best idea - Question #3

The Syndicate contacted Big Don Ecker and we asked him to answer a few of our questions. Mr. Ecker granted our request.

Question #3 

Did you ever receive any communications or documentation that was the result of Korff’s threats?

Never, at least not real lawyer communications. There were several emails I did receive claiming to be from Attorneys at Law which were fraudulent. One very prominent attorney in southern California I ended up calling when Korff fraudulently used his name in an attempt to intimidate me. Of course Korff, who was then in Europe felt he was untouchable. And Korff, in touch with his sociopathic personality, managed to “use” people who have or had limited English skills, as backup in his scams. One, which by the way I felt very sorry for, was Martina Tycova. Korff is simply a creature with no conscience, no sense of right or wrong, just a despicable excuse for a human being.

I will sue you Don Ecker!!!
part two LINK

Thursday, July 10, 2014

This might not be the best idea - Question #2

The Syndicate contacted Big Don Ecker and we asked him to answer a few of our questions. Mr. Ecker granted our request. We are listing the questions as responses to this thread so you Korffer's will not have to scroll and scroll to get to the bottom of the post. You're welcome. 
Question #2 

What event or issue started the feud, threats and accusations?

Having been a police officer for quite a few years, and having had to deal with all sorts of people, not mentioning how I had to be able to read them, my first actual meeting with Korff told me lots about him. At the time I was broadcasting a weekly radio show on the Cable Radio Network and was interviewing another UFO guy named Jim Dilettoso. There was a question about whether Dilettoso actually had a PhD or not, which he was using in his UFO research. 

Korff showed up at the radio station, kind of inserted himself into the discussion, on air, and then went after Dilettoso because of Dilettoso’s affirming elements of the Billy Meier case. What raised my “hackles” about Korff was how he was totally obsequious toward me and what an arrogant little prick he suddenly became on the show. I decided then and there I would have nothing to do with him. It was several years after this event that Korff really screwed up when he went after radio host Art Bell claiming that Bell threatened to pull his radio show off several radio affiliates if they let Korff speak on the air. I suppose Korff’s alligator mouth overrode his humming bird ass, never thinking Bell would hear about his allegations. 

Bell called him out on his massive radio show and offered him a choice, come on the air and apologize and admit there was no truth to what Korff claimed or have face a slander suit. Korff fell all over himself kissing Bell’s ass on the air in order to save his own ass. But, Korff did not learn a lesson about lying. A year or two later Korff left the U.S. and moved to the Czech Republic. I suppose he started feeling his oates, he was using a lot of internet chat groups often and often making outrageous pronouncements. One of those claims involved something Korff called the “Special Secret Services”, an Israeli founded organization funded by an Arab Sheik! This so called group was tasked, according to Korff, with going after Islamic terrorists and, my God I can hardly say this without laughing, UFO frauds! 

But then he went after someone I respect, Kevin Randle. Korff called Randle a coward after Randle refused to re-schedule a debate with Korff after Korff bailed out of a previously scheduled debate claiming the Special Secret Services had him on a terrorist hunt! Randle, a veteran of two wars, Vietnam and Iraq, and this delusional fraud called him a coward. I mean how much more does one have to witness to realize this guy was nut-so crazy and a total looney tunes? But he was scaring people because when anybody asked Korff for proof on these insane claims of his, he would go all over the internet screaming he was suing Tom, Joe, and Harry. 

Legal papers are going to be served and the FBI was investigating etc. Well I got personally involved when on a chat list someone asked me if Korff truly had worked at Lawrence Livermore Labs on Star Wars stuff and I told them if he had, which I doubted, I would “eat my hat.” Korff went nuclear on me and that really pissed me off. He tried to bully me, he threatened to sue me, have agents come to visit me and all that happy horseshit. I told him to come on you asshole. I suppose that was the start of it.