Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kal Korff is a bigot

So Kal is on now about people being gay? So much for world peace there Kal you hateful bag of shit. Misogynist, pretender, fake colonel, hater. Why must you lie so much Kal? Right then it is because you think you can achieve some fame and fortune from it. Chubby little loser. What it must be like to live a life such that you can't face your own reality and have to attack others and lie and cheat your way through it all instead of being a man and taking some responsibility once in your miserable little life.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Where art thou pretender?

Kal has become so insignificant that a picture of his face is no longer required for a post lads.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kal is asshole, hear him roar

Well lads we have not heard much from Kernal Kal Koward Korff in some time now since he was EXPOSED by our very own Korffing Syndicate. Kal tried a threat to get it all quiet but it did not work. So where is the big mouth at these days? It seems like the once roaring mouth on Kal has been turned into nothing greater than a mouse fart. Where is all your talk at now Kal? UFO watchcat got your tongue you boorish little fool Kal? I'm still waiting for all of these agents Kal promised he would send after us all. Bloody hell I think we have all been waiting for this for YEARS now! Where is the KMPG audit you PROMISED was going to happen Kal? Are you still hanging around your buddy Scott Ritter and maybe having some top secret meetings at a playground? YEs Kal it all has come full circle and hit you right between the eyes you fucking imbecile. You painted your own arse right into a corner. ahahhhahahahaaahaha!!! I would wish Kal luck on finding his courage but you cannot lose that which you never had to begin with.