Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Santa in a Floppy Hat Interviews Kalvin Karlton Korff

SIAFH interviews Kalvin and the results are.... interesting. Was Santa drunk or high? Was Kalvin drunk or just stupid to come on his show?

Santa in a Floppy Hat Show #1

We've been informed that a major, global media company is interested in our show, Santa told them to F' off, he's not interested in playing the game for the man.

Turn up the volume, Santa's a bit "off" in this one.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The monologue that no one is listening to...

Our First KKK Radio Show Edit:

Here's a link to KKK Radio Show #2
Listen if you dare... try stay awake if you can...

A little something extra from SIAFH....

Monday, December 7, 2015

Living Rent Free - LRF

Enjoy the new opening for the first episode of the Kal Korff Show:

There is proof that Korff attended this event. There is also proof that the company that put this event on would rather not make this public. Currently, they haven't released a single image with Korff in it. Maybe Korff's "Jabba the Hut" look isn't what... they're looking for....

Enjoy the new opening for the first episode of the Kal Korff Show:

WAG FaceBook Update

You know what we love about this post; Korff monitors this site and we are way under his skin and living rent free in that empty head. Korff can't post something on FaceBook without a focus on us. Did he attend this event? Who knows, it sure looks that way from the award with his name on it... are we living rent free in that little brain, absolutely.

Hey Kalvin, if this really happened, embrace it buddy, don’t worry about your kritics, just embrace your wonderful life, post some photos of you and those lovely lady’s. Kalvin, did your lovely Punjab wife (you know, the one you didn't thank in your first radio show) ... did she go with you... one wonders...?  BTW, Korff isn't in the 6 photos he posted.

There, see Kalvin's name is right there... but where's Kalvin?

And just to set the record straight, we did uncover at least one time that Korff claimed to judge a contest and one of the people involved with the event said the opposite of this claim. We judge that Korff Klaim to be a Korff lie.

Kal Korff, and still obese

We would have liked to get a better quality image of our favorite village idiot, alas, this is what Korff posted on his Facebook wall. Yes, that's right Korffer's, Kal K. Korff posted this on his Facebook wall. This is the first "current" personal image Korff has posted on his wall, with his face in that image, ever. We applaud this effort and we hope Korff will post many, many more.

Looking good Kalvin!