Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The LIES of Kal Korff according to Rob McConnel

It took some time but Rob McConnel FINALLY decided it was time to cut the cord and say that Kal Korff is a LIAR and say good bye to Kal. But what does this all really mean about the whole sordid Kal and Rob affair??? I mean here you have rob McConnel and his X zone radio program where Kal was on the show to the point of having a regular spot each week and all with the full support of Rob McConnel backing with Rob calling Kal his "good buddy" and asking if criticism of Kal was just more "crap" from the same people and those people being comments from this blog and any number of Kal's critics calling into question Kal's claims of being some sort of colonel in some sort of anti terrorist outfit among bags of other claims made by that dolt Kernal Krispy Kream.

So now Rob has come out saying Kal is a liar but in order to see just exactly what it is Rob has to say about Kal you must pay $1.50 to see it in some newspaper Rob McConnel puts together. And Rob McConnel has also scheduled in the last few weeks many many many of the people Kal has claimed are frauds like Kevin Randle, this Stanton Freidman fellow, Paul Kimball, Michael Horn, a fellow named Jim Dilatosow and I'm sure some other flying saucer people I know nothing about.

My personal own opinion here on this is that Rob McConnel did nothing but assist Kal in attacking certain people and helping Kal believe in his little fantasy world. I don't much care for this rob McConnel fellow and his previous promises of doing a journalistic investigation into Kal and the rest of it. It was quite clear long ago and to many people that there was NOTHING to back a word of any of Kal's tales of being a colonel in some sort of special operations group or that he had anything better to do than blow hot air right out his ass. but this never ever seemed to truly bother Rob McConel and it didnot even bother him that Kal was making some very fantastic and incredulous claims and Rob McConnel still kept having this wanker on his show each week even when it would have been apart to a mildly retarded monkey that all of Kal's tales were nonsense about being a colonel and fighting terrorists andhaving some fanciful 500 book deal and having $25,000,000.00 to produce television shows and rounding up skinheads and being an executive of so many companies and all the rest of this utter nonsense. Who would give the silly things Kal was saying any sort of validation or even give the aura of belief to Kal and his utterly ridiculous colonel claims?????

I also personally think that Rob McConnel has only done this AFTER Paul Kimball announced he would be releasing a documentary EXPOSING Kal Korff so rob could try to save himself and somehow try to come out of this looking good by jumping onto the PaulKimball boat. I think the only decent thing that has come out of all this mess that Rob McConeel helped to make is that Kal will no longer be able to heap shovel fulls of his endless bullshit out to the unsuspecting. If Rob McConnel wants to really really do something right here then he needs to put whatever information he might have about Kal out for ALL TO SEE FREE instead of trying to make a dollar from it. I am sure I am not the only one who shares the opinion that Rob McConnel is culpable in all of this to an extent and now he wants to make money off of it all?? shame on Rob shame on him.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Here it is now the 21st of June and I feel that there is something missing here. What could it be?? Did I perhaps miss a birthday?? Maybe an important appointment or something from the grocery? Perhaps I forgot to check the post today? Oh yes wait it is now all coming back to me. Kal K. Korff FAILED AGAIN to deliver as advertised! I know that this comes as no surprise to anyone because he is after all Kal K. Korff. How does Kal stay so consistent in the FAILURE department?

Kernal Krustez is going to be the subject of a new worldwide film documentary called World Aways that is being filmed by none other than that chap Paul Kimball. The documentary delves very deep into the life of Kal and investigates Kal so utterly thorough leaving no stone unturned and digs under the stones. so since Paul announced he would be spending time in Prague and announced to the world his travel dates to prague and the fact that he would be doing filming for the Kal documentary film Kal did what he does best and that would be a laughable childish threat of releasing a video exposing Paul Kimball and some chap named Stanton Freidman. And Kal prmoised it would be coming and would be available for sale. Kal said this video would be out on June 20th and available for sale here we are once again with an empty bag from Kal. Kal put this up on his Internet website " EXCLUSIVE! Kal Korff Stars in NEW Documentary about Stanton T. Friedman, On Sale June 20th!

Written by Public Relations
Thursday, 18 June 2009 00:21

Kal Korstars in a new non-fiction documentary on Stanton T. Friedman which goes on sale Saturday, June 20th!

Zurich, Switzerland — Here is a still from a new documentary on the legendary UFO researcher, Stanton T. Friedman, which features extensive commentary and factual corrections by Kal Korff.

We psychically predict, although we are NOT "psychic" — that Paul Kimball will continue NOT to hold his Uncle Stan accountable for the claims Friedman makes, Paul is after all admittedly on the "other side of truth", which are examined critically in this video for the first time.

Both UFO "skeptics" and certainly "believers" will find this video to be of great interest.


Developing... "

Developing like a bad rash. So yet here another FAILURE on the part of Kal K. Korff to add to the ever growing list and another CHILDISH THREAT to add the ever growing list from Kal during another episode of his got-to-get-you-back tantrum. I really do not know what else to say because at this point Kal is just running around in circles chasing his own balls doing the same thing over and over and over and over but still coming up with the same results which are ZERO.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Is Kal changing his name to Forrest Gump?

Paul Kimball marches bravely into Prague and what does Kal Korff the supposed fearless hunter of terrorists do? KAL RUNS AWAY!! Paul shows up in Prague having announced his trip weeks ago and then Kal leaves on some sort of sudden research trip? Is this just some sort of coincidence? Not as far as I'm concerned and this is just Kernal Coward himself keeping the tradition of him running away like a scared little kid when an adult is about to confront him. This will now be the THIRD time Kal has CRAWLED OFF and holed up in some corner curled into a fetal position. First Kal TURNED TAIL from Paul Kimball after Paul said he would fly Kernal Cornhole into Halifax for a FACE TO FACE debate with Kevin Randle. After Kernal Conniving made an inCONvenient excuse Kevin Randle gave Kernal Blowhard another chance at the debate Kal himself PRACTICALLY BEGGED FOR while having the nerve to call Kevin randle a coward! Spineless Kal K. Korff ran away from that debate with yet another one of his CONvenient excuses that was so obviously planned out well ahead of time.

So here it is now for the THIRD TIME Kal K. Korff has a glowing opportunity at no cost to him since he didn;t have to fly anywhere to face one of his legion of critics and what does this supposed Israeli founded organization agent/SAPSTOE/analyst/terrorist hunter do??? HE GOES INTO FULL RETREAT!!!!!!!! why? because Kal K. Korff is a conniving coward who utterly thrives on trying to make the lives of anyone who questions or criticizes or points out the crystal clear flaws of his claims out miserable and he can only do so from afar. Face to face the little tool is nothing he claims to be. Kal wants to rage about Paul Kimball never contacting him directly. Kal can mark that excuse off his endless list of excuses since Paul MARCHED RIGHT ON IN on Kal's turf directly! But it looks as though standing up face to face is not Kal's strong point as it is not with most cowards.

Informants within Prague have alerted me that Paul has secured on camera interviews with the U.S. Embassy who roll their eyes and try to contain their laughter when asked about Kal and his claims of meeting with them about flying saucers. Paul is supposed to also have or will interview Vojtek, Milos Bartu, Kal's former landlord, Czech police, former Metropolini employees and many others about Kal's various claims inckuding those within the inner circle of Kernal Cameltoe. Worlds Away will be a SMASH HIT and I am now hearing that it may have to be done in two parts with all of the new information Paul has gotten his hands and camera on. now Kal can sit back and see what a REAL production is supposed to look like and see what it also looks like on a movie and tv screen instead of a computer screen! EVERYTHING about you will be REVEALED in public Kal. After all he is Kal Korff and a public figure and I'm sure Paul Kimball will handle this all iwth the utmost of professionalism because Paul is a true professional unlike Kernal Cowpatty.

If I was in Paul's shoes I would premiere Worlds Away in Prague and invited Kal as the guest of honor. But of course based on Kal's own track record and by his own choice Kal would probably just run away instead of acting like an adult and standing by all the public accusations he's made against many people. Who is the coward now Kal? It certainly isn't Paul Kimball who even gave Kal the courtesy of announcing WEEKS ahead of time he was coming to Kal's front door and Kal didn't even have the manners to or grace to meet Paul face to face.

Kernal Conniving K. Coward strikes again!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Paul Kimball evades Special Secret Services!!!

Right under the very nose of the man who has shown us an authentic and empty glass vial! Behind the back of the man of the man who single handedly sold at least three iPods and a laptop at American prices in Prague! On the turf of the very guy with probably the slowest running and least visited Internet website in the world! Flown right past the face of the world's one and only SAPSTOE! Advertised worldwide on open and easily accessible channels of communications that are not back channel or ran through a secure Israeli server!!! Some foreign invader has masterfully slipped by Kernal Twinkie Pies himself Kal K. Korff!!!

Who is this daring doubling daredevil that would dare trespass on the turf belonging to an agent of an Israeli organization? Did he paratroop in under radar? Did he swim in stealthily by sea to avoid detection? Did he tunnel in from Obora? No one would ever be daring enough to challenge Kal Korff with such brazen bravado like walking openly in the streets of Prague........woudl they?

Yes they would and that daring agent would be the one and only Paul Kimball! But when your trying to evade an organization with only one member who is scared to death of having any sort of exchange with you face to face I suppose you don't have much to worry about. But flip those tables and become one Kal Korff and you have everything to fear. Certainly nothing of a physical threatening nature by any means. Paul be all accounts is a class act who likes being intellectual and civil about things. No the one thing Kal has to fear is what will likely become an Oscar nominated documentary by Paul Kimball called Worlds Away that shows us all the never before publicly revealed truth about Kal K. Korff's life and his very public claims. Kal likes to threaten people with exposing them on television shows and in books so I wonder how Kal must feel about being the topic of a real film production.

How was Kal unable to stop this direct and publicly stated preplanned invasion of his turf by Paul Kimball????? Isn't Kal supposed to be a highly trained expert with government connections the world over???? Why didn't Kal walk into the US Embassy and have Paul stopped from entering the country??? Kal has said he was going to contact the governments of people and get them into trouble before so I have to ask what stopped Kal from doing this now? Does Kal have some "psyops" planned or is he setting a trap for Paul Kimball? ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Not likely and not on Kernal Corndog's best day could he even hope of being that pwoerful or that intelligent as to match wits with Paul Kimball.

I know Paul is checking his email from the road so Kal if you have any real honor or integrity or courage then you should send Paul an email and ask for an on camera interview shot by Paul. You ran away from Kevin Randle twice now Kal and here is an easy opportunity for you to stand up for once. Why not face someone you've done nothing but throw rocks at from afar???? Stop throwing trash from thousands of miles away and be a man about it Kal and do it face to face. Or are you going to give us all another sorry ass excuse about a terrorist threat like you did to Kevin Randle? Let me guess Kal you already planned your excuse by posting something about being on the road a week or so before Paul showed up on your doorstep in Prauge. I know I am probably wasting my time with this but I thought I would at least try.

From someone who leaves comments here and has an Internet blogger Kult-of-Kal met with Paul Kimball whilst Paul is visiting Prague for an extended period of time and left a comment about that meeting. I'd love to meet Paul but must admit I would only do so if he brought Holly in arm. hahahahaaa

Special Secret meeting held between Paul Kimball and Kult of Kal

Bottom line: I respect Paul Kimball.

It was a pleasure (honor, even?) to spend a few hours with Paul Kimball and his lovely friend & colleague Holly Stevens. A simple evening of pizza and beers was made extraordinary with conversation about …well, do I really have to say?

I figured I’d start this with “I respect Paul Kimball” because respect comes easily for him (and Holly). Just reading a bit of Kimball’s bio suggests it. After sharing conversation with him and Holly, I know he deserves it.

What did we talk about? We covered a lot of ground. I felt like we could have talked for a few days, I sincerely had a good time.
I’ll admit, however, about the fields of UFO & paranormal phenomena, my head just swims since I’m just not that into it and the topic is deep for a newbie like me. Paul clearly demonstrates a historical understanding of the field and its players, past and present (yes, even including Kal). But what also struck me was Paul’s admiration and respect for those truly gifted folks “above him”, e.g. those nuclear and quantum physicists. Those people also tackling the questions of the phenomena and providing value (no, not including Kal). Even as a newbie, I recognize a gap between the serious players and the wanna-be players. (Should be needless to say, but Paul falls under the ‘serious’ category). An oft repeated metaphor was the ant and human. 
And Paul knows those serious players, many of them quite closely, beyond just his uncle Stan. (And I’ll close my mouth here out of respect for Paul).

I found Paul to be a real interesting person to talk with. Speaking personally, I am a modest guy, who believes in revealing my accomplishments and credibility only when asked directly. (Kal doesn’t - a big reason I find Kal so obnoxious).
Paul, on the other hand, is clever at peppering conversation with points to establish his credibility. So, while this makes him not appear as an overly humble guy, he is skilled at marketing himself and I admire that about him. And what really distinguishes Paul from people with similar interests, like say Kal, is that Paul actually has the education, the intellect and the connections “to walk the walk.” For that, I respect the guy. I just had to put this thought into words because to me (and I think to Paul) it’s an important distinction between one UFO guy and another.

Did we talk about Kal and his antics? Naturally. Perhaps even a tad too much. Above all, Holly was a good sport and a couple times her humor saved Paul and I from complete downward spirals. Holly – thanks.

Oh – I about forgot. “Worlds Away” is Incredible. Kal – it just continues to get really bad for you. I think by the time you see the credits roll, being famous is the LAST thing you’ll want to be!

Paul, Holly – thanks for the evening, the great conversation, enjoy the rest of your time here. Shoot-, I don’t think I even properly thanked you for dinner – Thanks! I look forward to returning the favor in Halifax. 


June 12, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kernal Krapper keeps krapping

I simply do not know where to begin with Kernal Boner's latest shenanigans. The moron has been on a tirade today so I do suppose the first place I will start at is Kal now saying he is publishing a scientific paper on nanotechnology. My response to this? ahahahahahhaaaahhhahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaahhhhaa!
Kal is complete off his nut now with the headline BREAKING NEWS! Col. Kal Korff to PUBLISH First Scientific Paper on Nantechnology: HOW It was Used To PROVE Gil Gilbertson, Deputy Jim Geiger ARE CORRUPT!

Now I don't care much about this shooting business or any of that but only care about certain things Kal claims about his involvement and his writing a legal defense and his Internet website slop book thing supposedly being part of some court evidence and the like of his more outrageous claims.

So if Kernal Corndog is going to publish a scientific paper on nanotechnology? So just what education does Kal have that qualifies him to write a scientific paper on nanotechnology? The answer is NONE! What scientific peer panel reviewed the paper. yes you guessed correctly it is NONE! And what proof does Kal have that he actually has any actual nanotechnology? NONE! And just what recognized scientific journal is this going to be published in? NONE! I could go on about how idiotic this nonsense from Kernal Conniving is but it is so patently absurd that not even the most gullible of people would believe it. And yes Kal can say he published a paper on nanotechnology but so can endless grade school and high school students who have already written papers for school. thee are likely preschoolers have made color pencil scribblings with more scientific value than kal could ever dream of.

I could go on about Kal and his "Konfessions" where he confesses how badly he felt about breaking a little girl's heart in sixth grade. But I think I will spare everyone the pathetic juvenile drama Kal tries to create by describing his "going steady" with a girl and then breaking up with her. It is some of the wrost rubbish and brain rot I have ever had the displeasure of reading. I think this little piece also gives one qutie a bit of insight into how little growth emotionally Kal has had since the sixth grade. And remember that Kal refused to dance. ahahahahahhhaaaaaahhha!
I have a much better idea here for Kal. He should start apologizing to the people he has insulted and outright LIED about instead of wasting his time apologizing to a girl who liekly doesn't even remember him and that is IF any of it ever happened to begin with or this is just more of Kal giving his warped interpretation of events. And why would Kal have to say that this sweeping sixth grade romance was not serious??? this all speaks volumes about the level of emotional maturity Kal actually possesses. See kal if you weren't wasting all your time on this nonsense and actually got out a little more socially you might have an idea of what life could really be like instead of the absurdly ludicrous fantasy you live in.

And Kal keeps the hits rolling out with "Lori is a human being, a woman, and I honestly believe that women are the HIGHEST life forms on this planet." this would explain Kal using half naked women in his videos and focusing a camera on a woman's ass and her chest. My opinion is Kal DOES NOT respect women because if he did he would not have EXPLOITED the woman wearing the vest and FAKE badge in those pictures of video or whatever it was. Yet another fabulous example of Kal Mr.Hypocrite Korff at work.

And what in the bloody hell is this with kal making third peson references to himself???????? "But I refused. I refused to dance. Something was clearly wrong, Kal Korff would not dance, and he would not sing."

ahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahhhhaaaahahahahahahahah!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kernal Dork and Mr. threats

I found this lovely picture of Kal on the Internet and must say I think it to be no exaggeration and it is likely Kal in his most natural state. But I think Kernal Dork's strong alter ego Mr. Threats--- you know the one where Kal is feeling weak and threatened and vulnerable and Mr.Threats comes on out exclaiming how he will get even with everyone by arresting and suing them and reporting them and ending their careers and lives and how he tried to warn them all it was coming and they should have listened---is really in charge. But everyone knows that nothing ever happens when Mr.Threats comes out other than everyone laughing their asses off at the preposterous threats made.

But I often wonder if Kal might have multiple personalities. Just my personal opinion about this question I pose but anything is possible after all. Look at the various videos Kal has made and the many different versions of Kal you see. In a video where Kernal in such a fashion as only could be found on an actual reality show Kal talks in a depressed fashion about how David Beeidny supposedly threatened to kick Kal's fat ass around. Then there are the videos with the ridiculous cowboy hat Kal wears where we get to see Kernal Crapfest shoot his big mouth off. Then we get see yet another version of Kernal Kal-is-rael on a two video babble-athon. We've also seen Kernal Catnip try and be Mr. Hip by changing his hair style and wearing fashionable tshirts while he wears a shoulder bag trying way too hard to be metro and savvy. Kal even tries to be Mr. Dapper by wearing a short sleeve black button up shirt with his new hair and silly Freddy Mercury mustache. Then there's Mr. Urban Cowfolk Kal with the whole vest and cowboy hat bit going on. There's also Mr. Combat Camouflage's camouflage tshirt and then there's Mr. God I wish I was the Fonz where Kal sports a leather jacket and a tshirt. And who could ever remove the burned image of Kal wearing a work out shirt with the neck and sleeves cut out trying to show off what he must think if a good physique. I know I know I couldn't eat for the rest of the day after seeing that repulsive image of Kal. I'm still traumatized over that video.

I see Kernal Cupcake is making up for not having a video camera with this amateur offering and little hissy fit about Paul Kimball. If Kal was indeed an analyst or had the high IQ he claims then Kal would be smart enough to know that he is being publicly man handled by Paul in absolute brutal fashion. Kal would also be smart enough to figure out that Paul has a billion times more class than Kal could imagine having. It would take a few brain cells to figure all of this out so that should tell you just where Kal sits and his high IQ is utter babbling. I think Paul will have an interesting ten days in Prague tracking down what Kal has REALLY been doing in Prague and this ludicrous rant Kal is on about through his Internet website is fear settling in on Kal. If Kal were any sort of real man or mature adult then Kal would send Paul an email and ask to meet. But we know how scared Kal is of face to face interaction after Kal turned coward and did not accept an invitation made by Paul to fly Kernal Turnip to a face to face debate with Kevin Randle.

All of this silly stuff Kal is saying about Paul is so obviously his cowardice bleeding through. Kal fears being EXPOSED for the lonely and pathetic loon he is. But the past has proved one thing about Kernal Crabby and it is that he will never abandon his delusional safe harbor where Kal thinks the world waits with baited breath for what Kernal Crotch is going to do next. I suppose this might be true in part because there are after all a handful of people in the world can't wait to see what Kal does next but only out of pure curiosity for the next round of crazed shit the little maniac comes out with next be it more threats or nutty claims of having a court actually accept a completely amateur slop work Kal calls a book accepted into some sort of evidence or any other number of rants or outlandish tales spun as only Kernal CAPSLOCK can spin.

I suggest Kal should call his autobiography A little life mae bigger with CAPITAL LETTERS!!!!! Or maybe he should call it I AM THE COLONEL: MY LIFE IN CAPS. Or how about THEY CALL ME HONEYTRAP BOY. Anyone have any snazzy titles for Kal's autobiography that will soon be available in pdf format from an obscure Internet website that has no where near the Internet website traffic claimed because a liar manipulated the data in order to fool the public into thinking he was someone important?

Please keep the laughs coming Kernal Crackhead. ahahahahahahahaha

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kal "Mr.Threats" Korff

Sad, pathetic and dumb old Kal is up to his usual rubbish after a small town newspaper righteously trounced Kernal Kal with HIS OWN WORDS!! This just seems to keep happening everywhere and continues to get worse and worse and worse for Kal as he continues to be EXPOSED IN THE MEDIA. I would not want to be Kal Korff right now after again losing to his own worst enemy which is the big mouth he has that he just cannot seem to shut opening it at all the wrong times. Utter buffoons like Kal K. Korff litter the Internet and leave the rest of the grounded world laughing and scratching our heads in utter bewilderment. The Internet is a wonderful world full of dimwits readily offering themselves up to the world for our entertainment pleasure. Kal also shows us how not to act and that his being a complete asshole will never change because he frankly has nothing else better to do with his time.

Our infamous self described Israeli agent who refers to himself as a "Colonel" for an Israeli founded organization got treated properly to a shovel full of his own words by a reporter in an entertaining and often hilarious article complete with a posting from Conniving Kal himself demanding retraction and correction with somewhat restrained outrage. Kernal Krackpipe will never receive I can assure you as everyone knows that people acting out in public and acting bizarre make great news stories and our very own Kernal Krust does indeed make one wonder how someone gets to such a low place.

Yes our beloved Kernal Kracked Pot has provided us some rather nice contradictions and more rubbish to point out showing what a loon he is. Now Kal claims that his credentials "are also sworn before the U.S. Court." What Credentials?????? What court????? But as usual Kal is just opening his mouth and littering everyone with more of his nonsense that he can't prove. And what credentials really is Kal on about?? I suppose Kal could have provided his old press pass proving he once wrote for a free newspaper. Kernal Cookie Dough could show some of his newspaper clippings proving someone once thought he was an entertaining kid. Kal could dazzle a court with his pay stubs from his time as a telephone tech support person. perhaps that snappy science award ribbon would just make a judge fall all over himself to believe all Kal has to say. ahahahahaahh I think about the only real "credential" Kal might have is a high school diploma and an out dated food workers card.

But will Kal ever prove this latest claim? Of course he won't because he is Kal Korff and with that comes along a highly elevated and dependable double standard of a kind that only Kal has. Kernal Crevasse DEMANDS other provide proof of their claims but when Kal K. Korff makes a claim his OWN RULES DON'T APPLY!! Kal LOVES accusing many other people of not having ethics and equal standards and so on and so forth. YET IT IS Kal K. Korff who can't even follow his own standards!!!! Kernal Krapola is now going so far to say he never used the term "nanobot" when he did IN HIS OWN WORDS!! There are videos MADE BY AKL showing him saying this very thing!!! Earth to Kal earth to Kal you need to pull your head out of your ass and come up for air! McKal? Is anyone home???????

But please do not bother poor dumb fumbling Kal with this because he is too busy trying to cover his tracks by claiming he has been a target of hate and describes himself as a "victim" and says that everyone who questions him or calls him out is out to get him and it is all hate! How CONvenient that the moment Kal starts getting exposed and caught in his own words he SUDDENLY is a victim!

Contrary to the LIES and all out mud slinging Kal likes to do this blog is not about hate and is simply about exploring the life and times and claims and utter nonsense of a public figure and public idiot named Kal K. Korff. Kal can keep on trying his usual little tap dance by trying to label everyone poiinting out the obvious nonsense Kal puts out there in the public as a hateful person or racist. The plain truth is that Kal is being EXPOSED and he does not like having the tables turned and being exposed as a HYPOCRITE. And trying to use racism as a way to get out of a hard spot is the WRONG thing to do Kal! racism happens all the time and when nuts like you start screaming "racism" and "hate" and nothing of the kind is happening it makes it harder for people who actually and sadly are subjected to hate and racism. Stop crying "wolf" Kal just STOP!

Free speech is what it is called Kal. Free speech and opinion is where Kal always runs and hides so he can spread his hate and it is hate driven. Kal will try any underhanded move and will say anything with the slight hope it does harm to someone who has exposed him. Take a look at what Kal has said about Paul Kimball, Royce Meyer, Kevin randle, David Beeidny and several other people inlcuding people who comment here on this blog. Kal has threatened to "sue" and "nail" and have people "prosecuted" and in the same breath Kal likes to yammer on about how hate is wrong and we should forgive people more and be compassionate to people and how everything is wrong with the world.
Kal is part of his own stated problem. Stop hating Kal. Just stop it. A good point here is that Kal often likes to say that people got something wrong by saying a person "blew it with both lips." Is Kal a homophobe? Obviously he has a problem with gays if he makes such an inference. So now I suppose anyone could just turn right around and say that Kal is making hateful comments against gays. Are you Kal? Is Kal Korff a gay basher???? See how it works because it is the sort of despicable and underhanded contrived crap Kal pulls when backed into a corner with no where to go. Of course Kal always has a place to go and that is to use hate to sling accusations, innuendo and lies at people who have pegged his outright rubbish so he can get back at them.

Kal "Mr.Threats" Korff. This moniker covers it. all threats and no action or proof.

Kal Korff is a hater. who else goes after people with such vindictive and spiteful pettiness? Kal Korff does and this latest threat to publish a book about Paul Kimball and this is what Kernal Konniving wrote "I hope you enjoy the new work, it is being sold for money for one reason only: those of you who were "smart enough" to ever "believe" Paul Kimball where it concerns his many false claims about me, SHOULD PAY."

SHOULD PAY? I thought only God ws passing judgement these days so said Kal. Looks like perhaps Kal thinks he is God. Good job there and all Kal "Mr.Threats" Korff.
By the way, someone wrote me a rather nice email about Kal "Mr.threats" Korff and why he posts all those silly Internet website video clips to his Internet website.

"It is widely known by those Kal has attempted to smear in the past that Kal uses key-wording, phrasing and a variety of methods to drive traffic to his site.
For fuck's sake, Kal even uses Elvis and jailhouse rock as keywords. He embeds those popular Youtube vids in order to drive people to his website.
If you go to you will find that Kal's site barely gets traffic. This ludicrous hit counter indicating millions and millions of hits is pure poppycock.
If you plug in the websites of those Kal is on about, you'll see that his website traffic claims hold no water at all. Type in a few of the websites of the people Kal has targeted and do a comparison. You'll see they readily exceed any traffic Kal is dreaming about."

Not that I am at all savvy when it comes to computer and Internet website stuff but I did a bit of a comparison and it is clear that ther is no way possible Kal's Internet website has all of the Internet hits he is claiming it has. this also means that Kal's claim that 100,000 or more persons have downloaded that god awful thing Kal calls a book is another steaming pile right from Kernal Krackhead's big mouth.

Paul Kimball if you are reading this I hope you have a pleasant stay in Prague. It is an amazing city! Cheers to you and have fun on the tram and I can't wait to get a look at your documentary on Kal when it is completely wrapped up. And Paul I would love to have you sign a copy of Kal's new book on you for me. $19.95 for a book from Kal? ahahahhhaaahhhhaaaa I'd rather wipe my ass with a rusty euro that waste it on Kal. ahahahahaaahhhaa How many years has it been since you announced that five-hundred book deal Kal and exactly how many books have been published in that deal? ahahahahahah

Kal "Mr.threats" Korff strikes again! If Kal wants to write a book he should write one on a subject he is an unquestioned expert in and he should call it "How to hate, make threats, and get even with those who have embarrassed you to your core" give it a try Kal becuase I am so very sure it would be a best seller! ahahahahahaha