Monday, March 28, 2011


Lads it looks as though Kal is keeping it up with ALL THE LIES. This time Kal said Don Ecker was going to be sued and served papers and you know the usual bit that twat Kal goes on about when someone calls Kal out and tells the truth about him. How many times must Kal over play this tired old hand of LYING about suing people???? Kal has been caught so many times I have lost count lads.

Don Ecker HAS NOT received ANY legal documents or been sued. Kal is a barmy little man with a big bark but no bite. Hell lads the twat has no teeth to speak of. Kal is quite the duffer with his big mouth. Kal should belt up and know by now that the laughs are never ending when he dishes on about lawsuits especially when KAL K. KORFF IMPERSONATES A LAWYER and then LIES about various law firms that DO NOT REPRESENT KAL in any manner and HAVE NEVER HEARD OF KAL.

What lie will you be flogging next Kal? We have all been through your various lies about being a colonel and being a genius and an accredited journalist and the mountain of lies you stand on Kal.  Not only is Kal K. Korff an idiot he is also a liar.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kal K. Korff is living in the past

Kal loves to brag and it matters not how old the brag is. Fleeting fame that came to Kal as fast at it went 18 YEARS AGO on CNN. The fact that it is 18 YEARS OLD stops not our very own Kernal Krackpot from boasting of an appearance on Larry King Live. In the picture of Kal from that time he actually looks half sane compared to the raving lunatic now aimlessly roaming the streets of Prague and stalking people on the worldwide web.  since Kal likes to live in the past how about we revisit something else from kal's past?  Shall we lads?  Yes we shall.

San Jose Mercury News
January 23, 1994
JEFF GOTTLIEB, Mercury News Staff Writer

Kal Korff aims to solve some of the world's great enigmas such as Kennedy's assassination, Noah's boat ride and UFO appearances.

Palo Alto computer nerd Kal Korff appeared on Larry King's television show in November to prove that Lee Harvey Oswald alone killed President John F. Kennedy. He's developed software that allows you to test your very own conspiracy theory and fire at the president's motorcade.

The JFK assassination is the least of the mysteries Korff says his organization, Total Research, plans to solve. Try UFOs, the Loch Ness monster and the truth about Exodus, Sodom and Gomorrah, Noah's Ark, Jesus Christ and the Shroud of Turin for starters.

There are limits, though. "We will not investigate Elvis sightings," Korff said. "We are not lunatics."

Clearly, though, Kal Korff is different from other tech heads who come home or work to play computer games or watch reruns of "Star Trek." Korff, a college dropout whose job is solving customer software problems at Apple's Claris Corp. software subsidiary in Santa Clara, says he has spent $100,000 of his own money in the past five or six years to finance his quests for "The Truth." And he has big plans -- for books, videos and computer software documenting the results.

Total Research describes itself as a think tank composed of "a select group of scientists, technical experts, historians, philosophers and theologians who use their skills to help solve challenging problems, the results of which have positive benefits for humankind."

A gathering of Nobel Prize winners it isn't. Among its members are a director of videos for local rock groups, a self-trained historian who sells real estate in Sonora, a manager of rock groups, a special effects expert and a graphic artist. About half are people Korff said he met through his UFO research.

''I'm out there to find the truth," Korff repeats over and over like a mantra, pointing to the evolution of his views of the JFK murder from conspiracy to the work of a lone nut.

But that's a tall order when investigating mysteries quite literally of biblical proportions: Does the the Shroud of Turin show the image of Jesus? Exactly where and when did the Exodus take place? And did Noah really take that boat ride?

Korff, 31, says he seeks only the truth, wherever the truth may lead.

But the head of his group's archaeology and history division, Brad Sparks, who has written a 600-page manuscript on the Exodus, describes himself as "a conservative evangelical Christian" who believes in a literal interpretation of the Bible and is scientific assistant to the president of the fundamentalist Christian Research Institute in Orange County.

It might follow that he would have a particular slant when trying to prove or disprove parts of the Bible. Korff doesn't think so. "The fact is this man has found stuff no one else has," said Korff.

Sparks said Korff has the same religious views as his, but "it's not a label he wants to advertise."

Korff said he is a Christian but rejects further labels.

Experts asked about Korff and company's biblical research said many of his facts were wrong and found some of his statements to be downright goofy.

Take his plan to ask the Vatican to allow him to test the Shroud of Turin.

''That's like saying, 'I'll have breakfast with the president. I'll call him at 10,' " said Brent Walters, an instructor of western religion at San Jose State University.

But Korff shrugs off the experts' criticism, saying they are biased. Almost all thinkers who are ahead of their time suffer ridicule or worse, Korff explains.

He forges ahead with his myriad schemes, hatching plans to help the homeless, advance animal rights and rebuild Solomon's temple in Jerusalem.

Korff's quest for truth started when he became interested in flying saucers at age 11. While still in high school, he lectured and wrote a book on the subject.

His interest in flying saucers has stayed with him. Although he says he is neither a debunker nor a believer, his search for the truth about UFOs gives a glimpse into the fervor of his efforts.

He remains obsessed with a Swiss UFO group centered around a one-armed farmer who claims beings from a far-off planet visit him and take him back in time and into the future.

In 1991, Korff let his brown hair grow, adopted a pseudonym and infiltrated the Billy Meier UFO group at its Swiss headquarters while toting a hidden video camera. He says a video of his expose will be released soon.

Korff's greatest talent may be his ability to garner publicity. He talked his way onto Larry King's CNN show in November, at a time when a score of JFK assassination buffs who had written books were dying for the chance.

Korff says King told him during a commercial break that he wanted to bring him back for a one-hour, one-man special on the JFK assassination. He also was hoping King would write the introduction to his assassination book.

King's publicist asked the talk show host about those plans. "He's not aware of this at all," she said. 

 I think Larry King is a good judge of character and obviously saw what an attention whore and moron Korff is. Good choice not allowing this nut and his collocks on the program again. I'm sure Kernal Kolon salivates at the mere thought of a return to big time television. Perhaps if Jerry Springer does a show on stalkers or delusional fools in silly cowboy hats then I think Kal has a pretty fair chance of making it back on television.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

OFFICIAL Kal Is An IDIOT youtube channel still in TOP 5!!!

Well lads it looks as though our very own youtube channel put up by FN is still holding in the TOP 5 with the Czech media as the the 3rd most subscribed to by Czech reporters!!! My understanding is that it is only a matter of time before many stories about this cracked fool Kal K. Korff are seen in the larger more reputable media in the Czech Republic. It must be embarrassing for Americans to have this arse running about at the mouth with his wild tales and crazy antics and whatnot. I want to address this nonsense about Kal being what he makes reference to as an accredited journalist. The simple truth behind this title Kal has anointed unto himself is IT IS A BLATANT LIE!!!!  There is NO SUCH THING as an accredited journalist!! Another lie coming from Kal is not at all surprising considering he is living a lie.  I just wonder how Kal can say he is a patriot to his country when he LIES claiming to be an Israeli agent?????? How many more times does Kal have to be EXPOSED for the PRETENDER and LIAR he is???????  Where are all the free ipads Kal????  FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL!!!!!!!!!  Speaking of failure and Kal because they go hand in hand............................
We can handle the truth Kal but it looks like you cannot. Add another notch to the FAIL stick that is Kal K. Korff. FAIL FAIL FAILURE!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kernal Konfused

If you had the power to expose the truth would you? Yes Kal you bloated hog we do it here at this blog every day by exposing the truth about you. For example here Kal you claim to be some sort of computer expert and claim that KAL IS AN IDIOT is a website. If you are such a computer expert Kal how is it that you cannot tell the difference between a blog and a website????  This is a BLOG you IDIOT! Kal cannot tell the difference between a blog and a website! ahahahahahahahhhaaa!!! Kal you stupid twat. No wonder your "career" in computers never went anywhere.  Brain tumor at Claris. Telephone support at Apple. Lowest bid contract worker for LLNL doing basic computer tech work. There are kids in grade school who know more about computers than your silly ass.

And I did suffer through that bumbling piece of shit video where Kal is walking around wearing women's sunglasses trying to do some sort of show. For fuck's sake Kal you have NO TALENT or SKILL where it comes to doing this sort of stuff. Just stop making us suffer and stop making such an arse out of yourself with this pathetic kiddie video making. It is just rather sad and pathetic much like like you. are you really THIS fucking stupid Kal????? ahahhhhaaaa At least you didn't release more of those less than dazzling pictures of you in the shower trying to bait some poor girl into your twisted little web. What are you Kal 50 years old now? What sort of 50 year old man does this sort of bollocks???? A bit creepy if you ask me.

And I received this bit from an anonymous source who worked with Kal at one point and said "Korff tried for years and years to replicate all of the Meier photos and video without success, only showing his best photo replications in his book.  Korff actually never revealed most of his attempts to the public because they were so laughable.  Instead of Korff doing the hard work and getting it done right, Korff had to wait for Phil Langdon to come and ride on Langdon's coattails.  It was just like Korff's disastrous bigfoot recreation attempt.  Korff always waits for someone else to do the work, then Korff jumps on the wagon for a free ride.  He's been doing this for decades now." No surprise here lads.

And by the way Kal the OFFICIAL Kal Is An IDIOT youtube channel has blown through any of your pathetic shitty little videos and has hit NUMBER 1 MOST SUBSCRIBED TO BY THE CZECH MEDIA! So Kal if you and your pretend colonel status and all of thes rest of that nonsense is so real and you are so connected to the media in the Czech Republic how is it that you have NEVER reached number 1????  ahahahahahahaha!!!  Chubby little loser.  National joke. Put that in your super silly secret pipe and shove it up your arse Kal! ahahahaha!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Is Kal K. Korff an internet pervert?

My dearest lads please accept my most humble of apologies to you all for making you look at this but I think we should all be thankful Kernal Kockroach didn't give us the full monty!!! I was going for some good nosh out but I can't bring myself to eat after seeing these disgusting pictures so I am sharing in your pain lads!!!!! I must wonders chaps if this sort of behavior violates any code of ethics the special secret super silly services might have. But since Kal is involved we all know there are no ethics barring anything Kernal Kolon does. Kal looks to be snogging his todger in some pictures but who really knows what the little freak is up to?Is Kal licking his thumb while trying to flex??  Here comes a honk!!!! I'm just as sick as you lads. Just as sickened by it all! No real professional colonel would ever engage in such foolery. 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

More laughs from Conniving Kal K. Korff

Just having laughed through Kal's newest and daft video full of more bollocks from Kal comes as no bloody surprise of any kind. Kal bodged this whole little video into a laugh fest. Another duff video from Kal proving nothing while I am sure Kal fancying himself by gagging to keep his little fantasy world together.

All the video proves is Kal owns a little vial and is able to fool people into believing his nonsense. Nonsense like he is somesort of colonel or that he is suing people or that he has nanodust. ahahahahahahahahahahaahh!!

Kal you've been EXPOSED and the Czech media is on to you and so now you are desperate to do anything to make yourself feel better.  KAL K. KORFF IS NOT A COLONEL IN AN ISRAELI SUPPORTED GROUP.  Just stop it Kal becuase idiots like you who interject themselves into such thing usually wind up getting good people hurt or killed. KAL K. KORFF IS NOT SUING ANYONE. Just stop with all the fake barristers and legal threats Kal. All you are trying to do is bully people into not exposing you for the fake you are and you are trying to cause people grief. KAL K. KORFF IS NOT HAVING THE POLICE COME AFTER ANYONE. We all know you are completely powerless Kal and the only way for you to lash out is with your petty revenge tactics of threatening lawsuits and arrest. It appears Kal that you have been doing this nonsense for many years and the results are the same with NOTHING happening to anyone. KAL K. KORFF DOES NOT HAVE NANODUST. Any idiot including Kal can go buy a little glass vial and dance around saying they have nanodust in it. KAL K. KORFF IS NOT A KRAV MAGA INSTRUCTOR OR TRAINER. A mate of mine is heavily into the martial arts including Krav Maga and you are not registered as an official instructor.

Kal just face the FACT that YOU HAVE BEEN EXPOSED. No one believes you and for a bloke saying you are into proof you have not provided any proof of any of your outlandish claims. By the way Kal I will be contacting the Pakistani government and so will others showing them your video and reporting you as a spy conducting experiment on their soil. Let's see how you do with that.

And here is the latest BOGUS legal threat from Kal the long winded gas bag "
Kal Korff: BREAKING NEWS! Don Ecker, who endorses torture and colludes with criminal cyberstalkers who repeatedly threaten to kill a U.S. citizen and Jew, Kal Korff, and are being investigated by police (as is Ecker), was sent a formal legal notice to RETRACT his libel, slanders and defamatory lies, which he made with deliberate malice. Below is the letter. Ecker has until March 15 to RETRACT, or five lawyers WILL sue him.

Kal Korff:  Here is the Formal Legal Notice Mr. Don Ecker was served with by email to his email address. In a few hours, a devastating video will appear across the Internet PROVING that Don Ecker LIED when he said that I did not go to the Indian-Pakistani border and plant nanodust in the soil for testing and tracking terrorists, as I have always truthfully claimed. In the video are witnesses who saw everything FIRSTHAND and know all about this, and helped PARTICIPATE in the operation I conceived of and designed. One of the bodyguards who also escorted to the locations, testifies against Ecker, and there is footage from the trip. The fine details are also in my new six book series on Islamofascism, haters, extremists and CONspiracy nuts. Don Ecker is one of many who are Xposed in it. As you can see, I was not exaggerating. I plan to sue six individuals. By the end of this month, two more of them will also be served. Praise YHWH, and may YHWH grant me justice.

NARINDER CHHIBBA (O) 0161-5009508
Advocate (R)0161-463422,4633423
New Courts Complex,

From: chibba advocate
Subject: Official Legal Notice of Lawsuit re Matter of Colonel Kal Korff
To: "decker0726 "
Date: Friday, March 11, 2011, 8:28 AM

Dear Mr. Ecker,

Enclosed as an attachment, please find a copy of our formal legal notice to you, informing you of our filing of lawsuits against you, and Colonel Kal Korff's willingness to appear on your show.

We look forward to your reply.

Sincerely yours,

Narinder Chhibba
Attorney At Law

March 11, 2011
To Mr.Don Ecker
Host and Producer of Darkmatters
Los Angeles Area
California, USA

Dear Mr.Don Ecker,

My name is Narinder Chhibba, and my office of five lawyers represents the international interests of Colonel Kal Korff, who you recently “attacked” on your self-produced Internet “radio” show where you engaged in libel, slander and defamation – all of which were made with deliberate, malicious intent.

We have received your disingenuous offer for Colonel Kal Korff to appear on your Internet-based show to answer what you call “charges” which is not even the correct way to say it.

False claims about Colonel Kal Korff, libel, slander and defamation are exactly what you knowingly engaged in, the fact you featured and colluded and provided and promoted a platform (your show) where you featured at least one criminal cyberstalker who is now under investigation by Czech police for “threatening to kill” a fellow American citizen and Jew, Kal Korff, says all any reasonable person needs to know about you.

You are hereby officially notified with this letter to you, that we are now preparing legal actions against you. Colonel Korff has already turned over information to at least two police firms, who will now likely contact you as they start their investigations into your association with individuals who have threatened an American citizen and at least one Jew.

Furthermore, your “offer” for Colonel Kal Korff to appear on your show, within two week’s time, is not sincere, and your characterization of it is not truthful. You are also 100% aware of this fact.
For it is a fact that you never contacted Colonel Kal Korff directly, until AFTER SEVEN DAYS of your “deadline” had already passed. It is safe to say that normally, you extend invitations to guests to appear by contacting that person directly. You only did so after information was published proving that you are being exposed in a new series, and after Colonel Korff went public with the fact that you never sent him an invitation.

As you are completely aware, Colonel Kal Korff does not live in the United States, has not for over ten years, and does not listen to your show. He has no interest in doing so ever since you were exposed in a series of videos called “Desperate Don” for lying about him more than three years ago. You have never refuted nor disproved the contents of these video exposes of you.

None the less, since you have now finally extended a disingenuous offer for Colonel Kal Korff to appear on your show, you are hereby officially informed that Colonel Kal Korff accepts your offer in principle, on the following reasonable conditions that a contract be drawn up between the both of you which is legally binding and will insure that your side does not play any games nor engage in any further dishonesty, since you are the guilty party, and are being sued and now investigated by police. Kal Korff is not. You are.

Your snide, dishonest and rude letter to Colonel Kal Korff making reference to him having “sock puppets” is not worthy of a response, and is another falsehood, made knowingly by you, and you made it with deliberate, malicious intent.

Please understand two things: that we ARE taking legal and police actions against you, they have already begun and are now underway, regardless of whether Colonel Korff ever appears on your show, and that the easily verifiable exposes of you will still be published very shortly. This includes information about your collusion and conspiring with haters and extremists, and individuals who engage in criminal cyberstalking and make death threats against American citizens like yourself, and someone who is Jewish.

You have our permission to publish this letter, or talk about it on your show, but should you elect to do so, you MUST publish it in its entirety, unedited. You are not legally permitted to quote selective excerpts from it, and we will be releasing this letter to the media and several mutual acquaintances of yours, regardless, including Hollywood producers and top investigative journalists in the mainstream media who are completely in knowledge about Colonel Kal Korff, what he does, and what he says and what he stands for. It is important that the truth be exposed, even if it at your expense.

Should you dare claim that Colonel Kal Korff has “refused” to be on your show or that our reasonable demand for a legally binding contract for both him and you is in any way onerous or insincere, we will sue you for yet another count of libel, slander, defamation made with deliberate malicious intent, since you have been warned and informed to the contrary and cannot “deny” the contents of this letter.

You have until 15 March to contact us to begin discussions to arrange a mutual agreed upon contract between the both of you to lock in Colonel Kal Korff’s appearance on your show and to also arrange for your public RETRACTION and disavowing of your lies, false statements, slanders, libels and defamations you made (all with deliberate malice) against Colonel Kal Korff.

Should you decline this offer, since we are not obligated to even make it, although we are doing so because we wish to settle this affair amicably despite your illegal behaviour and association with criminal cyberstalkers and individuals who “threaten to kill” a fellow American and a Jew, we will proceed with what I am stating: legal action and police action against you, since your behaviour is objectively demonstrable as being illegal and therefore criminal, under the laws of the United States, California (where you live) and international laws, the laws of the European Union,Czech Republic and even India.

You have until 15 March to respond accordingly, or face rightful consequences. We are not bluffing. Once we file suit, we will never settle, but press for you to be fully prosecuted with full damages and penalties in accordance with the laws.

Sincerely yours,

(Narinder Chhibba)
Attorney at Law
Official Legal Counsel and Attorney for Colonel Kal Korff’s
International Interests and Rights"

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Coward Kal K. Korff is afraid of Don Ecker!

It looks like Kal is running the other way ad is too much of a COWARD to face one of his kritics. Don Ecker has sent out a very public invitation to have Kal appear on Dark Matters radio but it looks like Kal is too afraid to do it.  All that after how Kal was throwing around the bollocks about him not being afraid to confront anyone and that he would always accept a debate challenge. I guess that is true so long as it comes not from Paul Kimball, Kevin Randle, or Don Ecker. Kal has ducked a couple of debates now after claiming he would take them on. I think Kal's real fear lies in having to face a dose of reality and he can;t have that interfering with his delusions. Don't bother you with the facts eh Kal? ahahaahhhaaaa! Kal claims thathe has everyone on the run but if this is the case them how is it that Don Ecker wrote Kal the following "
To: Kalvin K Korff
From: Don Ecker-Host
Dark Matters Radio

After waiting another week in reference to my offer for you to appear on Dark Matters Radio, and with the two week period almost over, I am going to announce to the world that you are too cowardly to even answer me on my offer for you to come on my radio program.

Everyone now knows what a blowhard and liar you are Kalvin K Korff, everyone knows. I will now make it known to all those that don't know you how cowardly you are, and still living in the "Ozone Layer".

Don Ecker
Dark Matters Radio

PS Did you notice that I signed my name and didn't try to BS you that I was someone else? Turd."

Kal IS NOT suing anyone. Kal IS NOT having anyone prosecuted.  Kal IS NOT being represented by a lawyer. Kal IS NOT a colonel in any Israeli intelligence group.  Kal HAS NEVER SUED anyone he claimed he would. There is one undeniable fact about Kal and it is that Kal Is An IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kal K. Korff gets EXPOSED again!!!!

Look what some nice lad sent me.  By the way Kal you will be EXPOSED here and on the official Kal Is An IDIOT youtube channel

By the way Kal this picture was taken TODAY and this chap tells me the personnel management department for Boeing is open Monday for anyone to drop by and have a check.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Official Kal Is An IDIOT Youtube channel skyrockets!!

Time to stop looking away and ignoring the FACT that you have been EXPOSED Kal and the fine folks in the Czech Republic know it. The OFFICIAL Kal Is An IDIOT youtube channel is number 1 with Czech reporters subscribing to it!!!

Now the Czech media is on to your antics Kal and the goodpeople of the Czech Republic are warned about you. So where are all of your big media connections to rescue you now Kal?? Where is your new talk show or your new magazine or paper?

Let me share with you Kal some numbers that have come in and have in every way surpassed your pathetic little videos.

#716 - Most Subscribed (This Week)
#115 - Most Subscribed (This Week) - Reporters
#10 - Most Subscribed (This Week) - Czech Republic
#1 - Most Subscribed (This Week) - Reporters - Czech Republic
#89 - Most Subscribed (This Month) - Czech Republic
#3 - Most Subscribed (This Month) - Reporters - Czech Republic
#17 - Most Viewed (Today) - Reporters - Czech Republic
#37 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Reporters - Czech Republic

Now I'm just waiting for you to become number 1 on the Czech police's radar.  Best of luck on that there Kal. ahahahaahahah!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kal K. Korff refuses to directly confront Don Ecker!

It looks like the bollocks of Kal K. Korff have finally caught up with him.  After being EXPOSED on Don Ecker's radio program and after the official Kal Korf Is An IDIOT youtube channel shot up the charts in the Czech Republic to the top 4 most viewed by the media it looks like Kal is hiding behind facebook and again giving the dodge to a challenge.

You see lads Don Ecker posted a challenge to Kal to come on the radio with him and all Kal has been able to muster is more phony promises, phony lawyers and threats. Kal is too much of a coward to go head to head with any bloke who calls him out.

It is over Kal. Your cowardice and codswallop have been EXPOSED! The Czech media is on to your game and so are the fine citizens of the Czech Republic. The Czech police are pursuing your diddles. The U.S. embassy has been notified. Enough of your whinges and waffling you stupid twat. I'd say you should have stopped before you were ahead but we all know that was never the case with you Kolonel Kolon.

Kal K. Korff has had his own game of "exposing" people turned on him.  How does it feel Kal?  taste of your own medicine there eh?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Official KIAI youtube channel skyrockets!!!!!

It looks like the truth about Kal K. Korff is seeing more than a bit of light here lads.  Thanks to well known poster FN who has nicely put up a youtube channel for our blog here the official Kal Is An IDIOT youtube channel has shot up the charts and in a matter of less than 24 hours it has shot from being number 37 to now being number 9 as the most viewed by the Czech media! The channel is also now number 92 as the most viewed in the entire Czech Republic!!!!  Utterly ace here lads!!

Read it an weep Kal! The official Kal Is An Idiot youtube channel is now number 9 with the Czech Media!!! Is this the sort of media exposure you were threatening people with for years now that never came about? Well here it is right in your face you bloody prat.

I'm eagerly awaiting to see Kal's dim witted look in the papers here soon. Posing as a colonel in counter terrorism and ripping off one of the most beloved humanitarians in the Czech Republic would likely get anyone some attention here. Looks like Kal will be on a short list for a long flight back to the states soon.

And it looks like Kal is stil ILLEGALLY IMPERSONATING a barrister. Don Ecker posted another anonymous server email that certainly appears to be from that bloated twat Kal. Read on lads...............

From: "Anonymous Remailer (austria)"
Date: March 1, 2011 5:49:10 PM EST
Subject: Don Ecker's lies and slander


I represent Colonel Kal K Korff of the Israeli founded Special Secret Services. Recently Don Ecker, broadcasting his "show" on your website, SLANDERED AND LIBELED Colonel Korff on many different levels.
Don Ecker is a noted LIAR, FRAUDSTER, AND SUPPORTER OF TORTURE. His unhealthy obsession with Colonel Korff has made him commet several ILLEGAL acts on his radio show.
Ultimately, Cyber Station USA is responsible for the content of Don Ecker's program.

This is a notice for you to REMOVE Don Ecker and his show from your web service or YOU will be held accountable in several lawsuits that Colonel Korff will be filing against Don Ecker.

Law Office of Robert D. Coviello

Nice try Kal but your bollocks got you nowhere except more in the eye of the public that now sees there is no level low enough for you to stoop that you will try to harass and bring hatred upon people who have EXPOSED you for the DAFT and DELUSIONAL  you are. And just remember now Kal that you brought all this aggro on yourself with that big mouth you have attached to your fat head. Too bad Kal can't just belt up. Don't worry Kal because all that codswallop of yours has finally caught up to you Kal you gormless knob.

And don't forget about F1 Racer's appearance on Dark matter Radios retelling the long known and infamous Kal K. Korff allegedly ripping off one of the greatest humanitarians in the Czech Republic. Give a listen here...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Don Ecker CHALLENGES Kal K. Korff

Wel there lads it looks like we shall see if Kal K. Korff can rise to the challenge just issued by Don Ecker!!! read on chaps!!


I am going to do what korff would NEVER have the guts to do .. I am inviting him to appear on Dark Matters Radio to answer what he claims are my lies. In other words kal .. this is a public invitation to come on my radio show, DARK MATTERS RADIO, to answer your kritics! Not for 10 minutes, not for 30 minutes but for the entire 2 (two) hours. Live phone calls, questions, the whole enchilada to a very large audience. Fridays show we had over 50,000 tune in according to CyberstationUSA which can track how many are listening. Then!! over 4,000 downloads over the next 2 days. More than you could imagine kal. You game kalvin? I will NOT CENSOR anything you say, but if you claim something be ready to back it up.

I am going to post my invitation on FaceBook, my DMR blogsite and if anyone here has a direct line to korff, please advise me via email. FN and F1 racer both know how to contact me. I want to make sure korff gets this ASAP. Oh, one more thing ... forget that horseshit that he might do it in April or May or June. Within the next 2 Weeks. I can interview him on Skype. Lets see who has the biggest balls on this block.

Don Ecker

 You are all out of excuses Kal. Stop running and hiding. Kal has called Don Ecker and Kevin Randle cowards. I guess we shall see who the true coward is this time. At least Kevin Randle and Don Ecker have the balls to call you out. Stop being such a twat Kal. Time to man up.

OFFICIAL Kal Is An IDIOT Youtube channel most viewed by reporters today!!!!!!

The youtube channel set up by our very own FN only mere hours ago is now rated  #32 - Most Viewed (Today) - Reporters - Czech Republic as most viewed today by Czech journalists!!!!!! Be sure to visit and subscribe as soon as you can!!

Much more will be added and I believe that a multiple segment video series EXPOSING Kal in addition to the Dark Matters Radio shows will be added to the channel!!!

A quick update here lads!!  WE ARE NOW #17 - Most Viewed (Today) - Reporters - Czech Republic!!!!!!

We have moved up 20 places in a matter of mere hours here chaps!!! Kal wants media attention and now the daft fool is getting his wish! ahahahahahhhaaaa!!!