Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Truth Pisses Down on Kal K. Korff

We think it’s time for an update. After the amazing response the Syndicate received regarding the radio appearance of our own Kal Israel, the flood gates have opened up regarding new information and historical (and hysterical) events that we thought were done and over with but surprise, surprise… they are not.

* Santa in a Floppy Hat is going to start doing live broadcasts on YouTube. This thing is hosted on the Youtube platform and we think you need to be part of Google+. It's all new to use. Anyway, add yourself to Kal Israel's circle (the host and SIAFH connection device). If you see yourself there and it's not right, etc., add yourself again. We will sort this out. Join the fun!

Click this link and join the circle or, if you know how to deal with this YouTube Live Broadcasting thing in a simpler way (we have to be a member of + to broadcast), help us out with a blog post.

* One of our newest members, Andre, has sent us some very interesting and very current information. We our combing through this information and we are sure that it will make for one (if not more) very enlightening threads.

* One of our most senior Korffer’s is putting the final touches on a new thread.

* A blog user of unknown origin has promised some material with (what looks to be) a more educated view, you know... some $10 words. We like, we like.

* We’ve been working on securing some old data to flesh and some very interesting events from the hallowed, humbled and honored Korffing year - circa 2009. We are closing in on this information for what we hope will be our year ending thread to celebrate of our 8th year of monitoring and exposing Kal K. Korff.

Lastly, we are trying to get more interest in Kal Isreal, FN, WAG and a few others to make more media appearances. You can help by contacting podcasts that are involved with the paranormal (UFO’s and Bigfoot) and podcast that are interested behavioral studies. Just think of it, maybe even Korff "media-giant" could be convinced that there really is more to Korff than they care to believe.

If you hit gold, please inform the Syndicate ~ kiaiblogspot@gmail.com

The Face May Change ~ The Lunacy Remains The Same

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Once again; Kal K. Korff, a proven a liar and coward

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We will be using this more often. Please pass this around. We need ideas, etc. We are a bit new to this tech...
Korffing Syndicate

 Kal Israel Appearance - LINK
Can't find the e-mail Korff? Here: LINK

Kal K. Korff and his Linkedin Account

And the ruse kontinues... This "school" does not currently exist, it hardly existed at all. No activity on the social networks Korff set up or on it's web site Korff contracted out to build. No teachers, no students, no activity at all. Just Korff, making this school a matter of the public record, hoping that this will prove his claim that this school, and his fake army, and all the rest of his phony claims are, a matter of the pubic record.

The only factual matter of the public record is this; do a internet search on Kal Korff. There you will find Korff's public record; fully vetted and factual.

Korff's Linkedin Account