Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kal K. Korff FAILS ON ALL FRONTS!!!!!!!!

Well lads as we all knew would happen Kal K. Korff has crawled back in his hole to hide from the WEBSITE EXPOSING his past!!! I do believe lads that Kal was fond of saying that you can't hide from facts. What else is there to say here about this all lads?

So Kal where is the bloody KMPG audit and everything else you have LIED about all these years now????????? We all know it was utter rubbish all along Kal!  You FOOLED NOBODY you imbecile!

Kernal Koward will never step forward unless it is him impersonating a barrister again!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Jimmy D to Kal K. Korff: PROVE IT!

KIAI commenter Jimmy D has issued the following challenge to Kal K. Korff: "
"Buy the latest edition of 'The Times of India' (which is sold nationwide, so don't tell us you couldn't find a copy) and have yourself photographed holding it with the top front page headline clearly visible. Then post that photo on your Facebook page on the same day on which it was taken."
Kal's public claims of being in India have been heavily questioned and since Kal likes to say that it is up to others to prove their claims then lads I would like to see Kal live up to his own if any standard for once. Time to put it up or shut it up Kal.

Oh and lads we are now the NUMBER 1 GOOGLE search hit for Kal Korff.