Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The countless FAILURES of Kalvin Korff #8

In yet ANOTHER of the never ending FAILURES of Kalvin Korff, here we see Kalvin in one of his mind numbing video rants claiming to show the world nanotechnology components.

Kalvin rants and rambles about yet another newspaper article about him being false and Kalvin continues to decry the San Jose Mercury News article that EXPOSES him! Kalvin rages on in the second part of the video rant claiming people involved in the San Jose Mercury News article were coming forward with statements saying the article was bogus and that a chap named Royce Meyers knew the article was bogus and conspired to circulate it! So I suppose back in 1994 all of these dastardly people got together and were out to get Kalvin Korff!

Where, oh, where does your lunacy and fantasy end Kalvin?!?!?! So Kalvin, when do we get to see all of these people who are supposedly coming forward to prove the article was bogus? Your video was put up on May 11, 2008. It is now nearly three months later and Kalvin has ONCE AGAIN FAILED to prove anything.

In this video Kalvin evens claims to proves he has nanotechnology. Kalvin shows a small bottle he says contains nanotechnology components saying, "So I remind people that nobody can just pull nanobot components out of one's butt, it is not possible. But if one is legitimate in telling the turth it is possible and I was telling the truth all along."

An empty bottle. Impressive. Maybe impressive for an idiot like Kalvin Korff who might actually believe he has nanobots. Not so impressive for those who require more than Kalvin's word. Now I'm curious if anyone ever received those nanbot components since Kalvin promised he would send them out to prove he really did have them. Of course, this is the same Kalvin Korff who has endlessly said his book is being published "later this year" when it is in fact NOT BEING PUBLISHED. Better watch out all, Kalvin Korff might mail you an empty bottle! Oh, goodness.

The countless FAILURES of Kalvin Korff #7

Now after watching Kalvin Korff's publicly embarrassing and desperate attempt to cover up his being EXPOSED by a newspaper article from 1994, let us look back to a date where yet another FAILURE of Kalvin Korff's takes place.

On May 26, 2007 Kalvin announced that he would be releasing a new line of books about this Roswell flying saucer business on the anniversary widely celebrated by the town of Roswell, New Mexico.

Kalvin stated on his website that he would be releasing a "historic and unprecedented" nine book series about the Roswell flying saucer. This was last year Kalvin made this announcement and this supposed book series would showcase "new evidence" and would "shock everyone."

Kalvin wrote on his website "The first volume, which analyzes and exposes the skeptical writings of noted UFO skeptic Philip J. Klass, is scheduled for release the first week of July, on the anniversary of Roswell."

Hmmmmm. Where have we all heard a claim of a book being published and never seeing it? I wonder where? Oh, wait a moment, I remember now. It was Kalvin Korff who promised to show the world a video of him mailing the manuscript of his new terrorism book to a publisher. And what does a book on terorism and this "new" Roswell flying saucer series have in common? Both have NEVER been published!

Everyone knows Kalvin's terrorism book IS NOT being published by Prometheus Books. So where is this 3,500 page compilation Kalvin bragged about releasing on the sixtieth anniversary of the Roswell flaying saucer? Kalvin, you're only two anniversaries late now. Word is that Kalvin hasn't "published" his books due to the copy machine at the local 7-11 having been broken for some time now.

Yet ANOTHER in a LONG line of the HUMILIATING and COUNTLESS FAILURES. Oh, it doesn't end here. Oh, no! I just received an interesting email with some photos showing just how poor Kalvin's flying saucer research really is. Those will be available for all to see shortly!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Kalvin Korff is king in the land of confusion

I just watched Kalvin Korff's latest rant and it simply reinforces my opinion that Kalvin Korff is C-R-A-Z-Y!

Kalvin rambles about a newspaper article published by the San Jose Mercury News. In yet another painful video of Kalvin railing against the world, Kalvin holds up a newspaper article with a picture of him on the page. We know this is Kalvin because while pointing at the picture Kalvin says, "This is me here in this article."

Kalvin decries the article and its author by claiming it all to be false. What again reinforces my opinion that Kalvin is complete nut is Kalvin's "proof" that the article is false.

"In fact folks, the first obvious clue that this article is bogus, it happens with the media once in a while, is the photo that shows me on the cover. Notice folks that it shows me wearing glasses. I don't wear glasses."

Do we just Kalvin at his "word" after finding out how meaningless that is? So then how does Kalvin propose these glasses in a photo that he admits is of him, how did these glasses mysteriously get on Kalvin's face? Did the evil people at the San Jose Mercury News digitize those glasses onto the photo just to do it? Was the evil San Jose Mercury News out to get Kalvin Korff along with the rest of the world? Did the reading glasses fairy pop in and wave a wand magically making reading glasses appear on your face Kalvin? No, this is simply an unflattering article EXPOSING Kalvin's nonsense and he knows it. In fact, Kalvin is so desperate to make this article go away, that he will say anything.

Oh, wait. It gets CRAZIER! Just when you think Kalvin has reached the height of his lunacy, Kalvin says the San Jose Mercury News ran several stories about him, "It is one of several articles that the San Jose Mercury News has published on me over the years."

Just as Doctor Jekyll must turn into Mr.Hyde, Kalvin does a complete one-eighty and says the San Jose Mercury News only ran ONE article on him!!!! Kalvin first says the San Jose Mercury News has written "several articles" about him, then Kalvin claims there has only been one article written by the San Jose Mercury News about him!!!

Dipshit Kalvin is so desperate that he can't even get his own story straight about how many times he's been written about in a newspaper. Kalvin tries to confuse people by talking in circles and claiming the article is "bogus" but Kalvin SHOWS NO EVIDENCE at all to prove it! Kalvin was so frantic to explain away this newspaper article that I kept waiting for Kalvin to say we could ask his mommy if we didn't believe him

Kalvin said, "So folks I'm reminding you once again, that there's only one article ever written about me by the San Jose Mercury News." Kalvin, you're a LIAR and you're MISLEADING CONSUMERS by trying to steer people away from the EMBARRASSING TRUTH about you uncovered by a reporter who chose to do the RIGHT thing and publish your nonsense. Kalvin clearly is upset in the video and you can see he is having to hold in his anger back over the article being put up on the Internet. Kalvin even says "bullshit" in the video.

The San Jose Mercury News published at least two articles on Kalvin, this first article and then this second article.

Kalvin, first you say the photo is you and then the article is bogus because the photo shows you wearing glasses. Then you claim the San Jose Mercury News has published "several articles" about you, but later claim there to be only one article written about you in the San Jose Mercury News.

Kavlin rails against the story and the report for the simple reason that the article EXPOSED Kalvin and this is a good lesson in PUBLIC HUMILIATION for Kalvin to learn!

Kalvin goes on to say the author of the story was wrong about everything. But Kalvin provided NO PROOF of this. All Kalvin did was bash the report and the people who made the article available for the public to see. Kalvin says he has more articles about himself but that he will not publish the articles on the Internet. The reason for this is simple in that it will show the world that Kalvin Korff is an idiot and he knows it. Kalvin, either step up and post these articles or stop crying like the dumb-shit you've just shown the world you are.

Kalvin challenged those watching his video to get off their butts and do their own research and that he wouldn't do it for them. So that is exactly what I did. I sent Jeff Gottlieb an e-mail about Kalvin's accusations that the article authored by Jeff Gottlieb is false and this is the reply I received.

From: "Gottlieb, Jeff"
To: Kalisanidiot
Sent: Monday, July 28th, 2008
Subject: RE: Kal K. Korff

I stand by my article, and I take offense at him claiming I did anything unethical. I don't remember any meetings he had with anyone at the Mercury News after the article came out, and if it did happen, nothing came of it. As far as him challenging my accuracy, I've won a George Polk Award and have been nominated three times for the Pulitzer Prize.

So whose word shall you take? A professional reporter nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, or the word of a lone nut who believes he is a "colonel" in an anti terrorist organization who keeps making promises about suing and arresting people while claiming his book is going to be published by a particular publisher when it isn't?

Not a hard choice, if you ask me.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The countless FAILURES of Kalvin Korff #6

Continuing to take a look at the many FAILURES of Kalvin Korff, one must wonder what ever happened to all of these supposed police complaints Kalvin says he has filed. Kalvin claimed he filed complaints with police and the FBI against certain individuals.

A chap named Mac Tonnies was supposedly reported to the FBI by Kalvin. An Internet poster using the name BritInPrague and another poster using the name F1 Racer have supposedly been reported to the police by Kalvin. A fellow named David Biedny, an Internet user named DownWithKal and another user named George Orwell also are said by Kalvin to have been reported to the police, along with another Internet user named Zenatycizinec.

The question is why would Kalvin tie up the resources of the police with such petty complaints? What I find laughable in all of this is that Kalvin, the supposed tough guy anti terrorism agent, is crying like a two-year old kid to the police over Internet posters. Kalvin and his supposedly vast network and superior Special Secret Services, an organization supposedly hunting down international bad guys, can't even find out the identities of a few Internet posters and Kalvin has to run to the police? Hahahahaha!

Kalvin may have filed complaints with the police against a few people and the police probably had Kalvin's craziness on their radar miles away. Have any charges been filed? Has anyone been arrested? Is anyone in jail? The answer to all of those questions is a resounding NO. And why is that? It is because no one has committed a crime and it is Kalvin simply wanting to be a vexer and cause problems for the people who oppose him or call him out on his FALSE claims. Kalvin has also claimed he would report people to the governments in the counrty they reside within.

Why would Kalvin do any of this? Kalvin does this simply to attempt to induce fear. We are all raised to know that if you are reported to the police, then you are in trouble. This is a simple sociological and psychological principle ingrained in us all. Just ask Kalvin's brother Kurtis Kern Korff who is serving forty-months in prison. Kalvin counts on people to crumple under the weight of his threats, be it Kalvin threatening to sue, reprot you to the police, or his empty threats of exposing you in the media. There's another word for this type of behavior - it is called TERRORISM, the very thing Kalvin claims to stand against yet participates in on a regular basis.

This isn't the first nor the last time Kalvin will do whatever he can to cause problems for those who have simply disagreed with him or called him out. This is just Kalvin and his "have to get you back any way I can" syndrome.

Kalvin, you're a coward and always have been. Now run along little dog, tuck your tail between your legs and run home to mommy. And Kalvin, filing a false report with the authorities is a crime. Be sure you aren't breaking the law and filing false reports with the police or you might find yourself staring through some jail bars.

Kalvin Korff comes uncorked!

Looks like a flying saucer fellow has Kalvin Korff coming undone at the seams. This chap's name is Mike Horn and he is a promoter of a flying saucer believer named Billy Meier. Here is a short quote written by Kalvin Korff in an email to Mike Horn. Kalvin says, "I got the rights to the Meier imagery fair and square and legally, so go fuck yourself sideways, Mikey."

Go fuck yourself? Goodness. This doesn't sound very professional at all, Kalvin. In fact, it sounds rather hateful considering you claim to not take any of this personally. Kalvin, I'm going to have to call you a liar here because it is rather apparent from your email to Mike Horn that you are taking this all personally. Does your supposed Special Secret Services condone such unprofessional behavior and language? In the real military, this sort of hate filled communication would not be tolerated. In fact, isn;t this the same type of behavior Kalvin says is causing humanities problems?

It also looks like Kalvin Korff took the ideas of a young artist and made off as though they were his own according to the artist. Tsk-tsk, Kalvin. Someone needs to wash your mouth out.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The countless FAILURES of Kalvin Korff #5

Continuing to look at the many, many failures of Kalvin Korff, here we find our international hero of utter rubbish proclaiming to have a five-hundred book deal. That is correct, a five-hundred book deal!

I've read some of Kalvin's published "works", but cannot see who in the BLOODY HELL would ever enlist this CRACKPOT to write five-hundred books!!

Kalvin can't even get his supposed terrorism book published! Where is Kalvin going to get his LAUGHABLE five-hundred book deal published through?? If Kalvin wrote a book a month it would take him forty-one years to write five-hundred books!!! Kalvin hasn't had a book published in YEARS!!

Kalvin never does say WHO the book deal is through! Well known and far more talented authors would never land a five-hundred book deal. What an absurd claim for Kalvin to make, but it is Kalvin and I don;t expect anything less than extraordinarily absurd claims to come flying out of his BIG mouth. Kalvin is like the little kid in school at show and tell who has the tell part down, but can't show you a thing.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The countless FAILURES of Kalvin Korff #4

Take a good look at the dork to the left. This is the face of a complete wanna' be in every terms. Kalvin Korff wants to be someone important. Kalvin Korff wants to be some sort of Jack Bauer type from the television series 24. Kalvin Korff wants people to believe that he is involved in anti terrorist work. Kalvin Korff wants people to believe he is a "colonel" and that his rank in what he has FINALLY confessed to being a private organization actually has some sort of meaning. the sad truth is that Kalvin Korff is a wanna' be who reads spy novels and mercenary magazines.

Kalvin so badly wants people to believe he is some sort of "in the field" anti terrorism agent that he claims his supposed book is being hailed as the definitive work on the subject of terrorism. Kalvin also has claimed on countless occasions that his book is being published "later this year."

What's odd about that is that Kalvin has been saying the SAME thing for over FOUR YEARS now! Kalvin even promised to show the world video of him sending his terrorism book off for publication to Prometheus Books.

What Kalvin OMITS from the public is the FACT that Prometheus Books IS NOT PUBLISHING THIS BOOK! This is first hand direct information from Prometheus Books. Yes, Kalvin, anyone can simply contact Prometheus Books and find this out because that is EXACTLY what I did.

And if Kalvin's book is supposedly the "definitive work" on the subject of terrorism, why is it that he can't get the book published? Surely another publisher would scoop such a prestigious books up were it being hailed as the "definitive work" on terrorism. I certainly would like to know who, aside from Kalvin and his washed up "supermodel" sidekick, is calling Kalvin's book "definitive". We can't expect Kalvin to tell us since he won't ADMIT that his book isn't being published.

Another FALSE claim on the part of Kalvin and further PROOF that Kalvin Korff is MISLEADING CONSUMERS with his FALSE CLAIMS. When can we expect the TRUTH Kalvin? Kalvin, you are NOT above ACCOUNTABILITY! come clean about it all while you still have time.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The countless FAILURES of Kalvin Korff #3

Remember all the nonsense Kalvin Korff has been on with about having the work of Kevin Randle audited by the offices of KPMG? There even was a video showing Kalvin standing outside the Prague office of KPMG, yet the video is now gone proving that Kalvin is OMITTING data and MISLEADING consumers! The video has been REMOVED by Kalvin!

Kalvin stated as FACT on August 2, 2007 that the KPMG audit was underway and "Roswell UFO huckster Kevin Randle is being AUDITED by KPMG for his numerous false and fanciful claims concerning the mythical Roswell "UFO crash" of 1947."

KPMG has NEVER HEARD OF KALVIN KORFF, MARTINA TYCOVA, OR THE SPECIAL SECRET SERVICES and they know NOTHING about auditing any UFO books and DO NOT KNOW who Kevin Randle is! THERE IS NO KPMG AUDIT! Literally an entire year later and Kalvin Korff has produced NOTHING even though he PROMISED this audit was taking place!

Just one more of the many FAILURES of Kalvin Korff. I'm not at all surprised there never was an audit to begin with even though Kalvin even claimed to have done a press conference and to have "officially" met with KPMG!

And as Kalvin "updates" his website on a regular basis to OMIT and HIDE what he has previously said, I took a picture of Kalvin's website to PROVE Kalvin had stated KPMG was doing an audit. How can anyone trust Kalvin when he does EXACTLY what he accuses others of doing? Kalvin Korff is HYPOCRITE.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The countless FAILURES of Kalvin Korff #2

Thanks to one of the many people who leave comments on this blog, this nice tidbit on yet ANOTHER FAILURE of Kalvin Korff is presented here.

On July 4, 2007, Kalvin wrote "On the Kal’s Korner Online Web site, we have started an ambitious program to input 10,000 English expressions into our database, complete with definitions."

To top this off in Kalvin's usual dramatic fashion he just had to say it was going to happen by emphasizing it with a word in all capital letters, "While this is an ambitious undertaking, make no mistake about it: it WILL be done. We will not only succeed, but with each day that passes, more phrases are being approved and annotated for putting onto the Web."

One-year later and still NOTHING but another FAILURE of Kalvin Korff. Kalvin, you've got the talking part mastered but you need SERIOUS work on the ACTION side of things you miserable twit.

The countless FAILURES of Kalvin Korff

In this new series, which will last a LONG time courtesy of Kalvin and his never ending failures, will expose Kalvin Korff for the numerous times he has stated something that was FALSE or something Kalvin FAILED to follow through on. Unlike Kalvin, I don't need to make up claims as I simply use Kalvin's own words. And everyone knows that Kalvin does A LOT of talking! Let us start with something simple.

On March 13, 2007, Kalvin claimed in his column that he had an official partnership with the famous Cambridge University. Kalvin went so far as to actually claim that a Cambridge official asked for Kalvin's input on material that taught English!

Kalvin went so far as to say his website would "be making a dedicated channel available on the new Kal’s Korner Online Web site for Cambridge University Press to provide some great, interactive content."

Kalvin never did have any of this stuff on his website and Kalvin's claim of having an official partnership with Cambridge University is at best questionable, at worst it could be an outright lie. Kalvin likely tried to leech onto Ms. Verity Cole who specializes in teaching English to foreigners. Kalvin, always looking to ride on someone else's back.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kalvin Korff PROMOTES and BELIEVES in ghosts!

Take a peek at some ghost photos Kalvin Korff claims are real! Once again you see Kalvin Korff in action trying to be the man of the moment by claiming these laughable "ghost" pictures are exclusive. Kalvin does commentary on the photos of what looks to be a demon and more commentary on laughable photos taken in a cemetery (this is the correct spelling by the way, Kalvin - it isn't "cemetary" as you have it. Good going, Kalvin, you tard. 219 IQ my ass!).

The photos are so ridiculous looking that it is embarrassing to see anyone publicize them as some sort of an exclusive story or as authentic! Kalvin even uses the word "ectoplasm" to describe what is happening in one of the photos!!!!! Kalvin states this as FACT! Where is the PROOF of this?? How can Kalvin say that what is inthe picture is ectoplasm??? Kalvin, this isn't very scientific of someone who loves to state that he likes hard facts and evidence.

Kalvin Korff is now a Ghostbuster! I can only imagine Kalvin Korff in overalls running around Prague with a Ghostbuster energy pack and gun! When do we get to see kalvin Korff ghostbust his way to saving the world? Hahahahahahahahahaha! The man is a true FOOL!

Oh, I almost forgot - starting soon I will doing a regular series here on the many, many claims made by Kalvin Korff. This series works very simply. You see, I quote Kalvin's own words where he makes a claim and then I show everyone just how full of shit Kalvin is when the said claim is proved to be untrue or when Kalvin doesn't take the action he claims he would. This will be a LONG series EXPOSING Kalvin Korff and his nutty claims. Developing.....

Monday, July 14, 2008

The HATRED and JEALOUSY of Kalvin Korff

I've noticed something about Kalvin Korff recently. I've noticed that of all the people he chooses to criticize it is the people who do everything Kalvin ever dreamed of doing.

Among those criticized and berated by Kalvin are a U.S. soldier and intelligence officer, a film maker, successful writers, computer experts, police officers, people who have RECENTLY been in the national and worldwide media, and the list could go on for a while.

Kalvin certainly isn't making the rounds in the national or global media by any means. Hell, the guy hasn't been on an actual television program for YEARS! Kalvin's only media "outlets" are some saucer/new age radio show, Kalvin's website and his profile.

Kalvin hasn't published a book in YEARS either. Kalvin's last book was released in mass paperback in 2000 - 8 YEARS AGO! His former publisher Prometheus Books says Kalvin's alleged terrorism book, contrary to what Kalvin says, IS NOT being published! Kalvin stated as FACT the books would be publsihed "later this year" and has repeated this mantra numerous times. Kalvin also said he was publishing volumes and volumes of flying saucer books, yet these books are nowhere to be found.

Kalvin also promised to provide new computer software and devices that would allow Czechs to access over 10,000 English phrases so they could speak better English. The only thing Kalvin has done that comes close is he sold some iPods! And whatever did happen to all that nano-technology Kalvin claimed to be working on?

Kalvin went on proclaiming this "UFO watchcat" was signed to some supposed three-year contract for a series. The best Kalvin has done there is to post a series of painful self-filmed video clips edited with a Macintosh computer using basic video editing software. No professionally legitimate media outlet would give Kalvin a bag of dirt for the trash Kalvin "produces."

What did become of this BBC bit where Kalvin was supposed to be some kind of expert on missile defense? What happened to all of these special projects, books, television deals, and the rest of what kalvin has been on about for some time now? Nothing. Not a single thing other than Kalvin uploading more promises and videos of him repetitiously babbling on about those he hates. Anyone watching Kalvin's disjointed videos and Internet attacks knows that Kalvin is condoning hate as a way to deal with his own personal shortcomings.

What has Kalvin Korff done with his life? Is he successful in what he does? If being a crazed Internet imbecile making a complete fool of himself in public counts while promoting his own personal hatred and jealousy of others is what Kalvin seeks, then Kalvin has been RESOUNDLINGLY successful.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Kalvin Korff is a HYPOCRITICAL DOLT and owes Kevin Randle a FULL and PUBLIC apology

You can count on poor, clueless Kalvin Korff to never let a good beating keep him down. After reading through some of the finer points brought up by a fellow named Kevin Randle, points clearly showing that statements made by Kalvin are FALSE, Kalvin wastes no time in launching a pitiful and extremely embarrassing series of rants against Kevin Randle. It really is like a kid getting beat up and running home to get daddy.

What I found alarming was watching Kalvin Korff start to come unraveled, clearly at his own frustration of being WRONG about his claims against Kevin Randle's book/books on flying saucers. Kalvin even uses the word bullshit when he gets upset. Kalvin manages, with a straight face, to say that this Kevin Randle youtube series has received an overwhelming response. I haven't laughed that hard in a while.

Kalvin has eleven youtube pieces about Kevin Randle up. Between those eleven youttube pieces, they have all been viewed a total seven-hundred fifty-four times. That comes out to about sixty-eight views each. That isn't even considered a fart by youtube standards. And kalvinhas only twelve subscribers to his youtube profile! I've already proved Kalvin's pathetic website isn't getting all the web-hits Kalvin claimed. Hell, the website is ranked 8,507,997 in the world by!

During Kalvin's rant he threatens that his washed-up "supermodel" sidekick is going to contact the Pentagon about Kevin Randle's flying saucer book! Kalvin, you're slopping desperation with each and every word! The Pentagon wouldn't give you or that ragged looking "supermodel" the time of day. You're both probably on some security watch list of nuts not allowed within a mile of the Pentagon. I'm not trying to be mean about Martina, the simple fact is that she certainly has seen better days.

The three youtube rants just delve into more of the same desperate tactics Kalvin tries to make it out as though he is the light of truth and all who oppose him are evil wrong-doers and they should all be publicly crucified.

Kalvin actually said that flying saucer people "are not who they pretend to be." I suppose this is on par with Kalvin PRETENDING to be an anti-terrorism expert and PRETENDING that Prometheus Books is still publishing his book.

Kalvin also keeps using this "avoidance" term. Kalvin, you seem to be avoiding issuing a number of apologies you owe to Kevin Randle who has without question proved you were WRONG and LYING about him and his work. When will the great Kalvin Korff do as he preaches? We're STILL waiting, Kalvin, you worthless hypocrite.

I truly believe Kalvin Korff is stalking Kevin Randle to a large degree here. kalvin is clearly fixated on this Kevin Randle fellow. Were I Kevin Randle, I would be concerned about kalvin Korff's obsession and report him to the police for my own safety. You just never know when the wheels are going to come flying off for good.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Is Kalvin Korff taking job opportunities from the disabled?

I wonder how many jobs, if any, Kalvin Korff is taking away from disabled people in Prague? Kalvin announced that he is now the chief information officer and chief technical officer (titles Kalvin loves throwing about) allegedly working for Vojtek Sedlacek.

Mr. Sedlacek is a truly great man who has generously assisted the disabled living in and around Prague by creating employment opportunities for them.

The question is, if Kalvin Korff is really employed in the positions he claims with Mr. Sedlacek, is Kalvin Korff taking away resources from Mr. Sedlacek's business that could be used to employ deserving disabled persons?

I find it very disgusting that Kalvin Korff might have snaked his way into the employ of such a wonderful man as Mr. Sedlacek. And if you look at Mr. Sedlacek's Internet website, you will see it to be a very humble website. So why would Mr. Sedlacek ever need a chief information officer and chief technical officer? Curious, indeed.

Even more curious is if this is such a monumental event, why has Mr. Sedlacek not made any announcement on his website about Kalvin Korff's new positions? Kalvin Korff's name isn't even on Mr. Sedlacek's website. If Kalvin is the chief information officer why is his contact information not listed?

For Kalvin to present himself as a crusader for human rights and wanting to change the world, why would Kalvin ever get into a position that, if it is as Kalvin's describes, would siphon resources from employing people in need?

Kalvin Korff and his INCOMPETENT research

"No, folks, he didn't say it was a flying saucer. They didn't use that word back then." Once again we are treated to watching Kalvin Korff sticking both feet down his own throat. What is this of which the mightily crazy Kalvin Korff speaks?

Yes, Kalvin Korff is once again off on trashing this Kevin Randle fellow. If you don't know anything about this Roswell business, and I am by no means read up on it at all, one of the supposed Roswell flying saucer witnesses supposedly told his son back in the day that this whole Roswell thing was a flying saucer. Not so according to Kalvin Korff. Of course, when Kalvin opens his mouth you can never trust the information oozing out of it.

I love watching nutty Kalvin filming himself and going off on people he clearly does not like. What I love seeing even more is Kalvin proving what a fool he is. You don't need this blog to see what an enormous IDIOT Kalvin Korff truly is, Kalvin shows the world each and every day by simply opening his mouth.

Kalvin says in one of his ramblings that the word "flying saucer" was used back in the days when this whole Roswell business supposedly went down in 1947. Now I don't care aobut all this flying saucer stuff, I really don't. However, it is always entertaining to watch someone come along and stuff a boot right up Kalvin's poop-chute.

Please be sure to read Major Kevin Randle's wonderfully articulated rebuttal to Kalvin Korff's claim that the term "flying saucer" wasn't used back in the day of Roswell. Kalvin Korff is once again EXPOSED for his INCOMPETENT claims. I don't believe Kalvin Korff has a 219 IQ because anyone supposedly that intelligent would likely not make such an AMATEUR mistake.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Kalvin Korff is an IDIOT

I might have put this up at some time, but you have to read this entertaining bit by a chap named Paul Kimball who is one of the flying saucer people Kalvin appears to be quite obsessed with. This Paul fellow eloquently slaps Kalvin right in the face.

Kalvin gets double slapped by another fixation of his named Kevin Randle. This is all over some flying saucer stuff but it indeed hilarious to watch Kalvin get all worked up on, state something as fact and then get his own arse handed back to him.

In this particularly embarrassing and very public incident, Kalvin makes claims that a particular person's picture did not appear on the front page of any newspaper anywhere during the year 1947. This Kevin Randle fellow, wtih class and honor mind you, bitch slaps Kalvin into orbit. Read all about it here and have yourself a good laugh, once again, at the expense of Kalvin. And this Kevin Randle chap, who happens to be a REAL ranking officer in the military and a doctorate holder, is the same lad Kalvin wants to debate! I think were this a boxing match, Kalvin would get knocked out seconds after the bell.

This is all over that Roswell flying saucer bit. I know not much about this flying saucer business. Since I've decided to find out all about Kalvin Korff and put it for the public to see, I have read a bit more about it. Interesting stuff, great for conversation, but I just don't buy into it.

Now we've all hear Kalvin going bugger over someone supposedly making a false claim or a mistake, which is grounds for Kalvin to SLANDER and LIBEL people by calling them liars and frauds.

Kalvin should then be fully prepared to live up to his own standard. So I do suppose that since Kalvin has made a false claim and stated he searched all the newspapers for this, then Kalvin Korff by his own standards would be considered a FRAUD and a LIAR who is GUILTY of committing CONSUMER FRAUD for MISLEADING the public.

Is that about right, then?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Kalvin Korff makes disingenuous claims, MISLEADS consumers

I watched another of the pitiful, embarrassing, and simply painful videos starring lone fruitcake Kalvin Korff. In this latest rant from our nutty wanna' be, Kalvin claims that a chap named Kevin Randle is a liar and gains credibility by building on lies. This is something Kalvin seems to know a lot about.

Our dear colonel coo-coo clock has also tried to build a reputation for himself. Kalvin claimed to be an engineer at Apple Computers and also claimed to have been a team member at Claris Corporation developing something called hypercard.

In a published news article it is disclosed Kalvin was actually a phone support person for Apple Computers and worked at Claris Corporation less than a month! A bit of digging around turned up this neat bit of information from a chap named Paul Foraker who worked for Apple Computers.

Kalvin Korff is NOT listed on any credits for this hypercard and according to this Paul fellow, Korff even apparently claimed to have a fatal brain tumor!

From: "Paul Foraker"
Reply-To: HyperCard at yahoogroups
To: HyperCard at yahoogroups
Subject: Re: [HC] Re: Hypercard Help Needed
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2007 15:15:22 -0700

Korff does not appear in the About Box of HyperCard because he was on the team at Claris for a month or less, his expertise turning out to be not quite as represented. Apparently, he subsequently survived the "fatal brain tumor" and is now a UFO expert.

Kalvin lists on his background this work he supposedly did at Claris and does this to lend credibility and prestige to himself. After listening to Kalvin drone on about honesty and credibility, and how those he attacks are propagandists and dishonest, Kalvin is plainly a hypocrite in this arena as he engages in the EXACT same behavior he condones!

Kalvin boasts of his alleged computer expertise by exploiting his past employment through manipulating his accomplishments, or lack thereof, at Claris Corporation and Apple Computers. This is at best disingenuous, at worst it is FRAUD. Did Kalvin make these distorted claims to get his job at The Prague Post when he was writing that horrible IT column? Has Kalvin used his FALSE claims of being an engineer at Apple Computers and his EXAGGERATION of his role at Claris Corporation to obtain other benefits?

Kalvin, stop pointing your self righteous finger at everyone else and start taking some personal responsibility for once for your apparent FALSE and MISLEADING claims. If anyone is committing CONSUMER FRAUD, it is Kalvin Korff. How can Kalvin claim to want to change the world if he can't even maintain some ethical standards? Kalvin is part of the problem and most certainly not part of the solution.


So, what did ever happen to this fatal brain tumor Kalvin supposedly had? Do we have to ask Kalvin's mommy about this?

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Kalvin Korff accuses Steven Spielberg of TERRORISM!

Kalvin Korff just claimed that his book on terrorism exposes Steven Spielberg for the alleged inaccuracies in the movie Munich. I kid you not! While Kalvin may try to misdirect you by saying something different, the intention and meaning in Kalvin's words and actions clearly paint Steven Spielberg as some sort of terrorist!

Kalvin Korff also keeps alleging that his book on terrorism is going to be published by Prometheus Books. Kalvin Korff, based on the information I have directly from Prometheus Books, your book IS NOT going to be published. This would make you a LIAR, Kalvin. Once again, KALVIN KORFF'S BOOK IS NOT BEING PUBLISHED BY PROMETHEUS BOOKS AND IS ON HOLD INDEFINITELY.

Kalvin, you come off as a spiteful, delusional asshole dissatisfied with his own life, someone who vents the frustration of his own short-comings on others who are successful, accomplished, and happy. Kalvin targets people who disagree with him, or those who have beliefs that do not fit into Kalvin's perfect little fantasy world.

What have you done for the world, Kalvin? What? From everything I can see, Kalvin has written a few books, done some lectures, was on some television and radio shows, put up some embarrassing Internet videos of himself rambling (your mommy must be proud, Kalvin), and not much more.

Kalvin, you haven't done shit except that which serves to feed your delusional ego. All you've done Kalvin is try to capitalize on whatever bandwagon you could jump on. Your timing for subjects like flying saucers, bigfoot, JFK, and terrorism all seem to come at the height of their popularity, though your sad attempt at capitalizing on the computer field fizzled and you are a bit late for the terrorism bit. Oh, did I forget to mention that the world now knows Prometheus Books IS NOT PUBLISHING YOUR BOOK? Guess I mentioned that already.

The people Kalvin attacks and targets (which is exactly what it is and to call it anything less is disingenuous) have contributed far more to society and the world than Kalvin could ever hope to accomplish in one-hundred lifetimes with his meager existence. Take a good look at the people Kalvin attacks and you will see they are everything Kalvin always wished he could be.

Kalvin Korff could not accomplish what Steven Spielberg has if Kalvin were given 1,000 of his own miserable and lowly lifetimes. Compared to Steven Spielberg, Kalvin Korff isn't a nano speck of dog shit.

And for Kalvin Korff to lump a great man like Steven Spielberg in with terrorism is beyond reprehensible. It is despicable, cowardly, and a desperate act from a desperate lone nut who is starving for attention. I hope Steven Spielberg lets his army of lawyers give Kalvin some attention. Kalvin likes to threaten people with legal action and if Kalvin really had a high IQ, he'd know better than to SLANDER and LIBEL Steven Spielberg with this trash. Unlike you Kalvin, Steven Spielberg has REAL lawyers and he has REAL MONEY to pay for their services unlike your imaginary $25,000,000.00 budget.

Everyone sees you for the fanatical fruitcake and spiteful pig you are, Kalvin. Shame on you Kalvin for spitting on the name of Steven Spielberg and all he has accomplished through his fantastic works. Shame on Kalvin the coward.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Kalvin Korff is a certifiable fruitcake topped with nuts

Kalvin Korff is CRAZY, as far as I am concerned. This pitiful excuse of a human being is utterly BONKERS! I just watched yet another painful video with Kalvin babbling about going after one of the greatest motion picture directors of our time, Steven Spielberg.

Kalvin actually says that he did a super secret "operation" to shut Spielberg out of Hollywood! After I stopped laughing so hard I thought my spleen would split, I just shook my head and realized that Kalvin Korff is an WHACKO! Kalvin Korff is SICK and TWISTED!

Kalvin railed against Steven Spielberg because the movie Munich, according to nutty Kalvin, isn't accurate. kalvin also said that Steven Spielberg's opus Schindler's List was inaccurate! We are talking about HOLLYWOOD, Kalvin, you dipshit. And Kalvin claiming that he is so powerful that he had an affect on the career of Steven Spielberg? Oh, PLEASE! Keep dreaming, Kalvin, you delusional fool.

For all the great things Spielberg has done, Kalvin isn't worthy enough to be a pimple on Steven Spielberg's ass. Steven Spielberg has more DIGNITY and character in one hair on his arm than Kalvin Korff has in his entire nutty ass. Steven Spielberg has changed the world on so many levels with his great movies. What has Kalvin Korff done aside from filming himself rambling like a mental patient?

Since Kalvin is obsessed with flying saucer people, I suppose we shall wait and see how Kalvin "exposes" Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Trust me, Kalvin, no one is laughing with you and everyone is laughing at you.

What shall Kalvin do next, go after George Lucas? How about Francis Coppola? Maybe Oliver Stone or Ridley Scott? How about James Cameron for that terribly inaccurate Titanic movie, you know, the largest grossing movie in HISTORY. By the way, Kalvin, the money the movie Titanic made is real unlike your imaginary $25,000,000.00 budget. How many iPods do you need to sell Kalvin to reach the BILLIONS Titanic produced?

And historically what has Kalvin accomplished aside from his books being dumped in the bargain bin? You're a joke Kalvin, a laughing stock and a passing sideshow spectacle at best.

I suppose Steven Spielberg's security people will be adding Kalvin Korff to their list of nuts to keep an eye out for. You're a FREAK, Kalvin, an utter FREAK in need of some serious professional care.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories says no such title as a "Senior Systems Analyst (Level III)"

I sent an email to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories asking about Kalvin Korff's supposed job title he has listed on many of his resumes and biographies, which are in his books and available to the public in a number of forms. Specifically, Kalvin states in a bio, "A passionate and driven researcher, Korff has worked for companies such as Atari, Xerox, Apple Computer, Claris, The Boeing Company, and was a security-cleared Senior Systems Analyst, Level III, at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory during the original U.S. Government-funded Strategic Defense Initiative or "Star Wars" program."

Is it REALLY true? Not so according to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories when I asked them if that specific job title has ever existed. This is the email I was sent directly from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories.

Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2008 12:33:28 -0700
Subject: RE: Inquiry

All I can tell you is the job title as you put it does not exist within the Lab's job classifications.

Kalvin has made the claim of having been employed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories. It is now up to Kalvin to provide credible and verifiable evidence he was employed in the position he says. Kalvin, don't treat us to yet another boring and painful self filmed piece of trash where you show a piece of paper and claim it to be absolute proof. Kalvin claims to be a researcher and investigator so surely he is up to the task of providing undeniable proof of his claim. From what I have been provided by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories to this point, I would have to say that Kalvin is not being truthful.