Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Words cannot lend meaning to the SHEER LUNACY contained in this video!!! WATCH it all and it is guaranteed to make your jaw drop while raising eyebrows and widening eyes!! Kal says it was filmed in 2006 but this video along with this ONE and this ONE are clearly filmed in the same place sans Kal's graying beard. There is not much else to say about them other than whoa!!!! After I watched the first video I am now more convinced than ever that Kal Korff is a seriously cracked nut who jumped right off the edge. Eek.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Kal Korff tries to infringe on FREE SPEECH through THREATS!!

You heard it right! that crazy fool Kal Korff is now trying to frighten people out of exercising their rights to free speech. Kal is now threatening to "expose" people posting as "Anonymous" and sue them. Kal calls these people cowards and throws a fit on his Internet website.

Kal can't figure out why people are posting under the user of Anonymous. i will tel you why Kal because you're too stupid to figure it out and no one will fall for your baiting. People protect themselves by commenting under anonymity. Protect you might ask, Kalvin? Yes because they probably don't want to be subjected to your crazy bullshit Kal! They don't want to be stalked by you or harassed by you! People now have a variety of places they can freely express their opinions about you Kal! Freely!

I think what you don't like Kal is the fact that you have people expressing themselves and telling others their opinions on your crazy claims! the other thing you hate is that you don;t know who they are and thus cannot make any attempt to infringe on their rights through your pathetic terror tactics. Yes Kal, I'm calling you a TERRORIST because you attempt to employ TERROR to get your way when people point out the flaws with your claims or your other idiotic nonsense and threats of suing people in foreign countries and threats of having the police come and drag them off. The only time it is ok to be protected to free speech rights is when Kal has something to blow out his own hole. Or at least so goes the warped logic of that hateful little man.

You claim to be a patriot Kal and a protector of the free world and humanity. Yet here you are threatening people and trying to coerce them into giving up their basic rights to speak their minds while you spread endless hate and rage. People laugh at your nonsense by freely voicing their right to an opinion and commenting on things they have that disprove your claims or show the many times you contradict reason or yourself or when you massacre the English language. this is how free speech works. Notice that nobody is trying to shut you up Kal other than pointing out the obvious bullshit you spread everywhere and pointing out your own lunacy to you?

You are a crazy man Kal! CRAZY!! This my person opinion and I think any other reasonable person would reach the same conclusion. You are a certifiable fruitcake Kal! I don;t believe any of this S3 nonsense. I don't believe you ever created hypertext. I don't believe you have a legitimate five hundred book deal. To shortne it up I DO NOT BELIEVE 99% OF WHAT YOU SAY. So let me guess Kal, next you say you'll expose me and sue me and call the police and that I will pay for daring to express any opinions or make widely known any facts I find out about you? Maybe you'll contact my employers and cook up a complaint against me so you can try to silence me by spreading ill will simply because you do not like what I have to say to you or say about you? maybe you'll report me to the FBi or departmentof justice or some other organization where you will try to have me labeled as a racist or hater of some sort?

As you have been fond of saying Kal you are a PUBLIC FIGURE. If you continue to make all these absurd statements in public you should be prepared for opinions and critiques and laughter. A civilized intelligent human being never has to resort to threatening someone else for hyperbole or opinions. Judging from all the old writings you have made on a bunch of other Internet websites it looks like making threats and trying to terrorize people who disagree with you Kal or have strong opinions that are counter to your expectations of gushing accolades Kal is nothing new to you.

free speech is a two way street Kal and if are to continue making these absurd statements and claims you should brace for more opinions and criticisms. If you don't like the fact that the world is not bowing before but is instead laughing its ass off at your ridiculous bullshit, then you better stop being so thin skinned and be prepared to act accordingly and like an adult.

For those posting their opinions and criticisms DO NOT let Internet TERRORIST Kal Korff scare you from exercising your rights as a human being!! and I'm sure I am not alone in concluding that Kal is a sordid little terror monger.

By the way there Kal, I saw your recently filmed video clip and must say that you look like utter shit.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kal Korff can't comprehend the meaning of a simple word

It isn't anything new and examining the past writings of misanthrope Kal Korff you probably will find yourself asking how in the universe could Kal ever claim to be some sort of English teacher??? Just look at a recent example of what has been arecurring problem for Kal and his English "skills". Kal Placed this very thing on his Internet website today "but uddering lies never deters such people."

Now I do not claim to be any sort of skilled English teacher or writer at all and I know my writing simply sucks. But how in the hell could anyone who claims to be an English "teacher" cannot tell the difference between the words "utter" and "udder"???????? there are five year ols who know the what an udder is!!

Kal needs to go back and get some sort of education beyond his only educational accomplishment which is only high school. Let me give you some education here Kal, you fucking idiot.

Udder: An udder is the mammary organ of female cattle and some other mammals, including goats and sheep. You know Kal, the big round thing under a cow with the four little things sticking out?

Utter: This has a few meanings Kal so be sure to pay attention. I know how hard it is for you to do more than one thing at a time. Utter generally means total or absolute. It can also be used to refer to speech.

Now please stop making more of an ass out of yourself than you already have Kal. I know it is hard for you not to act like a complete fucking idiot all the time but please do try to control yourself, you self assuming, uneducated piece of trash.

One more thing Kal. There is no such word as "kritic". It does not exist anywhere in any English dictionary, slang or otherwise. Stop making words up or trying to inject words into the vocabularies of unsuspecting Europeans. Especially words you are making up Kal. Stop lying about the proper use of words. There is no "k" in critic. There ever had been and never will be. Just because you silly name has the letter "k" in it does not give you the right to slaughter the English language, both spoken and written. Just stop you loathsome dolt. You are truly fooling yourself Kal if you actually believe your are that important. You aren't and the world would not blink if you fell off the face of this planet tomorrow.

You know Kal that you can take remedial English classes to improve your obviously lack of knowledge in this area since you are representing yourself as some sort of expert in this area, which you clearly are not. I could go on with any number of examples of Kal's ridiculous writings that are easily available in books and on the Internet but I think everyone has a good idea of how incompetent Kal is when it comes to most things. this is pretty bad when I have to point out English mistakes to someone. but then again we are talking about Kal Korff here.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Kal Korff gets HACKED AGAIN!!!!!

The man who says he has an entire intelligence organization behind and also sys he has a 219 IQ and is a computer expert HAS HAD HIS WEBSITE HACKED AGAIN!!! ahhahahaahaha! With all of these self professed resources and supposed computer skills it looks like poor, dimwitted Kal can't stop what is probably a bunch of teenagers from easily infiltrating his website!! ahahahahhaaahahaha! This is all rather humorous considering that Kal claims to be some sort of intelligence officer who also says he worked for Apple computers as an engineer and created hypertext!! ahahahahahahahaha I can't stop laughing at how utterly HILARIOUS this all is!!!!

Tennage hackers: 2 Kal Korff: 0

Can you imagine if Kal was a real intelligence agent and people were able to so easily make their way into his website? ahahahahahahahhaa!! I wonder if Kal has a ribbon for winning some computer science fair that he has yet to display? ahahahahahahaha!! Really this is rather embarrassing for Kal to have his website HACKED AGAIN!! Here is a picture I took of Kal's website the last time it got hacked. ahahahahahahaha

But it gets better for Kal is now resorting to having to use chat boards to get his message out to those dastardly hackers and appears to have posted this hilarious piece, "This is a warning to the Turkish moron hack group who defaced my website: I am a member of S3, A secret israeli organization. I know exactly WHO you are and WHERE you live. I have been working with Turkish authorities to identify, locate, and prosecute you individuals. The fact I am also a JEW makes this a hate crime. This is your public warning to stay away from my website or else. Kal Korff
Jan 18, 10:50 am."

So let me see if I missed anything here Kal. You assume this is a hate crime becuase you think you're Jewish and there could be no other reason, other than your being a complete fucking moron, someone would hack your site. You think it is the same Turkish group that kicked the shit out of your pahetic website last time. So now you claim to know "exactly" who they are and where they live. Yet in the next sentence your fat fumbling fingers type you say you are working with Turkish authorities to identify and locate them? ahahahahahahahahaaahhaaa!! Kal you just don't know when to stop do you?????? ahahahahhhaaahahahahaha!!! there you have the mighty Kal Korff, ranking officer in the S3 with a 219 IQ, computer expert, analyst, and author who contradicts himself and can't stop teenagers from cirumventing his website "security"! I hope this website isn't on that Israeli based secure sever Kal claims exists!! ahahahaha

And did you notice Kal again engaging in name calling by calling the people responsible morons? I thought none of this was ever personal Kal. Is your little fantasy world crumbling before your very eyes? ahahahahahahahaha

There is one shrewd and noted analyst who provided his intense study of Kal's message to teenage hackers everywhere. I give you Special Agent Squonkamatic of the real Special Secret Services

"Let's see if I can employ my Universal Translator to arrive at an English language equivalent of Kal K. Korff's pathetic, threatening message from the Turkish Google groups web board:

This is a warning to the Turkish moron hack group who defaced my website:

TRANSLATION: This is a plea to the industrious web pranksters who hijacked the DNS re-direct from my pathetic little internet soapbox to shut my pie hole & spare the rest of the internet from my vile, retarded idiocy. If anybody out there wants a good laugh, try loading the URL into their web browser and see what happens.

I am a member of S3, A secret israeli organization.

TRANSLATION: I am a pathetic shut-in dysfunctional idiot with delusions of grandeur who makes bullshit up to con unsuspecting Czech women into taking pity on me, and you are raining on my ego parade & ruining my chances of getting any between now and when I turn 50 without having to pay a common street hooker.

I know exactly WHO you are and WHERE you live.

TRANSLATION: I have no idea who you are or where you are located.

I have been working with Turkish authorities to identify, locate, and prosecute you individuals.

TRANSLATION: I am a pathetic tubby man at your mercy, have no recourse against the actions you have taken, and you are making me look like an even bigger fool than nature had intended.

The fact I am also a JEW makes this a hate crime.

TRANSLATION: I am a complete horse's ass.

This is your public warning to stay away from my website or else. Kal Korff

TRANSLATION: I enjoy making myself look like a complete idiot on the internet, please continue to abuse & harass me or I might not have an excuse to avoid going out and finding a full time job to pay my mom back for bailing my ass out time and time again when I get into mischief. Kal Korff."

You are an IDIOT Kal, but it is okay because you do inspire people. You inspire them to continue to point out how fucking absurd you are and how big of a joke you are! Please be sure to visit this shop and the blog of the true ranking general and leader of the real Special Secret Services! General F1Racer!

Oh that kal Korff is good for nothing else but a good laugh!! ahahahahahahahahahahahaaahahha!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Kal Korff and his Internet terrorism

Hater. Internet terrorist. Stalker. Libelist. Slanderer. Coward. Those are just a fw of the less colorful words used to describe Kal K. Korff and his Internet website bashing of people. While Kal will say it all day long that noneof this is personal on any level it most certainly and clearly is personal.

The tones and threats and ALL BIG CAPITAL LETTERS would lead anyone who would be considered a reasonable person to believe that Kal is full of hatred and is waging a personal Internet website war against those he hates. Go ahead and take a look at the latest tangents Kal has gone off on all the while mixing in music videos as if he is trying to send some sort of childish message to the people who rightfully criticize the moronic threats Kal dishes out.

Now Kal is on about Internet user F1 racer who has stood straight up to Kal and has publicly challenged Kal numerous times each time with Kal FAILING to meet the challenge. While Kal can keep saying he willmeet with anyone at anytime to discuss these subjects Kal has proven that he is a LYING COWARD who refused to meet with F1 racer or anyone esle when presented the opportunity to do so! Kal dodged the debate with Kevin Randle when an offer was on the table to have Kal flown in to the states for a face to face debate with Kevin Randle.

Kal is no better than the real terrorists he claims to fight. Kal's blatant use of all these false claims and threats of prosecutions and getting people put on bigot lists is pure nonsense. Speaking of bigotry the following was allegedly found at a website and was allegedly posted by Kal K. Korff himself "Jews are responsible for the problems of the world. There has never been such a leacherous group of people as them"

So who is the real bigot here now? If Kal did write this we now know who the true bigot would be. This is the exact same Kal K. Korff who actually had the balls to describe himself as a "hero" and a "leader" of the Jewish community! Ten years ago Kal is a Christian claiming he has real life evidence of the Exodus and now suddenly he is a Jewish convert? I have friends of mine who are practicing Jews and when I show them this stuff Kal prints on the Internet my friends tell me that no true practicing Jewish person would ever write this sort of defamatory garbage about people.

Someone pointed out that Kal enjoys getting on popular bandwagons and there is a pattern here that would completely support this notion of Kal's trend hopping for his own benefit. How in the world can a man who is nearing the age of fifty act so depraved and juvenile? Yes! Kal is just shy three years of being FIFTY YEARS OLD!! No real adult or person who is really seeking truths acts like this.

kal Korff is a terrorist who thinks his empty threats and slandering people will prevent anyone from exposing him. You are WRONG Kal! You've been exposed as a LIAR and PRETENDER and COWARD! Everyone sees right through your charades Kal. Everyone!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kal Korff all talk no substance

Kal is at it again claiming victory over the people who have EXPOSED Kal as nothing more than a complete JACKASS with a mouth who lives in a fantasy world. The latest delusion Kal is having centers around a "challenge" Kal put on his Internet website offering to provide proof that he does have nanotechnology. All one has to do to obtain this proof is send Kal five hundred dollars. hahahahahahahahahahahahhaa!!!!!!!

Kal doesn't realize that the reason NO ONE has sent him a cent is that nobody would ever be STUPID ENOUGH to trust an alleged ipod and laptop THIEF with FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!! DUH!! You would think that Kal and his "genius level" IQ would have been able to figure this out! Kal will send freebie samples to his pal Rob McConnel and the police who put a slug in his convict brother's head but won't just send a piece to any number of his critics for free as well so his claim can be exposed?? Any reasonable human being knows that if someone really wants to prove something they will do it and not play the sort of silly little games Kal plays. You aren't fooling anyone with this transparent bullshit Kal.

Kal says that if the parts aren't real then you can go to the police and report fraud but we all know this is an empty guarantee because Kal knows how difficult it would be for someone who might be in the states to initiate any action to get their money back! Why doesn't Kal just offer a money back guarantee like a normal honest person would? Oh I forgot we are talking about Conniving Kal Korff here so you'd probably have to get the cops. Of course no one would be stupid enough to trust a conniving publicly confessed LIAR like Kal Korff. Sorry Kal no easy money from hard working people for you. Go find someone else to scam you lowlife piece of street trash.

This "challenge" of Kal's is a joke on every level possible as are Kal's claims that he is somehow involved with nanotechnology. Kal's claims it to be the responsibility of the person making the claim to provide the proof. Kal loves saying it is up to the person making a claim to prove it and not the other way around. Kal Korff PRETENDS to protect consumers but can't even abide by his own rules or supposed ethics. If consumers need protecting from Kal Korff and his FALSE CLAIMS and UNFILLED PROMISES!

This "challenge" is scheming at worst and disingenuous at best. Kal knows that no one would ever be fucking stupid enough to send him the money. Now Kal can prance around with his fat little chest puffed out as he props himself up on the balls of his feet to make himself look taller as he claims victory over his critics based on a "challenge" that guarantees NOTHING. And no Kal your word isn't worth a pile of chickenshit as you've proven time and time over by not delivering on promised good for years now. Why would Kal think anyone would be so blatantly stupid that they would send him money?? Because he is Conniving Kal Korff that is why.

So Rob McConnel of the X zone radio show what did ever happen to those nanobot componets you were going to test and the results you were going to release to the public? Conniving Kal Korff should do the world a favor and just shut the fuck up. Kal has no idea how much he is embarrassing himself and I think he doesn't care so long as he can keep muttering his delusional bullshit and so long as he keeps convincing himself that no one is up to any of his challenges. If there was an honorable challenge someone might be up to it but so long as the challenge is coming from a delusional braggart.

By the way to those reading this I have it on good word there is a MAJOR revelation in the works about our favorite asshole Kal Korff. My understanding is that this will not be pretty on any level. Details forthcoming as I receive them. Oh man this could be UGLY!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kal Korff comedic lunatic!

So here I am bored out of my mind and I thought to myself about where I could grab a good laugh. Where else does one go when they want to laugh their ass off? To anything authored by or spoke by that fool Kal K. Korff.

So here I am poking round on the Internet and I find myself at with Kal blabbing on about 'new products' he will be bring out soon. Kal said LAST YEAR that he would expose hahahahahahahahahahaha Steven Spielberg for making Munich and correcting mistakes Steven Spielberg supposedly made making Shindler's List!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahaha kal went on with the usual BULLSHIT about JFK and exposing bigfoot nuts and that his terrorism book would be out soon. hahahahahahahhaaaahah Earth to Kal! PROMETHEUS BOOKS HAS PREVIOUSLY SAID YOUR BOOK WAS ON HOLD INDEFINITELY. THIS IS PUBLISHER LINGO FOR 'WE ARE NEVER PUBLISHING IT!'

But the trashy videos only get better! In this bit Kal claims that his brother's lawyer did not present all the forensic evidence they had on court. hahahahahahahahaah If it is one thing that is utterly transparent about Kal it is his ability to blame everyone else for his problems or when the world doesn't 'work' as Kal thinks it should. Kal will blame everyone else but never takes responsibility. It is ALWAYS someone else at fault for Kal's woes.

Why on earth Kal would a lawyer just give up and not introduce some proof to the court that could vindicate your brother - not that it is possible to vindicate someone who is GUILTY but why would this not giving proof ever happen? Let's explore this shall we?

One possibility: Kal using his 'expertise', a few paper napkins, some Crayons, and some ketchup packs from McDonald's did his own analysis of the shooting and demanded his brother's lawyer use it in court. Another possibility: there is no further proof as Kal claims and this is another of Kal's poorly orchestrated and desperate attempts to play mind games. Tough call here and I'm going to have to go with both.

Kal is making a serious charge against a lawyer here by claiming the lawyer withheld proof from a judge. I am sure this lawyer probably already knows ow big of a nut Kal and the lawyer would never waste his time going after Kal. Kal even claims in the video that his brother was found innocent! Kal is always good for a laugh and what is so funny here is that Kal's brother is IN PRISON SERVING TIME FOR TRYING TO FELONIOUSLY ASSAULT A COP!!!! hahahahahahahahahahaha Prison is not laughing matter and I don't Kal's brother from Adam but Kal needs to come clean and confess that his brother was CONVICTED! STOP LYING TO THE PUBLIC KAL AND STOP MISLEADING CONSUMERS!!!!

Well I managed to get a good laugh from nutty Kal and his crazy rantings. I wonder how much futher Kal will descend into madness in the New Year and what other hilarious bumblings we will be treated to from this comedic nut! Kal Korff is an IDIOT!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Put down the crack pipe Kal Korff!

I do believe I have finally solved the mystery behind all of this extraordinarily craziness Kal displays. Kal Korff is a crackhead!!! So that might have been a stretch and as far as I know Kal doesn't smoke crack but it would explain a great deal if you think about his irrational and erratic behavior and delusional state to the alleged theft of i-pods and a laptop to Kal just acting plainly mad mad mad mad if Kal did smoke crack.

I have recently just viewed Kal's Internet website and see that the little nut is back in full swing with more of his threats of prosecutions, complaints, lawsuits, books, swearing a oath, and the ususal nonsensical utterances from Kal that all have become accustomed to.

Just like a crackhead Kal believes his fantasies and delusions of grandeur are a reality! Kal making up all these silly notions about lawsuits and taking an oath is just the same sick cycle of lunacy from Kal that has been repeating itself over and over again for some time now. Really how many of these ridiculous claims that Kal has made have actually taken place? Lawsuits? None. Criminal complaints? None. Books published by Prometheus Books? None. Reality tele shows? None. People arrested and prosecuted? None. Promised television talk show? None. 500 book deal? None. Proof of nanobots? None. Volumes of books on flying saucers? None. I like taking pictures of Kal's website from time to time and here are just some of the pics of various things I have taken.
So where is this talk show for which a production set was being constructed and where are the photos of Kal and Martina on set at? F1 Racer seems to be running free so what happened to the police probe? This complaint against Royce Meyers sure is taking an awfully long time to come to fruition and so is that subpoena and lawsuit Kal promised as fact would happen. And what ahppened to the first oath Kal supposedly took and filmed? Where is the video of Kal shipping his book off to Prometheus Books? Where is the KPMG audit of Kevin Randle or the complaint to the Pentagon? I could continue typing all the claims from Kal that have NEVER COME TRUE but I would probably have to type so much that the skin from my fingers would fall off!

Instead of typing and typing and telling everyone what they already know, that Kal is FULL OF SHIT and a JOKE, I'll just leave you with a public service announcement from the Colonel Crackhead of the Special Super Duper Hush Hush Secret Don't Tell Anyone Services (SSDHHSDTAS)!!!