Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Military expert weighs in on Kal Korff

Much thanks to FN for this information from a REAL military expert.  Ace lad!!!! I shall not reveal who the person is but his credentials are rather impressive chaps. Here is what FN gives us about a military professional's expert on Kernal Krumb.

This military expert and professionals background includes thirteen years as an enlisted Marine; was in Vietnam in 1965 and from 1967 through 1970 surviving 31 major combat operations.
Military honors: include three Purple Hearts for wounds suffered in combat.

Subject: Korf Kommando
Date: Tuesday, December 28, 2010 10:39 AM

Hello, FN.  I've got a few spare minutes this week, so I'll try to be helpful regarding your query.  You've run across something that I've seen numerous times in my dealings with the military and military support agencies through the years.

Namely, an expat Israeli who has discovered an American fascination with all things super-secret-spooky-paramilitary, as long as it seems to have Israeli provenance.  For some reason, Americans - uninformed or just plain ignorant Americans - have become convinced since the IDF raid on Entebbe that the Israelis are the end-all and be-all when it comes to clandestine, paramilitary operations. 

The folks who are setting themselves up as bona fides in this regard are usually Israelis living here who did their required time in the IDF and nothing more, but they're driven to set themselves up as Super Spooks.  There are usually two reasons for this:  They have huge self-esteem/ego problems or they are fishing for a way to make money by misrepresenting their background and expertise. 

As your guy doesn't seem to be demanding payment, investment or a job, I'm prone to put him in the latter group.  I think you're dealing with a whack-job.  I've done some cursory checking with my genuine sources and gotten nothing but laughter for the inquiry.  The outfit he's claiming to be a member of just doesn't exist, except perhaps in his mind. 

That's my take.  As to what to do about it? Ignore him.  Don't feed into his fantasy by challenging it.  Guys like this thrive on controversy and challenge to their dream-state.  When that disappears and it's obvious no one is taking him seriously, or paying any attention at all, they just disappear.

Friday, December 24, 2010



So just what is itlads with Kernal Kolon? Is he sexually repressed? Is he just a prude? I ask only because Kal seems to have an utter problem with gay people. Kal posted on facebook "Kal Korff: My point is that for someone who bragged she was a lesbian and was "proud" of it, she can't have it both ways. No one can. Just like the term "the third sex" is used to describe people who are gay. There is NO SUCH THING at the "third sex,"... there are only two. Why people just can't tell the truth, is beyond me. So in this case of "Pink" (which isn't even a real name anyways) she went from being straight, to being a "lesbian" and now she is either "straight" again or bi-sexual.

Personally, I could care less. I just laugh at people who claim to be "gay" but have to go back to being "real" with nature in order to have kids, because being "gay" is not normal biologically, MOST of nature does not work this way. Men and woman need each other biologically, or they lack the chromosomes necessary to create a complete human being.

This is my only point...."

All of this because the music star Pink said she once was a lesbian. Who cares if someone is a bit or over the top camp? I really think Kal K. Korff is a gay hater. So much for Kal being all about world peace there chaps. Looks like Kal has taken a page out of Hitler's book and decided that 'world peace' will only be under his terms and it apparently doesn't include gays. Does Kal not know that there exists in nature homosexual animals and self reproducing animals? 

For Kal claiming such an ace level iq and such he sure isn;t all that bright.

Well lads I hope you all have a grand holiday!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kal Korff's "education"

Well lads our very own FN has been diging rather deep into the past of that wanker Kal Korff and he has found some interesting information. The best of it I cannot share at this moment but believe when I tell you chaps it is utterly ace stuff!!!!!! ahahhhaaahhaaa

So for now please enjoy this co-op ed piece written on the road by none other than FN himself!!

From FN:
Here's the TRUTH as best as we Korffers can ascertain, regarding Korff's high school and limited college experience.

Korff graduated in 1980 with his class. He had all his credits before graduation, gained through his journalism activities, etc. He wasn't an overly exceptional student; he wasn't the valedictorian or anything like that. When questioned, fellow students regarded him as “being there” with little more comment. 

Interestingly, a repeated episode from his high school years colored Korff’s personality and behavior to this very day; students used to make fun and pick on him for being “different”. After he gained a little celebrity in response to his first Meier pamphlet, these same students then treated him like local royalty.

Korff won a few awards for public speaking, one would assume Speech Class? No sports activity to speak of, a few clubs. No mention in the yearbook; “Most likely to…” that kind of thing.

Korff did gain a bit of a reputation before he graduated for having a college aged girlfriend, her name was Sarah. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise; Korff wasn’t a stupid lad, he read a lot and had a lot of varied interests, etc., and he wasn’t a bad looking kid as we’ve seen.

This teenage love affair would have to be the high point of his personal life; being looked up to for dating an “older women” while in high school. In light of what his personal life currently is, this past relationship must rank right up at the top for Korff.

As we know his personal life is a lonely affair; sequestered from family, no steady girlfriend, no wife (he was married for a few months and that union crash and burned fairly quickly), and no children (Korff has never had a child, he bragged and ultimately lied about a genius son, this isn’t true). In any event, the teenage love affair ended with Sarah cheating on him, or some such thing. Young love; a wicked ride.

Also, it should be noted that Korff lived in the family garage for a couple years while he attended high school. As freedom fulfilling as this “bohemian” lifestyle must have been for a teenager, I’m sure Korff would've of rather had his father at home; with his mother, brothers and sisters, and not away with his Filipina girlfriend, now his wife.

Korff did take German in High School. This is interesting because noted UFO researcher (now out of the game), Michael Hesemann, is on record stating that he tried talking to Korff in German at a UFO Conference and Korff had no clue what Michael Hesemann was talking about. Hesemann stated that he talked to Korff to prove to himself that Korff didn’t understand German as he said he did while visiting the Billy Meier Compound.

Michael Hesemann: “I addressed Kal Korff in German when I met him at a UFO Expo West in L.A., and he did not understand a single word. That was funny, since I speak "High German", with only a slight Rhinish accent, when the Swiss with their heavy Swiss German are even extremely difficult to understand for the average German.”

As for any college experience, we searched far and wide and all we can come up with, and this is corroborated by former students and friends, Korff attended a Fremont, California area junior college:

Ohlone College -

He attended for a very short time; no degree, certificate or completion of any kind was achieved or recognized.

To sum up; in this mini biography it's easy to recognize the few life events which affected Korff's personality and behavior so deeply that his troubled life can be traced back to nothing more than these life changing, although fairly common to many, events.

Love, sex, heartbreak, family, divorce, education, school games, a taste of celebrity; it’s all here. For some, life would have unfurled much differently.

For Kalvin Korff, his physiological response to these common life changing events derailed any chance he had to capitalize on his early opportunities and success.

And there you have it lads!  So Kal tries to flaunt about some phony IQ and using nanodust but he does not have a degree in so much as cooking!! ahahahahahahahahahaha  And let me leave you all with a wonderful photo of Kernal Kolon Krumbs from 1976 when he was just a wee brat in the 8th grade. My oh my he looks like a very angry young idiot ahahaaaaahhhaaa

And Jimmy D and F1Racer ARE STILL WAITING for Kal's imaginary police to show up! Kal claims to have pictures of their flats and that sure makes it sound like Kal is STALKING PEOPLE!! This comes as no surprise at all lads because Kal clearly needs someone or something to be his enemy. So much for world peace eh Kal?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Kal Korff IS NOT an accredited journalist!!

So I am rather curious lads as to where one can acquire accreditation as a journalist??? Kal K. Korff claims to be such an accredited journalist yet he works for no established and reputable media corporation or other news outlet. YOU CANNOT BE AN ACCREDITED JOURNALIST!!! There is NO SUCH THING!! You can be a journalist with media credentials and I do suspect lads that wanker Kal is passing off his old metro newspaper identification card and running around yelling "I'M A CREDENTIALED JOURNALIST!!! SEE!!!!!" ahahahahahahahhhaaahahhahaha But lads we all know this is utter bollocks because Kal IS NOT EMPLOYED AS A LEGITIMATE JOURNALIST!!

Right then I guess I will take Kal to task again and challenge him to show proof of his self alleged accreditation as a journalist. Come now Kernal Kolon and do what you challenge everyone else to do and show some evidnece and I am not talking about some media roster from years ago I am talking about NOW. ahahahahhhaaa

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why be a fake Mossad agent Kal?

Her eis your chance Kal to turn your twisted little fantasy life into the real thing!!!!!!!  It looks like Mossad is hiring agents!!!  While Kal might fail on the creativity requirement of such a position Kal will be ace at the part of the job requiring one to “create one’s own reality and play a central role in it.” Kal is already an accomplish liar so what is holding him back from dumping his fake Mossad badges and trying out for the real thing???? ahahahahahahahhhaaahahahahahahah

Time is about for you to man up Kal and try out for the real thing lad. But as all we know Kal all too well these days to know that he is an utter twat with no spine who spends his days and nights imagining and dreaming about the real thing.

So go on now there Kernal Kolon and keep on providing us with the laughs! ahahahahhhhhaaaahahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahaha!!!!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

When father times bangs you

My my my how father time can be so cruel when you let him. For that gnat of a wanker Kal Korff I believe it was inevitable that he wound up like he is. Destiny and all. How the bloody hell does someone go from some kid in 1980 to a complete sod 30 years later?????????? It looks like Kal learned NOTHING during this time. With the New Year coming about I was seriously pondering the shining example of failure Kal is.

A life of 6's and 7's to put it kindly that Kal has. Gandering a read about Kal and his nanodust and a post someone made about it that Kal brags some nanodust is a huge success. Kal claimed he sent in this nanodust against the cops that threw his brother in prison. The person posting pointed out that if this nanodust was so successful then why did Kal's brother go to prison and why did Kal make his brother lose a lawsuit? the answer is simple really. There is no nanodust and the only dust Kal has is the tiny bit fluttering about in his crazy skull.

Before I go I thought I'd share with you lads an exclusive right here!!!! You may not know it but Kal has a tattoo that signifies his place as supreme commander of the special secret hush hush wink on about services.  Here it is! I think perhaps it should say in Kal's case 'hello I'm a nesh twat'


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kal Korff kontinues with THREATS!!!

Oh oh it looks like Kernal Kornballs has blown a tube out his arse!  Back to threats of police prosecution and lawsuits and lawyers and the usual load of bollocks. The wanking twit Kal is back to the usual waffle and we all know that NOT A SINGLE person has ever received any sort of notice and have not been visited by the police. I am sure the police in Prague are well aware of what a wanker Kal really is. KIAI poster Jimmy D got yet another THREAT from police impersonator Kal K. Korff. This is quite a wobbler here lads! ahahahahaahahhhhaaahhahaha And by the way lads this email from Kernal Kooky is poof that he is engaged in BLACKMAIL and THREATS for telling people they will comply with his demands or be exposed. Thanks for the evidence Kal and perhaps this should be forwarded to the police.
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Kal Korff <>
Date: Mon, Dec 6, 2010 at 2:31 AM
Subject: From Col. Kal Korff — CEASE and DESIST, You're Being Sued, Prosecuted
To: Jimmy D <>
Cc: Art Levine <>,

Dear "Jimmy D,"

I have hired a lawyer to "deal" with you (more than one actually) and your "good buddy" aka "F1 Racer." You will receive a formal legal notice informing you of the charges and actions now underway against you, along with the police, in a few days.

Furthermore, I am returning to Prague, (your timing was bad) in 2-3 days to file formal criminal charges against you with the police. This is long overdue, and has been well underway, especially since before I left for my trip to Asia to deliver nanodust in Pakistan, and to India to help them fight against Islamofascists, engage in a "war games" exercise and training — you know, the stuff you delude yourself and LIE to people about, when you say that "none of this is true."

I am also sending a copy of this letter to International Investigative Journalist Arthur S. Levine, who is "most aware" of your various criminal activities, stalking, and libel, slander, and defamation, which you have made with deliberate and malicious intent, which are also crimes. He knows about your cyberstalking web site, he's going to be receiving quite a file on you for the expose series he is writing, the subject of which you'll have to "discuss" with him, since I "owe" you no explanation.

The charges against you, and the literally hundreds of emails you have written (unsolicited as you have criminally stalked and harassed me) and the false claims about me you have made are now going to be addressed and "settled" before the public, your peers and co-workers or any clients you might have.

Enough is enough.

When the police forwarded your email to me, I had to laugh at your desperate attempt to smear me regarding my brother. He was RELEASED ONE YEAR AGO.

Somehow I suspect you know this. And of course you "forget" that it was ME who wrote half the defense which was used in Court and read word for word, which got him OFF of the big, phony charge that he had tried to run down Deputy Geiger. 

Geiger has now admitted to five people that the shooting was bogus, just like he broke down and cried on the witness stand, because he couldn't tell the truth.

Furthermore, Forensic Expert Doug Knowles now uses and specifically cites my brother's case as a textbook example of how NOT to handle a crime scene and its evidence, since the police did fake data. These are all proven facts, and I have these conversations on video, just like I have my conversations recorded with police reporting David Biedny, another fellow hater who I am also now going to sue for FALSELY claiming that I committed "libel and slander" when I exposed publicly on video his threats of violence against me.

Biedny made these lying allegations on YOUR web site. Biedny will now be held accountable for EVERY LIE he has made about me, as well as his comments calling me "dirt bag" and other such names, which is unacceptable.

There was NO "libel and slander" regarding Biedny. You and everyone who saw the video knows this. But you and Biedny are too busy engaged in hatred, threatening me, trying to harm me, and now saying you will "kill" me or want to "kill" me, — to see the truth.

If Biedny doesn't want the physical threats of violence he udders against people made public, or his other comments calling people "dirt bag" or "scum" — Biedny shouldn't threaten people.

Any other position on this issue is bullshit, and you know it.

You are filled with hatred and you are an extremist. 

I will no longer "tolerate" your public cries and calls for me to be harmed, I will not "tolerate" your threats against me, nor your threats that your friend "F1 Racer" is now going to "kill me" to use YOUR own words.

Thankfully, the police forwarded me your email. Seznam has also been cooperative. Both them and Google gave me all of your emails before I left Prague and the lawyers now have them. It's nice to have friends at such companies. My contacts with, who immediately recognized the criminal aspect of your behavior, date back to the LITE web site project. Look it up, they're only a few hundred meters from the newspaper I once worked for for two years — you remember the one, Jimmy, Metropolitni Expres, the paper you used to stalk me at, and tried to get me "fired" at — to no avail of course.

You will have 72 hours to comply with the legal notice you will receive shortly from an International Law firm. Their billing rate regarding you, which YOU are now liable for, (not me) is $250.00 USD per hour.

They include a price estimation in their letter to you, concerning how much they intend to sue you for, the letter they are drafting is airtight, since the evidence and case against you is a slam dunk — and I do not mean this in a George Tenet sense.

We will NOT lose — you and your hater, extremist "good buddy" Mr. "F1 Racer" already have lost. Furthermore, David Biedny is going to be exposed for what he did, and how he colluded with you, in what are now criminal acts, and engaged in conspiracy.

"Truth" is not on your side, "Jimmy D."

Google, Seznam, the Czechs and German you impersonated, Facebook, etc., have all been cooperative. Lawyers work this way, and these companies obey the laws when served with legal requests, especially when your own blog and emails, using their services to commit crimes which have international jurisdiction, are being committed by you.

As you can now see, I am NOT "bluffing," — I was NEVER "bluffing" where it concerned you nor your hate-filled, extremist, anti-Semitic, Jew-hating friends.

Instead, like a professional who is a Kidon Unit Commander, and a victim, I took my time, while YOU and your fellow haters continued to break the laws, mock police, threaten to murder me, publicly threaten to harm me, ad nauseum.

You will now be contacted by others.

The FACT that you REFUSE to "believe" that I AM a Colonel in a PRIVATE Israeli-founded entity, whose Hebrew name you do not even know, but if you did know it, it PROVES that I am certainly NOT "James Bond" and never claimed to be, YOU are the one lying and saying I am some sort of "agent," — which now has you in legal trouble and police trouble among many other charges, especially your threats, the case against you we intend to pursue PROVES that you are arguably insane, and have engaged in criminal activity.

You may take comfort in knowing that you are mentioned extensively in my upcoming 2,400 page book series on haters, extremists and Islamofascists, which I am turning over to Prometheus Books for publication. I hold you up as an example of how not to be, and what is very wrong in this world. Following the advice of the owner of, I stayed largely silent about your web site and attacks, until "the case" could be built and is irrefutable. Notice I never really replied to any of your roughly 200 UNSOLICITED, hate-filled, often more than once a day harassment, criminal stalking emails.

Instead, EVERY ONE OF THEM went to the police and other officials, I never read nor saw most of them, just auto-forwarded them, the script our Apple system uses is also entered into evidence, along with the reasons WHY this was necessary.

It's because you broke the laws.

The police also received the emails where you mock them. You can ask them for their "opinions," since you'll be speaking to them soon.

Investigative Journalist Art Levine knows all about the Secret Wars project...and now he knows all about you, and what's going to happen to you now, and so will the rest of the world.

If you do not propose an amicable settlement in your reply to this email in 72 hours, I shall PUBLISH it, and the next letter you will receive from "me" won't be from me, but instead the International Lawyers I have now hired, who along with the police, will come after you.

David Biedny has 72 hours to also propose a settlement and an apology, or also face the rightful, legal, and financial consequences for his illegal behavior. There was NO "libel and slander" when I told the world about what Biedny did, and recorded my reporting him to police. Since Biedny posted much hate-filled material on YOUR web site, with your collusion and "full blessings," — the case against Biedny, yourself and aka "F1 Racer," who was first reported to police a long time ago — is airtight.

You won't win, and none of you can "afford" to defend your behavior, either professionally, morally (which is all that ultimately matters) nor especially financially.

ONLY sincerely,

Colonel Kal Korff
Israeli-founded Special Secret Services
Commander, Kidon Unit Aleph, SAPSTOE

So how did such a seemingly nice young man become such an deluded arse? Yes this is indeed a picture of Kernal Kolon from long ago in 1980 when he graduated from high school. Much much much much more to come about Kal when the truth about Kal K. Korff is EXPOSED!!  A cresting tide?? More like a tsunami!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kernal Kolon broke???

It looks like the special secret services is not paying all that well these days. First Kal has to conduct "was games" at a paintball arena here in Prague and pretend he is in India near the Pakistan boarder. I guess the budget of the special secret services isn't all that bloody well these days.

Kal later must go on to pretend he has taken some sort of cholesterol test.  The truth is that the great Kal K. Korff is giving blood at a plasma center so he can get some money! ahahahahhaaahahahaha!!!! What happened to the millions of dollars Kal had and all of his tele and radio and book deals? ahaahahahahhaaa!!! Times must be tough when you have to flog your own blood.

A pal of mine is a phlebotomist and clued me in on what was happening in the picture.  Any why the bloody hell would you have someone take a picture even if you were getting an actual cholesterol test????

Looks like Kernal Kornflakes has hit bottom entirely. One poster here messaged me saying that Kal had sold a website that was given to him and that Kal had been living off the money he got from that deal. One can only hope the gormless twit will sell both his kidneys next.

Friday, December 3, 2010


This was sent from Kal to KIAI poster Jimmy D

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Kal Korff <>
Date: Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 7:33 AM
Subject: What shall we talk about?
To: Jimmy D <>

Hi Jimmy.

I am running Korff's email account now.

I work for the police.

What would you like to discuss, other than your latest threat to harm someone?
Is it not a CRIME to IMPERSONATE the police lads? It is myopinion that Kal K. Korff has LIED and has IMPERSONATED POLICE!!! It looks like Kal has some rather CONvenient standards when it comes to his ethics. Someone in Prague should file a complaint with the police. Kal has added police impersonator to his long list of lies including being a fake Mossad agent.