Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kal K. Korff is a moron for the ages

I just concluded wasting precious time looking at what can be described as a view from the world of the insane. Yes I did indeed just get through watching the very confusing video put on youtube by that blinkered bastard and utter idiot Kal Korff. That will be 15 minutes of my life that I now cannot ever grab back.

So Kal once again proves that he hates his own country and is someone who wants to be some sort of hero to the Czech people.  I think the Czech people are wonderful. The last thing Czechs need is a load of cobblers flying about making the great Czech people look bad. It must be wonderful to fanny around Prague pretending to be someone in some secret organization that does not exist. This new video is piss poor and Kal will never realize that his better days came and went a long time ago. The video is so laughable and mangled around in cutting and bollocks that you would be best off spending a penny than watching this piece of rubbish.

Kal now is dreaming that some world leaders are interested in seeing the book that never will be. You are not that important Kal and no one of true import would waste but a second with you. Keep dreaming dolt.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kernal Krapper

We all should get one thing straight right now and that would be Kal K. Korff is undeniably the king of utter crap. First Kal says he is not in Mossad but is only a volunteer all of which is in contradiction of Kal claiming to be a Kidon commander and the rest of the delusional nonsense he utters.

But none of this stops Kal from feeding more bloody nonsense. This picture sent me by an anonymous source shows Kal purportedly teaching the martial art known as Krav Maga. It is an Israeli founded martial art.

Well lads I decided to do a bit of research into all of this based on some comments left here and the conclusion I have reached it that Kal K. Korff is permanently bladdered.  I have a rather good chum of mine who fights in mixed martial arts competitions and is very familiar with it all.  I asked him about Kal teaching Krav Maga and my friend did some checking and told me "This bloke is flirting with his own willy. I have many people I have trained with who are indeed official Krav Maga instructors. The bloke's name you floated me is not sanctioned by the actual Krav Maga organization. They've never heard of this twat. If you run into him tell that smeg I'd love to go three rounds with him bare knuckles if he thinks he has what it takes. I've made moe than my fair share of street warriors cry and looking at this twat's stuff it doesn't take much of a brain to tell he's all talk."

So there you have it lads.  On your bike Kernal Krapper.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bloody hell!!!! I just puked up a biscuit and tea!!!!!!

I do not bloody know what the hell else to say!!!! the thought did cross my mind that Kal must be trying to figure out how much this bang just cost him!!  ahahahhhhhaaaa  What sort of a sick freak needs to have a picture taken him of him in bed with some girl???? Is Kernal Kolon really that insecure???? Maybe Kal is a bit unsure of which side to swing for????  Who bloody knows. This photo is so utterly posed it is just silly. like a school boy trying to prove to the lads that he kissed Tina!! ahahahahhhaaahahhaaahahaa! If Kal is going to film another episode perhaps it should be called an American virgin trying to get laid in Prague. Bollocks!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

No respect for the dead Kal? No surprise!

There's sick and then there is really sick and then there is Kal K. Korff. I am not sure how accurate all of this information is but it bloody well fits into Kal and his desperation. Some time ago Kernal Koward posted on his webiste that someone named Bill Marriot had passed away.
Long time commenter of this blog Fuck Nut or known as FN sent this information about the true reason why Kal Korff had so many website problems.  It wasn't the story Kal sputtered up about technical problem or other utter nonsense. No it turns out it was both some flying saucer fellow who got Kal's site shut down and you can read the rest for yourself. Nothing like walking on the dead there eh Kal? 
Here is a reference to Bill Marriott in one of Kal's many many many delusional messages where he poses as someone else.  As for anyone asking about when that dolt Kal posted something about this Marriott fellow here it is "Jun 22, 2010 ... Online Memorial Service for Bill Marriott to be Held Soon." Of course this never came about either just as so much of what Kal says will happen but it never does. Here is what FN has to offer here.
Here's the e-mail from Michael Horn laying out why Korff's site was pulled 
down, The "Bill" their talking about is Bill Marriott, evidently Korff 
"worked" with Bill at Claris. Korff attempted a "power grab" at Bill's 
position at the firm shortly after Bill passed away and, after he posted 
material on his site regarding his passing. So, what you have here is 
Michael Horn asking them to pull the site down for his own reasons and then 
the CEO reading Korff's web site and hearing about Korff trying to grab 
Bill's position. He got pissed off at Korff and he ordered the site pulled 
down. No web based script issue, etc. caused the site to go down. Korff's 
own ego and need of employment pushed him into acting in what we can 
consider is his regular behavior. Korff will fuck people over, and use them, 
their name, their material, and whatever else it takes to try and bolster 
his ever challenged and sinking into the black mire of his 
"personality"..... or lack there of.
Please start a new thread using this information, it needs to be highlighted 
in my opinion.
Keep up the good work and never pull that blog down. The world needs to 
----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Michael Horn"
To: "FN"
Sent: Thursday, September 09, 2010 4:52 AM
Subject: A little more
In March of this year Korff was forced to take down his site by his UK 
hosting company. I have all the correspondence but in light of his ugly 
comments about Wendelle do know that they are consistent with his  lack of 
Here is a paragraph from the CEO of the UK site pertaining to what they 
think of Korff:
 "Our only relationship with Mr. Korff is his attempt to apply for Bill's 
job in the same breath that he announced he was dead, something we found 
deeply offensive to the life and memory of our Marketing Director. In light 
of this further violation of our goodwill and terms of service, I have 
instructed our technical team that the site be suspended. This will be 
actioned in the next few hours."
 Korff's site was actually down within 20 minutes of my receiving the email. 
There was more where they told him to take down the clearly threatening 
information directed against Meier and me.
 After that, there were two more U.S. based companies that removed his site.
On the road now, back Monday.

So there it is lads.  Despicable what level some losers will stoop. But he is Kal Korff after all so why should anyone expect anything different to come about.  That's just Kal.

And don't forget to REPORT KAL K. KORFF AS A PHONY ISRAELI AGENT!  Kal K. Korff is claiming to be an Israeli agent and these are KAL'S OWN WORDS! Look at this picture of Kal wearing military insignia and posing next to an Israeli flag!! The evidence is plain here and IT IS ALL PROVIDED BY KAL!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mossad OFFICIAL inquiry of Kal K. Korff begins???

It looks as though those chaps at Mossad may have already started an official inquiry about self proclaimed fake Israeli agent Kal K. Korff. Sounds like Kal's newest video on you tube has landed his barmy arse in some real trouble now!!

Now while I do not follow what Kal writes on facebook other chaps are saying that Kal is pissing around and said he never claimed to be an Israeli agent.

Bollocks!!! Bloody bollocks!! Utter rubbish I say!!!!! I suppose I should give thanks to that knob Kal for snookering himself. Here it is straight from Kal's own video!!! My thanks to the lad who sent me this spectacular picture from KAL'S OWN VIDEO!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Kal K. Korff has been OFFICIALLY REPORTED as a PHONY Israeli agent to the intelligence agency MOSSAD!! Kal EXPOSES himself in his own and newest video on you tube. Kal himself has on the video a picture of him at the US embassy in Prague where Kal claims to show a security guard his Israeli Special secret Services identification to gain entry into the embassy. Bollocks! What Kal is actually showing the security guard is his old media identification from when he worked for some free rag newspaper given away on the rails. I have this from a credible source close to Kal.

Kal has now been OFFICIALLY REPORTED to Israeli's MOASSAD agency as an IMPOSTER!!! You too can REPORT KAL AS A PHONY ISRAELI AGENT HERE. Be sure to provide Kal's website address, Kal's facebook page address and Kal's youttube account address. Just as the picture shows a clown in a fake uniform we all know that KAL K. KORFF IS A PHONY!!!! How many more times does Kal have to be EXPOSED????? Kal should watch his back because the world knows these chaps from Mossad do not wanker about!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kal TRUE Hebrew name is discovered!!!!!!

It appears that some rather crafty lads have penetrated the high security of the Special Secret Services and have found the true name of kal K. Korff!!! Are you ready? Are you prepared for the shock of it all? Are you???


What does it mean? What could it possibly mean????? I know!! Let's play a game.

a _ _ _ o l _

I know that Kernal Kupofpoop is probably bloody all over this with his crack team of code breakers!! ahahhhaaahahahahhhhaaahaha!

By the way Kal before you try to twist this around as some sort of hate thing you can just stop. This has nothing to do with your claimed heritage or religion or any of that. It has everything to do with your utter ridiculousness. You really should look at a photo of yourself sometime Kal and be objective about it. No one buys your rubbish about you being some colonel commander or whatever it is you desperately dream of being.

And just remember Kal that true hate starts with people like you who falsely claim they are victims of hate when everyone knows you only use this sort of outlandish rubbish to paint your opponents as evil. So you might as well just stop screaming wolf at every opportunity you get. It is sad when true racism happens especially when want-to-be victims such as yourself Kal try to use it for less than ethical means. So just stop. No one is making any racist or religious claims here so don;t try to twist it about you dolt.