Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kal "Bullshit Master" Korff

There are some chaps who choose to live life by working hard at a profession like being a carpenter or barrister or chef or teacher. Kal Korff is the only "professional" bullshit artist I know and he's not even very good at that. I would recount all of Kal's bullshit here but I'm afraid that would span weeks of reading.

It looks as though poor dumb Kal actually thinks anyone would believe he had a shot at being on the Oprah Winfry show and declined. Kal you should know that not one single person will believe this crap you're trying to shovel because everyone knows you are an epic media whore who would get on all fours and let a triple train line stuff your arse for a shot on Oprah's show. You would grovel at Oprah's feet for a chance at such exposure. I doubt you're allowed within 200 feet of Oprah and her security staff probably has a file on you with a special notation "chubby little loser, national joke, idiot, nut job."

I don't believe Kal's story about being offered a slot on Oprah's show and Kal turning it down because of his supposed ethics. Has anyone told Kal it isn't ethical to lie about being a colonel, having a 500 book deal, and so much more??????

You do know what the difference is between you and Oprah don't you Kal? Oprah is rich, successful, has an audience of millions, is charitable with her money, and she doesn't have to make shit up to give her life meaning. Oh and Oprah isn't a chubby little loser or a national joke though Kal technically is an international joke.

Didn't Kal announce he had a television talk show that a deal had been signed for? Just face it Kal that you wish you were Oprah. Kal's jealousy at the success of others bleeds through in everything he writes. Kal envies Oprah and wishes he had a pence of her talent and success. So where is your talk show Kal you chubby little loser???? ahahahhhaaaahahahhhahaha

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kal K. Korff can solve energy crisis!!!!

Kal could solve the world energy crisis if only he could convert all of his bullshit into a usable energy resource. But if that happened it might put our world in peril of exploding from the massive energy all of Kal's bullshit would produce. If you think those blokes at BP have had a time capping that bloody oil leak you might want to consider how for years and years people have tried to put a cork in that huge hole Kal has the nerve to call a mouth.

Likely the most overused pile of rubbish gushing out of Kal's enormous mouth is all the legal threats like having people arrested and prosecuted and sued and on and on and on and on.

Again all proved bloody nonsense by Kal's last legal laced spewing claiming that a flying saucer promoter would be sued and charged and that Kal was working with the authorities. Searching through I have found this sort of wild behavior on Kal's part is vey old hat going back years and years where Kal has said he was going to have someone arrested and was going to have them sent to jail and so forth.

So here we all are without a single person being arrested or sued or prosecuted or tossed in prison by Kal. Nothing! Completely ace making threats and then nothing happens!! And that really is it here with Kal that he is just a mouth and nothing more. has anything actually happened where Kal said it would? No books published, no missile defence panel, no consumer fraud arrests, nothing. And tha is what the great Kal Korff is to everyone.............nothing.