Friday, March 23, 2012

Kal K. Korff FAILS to respond to BEING EXPOSED!!


In a blistering no holds barred website by none other than regular commentator and Santa in a floppy hat our very own FN has THOROUGHLY EXPOSED the fantasy life Kal K. Korff dished up to people on the internet, in an article in a free paper published in the Czech Republic, on Facebook and in you tube videos and on internet radio shows. For well over 2 decades now Kal K. Korff has represented himself and claimed to be a computer expert, a ranking officer in an anti terrorism unit, an author with a 500 book deal, a chap with a genius level IQ, a nanobot assassin producer, a CIA operative and oh so too much to list here lads.

It looks like Kal K. Korff has MISLEAD CONSUMERS and MISLEAD THE PUBLIC with his inflated or OUTRIGHT FALSE CLAIMS. So far Kal K. Korff has FAILED TO RESPOND to the website and is RUNNING AWAY instead of addressing it directly as he has always claimed to do. Tables are now turned Kal and I ask what are you going to do? Kal will probably just curl up into a ball roll into some crevasse for a while and reemerge with the usual lawsuit threats and other nonsense. I wonder how many lawyers will have their names falsely used this time around? I wonder how many fake agents are being dispatched to greet JimmyD or F1 Racer or Santa in a floppy hat? haahahahahahahhhaaahahaaha!!! The game is up Kal! Come out from under the rock you snaked under and own up chap.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kal K. Korff CAUGHT!! The silence is deafening!


Well Kal when will you stand up? Kal won't because he has been CAUGHT! CAUGHT! CAUGHT! Just like most cowards Kal will run and hide and avoid it instead of being a man and standing up. I thought you were not "timid" Kal. Slither back under your rock Kal and stay there you craven loser.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

EXPOSING the LUNACY of Kal K. Korff


Lads this is no bodge job by any means. It is utter aces lads and the amount of work that must have gone into EXPOSING KAL K. KORFF was a huge undertaking. People were cheesed off at that cunt Kal and they went out and did a thorough job TEARING KAL APART piece by piece using KAL'S OWN WORDS!!!! ahahahhhaaahahahahahaaa!!!! So how does self claimed genius level IQ toting Kal get taken out by a bunch of guys on the internet? First of all lads Kal is no genius. Second of all if you wave your utter nonsense about enough sooner or later someone will kick you right in the arse. Kal's had this coming a long time and rightfully so since Kal claims to expose frauds. Table turned Kal table turned and someone picked it up and cracked your skull wide open. That's has got to hurt chaps!  ahahahahahahhaaaaaahhhhaa!!

Go crawl back under your rock Kal. Naff off Kal. Can't wait to see how shirty Kal gets over all of this. I'm sure he'll be back in no time with his lawsuit threats and KMPG audits! ahahahahahhhaaaaahahaha

What a fantastic job done by the Korffing Syndicate.  Bravo lads!  Bravo! I did none of the work on that magnificent website other than advertise it here. Good job lads!!!!!!!! 

Sunday, March 11, 2012



Like an over cooked holiday turkey KAL K. KORFF IS DONE! Our very commenter to this blog FN has along with many others EXPOSED KAL K. KORFF'S LIES BEFORE THE PUBLIC. Kal was good at trying to do this to others with his mindless and crazed threats of lawsuits and secret agents that would "visit soon" and the endless harassment he dished out to others who took him to task on his bollocks.

This is not something you can just wash away Kal. For all your nonsense and endless parade of utter bullshit you have no one to cast blame upon but yourself for what many feel you have righteously had coming to you for all too long now. Santa in a floppy hat has posted a special message about the WEBSITE EXPOSING KAL K. KORFF and utterly destroying line by line Kal's own words and claims. Kal you can now take a bath in what you put out there for the world to see MR. FAKE COLONEL. For all the good people you attacked, slandered, threatened, and lied about it has all come back squarely in your face Kal. Enjoy it because you deserved it all along. How does it feel being the helm of a ship you know is sinking and you have not the sense to get onto an escape boat or at least wear a float? Goodbye to your facade Kal.


 So what is it like getting a fat sour taste of your own medicine Kal? You want the spotlight and now you have been given it. I heard you already have shot off your usual fake threats. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That is all anyone else is doing right is now laughing at how ludicrous you have been with your FAKE COLONEL claims and the rest of this mess you stepped into and kicked off in the direction of everyone else. You sow you reap Kal. This is what your wasted life has brought you. The public you claim to serve and protect had to go and find out the TRUTH and EXPOSE YOU KAL!
So you break out the flags and that goofy hat and your FAKE MILITARY RANK and your oversized leather jacket and tell us how it really is. I'm sure you will be up for days plotting the revenge that will lead you to no where fast. Sneaky vicious backbiting little pieces of shit aren't immune from getting caught. The only difference here is that no one made up a bunch of threats, no one screamed they would sue, no one made up that special agents would be coming to get them because some dared to speak out about your lunacy, no one is getting sued or prosecuted, and I could go on and on lads.

The most shocking piece of this all lads is that Kal K. Korff appeared to have more than quite ample opportunities for legitimacy but he just didn't seem like he could function in the real world of responsible and well mannered professional adults. Instead, we see the rail wreck that is Kal K. Korff bounding from one country to another making up preposterous claims. And instead of sitting around we have commenters here like FN who step up and take action!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

It is almost time lads!!!!!!!!

Your life is about to be laid out in front of the world Kal.  Every day brings us all closer to the day. Thoughts? Care to comment Kal? Each day that passes disappears another day for you to admit the truth for once in your life Kal. Be a good chap now and come clean Kal.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Time is running out Kal you bloated gas bag

It is coming lads!!!! Kal K. Korff is about to be EXPOSED!!!!!! Keep an eye here lads.