Thursday, July 28, 2016

Kalvin Korff in the Turdbowl

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Kalvin Korff in the Turdbowl

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Kal Korff Show Shitisode 2

Korffer AndrĂ©‎ critiques Kal Korff Show Shitisode 2. Nothing more be said. Thank you very much Andre.

The 2nd Episode of the awful Kal Korff TV Show interviewing a Daily World co-worker! That is Exclusive TV in the Kal Korff World! And it is the second woman to appear on his show. And listen to that fake applause at the start, so reminiscent of Korff' s videos.

Kal Korff (at 45:25): "But let's say you visit a friend and it's 45 degrees out, it's a hot summer and your friend has a swimming-pool, are you just gonna go in there? Well, there is a swimming-pool where I live, so you're welcome anytime." Was Kal Korff hitting on this Indian woman? I wonder what his Indian wife would say, if he ever had one.

It looks as if this woman felt annoyed, disgruntled and uncomfortable as this weird interview went on judging by her body language. Perhaps she was thinking that she could have been doing more useful things. Look at her body language in the end.

Kal Korff (at 1:02:57): "When I was in Europe, I went on a lot of dates, you know, tons of them."

If you must, here's a the link to the tripe in in full:

Monday, July 25, 2016

As unprofessional as you knew it would be

If you must, here's the link to the original tripe:

UPDATE - link above no longer works.
Kalvin either edited the video and reposted it, or he got annoyed with the Syndicate and he pulled it and then he reposted it to break the original link. No matter, we saved a copy of it in an immediate fashion and we now post the new link to the original tripe:

Man Love
Manish posts Korff's link on the Facebook wall, does he know the link doesn't work anymore.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Promises, Lies and Hate

Kalvin's back on the "air"... looking good Fucker.

Korffer's keep after Kalvin.... Notice Korff bashing on cops and Christians in the same post. Well done hater of the gays, cops, women, the USA and now Christians. Well done you fucking panty waste. We are better off without you.

Korffer's check in on your FaceBook page. Thanks for the help. 


This just in! What's an online TV network, oh, I get it, it's a Youtube channel but, of course, that's not grandious enough for Kalvin, no, no, no... it must be a Television Network. Keep after it Kalvin, sooner or later you'll get wherever it is you're trying to get. And we will be here lending you a helping foot, right up your ass.

The Korffing Syndicate; The Foot Up Your Ass of Truth

Udderly developing....

Friday, July 1, 2016