Friday, February 27, 2009

Kal Korff MELTDOWN!!

Well well well it has been rather fun reading the comments here. I do indeed like the one posted by Brad Hudson where Kal "Conniving" Korff sends a blathering and dizzying response to an e-mail where this chap Brad Hudson asks a few simple questions that require nothing at all but simple answers. But do we ever get a straight answer from Conniving Kal? Instead we are given this delightful email reply from Kal where Brad's eloquently constructed message invites a full on MELTDOWN of epic proportions from Kal!!! Read on and watch how little it takes to make Kal come unwoven like a cheap suit!! Kal Korff is just like a thin skinned tire on a truck crusing down the interstate when it suddenly BLOWS OUT!!! BOOOOOOOMMMM!!!! Kal's UTTER MELTDOWN is PRICELESS!!!!! ahahahaahahahahahaa!!!

Brad Hudson wrote this, "Wow, Kal, you've outdone yourself today. I don't even know where to begin dissecting the rant you've gone off on, but let me try:

1. What the hell does Don Ecker have to do with anything? He used
to own UFO, now he doesn't. He's not selling anything, so why does he

2. Kevin Randle, again. You need to get over this one. Randle will have more credibility than you until the end of time (and I don't believe everything he prints, either). Plus, you know there's a difference between slander and libel, right? Because judging by your site, I don't think you do.

3. Stanton Friedman. Ask for my money back? Really?? Mr. Friedman has done more to advance the study of UFO's than anyone else currently alive. I think I'll take the word of a nuclear physicist over a non-college educated ex-pat any day. I think we also need to point out that you were once Mr. Friedman's protege and now he has distanced from you so far that it would take light at least 10 years to get to him. He (along with Phillip Mantle) pretty much describe you as someone who can't be believed on any topic.

4. Paul Kimball. You know he's distanced from Stan Friedman, right? And that he's publicly disavowed any belief in the ET Hypothesis. Oh, wait, he's put together a movie about you. That's why you're so desperate to trash him. And that's why I'm so desperate to see the finished project. Did you not realize someone was trailing you around town with a camera? And you call yourself an intelligence officer?????

5. Royce Myers III. He hasn't done anything with that site in years. Why are you so up in arms over it? Does it mean that much to you? And don't give me any consumer crap, either. Royce doesn't sell anything, so how could I be a "consumer" of his product? (Notice that I used quotes correctly, something you still need to work on). Or is it because he said your brother would be guilty? He was guilty of assault, was he not? And he is in prison? Just checking.

Kal, you really are nothing more than an enormous joke. Just last year you claimed you were going back to the USA to work on your brother's trial. That didn't happen. You said you had signed a 5 year contract with Voijtek, and we all know how that little escapade ended up. then it was F1 racer being arrested, deported, having his YouTube account suspended. How much of that happened? Zero, mi amigo!

You need to get a job and leave all this behind. You are so bitter that those of us who dabble in Korff-dom don't need any help in making you look like an ass. You do all the work for us.

Best wishes on your final meltdown,


WOW! Brad Hudson is one hell of a psychic as he predicts the coming MELTDOWN from Kal and hold on your to your seats because the response from Kal should be a case study piece for any asylum staffers! This gets UGLY and don't get too dizzy reading Kal's CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY response and here it is "Dear Brad Hudson,

Thanks for writing, let me now respond to your various points.

1. Thanks for "thinking" for me and "telling me" HOW I feel. Problem Brad: I helped write that piece, but am NOT the piece's sole author. But you would not know this, because you didn't bother checking. I assume you know that you do NOT "think" nor "speak" for me, so you might as well stop trying.

2. I NEVER said Royce has done anything with his web site recently, did I?

Instead, YOU did. You ca ask yourself why you lie about this, it is not my problem.

I also did not largely write that part. The FACT remains that a thorough
systematic expose of Royce has YET to be done. I am NOT doing it, others are. I care not what you "believe".

3. You say I was a "prodigy" of Friedman?

Since you were NOT there, you CANNOT say I was.

For the record, I NEVER was, in fact in at least ONE of the articles that showed Friedman and I together, you can clearly see me frown and stare at him right after he made the "certain prediction" that the Space Shuttle would "bring down the UFOs."

My comment was "Do you REALLY think so?" and of course this has proved NOT
to be true.

4. You say that Friedman has done "more" for the "study of UFOs" than anyone
else has. I respectfully DISAGREE. Brad Sparks kicks Friedman's ass sideways, and 24 hours a day.

Let's "review" Friedman's track record:

A. He endorses MJ-12. Despite the FACT it is a hoax. He has NEVER come clean
about this.
B. He "endorses" the infamous Rex Heflin photos from Santa Ana, California,
in 1965. These photos show a TRAIN wheel.
C. He "endorses" the Trindade Island photos from Brazil in 1957 which ARE
D. He "endorsed" in his movie UFOs Are Real, the Santa Catalina "UFO" film
of 1966, which shows a CESSNA Airplane.
E. He "endorses" the Betty and Barney Hill "star map" — DESPITE THE FACT
Atterburg's "star map" is a BETTER match. The FACT that more than one
"candidate" exists, PROVES and REDUCES the Hill case to "just another story."
F. Friedman "endorses" Roswell — enough said.
G. Friedman "endorses" the Cutler-Twining Memo, deliberately and selctively
quotes from it, FAILED to "understand" that it was a HOAX and FRAUD and does
NOT say what he claimed it said.
H. I (Kal Korff) have SEEN a "UFO" — Friedman has NOT.
I. Try to find "alien worlds" in the star system of Zeta Reticuli, etc., and
the other stars in the Hill map. THEY ARE NOT THERE! FACT! So WHERE is "ET"
hiding out? On a death star which cannot be tracked by red shift light
studies nor Hubble? Yeah, right.
J. He "endorses" the NSA "UFO" memo, which has since been declassified — it
does NOT prove any such thing. Friedman was wrong, and NEVER had the right
to "profess to know" what content was in those redacted portions. Instead,
he projected his ideas into it, just like MJ-12.

5. Paul Kimball has NOT FULLY "COME CLEAN" about his Uncle Stan — it would
cause more disruptions in the family. Instead, he has done DAMAGE CONTROL
and "spin" which is very different. The key word is FULLY, but you MISSED

You have NO "excuse" — your "open mind" is ALREADY made up!

6. Kimball quotes Brad Sparks over the Rb-47 case, never holds Randle
accountable, Sparks says RB-47 case involves "real aliens" or NOW Paul says he doesn;t buy this 'explanation" for UFOs? What a hypocrite. Can't have it BOTH ways, but Paul does. And of course Paul (like Stan) will still take your money. FACT. If I endorsed a FRAUD and as THE MAIN PROPONENT OF THAT FRAUD, I WOULD REFUND PEOPLE'S MONEY.

7. We predicted YEARS AGO Paul would eventually produce a video "hit piece"
on me. Accordingly, we filmed TWO YEARS AGO interviews about this. We will
air them AFTER Paul strikes first. Our whole strategy to expose Paul, is based on him behaving like the "Little Big Man, Gotta Get You Back" syndrome we say he DOES suffer from. We will not and cannot release anything until Paul "fires first." It also fits perfectly into my thesis on human psychoses and biases. UFOOLogy is a perfect study lab for people's foibles, just like Islamofascists are.

Honestly, I do NOT care about Kimball. The exposes of him are largely ALREADY done, (thanks to Martina) and since Paul has NEVER had the ethics, morals nor decency to contact me directly, (that makes him certainly NOT a journalist) that's Paul KimBULL for you, as his nickname is, most appropriately.

8. Randle - Yes, Randle both says and writes that law enforcement and military personnel have threatened to kill Roswell eyewitnesses. I notice YOU DO NOT HOLD RANDLE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THIS. Instead, we or I am "evil" for
pointing this out and trying to do so. Writing and saying it IS both libel and slander, look it up.

9. You FAIL to mention that Royce ONLY "retired" AFTER he started to get
exposed, gee, how honorable of Royce, who to this day, remains a coward who
won't admit he blew with both of his lips, the forensics in my brother's shooting. You can read them yourself, unless you think Billy Meier hoaxed them.

Royce promised in writing to "gladly eat crow" if he was wrong. FACT: he IS wrong, unless you think the forensic scientists are liars or incompetent. But notice Royce remains "retired" and ONLY has time to send a bogus newspaper article about me to (surprise!) his "good buddy" David Biedny. Most people send bogus articles to their proxies to attack others, it is the Number #1 hobby of most "retirees" — isn't it?

ASK BRAD SPARKS YOURSELF — the SJMN article IS BOGUS, please do NOT take my word for it. Brad is in the article, and the article shows me "wearing glasses" — I have never worn them in my life. Congratulations, Mr. Hudson!

10. I am not "bitter" over anything. I also hate NO ONE, not even Bin Laden. QUIT trying to "tell me" how I feel. The FACT you DO, is YOUR problem.

11. You CONfuse "bitterness" with your OWN emotional projections. The next time you decide to TELL ME HOW I "feel" — ASK ME FIRST!

12. Get a real job or words to that effect. I have always had at least one, but you wouldn't know this, and I don't respond to comments like this, because I do not need to. They are YOUR problem.

13. "Meltdown" — in your dreams I guess, since no such thing is taking place. But yes, people like YOU DO "judge" others, — I prefer to leave that "job" to God. You also project things onto me, I am not that way, and i won't defend your behavior on this, because there is NO "defense."

14. As we have made clear, Martina and others who use and post on this site, the exposes WILL stop when they are complete. In the interim there are far more important things to do — if people "criticize" me for focusing instead on nailing the rogue officers who are now the subject of a U.S. Federal Lawsuit for wrongly shooting my brother over having Randle audited at a time and date of MY choosing — well, while we all have different priorities, I will NOT "apologize" for putting an illegal shooting case (regardless of who is involved) before either NON-existent Little Grey Men, or "Bigfoot."

When you claim that Friedman has "advanced" the study of UFOs more than any
other person, since there is NO EVIDENCE of Little Grey Men, -- exactly WHAT
has he "advanced"? The answer is his BANK ACCOUNT. Friedman admitted to me
and others YEARS ago that he only got "into" UFOs because the market was
dying for Nuclear "Physicists" — despite the fact he is an Engineer.

THANKS to Friedman, the MYTHS of Roswell and especially MJ-12 are now
entrenched in our society. Gee, that's "science" for you, and GREAT "PROGRESS" — isn't it?

Obviously, I have known Friedman for decades. I was bothered in 1975 when I
first met him and he was clearly and PASSIONATELY jealous and always attacked Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who I also knew VERY well and spent much time with.

But you wouldn't know this, that HYNEK, NOT FRIEDMAN, WAS MY REAL "hero" —
ask Friedman yourself, AFTER he moved to Canada I never had contact with him
until later when I exposed him in my Roswell book. FACT. Whereas with Hynek,
I saw and stayed in touch with him up to near his death, and STOPPED the Meier people from exploiting him for MONEY after he started to lose his mental facilities thanks to brain cancer. Same with the Lorenzens, Brad Sparks and I were VERY MUCH INVOLVED IN TRYING TO PROTECT APRO from Meier's people as well. I saw Coral Lorenzen before she died, when she needed oxygen to survive and was wheelchair bound. I fed her and took care of her for a weekend, Mr. Hudson, and also Jim Lorenzen.

The photos we took together appear on the cover of the new Meier debate series.

So much for your "expertise" on these issues.

But you wouldn't know any of this, just like you may NOT know how I appear in the notes of the expose on MJ-12. Look my name up in the expose Sparks and Greenwood did, which I notice you do NOT refute.

Because you CANNOT. You also don't hold Friedman accountable, your mind is
ALREADY made up. If I blew MJ-12, you would "crucify" me.

My best advice to you is to STOP trying to "think" for me and "tell me" what I either stand for, or believe. I can and DO "speak" for myself.

And about Paul Kimball, yes, a man who now hunts "ghosts" — gee, THAT's
"credibility" for you.


Get a clue, will ya?

In the vague chance that you might actually LEARN something, just like Randle does NOT use nor know the definition of "Debunker" properly (and notice that Paul Kimball did not interrupt Randle nor correct him, because he is also wrong and doesn't know what the word "debunker" means, like most UFO nuts) I have pasted below the Oxford Dictionary definition for the word "rant" — notice it does NOT mean what YOU claim.

But then again, anyone who cites the "logic" that you do, I would never expect them to know the different between a "rant" versus pointing out BLUNT FACTS. I do not mince words, as you know.

You seem to be "drunk" on the pro-ET "LGM" kook-aid. You may wish to stop
drinking it, your choice.

"Final meltdown?"

Whatever, Mr. All-knowing, Judgmental person. Maybe you confused me with the
song "Final Countdown" — at least THAT is understandable.

For the record, it does NOT "bother" me if UFO CONspiracy or JFK CONspiracy or Bigfoot "believers" do not think I am "credible" — I desire NONE of them as "friends" and I do not subscribe to their uneven lack of standards and quite often, lack of morals.

Instead, I prefer to expose them for what they are.


15. Regarding Vojtek, we have video of us signing the agreement, etc., which Vojtek participated in because we did intend to work together. But I (Kal) and three others changed our minds. We have many hours of video we WILL air several months from now, about what we REALLY did with Vojtek. Martina has ALL of this footage and she will release it as she sees fit, since she also worked with me with Vojtek, as did my Adjutant. Martina is in these videos a lot.

16. Regarding F1 racer, sorry I cannot talk about Mr. Underwood right now. I will not "explain" WHY, I don't have to and I "owe" you nothing on this. Just like I do not have to "explain" to you, especially, if I decide NOT to work with someone.

17. Who dies and made YOU "King"?

18. The fact you would quote or cite a person (F1) who calls others a pedophile or jew hater, claims I have images of Hitler in my living room, and other such "intellectual" things says ALL I need to know about YOU.

You keep and cite some rather hate-filled friends.

rant |rant|
verb [ intrans. ]
speak or shout at length in a wild, impassioned way : she was still ranting
on about the unfairness of it all.
a spell of ranting; a tirade : his rants against organized religion.
rant and rave shout and complain angrily and at length.
ranter |ˈrøn(t)ər| |ˈrantə| noun
rantingly |ˈrøn(t)ɪŋli| adverb
ORIGIN late 16th cent. (in the sense [behave in a boisterous way] ): from
Dutch ranten 'talk nonsense, rave.'



And there you have Kal Korff's MELTDOWN!! And yes reading Kal making statements about morals is a joke. I do believe that most would agree that pretending to have a brain tumor isn't very moral or ethical as an example. Neither is promising to deliver on things for years at a time and never doing such.

Kal you should wake up and smell the coffee and realize that for all your silly efforts that it is clear to any reasonable and intelligent person that email to Brad Hudson was you dodging questions and going into a full on MELTDOWN!!! And I believe Brad Hudson brings about several precise points in his email message to you. Oh I almost forgot to show Brad Hudson's response to Kal's MELTDOWN!!!!! Here is Brad Hudson's response throwing Kal's bullshit right back in his own face, "Wow. I had no idea I had made that many points.

Wait, I didn't, but I'll be glad to go through them.

1. You didn't write it all. Right. Have the author come forward.

2. No, but you act as if the site is, in fact, still active. Additionally, if you are aware of the state of the site isn't it somewhat disingenuous of you to compare it to your site, an active one? Not mentioning the site has not been updated for some time certainly might lead readers to believe you are being actively wronged rather than the truth that RMIII removed you from his HoF and added the always witty "Kan 'o Korff" section (one of the modern classics, I assure you).

3. No, Kal, I said you were his protege, not prodigy. Dear God, learn to read. And, yes, you did begin with Friedman, did you not?

4. Brad Sparks is a fine researcher, but I still defer to Friedman. (Let it go, Kal, we can back and forth all day. BTW, MUFON isn't too happy about the hotlink.). Brad's MJ12 rebuttal is compelling, but I still go with Friedman on this (and, no, Brad didn't prove the docs are hoaxed, nor does he say that in his conclusion. He says he feels they are fraudulent. That ain't proof, tubby).

Your other Friedman lines are tired rhetoric.

5. Paul Kimball has consistently stated he has problems with his uncle's work. Anything beyond that is obviously something you want but won't get.

6. Actually, Brad says that the case involves real radar signals. His own conclusions (in the document you linked to) are that he sees no evidence fully supporting the ETH, so, no, Brad doesn't say definitely that aliens were the cause of the signals in the RB-47 case

(Wow, I was pretty sure I only had 5 points in my email. How you got 18 is beyond me)

7. Care to share the date code on that tape? Hmm, I don't believe you Kal. Odd, huh? Of course, not believing you puts me in pretty good company these days. Prove you have 2 year old tape, Kal. You can't, but you'll just bellow "I don't have to". Have you ever read "A Confederacy of Dunces"? Fabulous book. You are a modern Ignatius Reilly, for sure.

8. No, actually Randle states that witnesses were threatened at the time. That is entirely believable for the time and in no way libels any current military officer.

9. Kal, RMII retired and then you started tilting at his windmill. What "expose" are you talking about?? Your crusade because he happens to think you're full of shit?? Hardly a groundswell of backlash. As for the article you mention, the author stands by it and has stated you did not ask for a contraction when it was printed. Sorry, Kal, again I'm going to have to take the writer's version here, mostly because he's never BS'd me before.

10. (This is boring) You could have fooled me as you seem awfully bitter over the fact that RMIII called a spade a spade. And I never mentioned once the word hate. You inserted that (as you are prone to do. I see how "involved you were in Brad's MJ12 piece. You were in the room for a CONVERSATION! Do you want a cookie for that? You did nothing but act as a witness that, yes, this conversation did happen. Helluva research job, pardner).

11. Just see the above statement. Normally, Kal, you would only number different trains of thought.

12. No, Kal , I said "Get a job", you added the "real" modifier. What actual job have you held in the last 12 months? None that I can see.

13. Don't defend me. I wouldn't want you on my side. BTW, your writings do indicate someone on the edge of a mental breakdown. Just my educated opinion (and my opinion is educated in these matters)

14. OK, you're kind of all over the place here. I'm pretty sure I never mentioned Hynek or the Randle audit (which you claimed in a video to be "dropping off", another of your lies). I'll just skip ahead.

15. What you really did with Voijtek was to be hired to teach English on a freelance basis and then leveraged that into receiving goods from a local Apple seller. That's what is in the public record. These "hours of video" will never surface, so don't bother talking about things you don't have.

16. Hmm, perhaps you can't talk about it because there's nothing to talk about. If you were seriously trying to stop him you would have already filed suit overt his site where he actively libels you on a regular basis. You won't because you know you'll get torched in court when the house of cards that is your web of lies (wow, two metaphors!) will come crashing down as courts require more proof than a couple of yellowed newspapers and an old science fair ribbon.

17. I think you meant "died" here, and I don't ever remember claiming a throne anywhere. Nope, I've never once claimed to be a King, Duke, or any other royalty.

18. No, that would make you a bigot for judging me by something as facetious as that.

Kal, your long winded reply failed to do one thing: answer the more salient points in my email and, just like your past email to me you have dodged the bigger issues.

Brad Hudson

PS - I forgot to ask: it's OK for you to rail on Randle via the dictionary but when Paul Kimball uses 3 of them to refute your nonsense it's not OK?? Oops, forgot who I was writing to. Double Standard Kal.

After this Kal sent me an email claiming he would reply to my points in full at a later time.

I guess it will be sometime after the audit of Randle's work gets done...."

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day Kal you loser!

So what will Kal Korff do on Valentine's Day? Maybe take Martina out to Burger King whil ehe dins on a vlaue meal and she is only allowed to buy anything ninety-nine cents and under? Perhaps Kal will while he stomps through a graveyard taking pictures of ghosts lift some flowers off a grave for that girl he's been watching for a while now. But I doubt it. Poor dumb Kal can't even keep a former fellow coworker from "stealing" his girlfriend! I'm not being mean here and those are Kal's OWN WORDS from his OWN NUTTY VIDEO where he pranced around an empty room pretending to give a speech. Yes Kal I am so very sure the "Israeli delegation" you claimed was present was so very concerned that some guy swooped in and took your "girlfriend" right out from under your nose. ahahahahahahahahhahaa

I think Kal is likely spending this romantic day alone dreaming and well doing whatever it is that a fruitcake like him does when he is alone. YUK! I don't even want to think about it!

Kal is likely tucked away in his apartment scheming new ways to get even with his "kritics" and dreaming of becoming someone of importance like he was in the good old days when he was publishing shitty literature, jumping to conclusions, regurgitating the works of other people and weaseling his way onto to television shows because really making the Leeza show was just a monumental moment in our history that no one will forget and ---wait --- Kal was on Leeza???? Oh Kal how your glory days are gone. No more real media, no more books being published, no more lecturing in places where there are actually REAL PEOPLE in the audience, where did it all go wrong Kal? WHERE? I'll give you a hint here Kal --- go watch your own videos though I think if someone were to come up to you and smack you in the head you still wouldn't get it you crazy little twit you aren;t even good enough to get on the Jerry Springer show! ahahahahahhaa What that's Kal? You didn't know about Jerry Springer's producer turning down your offer to come on the show and expose the truth? ahahahahahaahahh

I'd send that lonely babbling bastard Kal some chocolates but he's so inept he'd pobably take an hour unwrapping a piece only to choke on it. Speaking of choking I hope Kal doesn't overwrench the chicken on this glorious day.

Kal Kal Kal. Oh my where did it all go so wrong for you? Where?


Thursday, February 12, 2009


Just what might Conniving Kal Korff say ifhe were to to outright confess about what he is all about in reality? What would the repugnant little clown say about all of the vile things he has done and said? What would the little Internet website terrorist Kal Korff confess to us all? Don't hold your breath waiting for Kal to come out and tell the truth any time soon. instead you should just go about amusing yourself by reading Konfessions! which is a rather hilarious look at what Kal might say if he were ethical enough to admit anything or was courageous enough to come and say what really was going on in that wacky little bozo head of his. It is never too late to apologize Kal. andunlike you there are people who havebeen following your shenanigans who would actually forgive you if you finally just fessed up.

Too bad contraception wasn't more publicly promoted way back when Kal was CONceived! Then again I do suppose we would not have Kal around to provide us with the unlimited laughs he provides with his 'life'. ahahahahahahahaha Kal Clownboy Korff sure just keeps the laughs rolling. Yes Kal that is right! We ARE NOT laughing WITH you. ahahahahahahahahaha
Konfessions is just funny funny funny.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kal Korff CAUGHT AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

Kal Korff just can't STOP GETTING CAUGHT!! Poor, dumb, moronic Kal Korff CAN'T GET HIS OWN STORY STRAIGHT!!! Kal first claims that he was indeed an "expert witness" for the plaintiff in the O.J. Simpson civil trial. This is a FACT supported by Kal's OWN WORDS!!!!!
Just seconds after saying he said was an expert witness, in the next paragraph Kal Korff then says he never made the claim!!!!!! read kal's own words from his Internet website.................................

"Dear World,

For the past few years, we have exposed Paul Kimball concerning his less than ethical behavior. For example, his FALSE CLAIMS about how I was "not" an expert witness in the O.J. Simpson civil suit — (never mind the fact that at least EIGHT people know better and I certainly WAS!) — Paul says I wasn't an "expert witness" because I never testified in court.

Since I (Kal Korff) NEVER made this claim to begin with, for Kimball to try and "expose" me over something I NEVER said nor claimed, well, that's Paul Kimball for you, which is WHY we refer to him (and do others) as Paul KimBULL!"

I know you get easily confused Kal but which is it??????????????? Confused Kal sticks his ass in his mouth again!!!!!

While we are on the topic of Kal and O.J. Simpson I want to know WHERE IS YOUR PROOF KAL??? Kal was NEVER an expert witness of any kind!! NEVER! And now Kal is going after Paul Kimball AGAIN over sour grapes because Pual Kimball thoroughly EXPOSED Kal Korff's RIDICULOUS CLAIM! Did Kal offer any sort of proof to refute Paul Kimball's claims? NOPE! Kal HAS NOT provided a grain of evidence supporting ANY of his O.J. Simpson claims!!!! NOT ONE GRAIN OF PROOF from Kal!! NOTHING!!!!


Face reality here for once Kal and admit that Paul Kimball PUBLICLLY DISPATCHED YOU! Paul Kimball COMPLETELY EXPOSED YOUR SILLY CLAIM KAL!!! Kal you should be EMBARRASSED at calling yourself an analyst or investigator of any kind for anyone expecting to take just your word!! Kal you should also be utterly ASHAMED for GETTING CAUGHT and RIGHTFULLY EXPOSED!!! Kal you should APOLOGIZE to consumers worldwide!!! And this is not the first time you have had to PUBLICLLY APOLOGIZE!!! I don't think anyone will forget Art Bell HUMBLING you on WORLDWIDE RADIO and HUMBLING YOU in front of MILLIONS of people!!! How utterly HUMILIATING that must have been for you to know that MILLIONS OF PEOPLE wre listening to you KISS ASS on LIVE RADIO and having Art Bell berate you for LYING about him!!!!!

Kal wants proof from everyone and Kal says it is up to the person making the claim to provide the proof but this standard doesn't apply to Kal Korff when it comes to him having to prove something. And when I say proof Kal you should know this means tangible and verifiable proof that doesn't include your childish self lauding news paper clippings, elementary school prize ribbons or your word or asking your mommy for proof.

Kal has mentioned he was on radio talking about his role in the O.J. Simpson civil case. THIS PROVES NOTHING!! As Kal has shown it is easy to hop radio and let fly with anything you want to claim. Just take a look at Kal's slot on the X zone radio!!! The X zone is where any nutball can get on there and make all sort of claims about flying saucers, ghosts, psychic powers and lizards disguised as humans!!!!!!! But that is ok with Kal Korff because he is Kal Korff and his ethics and standards are flexible to accommodate a situation so long as it benefits Kal!! This is an outrage and a complete INSULT TO CONSUMERS WORLDWIDE!!!

Conniving Kal Korff cuaght AGAIN!!! You're a disgrace to consumers Kal!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Poor, stupid, moronic Kal Korff just can't seem to stop getting caught!! Kal has once again opened his big fat mouth and stuck both feet on in. Kal desperately tried to refute the charges against him made by Milos Bartu. Kal is accused of committing FRAUD and THEFT for stealing some ipods and a laptop.

Kal's come back to the charges was a poorly planned video response where Kal in the most absurd manner tried to blame the entire matter on Milos! ahahahahaha Kal even said "Fuck you Milos Bartu!"

During this video rant Kal claims that he had a business named DotJo or DotJoss and that it was a business located in Oregon with a shipping address that kal was supposed to used to import ipods into the Czech Republic.

Some have claimed the business name DotJos/DottJoss belongs to Kal mother. Regardless of who it belongs to it is a FACT that there is NO business entity registered in Oregon state!! This means that if DotJos/DottJoss is operating as any kind of business entity that business is OPERATING ILLEGALLY! This also means that DotJos/DottJoss is not reporting any or paying any taxes!! We call this TAX EVASION and it is a state and FEDERAL CRIME to COMMIT!!! There are very strict federal rules in place for businesses exporting goods to foreign countries.

Since Kal is in the business of filing complaints it looks like a couple of people have decided to give this very thing a try and have FILED OFFICIAL COMPLAINTS with the secrtary of state for Oregon, the Oregon department of revenue, and the IRS!! Best of all the video rants Kal put up on the Internet have been submitted to these agencies as EVIDENCE with Kal Korff OFFICIALLY NAMED IN THE COMPLAINTS ALONG WITH THE ADDRESS PROVIDED FOR DOTJOSS!!!!

I wonder if Kal's family is just full of criminals? I guess we will find out! Thanks for the EVIDENCE Kal!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kal Korff is a petty tyrant and victim and OWN WORST ENEMY

Imagine just laying all blame for every single bad thing that happens to you on the doorstep of another person. Imagine just about every dealing you have a with a human being going right down the drain. Image now if you will always thinking you are right and believe everyone picks on you. Imagine being Kal Korff and that is what life is like.

Poor, dumb and bloated Kal just cannot seem to catch a break! First Kal can't get his book published. Next Kal has to be a no show at the debate with Kevin Randle because he says there is a terror threat. Kal's brother gets shot because the cops are all involved in a conspiracy and his brother was just an innocent hitch wait, his brother wasn't a hitch hiker......well I suppose the story Kal gives depends on the day of the week. Then we have Kal involved in some purported theft and fraud from business owner Milos Bartu. Next Kal is claiming that Vojtek is someone dishonorable.

In one video Kal put up on the Internet Kal actually calls himself a victim. Notice the single thing that a lot of people have pointed out here and elsewhere about Kal. That one single very consistent thing is that everyone but Kal is always in the wrong. Everyone else is the bad guy except for Kal. Every failure or problem is everyone else's fault except Kal's.

Kal Korff called himself a victim in one of his Internet video babble sessions. Go back and look through Kal's videos. There is one where he is giving that lecture to an empty room but acts like it is full. You know the one where he thanks the Israeli delegation for being there? Yes, that crazy ass video! During this video Kal mentions that some guy he used to work with "stole" his girlfriend.

Kal blames Milos Bartu for bad business dealings. Note that Kal in his video suddenly has a problem with Milos and then suddenly Kal has been investigating Milos! ahahahahahahaha If Kal only knew how utterly stupid his excuses are.

Kal is beyond and reproach or question in his twisted little world. Nothing is ever his fault and all others are to blame for everything that befalls him. Like a child who gets caught stealing and blames the police, his friends, or maybe his siblings for every bit of it, Kal's behavior follows much in the same fashion when he encounters people who won't just lay down for him or shower him with praise at his beck and call. Notice how all of Kal's past dealing start off where everyone gets along well and Kal says nothing but good things about them? Next thing you know it all goes to shit and Kal is now out to get everyone and it is never Kal's fault! Never his fault according to Kal and we all know how much you can't rely on Kal to give you the straight story.

What is utterly disgusting and reprehensible with Kal is all the childish threats he hands out. He's going to sue you! He's going to have you prosecuted! He's going to contact the government of the country you live in! Kal's going to have you labeled as a racist! He's going to expose you! Kal is going to call your boss! Kal is going to take another oath! Kal will make the earth rumble around you! Kal will get you and your little dog too!!

Stop being such a fucking victim Kal. Pull yourself up off the ground for once and stop being such a pussy about everything. Stand up, look people in the eye, and be a man for once in your pathetically drab life. Try wiping your own ass for a change instead of blaming everyone else for the stains! Good lord man! Stop being a coward, a vexer, a victim and a petty tyrant! Really Kal, you are a PETTY TYRANT who foists his short comings and personal problems on other people and blames others for every single bad thing that happens not only to yourself but those around you!

Take a look in the mirror and you'll see what the source of all your problems are! No stupid, not the reflection of the towel hanging on the wall.........I'm talking about you!! Yes Kal, you! YOU are the source of all your own problems You are your OWN WORST ENEMY! Kal claims to have a high IQ and to be an analyst but I find that hard to swallow because he can't even evaluate the true root cause of all his problems. Himself! Stop blaming others you ridiculous, cowering, childish, whimpering, utterly pathetic and disturbingly obsessive little man.