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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

New Kalvin Smack-down by André

Hi all:

   On January 18, 2019, Kal Korff was a guest on Erica Lukes' radio show "UFO Classified" following his January 12, 2019 piece on the DoD’s AATIP/UFO Program story: "Exposing Harry Reid’s “Black Budget” UFO Program, CIA Disinfo Ops"

   After listening to the radio show, I came away with the feeling that the hostess Erica Lukes seemed both uncritically acceptant and a bit confused as to what came out of Kal Korff’s mouth when he set his usual egotistical, infantile and debunking ramblings in motion about the state of UFOlogy (MUFON), JFK, Roswell/the late Jesse Marcel, sr., Billy Meier, his dubious, silly nano dust story, his past clashes with some personalities within UFOlogy (such as Stanton Friedman, Don Ecker, the late Art Bell, Paul Kimball, Kevin Randle), and the AATIP story which was addressed in the final part of the show.

   Does Erica Lukes even know who Kal Korff really is because she seems to be blindly acceptant of Kal Korff’s hugely exaggerated bio which she used to introduce him? I ask myself that question because she said in the introduction that she really became aware of Kal Korff when he published his AATIP article last January. After she had read his bio, Korff brought her up to speed on the latest details of his bio because he remarked that his bio was a little dated. The actual interview starts at about 14:00.

   If I am not mistaken, I believe that Kal Korff returned to the US in 2018 after his India stay. Perhaps this is a good opportunity for Kevin Randle and Don Ecker to invite Kal Korff to their show if Kal Korff has the nerve to show up.

   And I really wonder what has happened to his “movie” “The Zeta Reticuli CONspiracy” about the September 19, 1961 Betty and Barney Hill abduction event, which he was working on since the Fall of 2015 while living in India where he worked as a “journalist” for an Indian newspaper. I assume it will never see the light of day like all of his other unfinished “projects" including the 500 book deal.

   Having dealt with Kal Korff for almost a year (2015-2016 time frame), I consider him a congenital liar and problematic blowhard narcissist! He edited himself in the 1990s Apple commercial “Think Different”. That shameful altered video was sent to a person Kal Korff was attempting to impress, intimidate and scam.

01 January 18 2019 Kal Korff - Kal K. Korff The Truth Will Set You Free hosted by Erica Lukes

Saturday, March 2, 2019

I'm A Shiny Star!

Some wonder way Kalvin is courting people like Kiviat and Maccabe... It's quite simple, Kalvin could never get the views, clicks and likes all on his own. The more important question is, why would people like Kiviat and Maccabe "work" with a lunatic like Kalvin.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Photos prove all my klaims!

When you search the web for Kalvin Karlton Korff material you will find many examples of Kalvin using images to prove his claims. They rarely do but it sure is entertaining.