Monday, February 8, 2016

A Focus on Fraud

The Korffing Headworks is blowing up by the hour with new information. Keep making claims and spouting lies Kalvin, we will never stop until you do... maybe.

A huge shout-out to Korffer Andre for locating these images of Kalvin with his co-workers at the Daily Post India, not his his new job at the Daily World (India).

Notice Kalvin looks to be unnoticed, ignored... off to the side and dressed like a real slob. I ask you, who dresses like this for an office job? Kalvin "The Teenage Slob" Korff, that's who. Your wife must be so proud to see you waddle off to work dressed like this and worse, to see you dressed like this on the web and in print. Kalvin doesn't care, it's all about Kalvin, his wife's distress is of no importance to Kalvin. Shameful.

These images we're cropped out of two full page articles found on the web. We only present the images that have Korff in them. Many more images were presented; employees laughing and clowning a round, work friends getting along and actually enjoying each others company. Korff wasn't in any of those images.

Next; the WAG tells us Kalvin posted this article on his Faceook wall on 02/08/16:

Then WAG sent us this article, the truth about the one Kalvin posted, read it very closely and we think you'll see the truth she was talking to:

More Korffing images sent in by Korffers....

Is Kalvin Korff a thief, you bet.