Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kal Korff is a PRETENDER

So lads it looks as though Kal Korff has been CAUGHT AGAIN changing his story. As a Korffer pointed out on this fine blog it looks like Kal has again tried to rewrite one of his lies about being a Krav Maga instructor. Kal boasts that Krav Maga is the best martial art around. Now Kal is saying he just practices Krav Maga. A good chum of mine who is actually a professional fighter told me about Kal "This bloke is flirting with his own willy. I have many people I have trained with who are indeed official Krav Maga instructors. The bloke's name you floated me is not sanctioned by the actual Krav Maga organization. They've never heard of this twat. If you run into him tell that smeg I'd love to go three rounds with him bare knuckles if he thinks he has what it takes. I've made moe than my fair share of street warriors cry and looking at this twat's stuff it doesn't take much of a brain to tell he's all talk."

And indeed the official Krav Maga organization HAS NEVER HEARD of Kal Korff. This means Kal's claims of teaching Krav Maga are FAUDULENT because he is not a recognized instructor. Be careful Kal because the Krav Maga association does not take kindly at all to pretentious twats using their name and they have been informed of your deception.  Kal Korff is a LIAR when he claims to teach Krav Maga because one must be officially recognized by the Krav Maga organization to teach. How many more times must Kal Korff be CAUGHT LYING before he admits it????????

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kal K. Korff and his INTOLERANCE and HATE

Kal Korff continues his hatred of the gay community with his continuing anti gay slurs. Kal just got through posting "Not surprised they blew this with both lips." Kal has said that being gay is wrong and that he used to like the lead singer from Judas Priest until Kal discovered the singer was gay. This is HATRED and INTOLERANCE pure and simple. Kal claims to promote peace and understanding yet he is an OPEN HATER of a particular group. You are a HYPOCRITE of the worst order Kalvin. Stop spreading your HATRED Kal. Just stop!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Kal K. Korff is a HATER and EXTREMIST

Wel there lads it looks like Kolonel Hypocrite is back to his same old rubbish.  Kal says that he fights for world peace and harmony. This is a LIE.  You see lads while Kal tries preaching about peace and accepting people and treating people with kindness Kal FAILS TO MENTION that he is a GAY HATER!!
"Kal Korff: So this means that in the future our President will be "thanking the brave men, women and gays of our military?"

"Kal Korff: I used to like Judas Priest until I found out the lead singer was gay."

Kal has openly said that he thinks homosexuality is wrong. Kal has also made many homosexual jokes about people "blowing it with both lips" and other HATEFUL remarks about gays. It is wrong to hate Kal and you continue showing the world just how ignorant and repugnant you truly are. How can Kal write a book about hatred and extremists and not include himself as part of the problem? He can't.

Shame on your narrow minded scope of vision Kal. Shame on your hatred of people for being who they are. Shame on you Kal for daring to call yourself a humanitarian or peace worker of any sort.  Gays have been WARNED about the hater Kal K. Korff!!!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Thinking critically

So lads let's think critically like Kal thinks he does. Does anyone think someone actually involved in counter terrorism work would announce to the world he was hunting down terrorists? Is it reasonable to believe someone has a 500 book deal but hasn't published a book since last century? Would anyone thinking critically believe someone has a 219 IQ because the person claims to have scored high on a magazine quiz? Would you believe someone has nano dust because they show around a little glass vial? Would you believe someone claiming to be an Israeli agent would be allowed to roam around unchecked? Would you believe a college dropout knows more about politics and running the government than an elected official? Would anyone take the word of a PROVEN LIAR and SCUMBAG as proof? Would anyone take seriously an ignorant and narcissistic asshole who ILLEGALLY IMPERSONATES a barrister? 

Kal you opened your big mouth and made all these claims and by your own words it is then UP TO YOU to PROVE YOUR CLAIMS which YOU HAVE NOT.  Why is that Kal? It is because you CANNOT PROVE your claims because you LIVE IN A FANTASY WORLD.

Anyone thinking the least bit critically Kal knows that you are a LIAR and a FRAUD and PRETENDER. Take that home to your little Indian princess you LYING DOLT. Don Ecker is laughing at you and so are all the other people you threw your empty threats at. There are NO LAWSUITS. NO BOOKS. NO INDIAN PRINCESS. Kal you ARE NOT a colonel in any real organization. Kal IS NOT involved in counter terrorism. Kal DOES NOT have a legitimate 500 book deal. Kal DOES NOT have a 219 IQ.

So what would a person who thinks critically conclude about Kernal Colon?  I think it would be that


Monday, May 2, 2011

Kal Korff hides in Prague while brave Americans take out terror leader

So much for American disgrace Kal K. Korff and his silly claims of being a counter terrorism agent. Kal is nothing more than a national disgrace to the brave men and women who fought on in the war on terror and brought an end to Osama bin Laden! Where were you Kal when the brave men of Navy Seal team 6 were on the ground taking and returning fire? Kal was no where to be found lads and was hiding behind his computer acting brave and trying to be someone of import. Many Americans have written to me of their shame that Kal is from America and makes all people who believe in freedom look bad. You are a national disgrace Kal and a joke! Kal brings shame to those who have truly sacrificed in the name of freedom. Instead of being a man and pulling his boots on Kal PRETENDS to be involved in hunting terrorists. Kal K. Korff is a FAKE and PRETENDER.  SHAME BE YOURS KAL you LYING COWARD! Go ahead Kal and try to take credit for any of this. I DARE YOU. If you try to make this into one of your BULLSHIT stories I will EXPOSE YOU FAR AND WIDE and will make sure that you will receive the WRATH and HATE of every military person I can. You're a CUNT Kal and a cowardly one at that. STOLEN VALOR charges are serious so you better keep YOUR BIG MOUTH SHUT!

My gratitude and thanks to the bravery of Navy Seal team 6 for being on the ground and killing bin Laden! You are all true warriors!!