Monday, July 27, 2009

Kal Korff you sad little freak

It has all hit a point for me here. I do not feel like giving any more attention to this banal and facile little man Kal Korff and I do not want to give anymore attention to this hatred and jealousy filled dried up little turd worm. It is all the same stuff over and over and over with him and Kal's claims and ranting will only continue to worsen as his bizarre and what some might call crazy actions spiraling out of control. I just keep waiting for the final crash of flight crazy. So for now you can take me of the list of the dozen or so people paying any attention to Kal and his ego driven loony tunes. The guy is a broken jar of nuts with a mouth the size of the Hindenburg and it is only a matter of time before he goes down like that famous zeppelin. The only difference is that Kal Korff will not be found in any history books or other historical records and will go out more like the small fart he is. there will be no glory for Kal and no place in history for him. Some infamy makes it into history buy Kal's infamy and hatred and jealousy and his lies and marginalization of other people and Kal's apparent

While I am quite sure Kal will say or write some nonsense or mention something about this being some sort of victory that could only be achieved by him after he conducted a sappytoes clandestine operation with full psy ops and butt hole nanobots or some other nonsense, the truth of it that Kal will twist around is that Kal Korff is an idiot. I did like Kult of Kal and his Kal Korff is an idiot picture idea. very funny and while there is a bit of humor to be found in Kal I am just not finding any right now.

I am utterly sick of Kal Korff and his bumbling mumbling tumbling out of control behavior and his tilting at wind mills. I might have someone take over the blog for me but will likely just be done with it for a while. I would much rather do things that are on a far more intellectually stimulating level than poor dumb and pathetic Kal such as watching paint dry or counting bricks on a wall. Yes these things are much much much more significant than Kal Korff and his round and round we all go nut act and his utterly outrageous and obviously pathetically made up claims.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Kal Korff doesn't and will never get it

I have brought myself to read Kal's Internet website and am still laughing over it all. Big speech from an undisclosed location in the middle east? ahahahahahhhaaahahahaha!!!! Let me guess Kal that you will be broadcasting this fom an Israeli secret super secure server too?? ahahahhhaaahhahahaahah Maybe Oliver North will be there with you where you'll hand feed Ollie some grapes laced with nanobots?? ahahahhaaahhhhhhhaaaaaa

Kal lost it a long time ago and there isn;t too much more to say about a desperate chubby little idiot like Kal Korff. the only thing left is to simply laugh at all of the claims Kal HAS NOT and CANNOT prove. Sorry Kal but everyone knows not to take you at your word or anything resembling a situation where people lend you a nanobot of credibility only to find out you were credibility bankrupt YEARS AGO.

So you go on now there Kal Korff and keep pretending about having worked for Oliver North and all the rest of the ridiculousness that you couldn;t bribe a three year old with a ton of candy into believing. Chubby little loser sold his soul for a shot at fame. No one here is laught with you Kal. Oh no no it is quite the opposite. ahahahahahhhaaaahahah

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kal "Cyberpath" Korff

When I wrote a long time ago that I thought Kal Korff was an internet terrorist it looks like I am not the only person to share that opinion. An Internet website called Exposing Online Predators & Cyberpaths has listed none other than Internet terrorist Kal K. Korff as a currently known and exposed cyberpaths. And let's just face the facts here that Kal has done noting but use the Internet to issue threats and try to intimidate and marginalize people he hates. How many times has Kal said "fuck you" or gotten angry at people like Paul Kimball???? what is funny and ironic and keeping in the hypocrisy Kal has set for himself, Kal is using the same tactics of the terrorists he fantasizes about fighting! ahahahahaahhhaa Kal makes threats in order to get people to do what he wants. How many times has Kal threatened to sue someone if they don't apologize or retract something said about Kal? How many times has Conniving Kal threatened to contact the FBI or the DOJ and file a complaint or someone's place of business? Or how about Kal with threats of exposing people before the worldwide media by sending out alerts? Any idiot knows the goal of terrorism is terror so that one attempts to influence the actions of a person or group by making them fearful. This is EXACTLY what Kal does. Kal makes EMPTY THREATS with the hopes of making someone scared into doing something Kal wants. Kal Korff is in my opinion is engaging in some sort of Internet terror tactics and that really makes him no better in principle than the actual terrorists he pretends to hunt down. Kal hunting down someone dangerous ahahahahahahahahaah!! Now that's a laugh. Kal doesn't have the brass for that because that involves getting out from hiding behind a computer and a video camera. ahahahahahaahahahhaahhaa If Kal really wants to wrtie a ook on an area he is an expert in then he might want to just consider writing about how to be an Internet terrorist.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kal Korff is a dork

More proof exposing the hypocrisy that is Kal Korff has been put together by none other than KultofKal!!! This great video put together by Kult of Kal takes Kal Korff's own words and EXPOSES Kal as a hateful hypocritical moron who judges others and will do what he can to try to get back at the people Kal HATES!

I especially like the clip where Kal is barely able to contain his rage and jealousy against Paul Kimball in the video where Kal obsesses over Paul Kimball so much that Kal says Paul's name an amazing and frightening THIRTY SEVEN TIMES in the span of something like seven minutes!!!!! Is Kal THAT OBSESSED with a guy he's never ever met?????????? Kal is just sick.

So here you have yet another fine video from Kultof Kal TEARING Kal apart with Kal's OWN WORDS!! Analyst and author and SAPSTOE Kal Korff gets OWNED by a single video on the Internet! ahahahahahahhhaaa os what do you superiors in the special secret services think about this Kal? Will you be demoted from mopping hallways to scrubbing toilets now? Will you lose that second row seat on the short bus? ahahahahahahaha

Just give it all up Kal and crawl back in your hole. Please Kal I BEG YOU TO STOP EMBARRASSING YOURSELF. PLEASE Kal just STOP making an UTTER FOOL OF YOURSELF. Just stop making this shit up Kal. It is PAINFUL watching you Kal. Stop pretending to be a colonel Kal and please just STOP STEALING VALOR. Just stop it. Using words like colonel and telling people you are "stationed" and "serving" overseas leaves everyone with the impression that you are claiming to be an acting military official. Throw out your phony military insignia and your fake Mossad badges and phony uniforms. You are not involved in the war on terrorism and you do not round up terrorists. you are not an ofoficial acting in any official capacity and you do not have any official powers other than those you have made up in your sick little mind. You are a DISGRACE to soldiers who actually fight terrorists and you insult people who have lost their lives on the front lines and those people who are victims in the war on terror.

Chubby little loser. national joke!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Is Kal Korff a closet gay basher?

You have to wonder what Kal really thinks of gays and a new video from Kernal Hatred today casts a lot of light on what he thinks about homosexuality. I personally am for gay rights and believe that people have the free will to choose what they wish to do with their lifestyle choices. But this whole video trip Kal is on now that he has somehow through some miracle scraped together enough money for a video camera instead of using an Internet camera. Kal is about as amateur as one could aspire to be with the laughing and applauding and other audience noises that are ridiculously placed in the video because no one with any real intelligence would be cuaght dead in a live Kal Korff rant session audience.

So here we have Kernal Kornhole with a question that is likely contrived by his own hand asking if he is gay. What exactly is the point of this question to begin with????? Where did anyone ever claim as a fact that Kal Korff is gay???? What in the bloody hell prompted the asking of this question? I personally believe Kal has some insecurities about himself and might be trying to address them to m ake himself feel better and more self assured. If Kal is gay then who really cares? it changes nothing about the FACT he is a PRETENDER who has been EXPOSED before the world on the Internet too many times to keep count of at this point.

Back to this whole question of Kal Korff being gay is that I think Kal is a closet gay basher. Kal makes comments about people who have "blew it with both lips" and also is known for putting video on is Internet website that mocks gays and such videos only spread intolerance and hatred.

Kal siad "I don't judge people who are gay" and that being gay is someone's personal business but then our little Kernal Zealot starts quoting the bible sayign that God never said it was okay for men to have sex. I would like to know when God started having meetings with Kernal Krapper to brief him on what God is thinking.

Kal is all over the place on this latest rant and toward the end you can plainly see Kal can't stay on track as he jumps from gays to how he loves and respects women. So Kal do those images EXPLOITING women in LINGERIE and HALF NAKED in a vest you have is that how you respect women???? Or how about taking ass and tit shots of that woman in one of your videos like some little deviant?? is that how Kal Korff "rspects" women??? And what was that little comment Kal made about a show having "two hot check chicks" in it or that other clearly SEXIST comment where Kal referred to women as a "honey traps." And do not forget about this video showing Kal picking up some trophy where they had a bunch of women dressed in bikinis on parade. Kernal Conniving's own words are in direct CONFLICT with his OWN ACTIONS!! No Kal from where I am sitting KAL KORFF DOES NOT RESPECT WOMEN and I would go as far to say that I think Kal Korff MARGINALIZES women.

Kal says that women are just incapable of the same brutal acts as men because they carry life in them through getting pregnant and having kids. One of this place's very finest known as Digger pointed out something "Kal should have done a little research (some researcher!) before making stupid statements.
Try Lizzie Borden, Mata Hari, 'Black Dahlia", Mary Surratt, Quenn Elizabeth I, Catherine II of Russia, Indira Ghandi (dictator), Ma Barker, Mary, Queen of Scots, and the list goes on and on...
Murderers, all of them.


You can't really expect Kal Korff to do some actual thinking before he opens his mouth or to tell the truth about history because he is after all Kal Korff. I am sure one could just go on and on about the brutal women in history and the atrocities attributed to them but why waste any time with it because everyone knows that Kal won't care because he has the research skill of a puddle of vomit in a gutter.

No I do not believe Kal Korff when he says he respects women and does not judge homosexuals. My opinion is that Kal K. Korff is a hater. For more proof supporting my opinion I would direct you to suffer through watching the latest Kal rant against Paul Kimball and watch Kal trying to keep his cool. kal Korff is an agent of hate far as I am concerned.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kal Korff still a GIGANTIC bag of gas!! nothing new!!

The gates at the asylum has swung fully open and so have the lens of the video camera Kal Korff appears to have acquired and the means of acquiring that camera are also the guess of anyone. Kal is back to video taping himself and making it sound as though the entire world is hinged on every word he says. ahahahahahaha Kal writes on his Internet website that a snore fest video with Kal talking redundantly as ever about flying saucers and people involved with flying saucers. Kal even wrote on his Internet website that this latest video is just so successful he can't believe it. I don't know anyone who would ever consider 86 views of a video as successful other than Kal Korff who if attention was piss would be licking a toilet for it. From what I can see of videos on the Internet the number of views Kal gets on his videos isn;t the equivalent of a fart from a vagrant in an alley.

But Kal is now moving back to familiar ground with more threats of investigations of some official involved in his brother's civilian court case. Kal even is now saying that some sort of warrant officer from Kal's imaginary organization hs been assigned as a liaison of sorts officially interacting with some investigation and it all boils down to the same old tired rigmarole. I got a message from someone who says this is just all more nonsense from Kolonel Krapper. "There is simply no way in hell that an official investigation is going to let a non-member participate directly in any investigation being conducted. This Kal Korff character is just that, a character who clearly has no clue how the real world of investigation works."

Now Kal launches a video against this James Smith fellow who Kal claims works for an attorney general office in the states. In the video Kal says the word mother fucker and then apologizes saying he hates this sort of language. This is THE SAME Kal Korff who said "Fuck you Milos Bartus." This is what we call a hypocrite. So I listened to Kal and his latest bumbling threats nad have to wonder how many times this James smith fellow has played that video for colleagues who have an outright laugh fest over it. So Kal has turned back into Kal "Mr.Threats" Korff again trying to intimidate people with more empty menaingless threats. I get from the video and the level of anger Kal is keeping under his rather thin skin that his brother's case is not going all that well and I also get the feeling that this makes Kal angry because he likely wants to try and get some money out of it and cannot do that if the case turns into a loser of a trial. there is a certain level of anger and hate in this video from Kal and this is the same guy who claims hate is wrong and so is passing judgement on people. Kal called this James Smith fellow a criminal outright and says he is guilty of some kind of misconduct or something of the sort. Kal says it all with utter contempt and then says something liek if the court doesn't find him guilty he is guilty any way but kal also says that justice should previal. Justice for Kal is the world going the way of how Kal thinks it should go and that he is always right and is some sort of hero. kal Korff is a coward who can only make hateful statemtns and judges people in one country while Kal sits around safely in another country. ka has proved his cowardice on many occasions from running away from paul Kimball and Kevin randle. kal didn't even have the guts for a face to face meeting with Paul Kimball and then CON veniently said he woul dbe out of Prague during the time Paul was scheduled to be there. And CONveniently Kal resurfaced right after Paul left Prague.

I watched the video and see the opening has been changed with Kal now saying to "think critically" and so on. Let us just use Kal's own "think critically" on him for a second. Who in the bloody hell would ever believe Kal is a colonel in any sort of organization let alone who would think that it is some sort of worldwide metaorganization with alliance partners and contacts throughout the world? ahahahahahahahahhhhaaahaha!!! Kal has NO PROOF of any of this other than the hot air coming out of his rather sizeable mouth. based on everything Kal has said and weighing it against any actual proof Kal has provided one who woul dbe thinking critically would have to come to the utter conclusion that it isn't real and that Kal Korff is an oversized bag of gas and a self assigned colonel in an organization that is pure fantasy.

i really do no know why i continue to waste any time on Kal because he and his nonsense have been utterly EXPOSED and when Worlds Away comes out it will be the final nail into a coffin Kal has long been laying in.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Kal K. Korff is an IDIOT

What more can said about this bloated egotistical loony dope named Kal K. Korff? The man is an utter idiot and I give him too much credit by even referring to him as a man as that would imply he is an adult and everyone knows that no grown adult acts like Kal K. Korff with his silly delusions and outlandish claims. The few people monitoring this wanna' be Kal Korff have been subjected to the absolute lunacy Kal portraits at the expense of everyone he lies about or slanders or steals valor from or tries to smear or belittle people while preaching that hate is wrong or the outrageous fairy tales Kal amazingly believes are real. the reality here in all of this is that


and nothing is ever going to alter that. there isn't any IQ test from a magazine or silly video rant about Kevin Randle or making childishly transparent excuses for chickening out of a debate with Kevin Randle that can change the obvious fact that Kal K. Korff is a supreme idiot and I would go so far as to say Kal K. Korff is THE supreme idiot.

Some people are born with intelligence and common sense while others are not. Kal is obviously the latter because anyone with any actual intelligence would know better than to try to feed people the sort of horse shit Kal Korff serves up like his being a colonel in some organization that is clearly fantasy or actually expecting anyone to believe a former CIA director was his mentor! ahahahahahahahahahhhaaahhahahaha

Kal should look at a career as a stage comedian because all he gets are laughs and I'm not talking about the kind laughs that perhaps Bozo the clown would get. Though I think people would be more quick to believe Bozo the clown was rounding up terrorists before anyone would ever believe that a conniving idiot like Kal Korff would ever have the courage let alone the brains to do it. Can you imagine that fool Kal out and about hunting terrorists in his silly little cowboy hat roaming the streets of Prague in a panic asking people on the rail if they know where to find some terrorists or if they are terorists! ahahahahahahhaaahhaa

Kal K. Korff is an idiot and for you Korffers out there I really do not believe there is anything else that can be said about the moron. Kal's claims have been EXPOSED and there isn;t much more to say than that than perhaps entertain ourselves from time to time with the babble of the world's biggest idiot Kal Korff.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kal verses XZone

Whether it be that the Xzone article shines a big fat spotlight on the silly claims of Kal Korf or not has yet to be seen because like Kal it does indeed seem that Rob McConnel simply cannot deliver on time. This is either because Rob McConnel added stuff or he might be scared of Kal! ahahahahahahahah Nobody should be afraid whatsoever of that bloated gasbagKal Korff or that rather unusually large hole that passes for what he calls a mouth.

Though I do see that Rob McConnel now has a picture of the page to his newspaper or newsletter or whatever it is back up on his Internet website I have noticed that he has changed it from "the lies of Kal Korff and others who lurk in the paranormal" to "the claims of Kal Korff and others who lurk in the paranormal" I wonder what prompted this change and pound for pound I would say it would be a lot of long winded email threats from that windbag Kal Korff to Rob McConnel that calling him a liar is slander and defamation and the usual idiocy that goes with being Kal. I clicked on the newspaper several times but it still is not available for some reason. so it looks like we will be waiting a bit longer for the word from Rob on his "good buddy" Kal and rumor has it that Rob Mcconnel is doing this only because he has seen a part of Paul's film and is tryingto avoid any further embarrassment..

Rumor about this Rob McConnel newspaper article is that it recaps many ofthe inside dealings Rob McConnel had with Kal Korff including deals offered by Kal to Rob McConnel that Kal never delivered on and claims Kal has made in a variety of places that have no proof to back them. Rumor also has it that Kal backed out of a number of debates Rob was trying to arrange on the Roswell flying saucer and JFK and bigfoot. Rumor also has it that Rob Mcconnel will also provide the results of the nanotechnology Kal said he sent. So I guess at this time I will just have to wait around for this newspaper or newsletter or whatever it is to come out. In the meantime I did receive this email from someone about Kal and his claim of having a five hundred book publishing deal.

"Since you don't seem to be involved in the UFO subject, there is a gentleman named Philip Mantle whom had a book published about the now infamous Alien Autopsy. The book is called Alien Autopsy Inquest and was published by Publish America, which is an online publisher to which anyone can submit a manuscript. During an episode of the X-Zone radio show where Kal K. Korff and Philip Mantle both appeared, Mantle announced the release of his book and Korff said, on the air now, that Mantle was the first "recipient" to be "awarded" a published book in Korff's 500 book deal."

"Well, Mantle never acknowledged this during the episode and you could tell there was a moment of awkwardness there. Being the proper gentleman Mantle is, he likely took the high road to avoid an on air fight. Mantle is the sole reason that book was published, it had not a thing to do with Korff. In my checking, Korff is not associated with Publish America. So just what company is this supposed super publishing deal through? This just sounds like more fantasy and fiction from Korff."

Perhaps there is a lad out there who can check on this Phillip Mantle chap and into this book and the program where he appeared with Kal? I have noticed that Kernal Kowdung has not updated his Internet website in a while now since he had to suddenly and CONveniently go into hiding from Paul Kimball during Paul's visit to Prague. Sources in Prague have apparently provided some rather interesting inforation to Paul about Kal and also Paul was able to obtain some amazing film of Kal and interviews with U.S embassy officials, the mole, Vojtek, Prague media members, and the whopper I hear is that in one Kal video Kal is at a table talking to two chaps about legal stuff. Rumor is that Paul landed interviews with them both!! Worlds Away! I can not wait to see it!!!