Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kult of Kal part 2

Kult of Kal 2 video

Kult of Kal 1 video

Kal K. Korff is a tool

Classic stuff here!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Two faced Conniving Kal Korff and his bogus standards

I have observed something rather peculiar about Kal Korff. Well maybe it isn't so much peculiar as obvious and contradictory. Kal is a regualr filler of air time on Rob McConnel's Xzone radio show. Stick with me here for just a moment.

Kal has accused others of having a different set of standards. I want to point out here that Kal rails against anything he considers fraud. Kal rails against UFOs and psychics and the like. So if this is the case then why has Kal chosen not to hold Rob McConnel accountable for allowing these same people to go on the air and for allowing them to advertise on Rob McConnel's website and in his newspaper?

I think I have brought forth this very same probelm before and I believe it says oh so much about Kal and his bogus standards. Kal ignores the issue so long as he has a spot on Rob McConnel's show. A tit for tat sort of arrangement I suppose but Kal is showing how two faced and selective he is. Kal, this is an all or nothing world we live and if you can't apply a set of standards evenly to all then you should not be doing it all. Really let us just face the truth here and it is that Kal Korff IS NOT a champion of consumers. Some might say Kal is GUILTY of CONSUMER FRAUD for turning a blind eye. Nothing like buttering both sides of your bread there eh Kal? You have to stop and ask who else is greasing Kal's palm and what are they getting in return?

In other news it seems that Kal is littering his website with videos that are nothing like the amateur production he films with a camcorder. It has been nice not having to see Kal showing the world he is still on a crash course with an inevitable and complete mental breakdown.

I did receive some interesting news from F1 Racer. Too bad the other person involved did not want to go on the record about her experience with Kal. Let's just say I would never hire Kal to mow my lawn, rake my leaves, change the litter box, or watch my kids. Oh and I wouldn't allow him to give my kids English lessons.

You are disgusting Kal and a lowlife coward. I don't know how you can stand to look yourself in a mirror without vomiting and pissing yourself each time.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kal Korff returns to the Xzone AND NO ONE GIVES A SHIT!

Perhaps Kal Korff has located a pay phone to which Rob McConnel can call him at because Kal, after a long silence has announced he will be back on the Xzone this coming Friday for your snoozing pleasure.

It has been a bit too quiet on the Kal Korff front of late to the shock of many that Kal could keep his BIG MOUTH shut for so long without slandering or libeling a soul! So will this be the same old crazy Kal or will we see an emergence of an all new Kal after he has time to rethink his life after fleeing/getting booted from Prague and what appeared to be a lot of trouble he was having there.

Do we really care at all about a new Kal coming out? We all know it will be the same inane and wild bullshit that flows with regularity out of the hole Kal calls a mouth. And what about those nano bot bits that Kal says he sent to Rob McConnel and Rob said they were being analyzed? Will we hear more about that from Rob McConnel? Will Kal enlighten us all with his deftly short knowledge of politics? Will Kal go after the usual suspects with his same stalkeresque zeal? Will Kal announce once again that his terrorism book will be published "next year" like he has for the last five-years?

Will Kal announce setting a world record for door to door iPod sales and proclaim himself the best at selling iPods too? Will Kal announce he has just been made the new CTO and CEO - also known as shift leader and head burger flipper - of a McDonald's in Switzerland? Will Kal reveal that he is now smuggling nanobots into Switzerland by stuffing them in his &$^@)$$? Perhaps Kal has landed yet another lucrative television deal that will wind up on youtube with the rest of his amateur home video and fifth rate editing? Perhpas Kal will tell us more about the FAKE KPMG audit or the BOGUS complaints he claimed to have filed? Maybe Kal will dazzle us all by announcing he has dumped his $25,000,000.00 Saudi sugar daddy after finding out he was selected as a winner in the Canadian lottery? What new insights into will our favorite traveling fruitcake gush upon us all?

Tune in and see! Or don't because you have more important things to do than listen to Kal gush on with his fantasy life. Go to the Xzone website and join the other two or three late night listeners snoring blissfully to the crackpot stories from Conniving Kal!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Conniving Kal Korff FAILS AGAIN, nobody shocked

Kal K. Korff can be counted on for one thing and that is to march out an endless parade of threats against people he doesn't like or people who publicly disagree with him.

When you tell Kal off or challenge Kal or you tell Kal how full of shit he is the only way he knows how to react is throw about empty threats of lawsuits and criminal charges.

The latest victim of this propaganda and meaningless threats from Kal is a person employed at a company in Prague called Cables and Simms. An employee of that company has accused Kal K. Korff of committing fraud claiming that Kal picked up electronic goods and had the bill sent to someone else who knew nothing about it. Cables and Simms claims Kal owes them something around three-thousand American dollars. No word on what has become of that situation though someone did say the lawsuit from Cables and Simms was either never filed or withdrawn though that hasn't been one-hundred percent confirmed by anyone.

In retaliation for Cables and Simms employee Milos Bartu publicizing this information Kal decided to threaten Milos by claiming that an official complaint was filed against him with the FBI and Department of Justice in America. Here is a picture I took of Kal's website makng this claim and Kal has conveniently erased it.
Kal even said he sent Xzone host Rob McConnel the case number for this supposed complaint. I put up a public challenge to Kal to publicly give out the case number so the public could verify if this was true or just more of Kal's disingenuous tactics to try and scare someone again.

As I thought would happen Kal didn't have the COPURAGE to publish this case number he claims he gave to Rob McConnel and I can tell you why it never happened and never will. It is because Kal K. Korff is FULL OF HORSESHIT as usual and is just tossing more meaningless threats out there. Cowards talk and those with courage and ethics follow through. You can always count on Conniving Kal K. Korff for a lot of talk and no action.

I'm still waiting to hear about these supposed nanotechnology parts Kal says he sent Rob McConnel and Rob says he is having them analyzed at a university. So far there has been no word but I do want to know what Rob intends to do when he finds out this is just MORE BULLSHIT from Conniving Kal.

And someone sent me email saying they contacted Royce Meyers about the complaint and court order Kal said Royce Meyer would be getting. Don't be too shocked but I am told that Royce has not received a subpoena or complaint or anything else. More empty threats from Kal and no one is surprised to see Kal stoop this low.

Other than this latest bombardment of empty bullshit threats from Kal there seems to not be much else going on and Kal has not put anything really new on his Internet website but sure did make sure to remove many of those threats he made that are threats that never came true. Perhaps Kal has actually had to find a real job to earn some money. I didn't know Switzerland had a McDonalds!