Monday, May 25, 2009

Kal Korff coming unplugged

Our favorite idiot Kal K. Korff has opened his rather large mouth once again because he wants the world to hear him roar!! And the way Kal has about putting certain things it would be rather easy for those uninformed about Kal to buy into such rubbish.

Poor dumb and exposed Kal K. Korff has decided to put up on his Internet website something about how the media is now covering something about his brother's lawsuit. Read Kernal Korff's nonsense for yourself.

Media Begins to Cover Federal Lawsuit in Kurtis Korff Shooting News - Latest News Written by Kal Korff - Op Ed on the road. Wednesday, 13 May 2009 09:20 Dear World, I have received word that the media has started to cover the news of the seven lawsuits which were filed concerning the illegal shooting of him, specifically by Oregon Deputy Alan Johnson. Let the record show that we seek only one thing: JUSTICE. Let the record also show that we did NOT alert the media, in other words these stories are self-driven, the news entities decided to cover this event, because it IS NEWS, all on their own. At the core of this case is one vital issue which affects us all: Whenever law enforcement personnel or Justice personnel decide to take the laws into their own hands, and label and "judge" people as "throw away persons" — for who they then falsely prosecute and even go so far as to fake and manipulate or fail to collect the evidence which proves INNOCENCE — ALL of these events and crimes not only took place in my brother's wrongful shooting, but as the lawsuits clearly indicate, we seek reform and changes to help insure that there can be no further victims of such illegal and distinctly UN-American behavior. Thus far, Josephine County Legal Counsel Steve Rich has indicated that the suit is beyond his competence. Incredibly, and perhaps criminally, because Rich himself REFUSED TO ATTEND A HEARING LAST YEAR WHERE LT. JIM PEX'S FORENSICS WOULD HAVE BEEN SHOWN TO HIM, PROVING MY BROTHER WAS INNOCENT, intends to WASTE TAXPAYER MONEY, MORE OF IT, "DEFENDING" HIS BEHAVIOR WHERE HE CANNOT, AS WELL AS THAT OF THE COUNTY'S WHERE IT CANNOT BE RIGHTFULLY, ETHICALLY NOR LEGALLY DEFENDED. Accordingly, Pex's Forensics have now been sent to Rich, WHO WILL BE FORCED TO LOOK AT THEM, OR FACE THE LEGAL CONSEQUENCES OF FAILING TO ADDRESS THEM, WHICH IS CONSPIRACY AND PERJURY, AMONG OTHER CRIMES. Their self-inflicted soap opera continues...stay tuned for more updates shortly....including photos and documents.

And yet of course Kal K. Korff bends the truth to his usual low standard of stretching it by trying to play yet more games. What could this media coverage be? NBC? CNN? FOX news? Perhaps the Post or the London Times? No oh no oh no. Not even close. The big time media coverage in this case is that of a very small Oregon newspaper called the Illinois Valley news! ahahahahahahahahhh That is the extent of the big media coverage Kal was boasting!!!!! ahahahahaahahhaa

But this small newspaper has one fearless reporter deeming the antics of Kal entertaining enough to write a story about and has given media coverage to this little blog website! So now that poor dumb Kal has received some bad press he is once again on the attack and our beloved dope Kal left a little note expressing his displeasure with the media coverage he was praising! Read Kernal Kal's rebuking of this hilarious article where one official is quoted as saying Korff lives in a fantasy world. ahahahhhhaaahahaha They have Kal pegged now don't they now!!! Cary on with reading Kal and his preposterous garble.

With all due respect to people's "expert opinions" here, the FACT remains that NONE of you were "involved" in my brother's case. By comparison, I have been, in fact I wrote HALF of his legal defense, the very words in fact which were read before the jury of 10 people in the closing arguments which resulted in my brother being found INNOCENT of the charge of "trying to run over and kill" Oregon Deputy James Geiger, who has now recanted his "certain" testimony — check Court records yourself.

The claim that my brother was "involved" in a Home Assault is NOT TRUE! My brother was NOT PRESENT during any such event, nor was he charged. Instead, he was a passenger in a car, whose occupants had just attacked an innocent person who owed them money.

There was NO "sudden acceleration" of the vehicle, the police never admitted any such evidence into the record because it did NOT exist.

Finally, you all deliberately IGNORE the Forensic Tests by former Police Lt. James Pex and Forensic Specialist Gary Knowles, which PROVES that JOHNSON was the shooter and NOT Geiger. Geiger has since ADMITTED that he doesn't know who shot my brother.

As a family, we have always and ONLY sought JUSTICE in this case. The Courts have now promised us that they will review this new evidence, which was paid for by taxpayers over a YEAR ago, and give my brother a fair trial.

This is their duty, it is distinctly UN-American to lie about someone and "judge" and condemn them when one does NOT have any nor all of the facts, and is NOT in a position to know them as claimed.

You all should be ashamed of yourselves, but based on the incredibly inaccurate coverage of this case this newspaper has seen to print, I am not "surprised" you make mistakes or allow this kind of tripe to be printed.

For example, in another incorrect article, your reporter LIES and claims I am some sort of "agent" from Israel. That's funny if it were not dangerous to make such a claim, especially since I live in the former Iron Curtain.

For the record, I am NOT an "agent" — have never claimed to be, and what I do is not even "secret" — clearly, your reporter smokes too many James Bond movies — for the record, I don't watch any at all, I prefer to stay grounded in "reality."

Regarding Nanobots and other things he has wrongly described, it continues to amaze me HOW this reporter can get so many things wrong. Why? Because it wouldn't happen if he checked his facts. I have never communicated with your reporter. He should have at least asked me, but he never bothered.

What sort of "ethics" is this?

As a far more senior journlaist myself, officially accredited by a government, unlike your reporter, I guess checking facts first before lying is not required at your newspaper.

As you can see, I have rightfully insisted on a retraction. Time will tell if your paper has the integrity to issue one and set the record straight instead of corrupting it by making claims I certainly never have.

Sincerely yours,


Prague, Czech Republic

So if the brother was found innocent then why is he in jail on felony criminal charges he was convicted of for trying to assault a law officer??? And so now Kal says he was deeply involved with his brother's defense and the court records will show this?? these are the words of Kal K. Korff now. And so what is this new evidence Kal is barking about if it was found over a year ago and paid for with taxpayer money????? Kal starts praising the media coverage and now is saying the story is inaccurate???? In the words of Kernal Kal himself you just can;t have it both ways. Now Kal says he is not an agent of an Israeli organization???? Again someone needs to smack Kernal Kal-is-rael back into reality and I think Kal is mad about having to eat his own words and mad about yet another unflattering newspaper article written about him. Really just how many times can Kal cry foul over these stories that expose him????? The reporter says he tried to contact Kal weeks ago for comment and Kal never did bother answering. Who do you believe here? The reporter or Kal "Conniving" Korff? The choice is easy and it isn't Kal!!

Kal claims to be a journalist but spells it jornlaist! ahahahahahhhaaahhaa And you have to love how Kal tries to get one on the newspaper reporter by claiming to be a far more senior journalist! Kal must be pretty humiliated to have been slapped around by such a small town reporter. Small town I suppose does not equal inept and certainly not in this case where the reporter uses Kal's OWN WORDS against him!!!

On another note it appears that Kal's claims of sending nanobots to an Oregon sheriff and having secret communications with this sheriff have been dispelled by the sheriff himself! ahahahaaahh

Someone left a comment about how embarrassing this all must be for the family of Kernal Korff. I really feel for those people and remember that this blog is not about them it is about Kal K. Korff. If the family wins in court that is their business. If they do not then that also too is their business. The only thing I am concerned about is that idiot Kal Korff trying to use the tragedy of a family member to boost himself up into the public eye. That to me is deplorable behavior and it makes even more so with all the silly claims Kal has made about being involved in his brother's defense and doing these ridiculous secret operations and having all of this secret information. As someone else left comment here I too hope that Kal K. Korff is commanded to appear before the courts so someone with some real power like a judge can put an end to Kal's nonsense!! Shame on you Kal shame on you!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kal Korff a closet flying saucer cult leader????

A very interesting point was made by someone who regularly leaves comments here. In the rather infamous video showing Kal going off on a NUT LADEN BABBLE FEST Kal claims that his true name is Kalisrael. Let us break it down as only a SAPSTOE in the know could. Kal - is- rael. Is this some super secret special secret services only code expressing Kal's TRUEST and DEEPEST most want to be the leader of a flying saucer cult?

I think deep down Kal CRAVES that sort of power over people since he isn't achieving much with his special secret services shenanigans that have been thoroughly dissected here and elsewhere as UTTER RUBBISH. Yes Kal could become an all powerful flying saucer cult leader where women might actually pay his some attention and people might actually fear him! Oh goodness gracious!!! I can;t imagine being frightened of a more PATHETIC person than Kal and I am sure nobody else could!! aahahahahahaha!!!

Really though you should think about this point that was made here in the comments. Kal already has the delusional fantasy bit down to the cup and kettle. Our good old chap Kal knows a lot about this flying saucer business and knows how to weave some rather tall tales. Kal tries to get what he considers beautiful women into the mix of his supposed top secret activities. Kal is fanatically jealous about other flying saucer cult personality types and pretends to be the antithesis of such. and most importantly Kal needs cash because his imaginative Saudi Arabian sugar daddy sure isn't paying the bills and neither is selling i pods. Most importantly is that Kal ACTUALLY BELIEVES HIS DELUSIONS!!! I'll put pound for pound that this would be the most important attribute of any flying saucer cult type in that you have to believe and would with a smile eat your own bullshit! This fits our poor dumb Kal down to his silly cowboy hat!!!!

Is our poor little bumbling Kal really a closet flying saucer cult leader????? My personal opinion is that Kal REALLY IS a closet flying saucer cult leader. Like minds and such it looks like Kal will have no problem attracting a bunch of idiots that will hinge on his every delusional word. Dear world, I give you all Kal-is-RAEL the next flying saucer cult maniac!!!!!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

A guide to the idiocy of Kal K. Korff

For those of you just now be joining in the laugh fest here I thought and it was suggested that a basic guide to the goofy world of that lame grease bag monkey
turd Kal K. Korff should be listed here for all to see.

In short Kal K. Korff is a washed up former writer who penned a few flying saucer
books and claims to have solved the assassination of JFK. During the late 1990s or early 2000s it looks like things in the United States were not going well for Kal so he packed his bags and made his way to Prague where he was shortly employed as a columist for a few free rag newspapers. Kal began by introducing himself as an english teacher that evolved into his utterly ridiculous claims of being a "captain" and later a "colonel" in something he calls the special secret services. Kal also boasts of being in the anti terrorist business but it looks like this all nonsense along with about 99.9% of Kal's other tall tales. Soon after getting booted from his newspaper writing job Kal took up selling i pods which allegedly ran him into some legal troubles where he was reported to have not paid for some merchandise. Kal is fond of attacking people who tend to not agree with his wackiness and Kal often mounts a moral highhorse that he often falls off in his vain pursuit of certain people he has threatened to sue or have arrested for what appears to be years now. More of this will make sense when I clean this all up for you.

Confirmation of Kal's claims would be made easier if Kalvin would for just once in his life give you a straight answer and furnish proof but his claims are so outrageous that one can easily see through the all too transparent Kal who claims among other things to be some sort of colonel in an organization.
I thought it would be best to put up on this Internet blog a simple run of the mill straight to the chase fact sheet about Kal.

The first thing you ought to know about Kal is that he says he has a rather high IQ and has apparently said in his bio and in other places that he established his IQ through a now defunct science magazine IQ test.

So I suppose we should just start with that one.

claim #1
Kal says he has a 219 IQ based on a no longer published science magazine. This is straight from the mouth of Colonel Crackhead here from a bit that I found on Xzone radio show "KAL K. KORFF - Kal's Korner - Armed with an IQ of 219, according to the Omni Magazine's World's Hardest IQ Test; "

I do suppose that like the infamous glasses photo that Kal will rage on against this saying he never claimed it but it is plainly clear from this that Kal did. You can find it by doing a word search for "Korff" and "IQ" and "Omni" and you will find plenty of stuff disproving Kal when he screams that he never said it. Kal did say and Kal DOES NOT HAVE a 219 IQ period and he is not a member of any high IQ clu like Mensa or the like.

This here is the revised edition of Kal's background found on the Xzone radio Internet website and my understanding is that if you are an on the air guest you send in a prepared background statement of yourself for the host to use to introduce you.
"Kal has written and has had published more than 5,000 articles and materials in 64 magazines and newspapers around the world. Since 1975, he has lectured to more than 300,000 people in the United States and Europe. A passionate and driven researcher, Korff has worked for companies such as Atari, Xerox, Apple Computer, Claris, The Boeing Company, and was a security-cleared Senior Systems Analyst, Level III, at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory during the original U.S. Government-funded Strategic Defense Initiative or "Star Wars" program. A Broadcaster, Lecturer, Producer and Teacher, Korff devotes his life to humanitarian causes and issues of universal importance. Kal's original insights and expertise have allowed him to contribute content or appear on virtually every major talk show and TV network, including ABC, CNN's Larry King Live!, FOX, Discovery Channel, MSNBC, National Geographic TV, Entertainment Tonight and NBC's Leeza. Additionally, Kal has been featured or quoted in scores of newspapers and magazines, including the San Francisco Examiner, the Washington Post, U.S. News and World Report, Metropolitni Expres, Skeptical Inquirer, San Jose Mercury News, Indianapolis Star, Skepter, Stanford Daily, Oakland Tribune, Yakima Herald, Phoenix New Times, Fortean Times, Saga, Omni, The Prague Post, True, Plus, the South China Daily. -

I'm a little busy right now so I will be sure to clean this up because I know I am not a very good writer and I surely know how disorganized I can get. Comment away!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Call for reinforcements! Batten down the hatches! Call for an air strike!! The Canadians are invading!!!!!! Run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The nefarious Special Secret Services has been compromised from within by a double agent operating right under the nose of S3's very own SAPSTOE himself Kal Korff!!

How did this happen? What daring agent of daring doo did this? A master spy? Former KBG agents??? Some eastern block freelance operator?? Surely not a soul could ever slip something right by Kal Korff's might hamburger griping hand without his genius level IQ and savvy espionage skills detecting such a brazen interloper turning the tables on Kal and pissing all his cowboy hat!! Who could this devious mastermind be???

Rolling straight on to enemy turf is the fearless filmmaker, writer, producer, author, ghost hunter himself Paul Kimball who has cunningly outwitted the notorious "terrorism expert" and SAPSTOE Kal Korff by planting a double agent right within Kal's own inner circle!!! On my!! The scandal of it all!! The betrayal!!! The humiliation of a SAPSTOE for an Israeli based secret organization being outwitted by a filmmaker!! ahahahahahahaha!!!! This is just too comical!!! ahahahahahahahahahaaahh!!!!

Paul Kimball is pretty clearly a very intelligent chap and I would never take anything away for the lad. The irony in all of this is where Kal boasts of his own high IQ and all of these things he is supposed to be involved with and how he rounds up terrorists and does this strategic planning only to have one of his own inner circle people - or maybe a sucker in this case who had enough of Kal's scheming - betray him!! ahahahahhaaahhaaha. Maybe poor, dumb, clueless Kal needs to go back to SAPSTOE school of ra refresher course? ahahahahahhaaahahahaaha!

So what is Paul Kimball doing in Prague? Filming his ghost hunter series? Maybe a little fun under the Prague sun? Perhaps a little extended shooting of his documentary EXPOSING Kal Korff for the loon he is? I really cannot wait to see this film and I'm hoping a certain Paul Kimball will shre a sneak preview with a certain blog.

It was only a matter of time before all of Kal's tomfoolery was exposed for the pathetic act it always has been. I am also sure it is only a matter of time before conniving Kal Korff starts up with his crying and bashing and slander of Paul Kimball and others. Get a clue Kal get a clue you sniveling little pansy. Man up for once in your pathetic life and take some responsibility instead of crying like a little girl.