Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Need a translation for this

Could someone please translate this page? I know it appears to be about Kal being an alleged THIEF and alleged LIAR where he was accused of STEALING and committing FRAUD. Any help would truly be appreciated!
A most marvelous review posted by "Rick" in one of the comments section about this absolute joke of a book Kal:

I just punished myself by reading through that piece of shit Kal Korff has the nerve to call a book. All Kal has succeeded in doing is showing the entire world that he has the literary skill of a fern. I've seen better written research papers from high school freshmen and more honesty from a pedophile in a schoolyard.

This book (I cringe at ever using the word to describe this piece of trash Kal Korff has rigged together) is the sort even a "print it yourself" publisher would be embarrassed to print.

Essentially all Kal has done is taken a PowerPoint presentation compiled by someone else, some court documents compiled by soeone else, some court photos taken by someone else, a few Googled articles written by someone else, and has mixed them together in a and discombobulated 147 page poo fest.

Kal spares no room in dragging Kevin Randle, Royce Meyers, and David Bideny through the mud by making one of the farthest stretches I have ever seen by trying to tie them into a police shooting they have nothing to do with, all because apparently they dared to have an opinion or made a comment about it at some time. Kal should be prepared to get sued because were I ever mentioned in that manner my lawyer would sue Kal for every last i-Pod, third grade science award, and newspaper clipping he owns. Why someone hasn't sued that lying slanderer Kal Korff at this point is puzzling.

This thing Kal has put out is so incredibly painful I would rather take a wire coat hanger, straighten it, and use the hook part to remove my own brain through an ear than subject anyone else to this babbling ball of bullshit Kal Korff has concocted.

Kal Korff is not an author, a researcher, or an investigator of any sort of caliber, and he really never was. If you go look through his previous works you will see books with large fonts, oft used capital letters, liberties taken with previous works and no credit given, and a million other amateur marks consistent of someone who has no extended education or real experience in literature or research.

I'm an opponent of the Billy Meier case, but Kal Korff's Meier book is chock full of mistakes and baseless proclamations led not by research, but by Kal Korff's own ego and desire to steer the evidence toward his own belief.

Kal Korff once had a little credibility, and I emphasize little. But through his own antics, wild claims, and publicly broadcast delusions he is only viewed, even by the skeptics who once supported him, as nothing more than a discredited wacko nutjob living on the fringes.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Desperate Kal Korff back with phony lawsuit threats

Looks like Kal K. Korff has come uncorked again and is back to his old game of dishing out bogus lawsuit threats to those who have exposed him. Kal has grown so desperate that he has chosen to claim that he will be going before a judge to make a sworn statement about his self alleged role in the O.J. Simpson murder trial and civil lawsuit. Perhaps someone might inform Kal as the legal consequence of false swearing. Of course we shall never see this supposed sworn statement because as usual with Kal it is his rather large mouth doing all the driving and we all know how Kal likes to make claims but then never has anything to prove those claims. Kal says it is up to the person making the claim to prove it yet Kal only applies those rules when it is convenient for him to do so.

Kal has come unglued over this whole O.J. Simpson claim since he has been unable to prove his self claimed involvement while others have done more than sufficient work debunking Kal's silly claims. Now Kal is back to threatening a lawsuit against Paul Kimball and Kal is so desperate for attention that he has thrown a childish fishing line in a poor attempt to bait Paul Kimball into a debate. hahahahahahahaa This is of course way after Paul Kimball's shredding Kal's claim of being an 'expert witness' in the O.J. Simpson civil trial. Poor old dumb and desperate Kal Korff is so angry over this that he will do anything to attempt to misdirect everyone from the fact that Paul Kimball made Kal look like an utter asshole which Kal is.

Instead of licking his wounds and acknowledging that he was never an 'expert witness' of any kind Kal has to 'get even' with Paul Kimball at any expense no matter how much embarrassment Kal brings upon himself with these continuing empty threats. No one has ever bought into your over the top legal threats Kal and for someone like you who says he has a high IQ it is clear you have not figured this out by now. Kal your Internet terrorism is not having any affect on anyone other than bringing all massive laughs at your childish antics and immature attempts to 'get even' with people.

So now Kal is AGAIN threatening to sue Paul Kimball. This would be funny as it has been in the past were it not for the fact that Kal has threatened to sue a number of people and has NOT ONCE FOLLOWED THROUGH. Kal you need a new gimmick to toss out there. How about you threaten to file a complaint against someone with their boss? Right! You've already done that ages old threat repeatedly and a complaint has NEVER been filed. Then how about you threaten to expose everyone who points out the obvious problems with your claims and say you could do this by claiming you have a twenty-five million dollar budget and some production deals? I forgot that you did this too. What about the nanobots? Silly me I remember this claim was BULLSHIT too.

And why is it that Kal wants to debate everyone? Everyone knows Kal won't show up and that he is just a huffer and puffer with no substance and nobody takes Kal for anything other than the flaming joke he is. And I saw that Kal is caliming that yet another book is coming out in just a mere four hours. that was of course hours and hours ago and here we are yet again with nothing from Kal but more and more of his big mouth jacking away with endless promises of this and that and this. Blab blab blab blab. How many more BOGUS photoshopped book and dvd covers are you going to treat us to Kal? How many more times will you promise something in just a few hours and never deliver? You're like a joke that's been told a million times over Kal, old and not at all funny. What a sad miserable existence you lead with no real future, no more book publishing deals, no college degrees, no real sense of self or identity, always blaming everyone else for your problems and misfortunes. How terrible it must be for you to wake up and crawl through the day in your pointless existence only being able to live in a fantasy to get through it instead of having to act like a reasonable and responsible adult while the people you target and harass with your fifth rate pettiness and childish threats have the lives you so desperately want to have but never will and all because you just can't help being a complete lunatic asshole.

Kal is an IDIOT! Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I wonder if Kal will post me an iPod for the holidays? Perhaps Santa will bring Kal a free KMPG audit or perhaps a free publishing deal courtesy of Kinko's self publishing? I certainly will have to post a 2009 wrap of all the antics, lies, and utter bullshit Kal has dished up in 2008. Tow things I have been waiting for for literally YEARS now are the KPMG audit and Kal's book getting published by Prometheus books. That's right! How could I forget? Not one of those is ever going to happen because Kal is an IDIOT!

Tell me in the comments what you think Kal might get from Santa or what kind of gift Kal might give to certain persons.

Jolly holidays to all and wishes for a Kal-FREE Christmas.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kal Korff and his pal OJ Simpson

To the surprise of nobody, that dolt OJ Simpson is now behind bars for robbery and kidnapping. And to no surprise that other dolt and steaming pile of poo Kal Korff has once again tried to insert himself as somehow being involved in the previous OJ Simpson court dramas.

Kal actually has had the balls to stake claim to being an integral part in both the criminal prosecution and the civil lawsuit against OJ Simpson.

That chap Paul Kimball made a complete fool out of Kal by PUBLICLY HUMILIATING Kal and showing the world that Kal's story of him being an "expert witness" was complete nonsense. Not that it is very difficult to make a fool of Kal since he does just fine on his own with that but it was highly entertaining to see Kal blow a fuse over it. Could you possibly imagine Kal being called as a witness of any kind during the criminal trial or civil trial? A lawyer would have a field day and then some with crazy Kal Korff on the witness stand. If there is a remote chance Kal did work on the criminal trial then it is no wonder OJ was never convicted. Kal can't even produce a video he has claimed will be done and he certainly can't get his book published on time. What the hell would make anyone think Kal would be competent enough to get a killer convicted?

Until Kal provides irrefutable documentation or other proof of his self claimed roles in both OJ murder related cases I'm going to have to call Kal out as the loud mouthed loon he continues to prove he is. Kal you are a PATHETIC and LOUD MOUTHED MORON and continue to prove just how UTTERLY STUPID you truly are. I CHALLENGE KAL KORFF TO PROVIDE A SINGLE COURT DOCUMENT OR INVESTIGATIVE REPORT FROM EITHER TRIAL WITH KAL'S NAME ON IT.

If you really did have a part in either OJ trial Kal then you will have no problem proving it. After all Kal you're still carrying around ribbons and newspaper clippings from when you were a kid so it should not be a problem for you at all to prove what you say. And don;t give us this BULLSHIT where you try to turn this all around by saying it isn;t up to you to prove anything and that people need to look for it. IT IS UP TO YOU KAL TO PROVE SINCE YOU OPENED THAT GOD AWFUL THING YOU CALL A MOUTH AND PROCLAIMED IT A FACT THAT YOU WERE INVOLVED IN BOTH OJ MURDER TRIALS. Either PROVE IT or SHUT UP Kal. No one likes a braggart liar and I smell more of your BULLSHIT coming down the way as usual.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kal Korff sells Internet website?

Someone just sent me some information about a website owned by Kal Korff. I don't understand the significance of the Internet website other than it has the name Roswell in it so I will show you what was sent to me.

" Years ago that fucknut Kal Korff weaseled his way into taking possession of a website called The former domain holder got fed up with the Roswell circus and decided to stop wasting his time on ufo stuff and gave the website to Kal Korff. I am not 100% certain of this but I do believe Kal was given the webiste on the condition it only be used to further expose Roswell.

With a string of follies and other problems following Kal, who seems to be a fuck-up magnet, I've been told Kal was forced to sell the website to pay bills and to settle up on some other financial obligations. The guy who is now listed as the owner of the domain name is someone who buys and sells domain names for big bucks, though I have serious doubts Kal was savvy enough to come out very far ahead if he did sell it. If Kal didn't sell the domain name why is it now under someone else's name and no longer redirected to Kal's awful website? I think the name of the guy who used to own it is Kent Jeffries but I am not sure. I do recall Kal giving his usual "gosh I'm so honored and humbled" bullshit when Kal was talking about him being given the domain name."

Sure enough I did check on the Internet website and it no longer is connected to any of Kal's lunacy. There is also a new owner listed for the Internet website.

So has Kal Korff sold out again? If kal has sold out again I wonder what he used the money for? maybe Kal paid off some iPods? A laptop? A cellphone bill? A bus ticket?

I guess being humled and honored is meaningless against the might of the dollar and perhaps event he ethics Kal claims he has which everyone knows is as big a joke as Kal is.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Proof that Kal K. Korff IS an IDIOT!

He is amazing! He is incredible! He is unbelievably fucking stupid! He is one of the most inept people ever allowed to breathe and waste precious oxygen! Yes! It is the one and only Kal Korff! And this deplorable dipshit Kal is back in full throttle crazy mode once again embarrassing himself the best way he knows how - by opening his mouth and speaking!

You might have heard a bit of news about some pirates in Somalia taking over tankers and other types of boats. These pirates once captured a Russian freighter full of tanks and held it for ransom. Well shiver me timbers maties! Kal Korff has an answer to this world problem too!!!!

What incredible application of technology has Kal invented to deal with this crisis? What diabolical plan has Kal and Martina and S3 cooked up to stop these pirate thugs? Will Kal and Martina and their special commandos from the local McDonalds take a swim and board the pirate ships tossing nanotechnology laced McNuggets at pirate scum? Arrrrggggggg! Will Kal take off his asinine cowboy hat and don a pirate hat to go under cover? Will Kal sell iPods to the pirates in hopes of bridging the gap to peaceful relations while pocketing a few bucks? Parlay! What will Ka do if he is undercover with the pirates and they seize a ship full of iPods?

No no no no no. Kal has a much better plan. Kal K. Korff wants the world to fund a fleet of suicide drones to kill pirates by ramming their ships and flying into the pirates themselves! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Brilliant! My god there is no one else in the world that has considered this possibility except Kal????? And what better way to do it by using a drone that......hey, isn't this idea already being done? In the words of the ever so inept Kal Korff "duh!"

"In my new upcoming trilogy series on terrorism, Secret X Wars, I show how drones and unmanned vehicles of all kinds, even drones as small as insects, are being used to hunt down and eliminate rogue elements." so says Kal of his book that Prometheus Books IS NEVER GOING TO PUBLISH! This book of Kal's is on par with the new Guns n' Roses album with the only difference being Axel Rose's record will actually see the light of day.

Is this latest lame brain idea from Kal the most blatantly retarded thing Kal has uttered in a long time? On a side note here Kalvin you really do need to get a dictionary and look up the word utter and udder and try to discern the two for proper use when writing you blathering miserable lump of shit.

Of his sinister plan to rid the pirates from our world Kal said "The difference between our suicide bombers and theirs, is that we use machines and operate under justice — they use human bombs and fight against universal laws." Kal, a first grader could put a more cohesive and deep thought on a piece of paper with a crayon.

The inept Kal goes on with "If we make a point to develop and deploy a fleet of unmanned drones, optimized for fighting pirates, not only is this economical and effective, the world's nations could contribute to a collective fund to pay for all of this; they can also be designed to ram any ship, and of course sink it."

So let me see if I have this correctly Kal. We pay to design the drones, build the drones, send the drones out and let them ram either a ship or a pirate and this will save us money? This might just be silly little me, but don't you think it would be more effective to design and construct a drone with a multifaceted weapons system so it could take out multiple targets instead of just one target at a time? This might also save money by using the same drones over again instead of smashing them to bits in a suicide run, don't you think?

But the brilliant lunacy of Kal is not complete without having Kal state the obvious for all to read and then laugh their asses off. Kal in all of his glowing brilliance and deep rooted toilet intelligence says "Problems which are always avoided, always get worse." No shit Kal?

Just when you though this IDIOT could not get anymore idiot Kal lays it all on the line to exceed his former stupidity.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Coward Kal Korff "defies" British law.....from 800 MILES AWAY!

It certainly appears a certain conniving coward isn't taking his medication again. Yes oh yes that crackpot of a lad Kal Korff has hit the ground in full nutty and wasting no time at all in torturing everyone with his usual blabbering.

Yes indeed ever so so so brave Kal Korff is so courageous that he has chosen to "defy" a law in England making it illegal to publish the name and picture of a mother who took part in the alleged torture/murder of her own child.

Let me be crystal clear here so Conniving Kal Korff can't try to twist this all around and I will say that the act this woman is accused of having committed is utterly despicable and she indeed needs to do her time if she is found guilty. Unlike Coward Kal Korff I believe everyone, even an accused murder has a right to due processes in place by law. Just look at Kal's brother who got his due process and was found GUILTY of trying to run down a police man with a car and is IN PRISON. But I digress.

So here we have "big bad and brave" Kal Korff rather laughably "defying" British law from 800 MILES AWAY! This is the same Colonel Coward who claims to fight terrorists from Prague while the REAL HEROES fight the enemy on the frontlines in Iraq and Afghanistan. Colonel Coward has indeed mastered the art of throwing rocks from afar and running like the pathetic coward he has been his entire life.

Kal listen here, if you were as brave as you make yourself out to be then you'd be on the first plane to London and you would hand out fliers in the streets with this woman's name and picture. You would stay in London letting all know where you were staying and you would put out videos about it freely. But you won't do that because that requires courage and committment and ethics all of which you clearly have lacked all your life by trying to run down easy targets so you can make yourself feel like you are brave and trying desperately to give your less than meager life meaning.

So Colonel Coward until you get on that plane to England and do just that you need to shut that huge mouth you have. Having a big mouth is easy and you prove that all the time to excess. Actually having the balls to take action to back your words is something entirely different. Whether you realise it or not Kal the entire world knows there is no bite to your rather loud bark. Anyone can be brave from 800 MILES AWAY! ahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Colonel Coward at his finest walking up to the line and making faces but never having the balls to step over the line.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kult of Kal

Have I grown tired of the FUCK TARD in the picture to the left? Yes. Is this blog suffering from my lack of interest in what a fanatical FRUITCAKE calling himself Kal K. Korff does these days? Yes. Do I suffer from narcoleptic seizures at the mere mention of the name Kal K. Korff? Yes. Do I feel as though there isn't anyone with even a low level of intelligence taking Kal K. Korff seriously (minus dipshit Rob McConnel) on any level? Yes. Is Kal K. Korff the biggest FREAK of a lowly LOSER I've ever seen? Oh my, yes!

With that I give you a new place set to continue exposing the utter insanity of Kal K. Korff. I give you KULT OF KAL!

I might be up to putting something here every now and then. However, for the most part, I feel as though that dolt Kal K. Korff is a waste of my time. I could be changing litter in the cat box, watching snow fall, napping, staring at a spot on the wall, or any other number of similar things are far more stimulating, intelligent, and more important than that waste of a human life Kal K. Korff. To think good people die every day while Kal K. Korff is still drawing breath. Kal is God's BAD JOKE on us all.

DO not give up on all things Kal K. Korff. Most certainly some should march on making others who might be ensnared in Kal's bottomless pit of insanity and bullshit aware of exactly what sort of pile of shit Kal K. Korff really is. Really, who the fuck at his age runs around PRETENDING to be an officer in a make believe organization who wanders around Europe posing as an authority on the English language as he skips around selling iPods?

Kal K. Korff pretends to be a champion fighting against fraud. The truth he avoids is that he has the ethics of a pedophile in the middle of a elementary school playground at recess. Kal is as bad as the people he has a hard on for.

I will pop up every now and then as I have said. Thanks to all who chimed in here with information on Kal's nefarious activities and his spotted past. Don't let the piece of shit get away with his delusional bullshit.

All hail the KULT OF KAL!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kal Korff and missle defense bullshit part 2

Kal you should post your video or shut your mouth. No one believes a word that flies out of your fat face.

Reply from, your question already answered‏
From: Kal Korff (
Sent: Sunday, November 09, 2008 8:41:19 AM
To: Daniela Abrahamova (
Dear Ms. Abrahamova,

As you were already previously informed, a fact you are aware of, Miss Martina Týčová has both the videos you inquire about, as well as the rights to broadcast this material.

Since she also filmed it, we do not "control" this issue, we have nothing further to add to this matter.

You may wish to correct your "facts" since they are obviously not accurate.

Also, I am not "Colonel Kal Korff," Mr. Korff does not speak the Czech language.

I do.

Your last name implies that you are of Czech nationality, so your letter was forwarded to me.

You have the right to "believe" whatever you wish, the choice is yours.

Regardless, it does not "magically change" the facts, which do not care about people's opinions.

Kind regards,

On Nov 8, 2008, at 12:34 PM, Daniela Abrahamova wrote:

Dear Colonel,

How many times do I have to ask you? Where is the clip of you sending off your book series on terrorism to your publisher.

Again - I reproduce below the relevant text from your very own website:

" announced today that starting as early as next week, they will begin posting on the Internet the videotaped footage of their President and CEO, Colonel Kal Korff, sending off his new trilogy book series on terrorism, Secret Wars: Defending Against Terrorist Plots, to his publisher in New York, Prometheus Books."

Frankly, a more cynical person than I would be beginning to suspect that there never was any such videotaped footage...


Kal Korff and missle defense bullshit

An entertaining email exhcange between Daniela and Conniving Kal as he poses as Martina Tycova. Kal you are a complete loon.

Reply from CriticalThinkers - Missile Defense‏
From: Kal Korff (
Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2008 2:58:14 AM
To: Daniela
Dear Daniela,

We are sorry for the time it has taken to reply to your numerous letters.

Today we were intending to, this is not a specific response to your last letter, but to your letters overall.

You may be interested in knowing that Miss Martina Týčová owns the rights to the video footage which shows Mr. Korff being interviewed from the UK discussing the subject of MIssile Defense and terrorism.

This event filmed by Martina is a matter of public record, the video has not aired on our web sites, but probably will at some point, the decision rests with Martina. Although Kal is in this video, he does not own it.

And since the only individuals who have "questioned" this have also lied about the event, were not there of course; when they say it "never happened."

For the record, there is no interest here in "proving" that the sky is blue.

The last time this subject was discussed, Miss Týčová indicated she wanted to save broadcasting this footage to put it into a future episode of Is It Really True? Her plan is to read several of these lying emails people have published, and then make the video for sale which shows interview taking place.

She believes that if people are that desperate to "doubt" that this event took place, and then specifically make a POINT to LIE about it, then they should pay for the honor of seeing them exposed for the games they DO play.

Since Miss Týčová owns the rights to this material, we have forwarded all of your emails to her, including those of "Jimmy D" and others who use more than one phony screen name along with everyone else who has asked about this.

We cannot control if or when this material is released. We do not own it. Martina does.

If you have any questions about Missile Defense or things that Kal Korff can answer and does control so to speak, please feel free to ask.

The video of him being interviewed from the UK regarding Missile Defense is not one of them. Martina filmed it so she could later use it, because she read the lies on the internet, and knew she could easily expose these people later.

She will certainly do this when SHE wants to, not when people who have lied about it and Kal in general, "demand" it.

This is NOT a reference to yourself, for the record.

Thank you for your queries, we hope Miss Týčová will answer them one way or another.

Please give her some time since she is relocating her offices and busy producing, honestly, dozens of things. She is also focused on the historic debate, we think it is historic and so do many people, in December between Mr. Michael Horn and Kal Korff. Missile Defense might come up in that debate, and if it does, Kal Korff owns the rights to this footage as far as we know. While Martina is the Executive Producer, I think Mr. Korff has his own rights for once.

You may wish to ask Martina.

Kind regards,

cc: Martina Týčová - UFO WatchCat

We will either refer you to that material, when
On Nov 5, 2008, at 8:21 PM, Daniela Abrahamova wrote:

You know, Colonel - if I were a cynical woman I'd be thinking that you refuse to answer my request because there are no such video clips and there never were...they were just a figment of your imagination. But I'm sure they do exist. So why won't you tell me how I can view them?

Subject: FW: Still waiting for the video clips....
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2008 20:10:56 +0100

I'm STILL waiting, Colonel...

Subject: Still waiting for the video clips....
Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2008 18:34:42 +0100

Dear Colonel,

Once again, I have to ask you where are

a/ the video footage of you sending off the manuscript of your latest book to your publishers;
b/ the film of your interview with the BBC?

To jog your memory, please find following exerpts from the relevant posts from your website.

" announced today that starting as early as next week, they will begin posting on the Internet the videotaped footage of their President and CEO, Colonel Kal Korff, sending off his new trilogy book series on terrorism, Secret Wars: Defending Against Terrorist Plots, to his publisher in New York, Prometheus Books."

"...To be honest, there’s not much

to tell. What happened was af-

ter I had agreed to do a series

of interviews, one of which was

with the BBC, some people who

are into “UFO conspiracies”

and other such “kritics” started

contacting the BBC and lying,

saying that I had no background

to talk about missile defense!

Of course, this was NOT true,

but reality and facts never deter

such types, their “minds” are..." blah, blah, blah...

Kind regards,


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Kal K. Korff - does anyone really give a shit about this clown?

Does anyone care about Kal's lunacy any more or are we all just tired of it now that he has thoroughly been exposed by this blog as the bozo he always has been? Write your thought in the comments section. Did Conniving Kal make an appearance on Xzone Friday night or do you just not care?

I really believe that Conniving Kal has been righteously exposed here for the delusional nitwit he is.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kult of Kal part 2

Kult of Kal 2 video

Kult of Kal 1 video

Kal K. Korff is a tool

Classic stuff here!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Two faced Conniving Kal Korff and his bogus standards

I have observed something rather peculiar about Kal Korff. Well maybe it isn't so much peculiar as obvious and contradictory. Kal is a regualr filler of air time on Rob McConnel's Xzone radio show. Stick with me here for just a moment.

Kal has accused others of having a different set of standards. I want to point out here that Kal rails against anything he considers fraud. Kal rails against UFOs and psychics and the like. So if this is the case then why has Kal chosen not to hold Rob McConnel accountable for allowing these same people to go on the air and for allowing them to advertise on Rob McConnel's website and in his newspaper?

I think I have brought forth this very same probelm before and I believe it says oh so much about Kal and his bogus standards. Kal ignores the issue so long as he has a spot on Rob McConnel's show. A tit for tat sort of arrangement I suppose but Kal is showing how two faced and selective he is. Kal, this is an all or nothing world we live and if you can't apply a set of standards evenly to all then you should not be doing it all. Really let us just face the truth here and it is that Kal Korff IS NOT a champion of consumers. Some might say Kal is GUILTY of CONSUMER FRAUD for turning a blind eye. Nothing like buttering both sides of your bread there eh Kal? You have to stop and ask who else is greasing Kal's palm and what are they getting in return?

In other news it seems that Kal is littering his website with videos that are nothing like the amateur production he films with a camcorder. It has been nice not having to see Kal showing the world he is still on a crash course with an inevitable and complete mental breakdown.

I did receive some interesting news from F1 Racer. Too bad the other person involved did not want to go on the record about her experience with Kal. Let's just say I would never hire Kal to mow my lawn, rake my leaves, change the litter box, or watch my kids. Oh and I wouldn't allow him to give my kids English lessons.

You are disgusting Kal and a lowlife coward. I don't know how you can stand to look yourself in a mirror without vomiting and pissing yourself each time.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kal Korff returns to the Xzone AND NO ONE GIVES A SHIT!

Perhaps Kal Korff has located a pay phone to which Rob McConnel can call him at because Kal, after a long silence has announced he will be back on the Xzone this coming Friday for your snoozing pleasure.

It has been a bit too quiet on the Kal Korff front of late to the shock of many that Kal could keep his BIG MOUTH shut for so long without slandering or libeling a soul! So will this be the same old crazy Kal or will we see an emergence of an all new Kal after he has time to rethink his life after fleeing/getting booted from Prague and what appeared to be a lot of trouble he was having there.

Do we really care at all about a new Kal coming out? We all know it will be the same inane and wild bullshit that flows with regularity out of the hole Kal calls a mouth. And what about those nano bot bits that Kal says he sent to Rob McConnel and Rob said they were being analyzed? Will we hear more about that from Rob McConnel? Will Kal enlighten us all with his deftly short knowledge of politics? Will Kal go after the usual suspects with his same stalkeresque zeal? Will Kal announce once again that his terrorism book will be published "next year" like he has for the last five-years?

Will Kal announce setting a world record for door to door iPod sales and proclaim himself the best at selling iPods too? Will Kal announce he has just been made the new CTO and CEO - also known as shift leader and head burger flipper - of a McDonald's in Switzerland? Will Kal reveal that he is now smuggling nanobots into Switzerland by stuffing them in his &$^@)$$? Perhaps Kal has landed yet another lucrative television deal that will wind up on youtube with the rest of his amateur home video and fifth rate editing? Perhpas Kal will tell us more about the FAKE KPMG audit or the BOGUS complaints he claimed to have filed? Maybe Kal will dazzle us all by announcing he has dumped his $25,000,000.00 Saudi sugar daddy after finding out he was selected as a winner in the Canadian lottery? What new insights into will our favorite traveling fruitcake gush upon us all?

Tune in and see! Or don't because you have more important things to do than listen to Kal gush on with his fantasy life. Go to the Xzone website and join the other two or three late night listeners snoring blissfully to the crackpot stories from Conniving Kal!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Conniving Kal Korff FAILS AGAIN, nobody shocked

Kal K. Korff can be counted on for one thing and that is to march out an endless parade of threats against people he doesn't like or people who publicly disagree with him.

When you tell Kal off or challenge Kal or you tell Kal how full of shit he is the only way he knows how to react is throw about empty threats of lawsuits and criminal charges.

The latest victim of this propaganda and meaningless threats from Kal is a person employed at a company in Prague called Cables and Simms. An employee of that company has accused Kal K. Korff of committing fraud claiming that Kal picked up electronic goods and had the bill sent to someone else who knew nothing about it. Cables and Simms claims Kal owes them something around three-thousand American dollars. No word on what has become of that situation though someone did say the lawsuit from Cables and Simms was either never filed or withdrawn though that hasn't been one-hundred percent confirmed by anyone.

In retaliation for Cables and Simms employee Milos Bartu publicizing this information Kal decided to threaten Milos by claiming that an official complaint was filed against him with the FBI and Department of Justice in America. Here is a picture I took of Kal's website makng this claim and Kal has conveniently erased it.
Kal even said he sent Xzone host Rob McConnel the case number for this supposed complaint. I put up a public challenge to Kal to publicly give out the case number so the public could verify if this was true or just more of Kal's disingenuous tactics to try and scare someone again.

As I thought would happen Kal didn't have the COPURAGE to publish this case number he claims he gave to Rob McConnel and I can tell you why it never happened and never will. It is because Kal K. Korff is FULL OF HORSESHIT as usual and is just tossing more meaningless threats out there. Cowards talk and those with courage and ethics follow through. You can always count on Conniving Kal K. Korff for a lot of talk and no action.

I'm still waiting to hear about these supposed nanotechnology parts Kal says he sent Rob McConnel and Rob says he is having them analyzed at a university. So far there has been no word but I do want to know what Rob intends to do when he finds out this is just MORE BULLSHIT from Conniving Kal.

And someone sent me email saying they contacted Royce Meyers about the complaint and court order Kal said Royce Meyer would be getting. Don't be too shocked but I am told that Royce has not received a subpoena or complaint or anything else. More empty threats from Kal and no one is surprised to see Kal stoop this low.

Other than this latest bombardment of empty bullshit threats from Kal there seems to not be much else going on and Kal has not put anything really new on his Internet website but sure did make sure to remove many of those threats he made that are threats that never came true. Perhaps Kal has actually had to find a real job to earn some money. I didn't know Switzerland had a McDonalds!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kal K. Korff and the reason he isn't qualified to teach English

Under the name of "ufo watch cat" Kal writes on his Internet website "No, Kal Korffdid NOT lie, he first showed some nanodust months ago in a vile, proving everyone wrong at that point, and then as he said, at a date and time of "our choosing" we would send it to Rob McConnell and Rob now has several pieces."

Kal doesn't know the difference between "vial" and "vile" even though he knows everyone thinks he a "vile" person. No wonder Kal got canned from writing those horrid English columns in that free rag. Kal please enlighten us all how you put something "in a vile".

Now I confess I make spelling errors and grammar errors and punctuation errors all the time. The difference here is that unlike Kal I do not pretend to have a high IQ nor do I pretend to be qualified to teach English.

And this whole nanodust/nanotechnology rubbish is just that. How in the world can Kal who can't even hold down a job at a newspaper afford any of this stuff? I frankly think Kal not to be smart enough for any of this nanotechnology let alone his being in a financial state to afford it. Considering Kal is alleged to have stolen nearly three-thousand dollars worth of Apple products, what makes anyone think he has the money to finance any nanodust or nano anything for that matter? Kal's claims abou this nanotechnology are so patently absurd I don;t know what else to say about them except to simply call it a load of bullshit.

I wonder if Rob McConnel can muster enough "investigative journalism" to have these supposed nano components examined. But we all know that Kal has already built in his excuse and will likely say when nothing is found that the components fell out of the book. Perhaps Rob McConnel can also muster enough common sense to realize how full of shit Kal is but I won;t hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Kal I'm still waiting to see the case number from the supposed criminal complaint you said you filed with the FBI and the DOJ. Where is it Kal or is just ANOTHER MEANINGLESS THREAT issued by you in RETALIATION for Cables and Simms filing a lawsuit against you?

Kal do comment on what it feels like to have dealt out dozens of lawsuit threats and what it feels like to be on the receiving end of a REAL LAWSUIT against you and not a BOGUS THREAT like you give out all the time.

Will Kal act like a law abiding person and return to Prague to face the charges or will he do what the GUILTY do and keep running? Will Kal do the honorable and ethical thing and comply with the law or will he SHIRK the law?

So where is this case number Kal? I want to verify there actually is a criminal complaint filed by you against someone. Here is yet ANOTHER chance for you to PROVE your claim. It is up to you to PROVE it because you have made the claim! If you can't provide a simple case number then I suppose it is far beyond you to muster the courage to admit there was no investigation to begin with. And just in case you are thinking about making up some lame excuse I talked to a good friend of mine who said that once a case number is filed it just doesn't go away. No matter what happens that case number is permanently stored in records. And Kal do you also have the name of the case agent and which office the report was filed with?

I'm not holding my breath for this one. Until Kal provides proof that anyone can confirm I'm caling this another BULLSHIT THREAT made by Kal. I'm not at all surprised considering that not one of the legal actions Kal says he is going to take has come true. No lawsuits, no audits, no complaints filed and a lot of hot air is standard for how Kal handles his business.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kal K. Korff's youtube video showing delivery of ipods!

Look what someone sent me and I now have a copy of this video saved as well! Kal might be surprised at how many videos of his I have saved and how many copies I have of his Internet website. Unfortunately I do not have the KPMG video saved. Perhaps Milos would like a copy of this video as EVIDENCE for his LAWSUIT AGAINST Kal for FRAUD! Don't be too shocked Kal because I know you are probably overwhelmed with all this. A REAL LAWSUIT you're involved in with REAL EVIDENCE and not some CHUMP THREAT made by you. How HUMILIATING it must be for poor, dumb Kal K. Korff to talk and talk about lawsuits only to find himself on the RECEIVING END of a REAL one! I wonder if Kal will be found GUILTY of FRAUD and how much he will have to pay Milos for additional damages in court if that happens. SLANDER can get REALLY expensive Kal so I hope you have sold a lot of ipods.


Dear world,

Since Kal K. Korff is saying criminal charges have been filed against Milos in the case where Cables and Simms is accusing Kal K. Korff of FRAUD and Kal now says that the case number has been sent to the X Zone I have a SIMPLE challenge for Kal.

PUBLISH THE CASE NUMBER SO THE PUBLIC CAN CONFIRM YOUR CLAIM. Since you claim the Department of Justice and FBI are involved this is now a PUBLIC MATTER and is subject to verification.

If you have really filed this Kal then you can prove it through one simple update to your Internet website. Or is this ANOTHER BOGUS THREAT issued by you like the rest of them?

And why in the hell would the FBI ever waste their time with something this small that is taking place in another country???? The answer is they wouldn't and I am not psychic but I predict Kal WILL NOT furnish the public with any proof of the latest in his parade of never ending BOGUS THREATS. I think the FBI has much better things to do with its time such as fighting REAL TERRORISM unlike Kal.

Speaking of BOGUS THREATS Kal where are all the lawsuits and police complaints you said were happening? All of these BOGUS THREATS can be tossed in the heaping mountain of BULLSHIT along with this latest EMPTY THREAT against Milos.

I wanted to add a picture I took from Kal's Internet website when I saved a copy of it. Look familiar at all? I wonder if Kal will try to deny he claimed to be an employee of Vojtek's now? I think I will send a copy of Kal's Internet website to Milos so he can use it. I wonder what Vojtek would think about this?

Kal K. Korff makes more BOGUS THREATS

Kal K. Korff is at it AGAIN by making more BOGUS THREATS! Since being accused of committing FRAUD and THIEVERY Kal has claimed to yet again be a victim! Now Kal is saying that the FBI is investigating Milos Bartu of Cables and Simms the company accusing Kal of FRAUD. Kal says criminal charges are coming against Milos.

This is a typical pattern followed by Kal when he is directly confronted by anyone. Kal first makes denials then launches into an endless barrage of EMPTY THREATS so he can try to scare the person away.

With this BOGUS THREAT against the man who says he has a high IQ missed one important detail. The FBI CANNOT OPERATE IN PRAGUE! Please do explain to us all Kal how the FBI can charge Milos with a crime in Prague when he is not a U.S. citizen? the FBI CANNOT do a thing to Milos! Whenever Kal gets CAUGHT he resorts to making EMPTY THREATS that he knows hold NO water!

So what does Rob McConnel think about all this? See a pattern here Rob? EVERYTIME someone confronts Kal the threats start to fly. And how many of those threats have happened? How many lawsuits has Kal filed? How many people have been arrested as Kal promised? NONE!

Stop making EMPTY THREATS Kal and be an adult by going back to Prague and FACING the accusations against you. Innocent people have no problem standing up but GUILTY people only run and THROW STONES FROM AFAR! I don't see Milos running from anything and he has IN FACT filed a LAWSUIT against Kal! If Kal filed a lawsuit against alien autopsy and those people didn't show up for court Kal would be all over them accusing them of running because they were guilty. Law abiding people don't run!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kal K. Korff self authored "biography" - what a JOKE!

For a good laugh read this encyclopedia entry on none other than Conniving Kal. I find the writing style to be that of Kal since it lauds him so greatly. Kal wrote this and anyone with half a brain knows he did and that the contents are a joke. I will be going through this line by line and listing each and every claim made and EXPOSING it. It is so painfully obvious that most of this is pure bullshit.

Conniving Kal writes that he " made history yet another time when he played a key role as an expert witness in the O.J. Simpson civil defense case" This is an outright LIE and Kal WAS NEVER a witness in this case. He did not testify and he never appeared in court! Show us al Kal where your name is mentioned in any history book. Just one would do.

And in regard to this current development where the company Cables and Simms is SUING YOU Kal for FRAUD, please do tell the world WHEN you are going to face the company and Vojtek in court. As a "colonel" and a self described crusader of consumers and claim you are law abiding you are OBLIGATED to present yourself to the courts both ethically and morally, perhaps religiously as well! My opinion is that anyone with ethics and anyone who is innocent will have no problem with showing up in a court of law. Innocent people don't run but GUILTY ones do.

Based on what has been presented so far I am of the opinion that you are GUILTY Kal of committing FRAUD! We will just have to wait and see what the courts have to say. My prediciton is that Kal will scrounge up the money and pay back Cables and Simms to avoid any further HUMILIATION. I can only imagine what sort of tale Kal will be offering to cover his sorry ass.

HATRED and LIES: Meet Youtube Dolt "secretxwars"! Also known as Kal K. Korff

Dear world,

Here is a picture I took of Kal's youtube page shwoing his listed data. You will note that Kal has listed his age as "36". Kal K. Korff is not 36, no where near it! Why would Kal who claims to have a 219 IQ list the wrong age? Surely Kal who claims to be a computer expert knows how to type his age correctly? It certainly isn't a typo of any kind. Is it a LIE so kal can try and pass himself off as younger even though he is in his mid-forties and fastly approaching fifty realizing he hasn't done anything decent with his life? Just wondering.

Kal loves accusing people of "hate" and Kal has even called himself a "victim" publicly. Let's talk about some victims here and I mean the victims of Kal's targeted hate because that is what it is. Kal is full of HATRED and has LIED about people he targets including Kevin Randle who Kal directly accused of having ties to terrorism. Kal can say it was someone else who made the claim all he wants but it is my opinion that Kal is using aliases in order to get away with slandering people. Conniving Kal has stated as fact that people he has targeted have committed fraud and are liars. Let's talk about fraud and lies shall we?

Kal is now accused of committing FRAUD where he is alleged to have stolen three iPods from Cables and Simms in Prague by LYING that Vojtek Saledeck was responsible for paying the bill. A spokeperson for Vojtek says Vojtek NEVER AUTHORIZED any such purchase after discovering Kal K. Korff was PRETENDING to be an employee of Vojtek's company. Kal K. Korff has BEEN NAMED in a LAWSUIT directly accusing him of FINANCIAL FRAUD which is when interpreted in criminal law a CRIME! Kal K. Korff is BEING SUED! Unlike Kal K. Korff's lawsuit threats and imaginary legal actions this is a REAL lawsuit Kal has been slapped with.

After this charge of FRAUD against Kal K. Korff went out Kal wasted no time in trying to do damage control by stating as FACT that the owner of Cables and Simms was "blackmailing" Kal and was committing a crime!!!!! This is the same Kal K. Korff who left Prague under very unusual circumstances and did so in clear haste. There is nothing proving Kal's accusation against Cables and Simms and I find it more than convenient that Kal is leveling this charge and has provided NO PROOF to back it up!

If Kal K. Korff wants to prove his case then he can get off the payphone and hop a train back to Prague to face the charges against him! If Kal doesn't return and face the charges then I find that act alone ot be an admission of GUILT! Innocent people don't run or try to leave. Innocent people aren't afraid of facing the music, or in this case Vojtek, the courts in Prague, Cables and Simms, and the Prague police - can they all be wrong? Is this another cover-up claim in the making by Conspiracy Kal? I don't think a company like Cables and Simms that has a sterling reputation would ever make a false charge such as this. They have been in business for over fifteen years now and are known for treating their customers right. And what about Vojtek? Who would accuse Vojtek of lying? Vojtek is a good man who has only helped people and is hailed as a saint in Prague.

I guess we'll find out what the truth is soon enough and I have it on good word that the media in Prague will be all over this and that other MacZone stores and Apple Incorporated are issuing warnings and statements.

If Kal Korff is GUILTY of these most recent charges leveled against him then I think he can be brought up on CRIMINAL CHARGES of FRAUD, THEFT, IMPERSONATION, CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT A FRAUDULENT ACT, SELLING STOLEN GOODS, POSSESSING STOLEN GOODS, TRANSPORT OF STOLEN GOODS and PERJURY if he lies! Kal K. Korff could also be facing another lawsuit with charges of SLANDER, DEFAMATION, LIBEL, MALICIOUS INTENT and of course PERJURY if he lies under oath for the things he has said about Cables and Simms.

If I were Cables and Simms I would take very single action available to me to PROSECUTE Kal K. Korff on every level from CRIMINAL CHARGES to suing him to make an example out of him. I can't imagine what kind of an example a criminal judge will make out of Kal K. Korff considering Kal is accused of having tried to commit fraud against Vojtek!! If Kal is CHARGED and FOUND GUILTY I'm sure a judge would sentence him to prison time!

This is all rather ironic after hearing Conniving Kal leveling criminal charges at people allthis time and all of Kal's endless talk about prosecuting and suing people. How does it feel Kal to be on the receiving end of a REAL LAWSUIT and likely CRIMINAL CHARGES against you? I for one call it justice at its best!

Kal K. Korff is an IDIOT

Friday, September 19, 2008

Kal Korff a wanted man in Prague?

Is Kal K. Korff a "dodger", or as they say in the Czech republic a "neplatič"? One of the regulars here that comments here has sent to me a very very interesting piece appearing on the Czech language version of the Internet website MacZone.

If you speak Czech fluently and can translate this please do write it up in a comment here for all to read. Here is what I have been told about it. Details are sketchy and I do not know if this is wholly accurate or not and am only sharing this as information only. I have been told that the Internet website piece says that Kal purchased ipods in Prague and did not pay for any of the ipods but instead is alleged to have had the bill sent to none other than Mr. Vojtek Sedlacek!

I have also been informed that Mr. Sedlacek is claiming to know noting about this bill and that Kal WAS NEVER employed as a chief information officer for Mr. Sedlacek but was contracted as a freelancer to teach English to employees!!!

The piece on the Internet website MacZone also indicates that the Czech POLICE are involved and that anyone having bought ipods from Kal with certain serial numbers have been asked to contact someone through email. The serial numbers of the ipods are listed.

Is Kal K. Korff a thief and a fugitive from justice now? Or is Kal as inncoent as he says his brother is? Anyone living in Prague that is abletodo some following up on this story I ask you to please leave details here in the comments section so we can all get to the bottom of this.

If the charges are correct and Kal has dared to steal from Mr. Sedlacek thenb Kal WOULD BE GUILTY of COMMITTING FRAUD!!!! I think Kal should be publicly flogged for STEALING from Mr. Sedlacek if the charges prove to be true.

And Rob McConeel of Xzone is having Kal back onhis show where people can call in and ask that baffoon questions. I have to put in my two-cents here and ask what in the hell good is that going to do? This sort of format gives kal every opportunity to simply give whatver answer suits him and does not place him in a position to have to provide solid proof of his claims. Xzone host Rob McConnel claims he is acting like a journalist in this matter so I would ask Rob McConnel to share all of his findings and proof with the listeners. Surely Rob McConnel took the necessary and important and ethical steps of obtaining solid documentation of Kal's claims and such?

I hope Rob asks Kal about this latest development with the allegation that Kal is a thief and has committed fraud.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Comrade Kal and his message

As requested I have uploaded this picture of the message sent by Kal Korff to a user. The message is hilariously ludicrous nut also shows the spiteful tactics Kal willingly employs to slander people as he writes "And in the new shows we enjoy exposing them and reading their claims and mentioning their names and talking to their employers and colleagues to expose them in front of millions of people."

You're a spiteful and arrogant piece of trash Kal. In your desperate need to seek revenge on people you would stoop so low as to contact someone's place of work? For what? We all know the only reason you would ever do this is not out of some sense of righting a wrong but your hope that it would cause that person problems and might even get them fired. You're a HATER Kal and a lowlife one to boot. In Kal's warped little world if your employment has nothing to do with anything you might not one-hundred percent agree with Kal on Kal will warp and twist it so it does so he can justify trying to cause you problems at work. Why? Because Kal Korff is a little man with no sense of dignity who is willing to smear the names of people to get even for the self perceived injustice he dreams he has suffered.

A glimpse of all the threats Kal has made about contacting official agencies and employers of those who have called him a nut is all you really need to see just how full of HATE Kal truly is. Only a depraved, spiteful and malicious piece of shit would ever stoop so low as to try to harm someone by filing false complaints against a person. Further proof of Kal's maliciousness is that not one of the complaints he claims is happening has ever taken place as far as I know but I would not put it past that little bitch Kal Korff to do it.

In the world of adults disputes are settled between people acting rational and not being a tattle-tale using tall tales whee you hope to get someonein trouble at recess. Grow up Kal! Be a man for a change! Act like an adult you cowardice infant!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Conniving Kal at it again

Desperately trying to pull himself together after HUMILIATING himself by not only showing his true colors as a COWARD but also being kicked out of the Czech Republic , Conniving Kal is back to it once again trying to convince all that he will be doing another debate on the XZone show this time with a flying saucer chap named Michael Horn. This by the way is the same Michael Horn where Kal came uncorked and wrote to him saying "I got the rights to the Meier imagery fair and square and legally, so go fuck yourself sideways, Mikey."

Kal has said on his Internet website that he and Michael Horn will be doing a debate on the XZone show. This is rther peculiar because the host of the XZone show Rob McConnel said on this blog "Kal Korff has been in contact with me and wanted to have a debate between himself and Michael Horn the North American representative for Billy Meier. I declined to have Kal and the debate on the show. Kal is planning a Pay-Per-View debate with Michael Horn now, with the host and moderator Martina Tycova. I really do not know what his motive is since Billy Meier is one of the people that he was so adamant about charging with Consumer Fraud, and where Kal allegedly went undercover years ago."

Someone pointed out that Rob McConnel went through a lot of trouble to set the debate between Conniving Kal and flying saucer author Kevin Randle up only to have Kal turn tail and run at the last moment saying he could not be in the debate because of a "terrorist threat". One person commented on this blog prior to the debate that Conniving Kal would make up an excuse and not show up.

With this new debate stake Kal is driving I have to ask why in the world would Kal, who represents himself as a protector of consumers and one who fights against fraud, why in the world would Kal ever participate in a debate with Horn and also claim that it will be shot on DVD and sold? Is Kal not enabling someone he claims to be a fraud by providing them with money? And what did happen to all these lawsuits and consumer fraud charges Kal was going to level against this Michaelf Horn fellow and Billie Meier? Conniving Kal has been using this tiresome consumer fraud angle for some time now.

In fact I found an article on an Internet website where Kal says he is cooperating with authorities and consumer fraud charges are looming. This is the same tiresome mantra Kal has been using for what appears to be years. The bigfoot consumer fraud Internet article is from 2004!!!! So where are the authorities and lawsuits and criminal charges and the rest Kal????????

Kal is also back on the "nano-technology" horse again claiming that he is sending Rob McConnel "nanobot components" through the post. This reminds me of the HILARIOUS video where Kal provides the most ABSURD form of proof that he has nanobots by showing an EMPTY vial to the video camera and proclaiming it as absolute proof he has nanobots! ahahahahahahahaa! Everytime Kal shows something he says is proof I always wait to hear him utter "Just ask my mommy!" ahahahahahahahah

I hope Rob McConnel is not stupid enough to have Kal back on his show unless he plans to pin Kal down and take Kal to task over the never ending claims Kal makes that NEVER come to pass. I'd make a list of everything Kal claims to be happening that have not but I would need a seperate Internet Blogger site for that alone.

I should be careful so that Conniving Kal doesn't get furious and try to even the score with me by releasing his nanobot assassins to hunt me down and nano me to death! ahahahahahahahah

Friday, September 12, 2008


Kal K. Korff can't keep any of his stories straight and OUTRIGHT LIES TO CONSUMERS when he claims his brother "was found innocent" of trying to mow down a cop with a car. The fact here is that Kal is so desperate to be right he'll lie to the world about his brother's CONVICTION for trying to run over a cop with a car. Kal you need to STOP LYING about this and face the FACT that your brother was convicted of not only trying to run over a cop with a car but was also convicted of being a FELON with a weapon! Prove this is wrong Kal and I shall remove the entire contents of this blog. Keep LYING Kal because it doesn't change the sad TRUTH about you. FACTS are FACTS Kal no matter HOW MANY TIMES YOU LIE. Kal has made it crystal clear that CONSUMERS CANNOT TRUST HIM TO BE OBJECTIVE!







Posted on 3/13/08 by Scott Jorgensen

Driver who ran down Ore. deputy with car convicted

08:38 AM PST on Thursday, March 6, 2008
Associated Press

GRANTS PASS, Ore. -- A driver accused of trying to run down a Josephine County deputy two years ago has been convicted of attempted assault.

But jurors found Kurtis K. Korff not guilty of attempted murder.

Korff was at the wheel of a car headed toward Deputy Jim Geiger, who had responded to a report of a robbery. Geiger stumbled in front of the car, but came up firing and shot the 41-year-old Cave Junction man in the side of the face.

Korff's sentencing date had not been set Wednesday.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


It looks like our very own Colonel Coward is at it again with trying to blame his own cowardice on flying saucer author Kevin Randle. Here is what Conniving Kal had to say, "The proposed debate between Major Kevin Randle and myself was postponed for reasons already explained. If people choose not to believe it, that is their problem. Remember, some people still believe the world is flat." said Kal Korff.

"The debate with Michael Horn so that consumers have clear choice and can decide the issues for themselves WILL go forward. No threats this time will stop it. It is up to Major Randle to act in a mature and responsible way — Mr. Michael Horn of Billy Meier's FIGU group is. I guess at this point, Mr. Horn is far more credible than Major Randle is. Not only has Michael Horn stepped for ward on his OWN initiative, he has been completely OPEN, HONEST and SINCERE," explained Kal Korff.

Instead of behaving the way a decent person should, Major Randle has deliberately decided to cry 'victim' as usual, and LIED by saying that I ( Kal Korff) was 'vile' because I supposedly said that 'Major Randle's 'terrorist friends' sabotaged the debate. Again, I NEVER said this. Major Randle, because he is Kevin Randle and I am used to him FAILING to check his FACTS, FALSELY accused me of making this remark, which is a LIE."

"Kevin Randle can run, but he CAN'T hide. For each day that goes by where these mythical Little Grey Men do NOT show up, and notice once again they did NOT today, and they won't tomorrow nor over the weekend either — because the Roswell 'UFO' crash is a MYTH, a MYTH fueled and fed by UFO hucksters like Kevin Randle and the other UFO sensationalists that Royce Myers III eagerly endorses and via this endorsement, blatantly MISLEADS consumers."

Kevin Randle tells Kal to fuck off because Kal can't keep his word and dodges this debate with some phony "terrorist threat" bullshit while changing the story behind the threat a few times. Kal you need to learn how to get your story straight. NO ONE BELIEVE YOU Kal, NO ONE! And why should they trust a petty asshole like you Kal? Kal through his own words is an ADMITTED LIAR who is GUILTY OF SLANDER! Kal can't deny this because he said so on a national radio program!

It was Kevin Randle who showed for the debate. Kal is the one lying about getting married and lying about this terrorist threat and lying about having a kid and lying about why he is no longer in the Czech Republic. Now Kal has to go begging to some other flying saucer person for a debate because Kal is completely attention starved. And Kal continues LYING by saying this new debate is going to be on Xzone and Rob McConnel has said ON THIS BLOG that this new debate Kal is spanking himself over IS NOT going to be on Xzone even though Kal keeps saying it is!!

Why are we giving Kal any attention at all? Why are we feeding this sick little monkey in his own little fantasy zoo? I think it to be clear to all that Kal K. Korff is a LYING LUNATIC and a pathetic excuse for a human being.

Should we go on wasting our time with Kal and his obvious nonsense? Aren't we just giving Kal a reason to be since it is clear this is all the loathsome creature lives for? All Kal wants is somewhere to focus his malice and anger. This is a midlife crisis we are witness to, a mental bender, a breakdown that has no end in sight. Why give a sick and twisted hater like Kal any more fodder?

Comments? Thoughts?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Kal K. Korff gets "married, booted from Prague, INSULTS victims of communism

Kal K. Korff has put the final nail in his own coffin by EXPOSING himself to the world for the incompetent and liar he is! You might've noticed Kal that I lifted not a finger. All I did was to merely take YOUR OWN words and actions to show how LUDICROUS your claims and threats truly are. You really do need to work on keeping your own story straight Kal.

Kal at first says a "terrorist threat" directed at him said Kal had one-week to get out of Prague and this is the LAME EXCUSE Kal used to elude Kevin Randle in a debate. We later learn from Kal's OWN WORDS that this threat was them supposedly directed at a Czech citizen. Next Internet user F1 Racer EXPOSES Kal and catches him in another DIRECT CONTRADICTION where Kal weakly says this "threat" was made toward Vojtek Sedlacek.

Kal dragging Mr. Sedlacek into this is beyond REPREHENSIBLE! Mr. Sedlacek has done nothing but good for people and to have an UTTER ASSHOLE like Kal K. Korff trying to throw a GREAT MAN like Mr. Sedlacek under the bus is unforgivable. Mr. Sedlacek is a TRUE HUMANITARIAN unlike you Kal! And UNLIKE YOU KAL Mr. Sedlacek is truly dedicated to humanitarian causes. UNLIKE YOU KAL Mr. Sedlacek has done great things for people - he has inspired people and likely saved lives! You are a DISGRACE Kal for trying to throw Mr. Sedlacek into your crazed reality blender by blaming your cowardice on some nonexistent threat! SHAME ON YOU KAL, SHAME ON YOU! But the shame does not end there!

Czechs are OUTRAGED at Kal's EXPLOITATION of those killed by communism where Kal video taped himself running around in circles when his LIES about this threat began to unravel and Kal SHAMELESSLY tried to tie the deaths of those at the hands of the brutal regime of communism to his PATHETIC COWARDICE!

HOW DARE YOU Kal try to use the pain and suffering of millions to benefit your RUSE! You have INSULTED people who actually DIED defending what they believed and you have INSULTED the citizens of the Czech Republic! It is one thing to be a coward Kal but it is wholly another to desecrate a memorial to the dead for your OWN BENEFIT! You aren't fooling anyone Kal and you have greatly ANGERED a number of people especially in the Czech Republic! You owe the people of the Czech Republic an IMMEDIATE PUBLIC APOLOGY! Leave it to Comrade Kal to exploit the dead for his own purposes. This is what the communists did and it looks like Kal with his propaganda would have made the communist regime proud.

After this ATROCITY Kal skips not a beat in one of his corny videos on his way once again to the U.S. Embassy claiming he is going to give names to the representatives there and this is somehow supposed to scare people. What Kal was actually doing at the U.S. Embassy where anyone can walk in off the street is not completely known. Some have speculated that Kal was being told he had to leave Prague because he could not obtain an employment visa to stay. I have it on good word the people inside the U.S. Embassy are very happy Kal has left Prague and that he has been restricted from returning to the Czech Republic for two-years.

This all makes perfect sense because Kal now says he has moved to Switzerland. Good! Perhaps the Swiss are more tolerant of complete assholes who EXPLOIT the dead to propel their own LIES! I wonder if it was just too much for Kal to admit he had visa problems? What is very odd about all this is that F1Racer said he dropped Kal's info to a friend who works in the embassy and suddenly Kal is forced to leave? It is painfully obvious what happened and Kal will liekly never live down being given the boot from Prague. The rush to the U.S. Embassy, the hastily taped videos, the books missing from the shelf, this sudden claim of being married all amounts to Kal working at fever pitch to stop him from being forced out of Prague. Married? Oh for the love of God this just top sit all off like very poorly written television soap opera.

Kal now claims he is married, has been married, and has to the horror of everyone said he has fathered a son with a genius level IQ! Now I really am sick to my stomach. Not only over the thought of any real woman giving herself over to - PUKE! - Kal but having his child! DOUBLE PUKE! Can you fathom having Conniving Kal for your father? The torment the child would endure with telling his classmates all about his "colonel" daddy fighting terrorists and everyone seeing - PUKE! - daddy's youtube videos and ranting Internet website. Oh the humanity of it all! Kal if you really do have a kid PLEASE, I BEG OF YOU, give the kid a FIGHTING CHANCE and put it up for adoption now! This marriage bit from Kal I will have to call complete BULLSHIT on and I won't take Kal's word for it as he is a CONFESSED LIAR who said he committed slander on national radio. This is a FACT.

So it looks like after the big wedding, having a kid, getting booted from Prague, DISGRACING victims of communism, being a COWARD and ducking Kevin Randle, Kal's big day just went on to announcing he would be broadcasting from Switzerland, reporting Royce Meyer III to "internal affairs" and claiming that Kevin Randle has ties to terrorism!!!

Kal, you walking lump of shit, how DARE you claim Kevin Randle has ties to terrorism let alone would ever hurt your family!! I hope Kevin Randle SUES YOUR ASS Kal! There is no sense in demanding Kal apologize to Kevin Randle or anyone else for that matter because everyone knows it would be an empty apology and Kal won't apolgize. Kal LIED when he said if Kevin Randle proved him wrong on anything that Kal would publicly apologize to Kevin Randle. Kal can't even keep his own word!!

Up next here is Conniving Kal first claiming he has contacted "internal affairs" about Royce Meyer III and Kal then CHANGES his story saying a "third party" is filing a complaint! Kal says it isn't anything "personal" but clearly from the amount of anger and resentment displayed in his videos it is ALL PERSONAL to Kal with everyone he focuses he HATRED on.

Then Kal returns to youtube land for a new disjointed piece of trash video where he starts off talking about selling iPods and going "mobile" and field testing something. But don;t worry because Kal quickly turns it into evidence being tampered with in his brother's shooting and more big announcements coming next week.

I've said this previously but have to ask again. WHERE is this twenty-five million dollars Kal says he has? And Kal has yet to explain how a Jewish person would ever accept money from the Saudis. Trust me it would NEVER happen! And where is the all powerful and all knowing S3 during Kal's visa crisis? Wouldn't an organization as powerful as Kal claims it is have no problems in pulling a string here and there to make Kal's visa problems disappear? Would they not provide Kal with a place in Israel? This is more proof - not that any was ever needed - that S3 is a bad joke dreamed up by Kal.

Kal isn't having a good week by any means. Kal runs from a debate challenge he issued, Kal gets caught in his own lies, Kal pisses off a bunch of Czech citizens, Kal gets booted from the Czech Republic, Kal gets booted from Xzone, Kal is the ass end of far too many jokes, and poor Kal has to pack up his books and newspaper clippings before he gets deported. Who says there's no justice?

I have given serious consideration to ending this blog. Why, you might ask? It has become rather apparent to myself and a number of others that Kal K. Korff has some rather profound personal "issues". I'm not a doctor or a psychiatrist so I won't attempt to expound on what issues Conniving Kal might have. Kal's claims and threats are so UTTERLY ABSURD they deserve not even a glancing look.

Kal K. Korff is done for and his antics and double talk have been EXPOSED. The ruse is over Kal. Over. How does it feel being your own worst enemy Comrade Kal?