Monday, December 23, 2013

The Bloated Korff

December 2013

Kal K. Korff,
"I am who I say I am...." LINK

As we close out the year that is 2013, we thought we would look into the latest claim of Kal K. Korff. Korff made a claim that he was invited to a Literary Fest in Panchkula, India, located very close to Chandigarh, India where Korff lives and where he teaches English and writes for the India Daily Post, one of the many English language newspaper and websites in India.

Keep in mind that the Daily India Post, for the most part, get their material in exchange for school credit from the students at the local high schools and colleges. In short, they pay very little, if anything, for the material which is posted on their terrible website and printed in their regional newspapers.

Korff made grandiose claims that he was invited to the event, he gave a speech and was then invited to not only speak at future events but to also come over to the homes of some of the people at the event to eat, eat eat. More on that later.

We checked and on this rare occasion, Korff wasn’t lying, at least to some extent. The “media giant” Korff writes for partnered with the school to help put on the event, so making the claim of being invited is a stretch at best.

Korff, being overjoyed at being invited to eat at the homes of some of the attendees seems to be the truth. Look over these photos of Korff, dressed like a hobo, pushing at least 250 pounds and again, dressed like the ugly American people have learned to expect. 

Also, notice the other attendees are dressed in proper causal business attire; collard shirts, slacks, sport jackets, etc. And there we have Korff, dressed in a t-shirt many sizes too small, camo pants, unshaven and sporting those oh so cool sunglasses.

Website News: The Korffie Leak web site is back up. Some of the links and many of the audio player buttons are dead. We’ll sort through this soon. We have a few reasons why we brought the site back up; we are doing some press and radio interviews soon and Santa in a Floppy Hat asked us if we’d re-launch the site to coincide with his upcoming “Year in Review” video.

How could we say no to Santa!

Merry Christmas Korff. Leave a little food for the people who really need it won't you.


Kal Korff listed

Kal Korff, the one dressed like a hobo.

Nice camo pants little boy.

Kal Korff's "article"

Korff, looking very bloated and non too healthy.

Korff, checking his manhood....

Korff, holding court and eating, of course. 

Korff, dressed like a kid, wearing a backpack and looking every bit the part of a hobo slob. Married? Dressed like this... What an embarrassment.

Korff is 5'8" tall. Given his average build and bone structure, his weight is hovering around 240 to 260 maybe a bit more. We know Korff love fast food; KFC, Taco Bell, McDonald's. etc.
I think we see the proof.

This classic theme video fits our favorite Village Idiot even better now than ever before...

Monday, December 16, 2013

Thanks for stopping by Korff. 

Check how Korff hits all his lives high marks; UFO's JKF, the release of his book, or series of books, being invited into the homes of people he doesn't know, and so on.

As Santa in a Floppy Hat said, there is a clear reason why Korff stopped releasing lunatic videos and making claims and threats like he did in 2010.

Stay tuned indeed.

Facebook, December 16, 2013.

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. I am honored to report that yesterday I was on an Author's panel at a Literary fest in Panchkula, India. In today's papers both locally and nationwide, there is coverage of this event, featuring some of the other authors and also of us on stage getting an award.

I gave a short speech, and am happy to report it was well received. I have been asked to be a guest at other events because of it, and also have been invited to several people's homes for dinner, which I have happily accepted. These are important people in the region and famous authors and poets, I am truly humbled and honored by this.

As I sat yesterday talking with various media and also people who attended the event, it amazed me to be able to sit down with Indians and talk about everything from JFK's assassination, to Roswell, Obama, you name it. Their knowledge of these subjects was very impressive.

It was a great, real life reminder that it is truly a global community we live in today, so interconnected, it was humbling to meet people from India who have read my books and articles and gave me feedback on them and passed along leeds for future projects and stories.

I shared the details at this event of the contents of my upcoming books, you know, the ones my "kritics" have lied about for years and claim don't exist, (even though they're in no position to really know this, they're not involved, etc., and my publishers don't disclose their future plans so much in advance), -- I also showed the nearly complete final release candidates of these books since they should finally be out next year, after many years of work.

Seeing the reactions yesterday gave me a new burst of energy, I forget as a journalist and author at times that published works really do influence people, it's just something that I don't keep in mind that much, and yesterday was a vivid reminder of this basic truism I just don't think about that often, which is my fault.

There's more coming than just my six book series on Islamofascist driven terrorism, which I started in Prague and finished in India.

I sincerely thank all of you for your continued interest and support of my efforts, it means the world to me.

Facebook Update

What's it like to live in India? This video frame grab pretty well sums it up. This is the set up to power a public address system in India. You must run AC and DC because the AC power most surely will go out.