Monday, June 30, 2008

Kalvin Korff hiding his past?

I see that Kalvin has once again changed his website content for the nth time. Oddly enough, this latest change comes on the heels of Kalvin releasing a video showing he and Vojtek Sedlacek signing some papers.

While Kalvin claims that he signed a five year contract and has been appointed the chief information officer and chief technical officer for Vojtek's business, that claim is now conveniently absent. Kalvin also states in the video that he and Vojtek signed a "cooperative agreement" and makes no mention of being assigned as the chief information officer or chief technical officer for Vojtek's business. You can see a pciture I took of Kalvin's website from a copy I have saved where Kalvin exclaims his alleged new employment positions with Vojtek.

So what is really going on here? Is this another one of the "strategic moves" or "initiatives" Kalvin likes to dream up that never come to fruition? Is he actually the chief information officer and chief technical officer for Vojtek?

My personal opinion on the matter is Vojtek has no idea about Kalvin's claims of writing 500 books, a Saudi backed $25,000,000.00 budget, Kalvin's bunk claim of being an anti-terrorism expert, or any number of claims Kalvin has staked for himself. I wonder what Vojtek would say about Kalvin's past claims?

Hey, Kalvin, when is your supposed terrorism book getting published?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kalvin Korff's past catches up with him!

Say hello to Ms. Michaela Kocis! Coming soon!

" Kal is an abusive somewhat delusional person."
Part of a Facebook message passed on allegedly from Michaela Kocis about fruticake Kalvin Korff. Got anything you'd like to say, Kalvin?

Shocking! Kalvin Korff cons way into new job, still CAN'T construct basic English sentence

Looks like Kalvin has landed yet ANOTHER job by somehow conning his way into becoming the CIO and CTO of Agentura ProVas, Ltd.. This on top of his ten-years left pretending to be a colonel in a fantasy organization.

While Vojtech Sedlacek is certainly a man with principle and cares about assisting disabled people, and no one could argue that not a worthy cause, I have to question exactly how much Vojtech REALLY knows about Kalvin and all of Kalvin's nutty claims.

And Kalvin as chief technical officer? Please. Not only can the man not properly put a sentence together, Kalvin can't even figure out how to format his own website so the text isn't covered by a column!! Just click on the picture I took of Kalvin's website and try to read the text! And Kalvin fancies himself some sort of computer expert? That is a joke.

But the laughs don't stop there with Kalvin and his alleged 219 IQ. Kalvin writes in the text seen in the picture below, "Dear World, I'm pleased to personally announce that I have signed a 5 YEARS Employee Agreement with Mr. Vojtek Sedlacek, the Founder and President of Agentura Pro Vas, the largest employer of Handicapped people in the Czech Republic."

So Kalvin "signed a 5 YEARS" employment contract? Nice going, Kalvin, you idiot. Please, Kalvin, learn how to properly write and format your atrocious website.

Oh, and feel free to say hello to Vojtek and ask about Kalvin's resume.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Is it REALLY true?" REALLY sucks and Kalvin Korff gets caught LYING AGAIN

I suffered through Kalvin Korff's latest "s it REALLY true?" crap fest. Bad editing, piss poor production, and you can find better quality programming on a local cable access station done by two-year olds. What is REALLY true about these episodes is they REALLY are shitty.

We have Kalvin obviously writing questions to himself so he can start dishing it out to the flying saucer people he clearly has an obsession with. Kalvin really hates this Kevin Randle chap and Don Eker fellow. So what is this latest wacky "show" Kalvin is posting to

With Kalvin formulating his own questions - who gives a shit about someone supposedly calling Kalvin a superhero? - it is Kalvin opening doors for himself to spread his hate and obvious jealousy of certain people.

Kalvin isn't some brilliant analyst or anti-terrorism guru. Kalvin is a hater, a pathetic little man who will try and make anyone who challenges him or questions him pay in any way Kalvin thinks he can make them pay. Kalvin, you're vindictive and keep proving it every time you put your ridiculous face in front of that camera and open that rather large orifice you call a mouth.

Kalvin is so desperate for what he considers his glory days that he tries to recreate the past every chance he gets by telling the same tiresome stories and pulling out his "resume" as an author from books published over ten-years ago! Kalvin likes to remind people he was on certain television shows with his last big television appearance in 1993!!!! Fifteen-years ago isn't last week, Kalvin. You should step back, examine your life and stop spreading your hate.

I dig some digging on the "a-bomb kid" story. Kalvin Korff was NEVER the "a-bomb kid" and this is a LIE made by Kalvin. Kalvin in his own words claimed to be the "a-bomb kid." Kalvin wrote in an e-mail to this Royce Meyer fellow, " This is a matter of public record, and I have the news clippings, but logically they are not all on the internet, but as you may recall I am the "A Bomb Kid" the young bozo who designed a nuclear warhead (a doomwday device) back when I was 14. I got into trouble, especially after I entered it into our school's science fair, and one of the judges there had a degree in physics and it scared him. So Dr. Severson was called and then some feds came in and there was an investigation into how this kid could do this. I told them the truth, that I had figured it out. For me, it was a great exercise in physics. Problem was, the design was similar to a then-classified weapon called the neutron bomb. I had no idea."

Kalvin claims this was in some local newspapers and he has the clippings. Of course, Kalvin won't scan them saying it isn't important. Yet Kalvin keeps bringing these subjects up in an attempt to persuade people that he is some sort of genius. Kalvin also tries to offer up proof that his "a-bomb kid" story is true by showing the front of some award ribbon. Kalvin expects you to accept such a low standard of evidence when he is called into question but wants others to provide absolute proof of their claims and stories? You're a hypocrite, Kalvin, and in the worst possible way.

When Kalvin Korff claimed in his earlier e-mail to be the "a-bomb kid", Kalvin Korff is LYING. You were not and are not the "a-bomb kid" Kalvin and you know it. This makes you a LIAR and a FRAUD. Prove me wrong, Kalvin. You don't even have to scan in the newspaper clippings you allege you have. Just provide the name of the newspaper and a year and we'll see exactly what is true and what isn't. Better yet, if you have nothing to hide then scan the articles and post them for all to see. Live up to your own standards for once instead of directing your one-sided moral rules onto others so you can focus whatever personal issues you might have into hatred.

Don't be a hater, Kalvin, just because you aren't happy your pathetic "past glory" swirled down the drain long ago.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Who is Michaela Kocis?

I've discovered reference made to a woman named Micahela Kocis who once was associated with Kalvin Korff. Reportedly Kalvin and Ms. Kocis were romantically involved, but I have yet to establish this and find it hard to believe once I took a look at a picture of Ms. Kocis. How a beautiful and seemingly intelligent woman ever got tangled up with a freak like Kalvin is beyond me. A message I received indicates that Ms. Kocis is not at all fond of Kalvin and I will find out more.

Odd that Ms. Kocis is not the first Czech woman who was an "author/journalist" to be tied to Kalvin. There are some other things about Kalvin's association with Czech women that I will reveal on this blog shortly. I know Kalvin reads this blog. Got anything you'd like to say Kalvin before it goes live here?

Kalvin Korff and someone he might be able to match wits against

Kalvin would face the toughest challenge of his life. My money is on Elmer over Kalvin any day of the week. They look so similar that Elmer might be Kalvin's long lost father! I feel terrible for Elmer if that is the case.

Kalvin Korff and his connection to Czech women

Something new is coming down the pipe on Kalvin Korff, something very interesting. Apparently little Kalvin here doesn't want anyone snooping around about a particular former Prague resident who fled half a world away for some very hair raising reasons. But since Kalvin is always promoting the truth I suppose we'll get his side of it all when this and more information breaks.

Kalvin, you shouldn't write checks with your mouth that your ass can't cash. And here you've pretended to be some sort of analytical strategist. Poor Kalvin probably didn't see this one coming straight at him. Bombs away!

REVIEW of Ufo Watch Cat "debut" and premiere episode of It it REALLY true

It should be called "Is Kal K. Korff REALLY this FUCKING stupid?" Yes, yes he is. And this ufo watch cat universe should be called "desperate and washed up supermodel." More snore-fest material from Kalvin repeating the same shit over and again.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

More PROOF Kalvin Korff is an IDIOT

Not that more is required, but here I present further PROOF that Kalvin Korff is an IDIOT.

Kalvin, who cannot tell the difference between "knew" and "new," outdoes himself by not knowing the basic difference between "gall" and "gaul." You can see a picture I took of Kalvin's website with the sentence where he misuses the word "gaul." Kalvin has already gone back and hastily corrected the "knew" mistake, and I suspect he will quickly retreat to correct this latest in a series of amateur mistakes.

For Christ's sake Kalvin, buy a dictionary and at least a fundamental English writing skills book. And you dare call yourself an "author"? Having a few books published does not make you a true author, Kalvin. How in the HELL can someone claiming to have a 219 IQ confuse "gall" and "gaul"? HOW??? Kalvin, are you really THAT fucking STUPID? Of course you are. Kalvin should realize that since he holds the rest of the world to a supposed higher standard, he should be fully prepared to answer to a much higher standard.

I've been reading some of Kalvin's "books" as of late, which are are the most dry and boring books I've been subjected to. Kalvin rambles on about himself, overuses CAPITAL LETTERS and exclamation marks all to the detriment of each page. Page after page your eyes are assaulted with disjointed, mind numbing sentences and a logic so flawed at times it wouldn't fool a five-year-old at Christmas. Kalvin, your books are PAINFUL to read.

As I've stated, Kalvin Korff IS AN IDIOT!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Kalvin Korff boats of being a "colonel" in an anti-terrorism unit and has previously stated to have been involved in a terrorist roundup having taken placed in Germany. It certainly sounds as though dear old Kalvin is a brave soul and not once to back down from challenge or danger.

Yet it is a lonely Internet poster and Prague resident going by the screen-name of f1racer who left the following comment on Kalvin's profile, "I hereby issue a challenge to Kal Korff. Friday at noon i will be under the horse on Wensceslas Square (if you live here you know exactly what that means). I hereby challenge Kal Korff to meet me and PROVE his many claims such as the Kevin Randle audit, the 500 book deal, his nanobots, his membership in the Secret Services etc.
Kal if you choose to IGNORE this you will be ADMITTING TO CONSUMER FRAUD AND LYING in which case you will be EXPOSED to the Internet and the world. bring all the Israeli bodyguards you can muster (lol) if you are too scared to come alone.

Whether Kalvin will ever admit to any consumer fraud or lying is one thing, yet another when the guy claiming to have a 219 IQ and to being a "colonel" in an anti-terrorism organization cooks up the lamest of excuses to avoid a meeting in a public place with a resident from Prague. Yes, the ever so brave and calculating Kalvin Korff apparently did not have the courage to rendezvous with one person. Instead Kalvin Korff treated us to the usual variety of bullshit he is best known for.

The person only known as f1racer left a comment on Kalvin's profile stating Kalvin had sent the following regarding the challenge issued, "Dear Sir, Colonel Korff is currently on assignment in Central Asia for S3. I CAN assure you however, that ALL of his claims are INDEED TRUE. It is YOU who CANNOT prove anything, since of course, Colonel Korff speaks the TRUTH. If you persist in your FALSE and LIBELOUS accusations against Colonel Korff and this organization we will have to take matters to the courts.

Avim Ashkenazi
Warrant Officer
Israeli-based Special Secret Services"

Amazingly enough this Avim and Kalvin Korff have identical writing styles! And this is apparently not the first occasion Kalvin has threatened this f1racer with legal action. As we all know, Kalvin is too well versed in threatening any chap who takes him to task with some form of legal consequences.

When do we see any actual proof Kalvin was ever in Asia on some assignment? Never as it is patently obvious Kalvin is not a "colonel" in any official anti-terrorism agency. How could Kalvin be since he doesn't have the courage to meet one person in a public place!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Is Kalvin Korff an Internet terrorist?

As the world has seen, Kalvin Korff uses the Internet to issue threats to sue, threats to expose individuals through the media, threats to have criminal charges brought against people, threats of contacting the governments of people residing in various countries, threatening to contact officials, threats of contacting employers and church leaders and the like.

Why would you threaten to contact an employer or church leader? Why threaten to sue or press criminal charges when it appears you have no factual basis for such?

Most people would likely be afraid of such threats. Who would want some idiot contacting their employer or member of their church? No one relishes the thought of being reported to the authorities, whether or not such report has merit. And who wouldn't be concerned if someone was threatening to report them to a government agency or other official, whether or not such was warranted? Such threats surely would cause alarm, perhaps panic, and I dare say even terror.

I believe the basic principle of terrorism is attempting to use terror to force a desired result upon a particular person or group, whether accomplished through physical violence or threats and whether such threats have merit or not. When asked to negotiate, terrorists are often such zealots they would rather continue to fight for their "cause" rather than be "reasonable."

Kalvin has issued numerous threats and appears to be making the same threats to the same people repeatedly. One person offered to meet with Kalvin and discuss Kalvin's claims and to give Kalvin an opportunity to prove his claims. Kalvin refused to meet the person by offering a less than credible excuse topped off with legal threats. Hmm, more threats.

Wading through the endless claims of having lawyers in the process of filing lawsuits and taking people to court and having others arrested, I wonder how many legal actions Kalvin has actually followed through with or how many people have been arrested. Far as I know there have been ZERO lawsuits and ZERO arrests. I'll research all this a bit more and contact some of the people Kalvin has threatened to sue.

Kalvin claimed he would be participating in the arrest of a few people and that he was working with authorities to bring criminal charges against others. I don't think any of this has happened either. Anyone can Google all of Kalvin's old website postings and this information is not at all difficult to find, even if those threats and claims are over a year old. In fact, there are so many THREATS that I could readily dedicate an entire blog just to Kalvin's THREATS.

Kalvin demands apologies from people and accompanies such demands with threats of legal action or threatens to expose them. When Kalvin's demands are not met, he retaliates by further threatening to expose, sue, prosecute or audit them. Remember one thing, Kalvin has ABSOLUTELY NO OFFICIAL AUTHORITY to arrest or prosecute anyone. Kalvin is a PRIVATE CITIZEN and a self-admitted PUBLIC FIGURE who has NOT ONE OUNCE OF OFFICIAL AUTHORITY.

You can see some of the numerous threats Kalvin has issued via the Internet from various pictures I took of Kalvin's own websites. With that, what then is Kalvin's real purpose for issuing all of these THREATS? Is Kalvin Korff an Internet terrorist? That is for you to decide.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kalvin Korff and his FALSE claim of having international "jurisdiction"

As we all know, Kalvin Korff claims to be a ranking officer in the supposed Special Secret Services. Kalvin stated as FACT his supposed Special Secret Services had global "jurisdiction."

The word "jurisdiction" means 1) the power, right, or authority to interpret and apply the law; 2) a. the authority of a sovereign power to govern or legislate, b. the power or right to exercise authority; 3: the limits or territory within which authority may be exercised.

Jurisdiction to a reasonable person would mean an officially sanctioned agency recognized by government, such as the military, appointed representatives, police officers, investigators, judges, courts, and the like. Kalvin's "organization" doesn't even qualify as an after school club as far as I am concerned.

While Kalvin carefully treaded and tried to MISLEAD the public into thinking the supposed anti-terrorism organization he claims to hold rank in was an official entity, all the while spinning tales of anti-terrorism work in Germany and being on assignment in Asia, the sad truth behind it all is Kalvin has CONFESSED that this supposed organization is "private." This means that Kalvin Korff is a PRIVATE CITIZEN with no more authority than the average person walking the streets.

Kalvin Korff desperately wants people to believe he has some sort of legal authority, some sort of power he is able to unleash upon those who would question his claims or find humor in his nonsense. Klavin has threatened to contact governments of people he has a beef with, Kalvin has claimed to have officially participated in anti-terrorism operations, he has said he is going to assign prosecutors in criminal cases, Kalvin claims he has launched "official" investigations, and the endless stream of piss Kalvin sprays everywhere goes on.

The painful truth is Kalvin has NO OFFICIAL authority. NONE. Not a "nano" of official authority of any kind. Kalvin's statement of having international "jurisdiction" is disingenuous and one further act of misdirection on the part of Kalvin in a pitiful attempt to intimidate those who question his patently absurd claims. Kalvin can claim his organization has an international mandate. Hell, anyone can create an organization and give rank unto self.

A little known fact is that I am a GENERAL in the Tactical Special Secret Services, better known as TS3. Here is a picture of my uniform displaying my rank and my tour and valor pins.

So I suppose this means that Kalvin Korff is accountable to me not only because I outrank him, but because the name of my organization is far cooler than his.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kalvin Korff and his "syndicated" column

Kalvin is claiming on his website that a column he writes is "syndicated daily around the world." We all know that Kalvin's old Metropolitni Expres joke of a column was canceled and Kalvin's column was replaced.

The question here would be what "syndicated" column is Kalvin talking about? So far as I know, Kalvin is not in current syndication anywhere, let alone "around the world" as Kalvin laughably is staking claim to. I'd love to see Kalvin show the world where his column is being "syndicated daily around the world." Syndicated is defined in journalism as an agency that buys articles, stories, columns, photographs, comic strips, or other features and distributes them for simultaneous publication in a number of newspapers or periodicals in different localities.

If Kalvin is having his had-better-days former supermodel sidekick Martina Tycova "producing" his nonsense, well, this simply doesn't cut mustard as legitimate syndication. Unless Kalvin can conclusively prove his column is in legitimate syndication I will have to say Kalvin is being less than honest with the world AGAIN. Looks like Kalvin Korff will never learn that not everyone buys into his self promoting propaganda. The Czech people learned long ago during the communist occupation of their country to see through lies and misdirection. The good people of the Czech Republic surely see Kalvin for the rube he is.

Kalvin Korff and his Secret Wars book

Now I have no reason to believe that Kalvin didn't write a book on the subject, and the real question is how good and accurate of a book it is. Judging by Kalvin's now defunct column in which he rambled about WMD pieces being discovered and his blowing the lid off it all in spite of CIA protests, I think it likely not that great and Kalvin's claim of discovering WMD components a laugh. If Kalvin could prove any of this, he wouldn't have to worry about getting back on Larry King or any other news program for that matter. When Kalvin appears on FOX News with conclusive evidence of his WMD claim, I'll apologize and buy a copy of his book.

A reply from Prometheus Books was forwarded to my via a third party. Prometheus Books is the company Kalvin has been promising to show video of himself sending off the manuscript to the publisher. Kalvin has claimed on countless occasions that Prometheus Books is going to publish his book later this year. NOT SO according to a Prometheus Books representative. You might note the representative who responded and also sent the message to numerous people at Prometheus Books. Curious and I wonder why this was sent to so many people.

Subject: RE: Book Inquiry
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2008
To: ******

Thank you for your interest in Prometheus books.

At this point, Secret Wars is on hold indefinitely.

Customer Service

All in all, Kalvin's claims of sending off his book for publication appear to have little to no merit at this time. So why has Kalvin been on about his book getting published? Is he a LIAR? Does he even know Prometheus has put the book ON HOLD? Will the book see the light of day through a LEGITIMATE publishing house? Is Kalvin ON DRUGS? Why would Kalvin say his book is being published when this is NOT TRUE?

If Kalvin has known Prometheus Books was putting the book on hold indefinitely and has not informed the public, this means Kalvin has been LYING to the public and would be GUILTY of CONSUMER FRAUD by MISLEADING the public. When can we expect Kalvin, the self appointed and supposed righteous truth seeker and ethical beacon, to come forward?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kalvin Korff and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories

Kalvin's claim of working at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories caused quite a stir between Kalvin and a fellow named Don Ecker. I shot an e-mail to a public relations person at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories and asked about Kalvin's employment at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories and Kalvin stating he worked on the Star Wars project. Draw your own conclusions from this information, I know I have. Oh, and if Kalvin tries to wiggle out of this claim by playing word games, just read this article Kalvin wrote. There is no misunderstanding and Kalvin clearly says he worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories and on the Star Wars project.

Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2008
Subject: RE: Inquiry

Kal may have worked on it but if he did he didn't do it here, unless he was using a different name.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Kalvin Korff's website hits computation method REVEALED!

My own secret special forces have intercepted a confidential communique between Kalvin Korff and Martina Tycova revealing the complex numerical computation Kalvin uses to establish the number of hits received by his websites! Read this EXCLUSIVE communique and be amazed!

To: Kal K. Korff
From: Martina Tycova
Subject: Website traffic computation


Yes, I have completed the top secret project you assigned me yesterday at The Globe. I completed it right after picking up your Soldier of Fortune magazines from the living room AGAIN! You have to STOP leaving them around and wasting our iPod sales money on this frivolous garbage! I know I used to be a supermodel, but even I would like to eat a decent meal for once!
Okay. Here is the computation I worked out on our Special Secret Services computer. The instructions are below. I have hidden papers in secret drop point for you under stove. And I do not know what you may be storing under the couch but it is starting to smell rotten again. I have not looked under couch because you tell me it is CLASSIFIED and I do not have proper Special Secret Services clearance.
I see you for special work assignment later. Please do not forget to bring the windshield washer and Special Secret Services reflective vest so we do not get hit by cars or buses. Also bring donation cup. Martina

1. Look at numbers.
2. Pick 8 numbers.
3. Post numbers using freeware website template.
4. Do not forget commas.

Kalvin Korff and his English "skills"

Looks like unknowing people in the Czech Republic might be letting wacky Kalvin Korff into their homes so he can cook for them. Personally, I'd never let this lunatic into my home. Let's hope Kalvin's cooking skills are better than his English skills.

Click on the picture I took of Kalvin's website where he writes "I am pleased to announce that this Tuesday evening, June 17th, Martina Týčová and I will be meeting with Mrs. Barbora Dujkova and six of her wonderful colleagues for a very special filming and edition and relaunch of the knew Kal's Korner Dinners Internet-based RealityTV show. In this series, we cook free dinners for Czechs and other European families, and by sharing a meal we engage in real cultural exchange and make new friends and acquaintances. Barbora is celebrating a very special event, which we'll share with you on the new show. Stay tuned."

So does Kalvin Korff "armed" with his high IQ not know the difference between "knew" and "new"? No wonder Kalvin was mocked and harshly criticized by readers of his column where Kalvin laid claim that he was teaching people to communicate in English. How in the world did Kalvin manage to get any books published? By the way, I am picking up a few of Kalvin's books in the bargain bin at the local bookstore and library. Reviews to follow.

Kalvin Korff CAUGHT AGAIN manipulating website hits and MISLEADING CONSUMERS

Not surprisingly, Kalvin Korff has been CAUGHT once AGAIN MANIPULATING his website hits. Poor, dumb Kalvin has now posted his website hits at 46,961,902 and dares to attempt justifying this ludicrous number by posting "Statistics from ALL of our websites." For someone alleging to have an IQ in the 200 range, Kalvin really isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, is he?

Not a single website Kalvin has is in the top 100,000 in the world. I know Kalvin is stupid, but does he truly believe the public this stupid? Let's examine website traffic rankings for Kalvin's websites.
  • is ranked at 5,157,545
  • is ranked at 5,157,545
  • is ranked at 5,157,545
  • is ranked at 17,948,712
  • is ranked as having no data
  • is ranked as having no data
  • is ranked at 25,387,214
  • is ranked at as having no data
  • is ranked as having no data
  • is ranked as having no data
  • is ranked as having no data
The first three websites listed for Kalvin are redirected to one main site and this accounts for the ranking number being the same for each, thus really only making it one ranking.

Let us examine some of the websites involving people Kalvin hates.
  • is ranked at 663,827
  • is ranked at 584,509
  • is ranked at 732,708
  • is ranked at 834,634
If we were to base a website hit number on these four websites through Kalvin's distorted logic, the number might be in the hundred-millions if not billions.

When will Kalvin learn? A fine example of what could be considered CONSUMER FRAUD by the person claiming to be a beacon of truth and justice. Kalvin should be prepared to be held to a higher standard and at this rate should be prepared for many, many more PUBLIC and PAINFUL lessons in ethics and honesty.

Now I'm prepared to see how quickly Kalvin erases this bit of data on his website, or what convenient excuse the ever disingenuous Kalvin K. Korff will treat the public to. Let me guess, Kalvin has a super dooper special secret website that only those in the intelligence community know about and this would account for forty-six million plus hits. Kalvin is a fool of the lowest order.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

An OPEN LETTER to Kalvin Korff

Dear Kalvin,

I want to ask you a question. When are we all going to see the alleged video of you shipping your alleged book "Secret Wars: Defending Against Terrorist Plots" to your publisher? You have been promising this books for months now and it was supposed to be published in 2004.

So when do we get to see you ship your manuscript off to your publisher, Prometheus Books, and when will the book be published?

I thought I would start by throwing some softball pitches at you, this way you have no excuse for not answering a direct question or two. Oh, and did you work directly at the LLNL main facility site and what projects did you work on?

Looking forward to your RESPONSE. You can just post it in the comments section or send it to me directly, that is if you choose to answer.


"Kal is an IDIOT"

P.S.: You can add this to your alleged 50,000 letters if it makes you feel better saying 50,001 letter by "readers." -KIAI

Kalvin Korff CAUGHT AGAIN!

Now that Kavlin has had time to load back up all the old data on his website after being taken to task for his past deeds of erasing data, poor old Kalvin is CAUGHT YET AGAIN!

Here on June 8th I questioned how Kalvin could expect anyone to believe his cracker jacks box of a website could ever receive 2,289,400 website hits. Well, magically, Kalvin now has 6,886,280 website hits in the span of less than one week. The wonderful traffic tracking website is a fabulous way of seeing just how much traffic a website is truly receiving. Kalvin's pathetically designed site isn't even in the top 100,000!!! Yet Kalvin actually expects the public to believe this?

Does this moron Kalvin actually expect anyone to believe that his website received 4,596,880 hits in the span of five days? Is he just STUPID? Is he on DRUGS? Is he off DRUGS?

With Kalvin inflating his website traffic, doesn't that qualify as consumer fraud? If you are trying to make it appear as though millions are coming to your website, are you not trying to bolster your popularity and your credibility to influence people? I say you are and I say it is not ethical to do so.

Just click on the picture at the bottom I took of Kalvin's website. Another very public and painful lesson for Kalvin to have to learn. people aren't aren't as stupid as you clearly are Kalvin. Don't worry, it only gets worse for Kalvin as I have some interesting news about some of Kalvin's claims for the whole world to see. Perhaps I should devote a blog entirely to "Kalvin Korff CAUGHT!"

Friday, June 13, 2008

Kalvin Korff CAUGHT withholding information, MISLEADING the public

Kalvin Korff is, yes, you guessed correctly, CAUGHT again! While I don't know much about this whole thing, it appears Kalvin's brother Kurtis Korff was arrested and charged for attempting to murder a police officer and for attempted assault, which are both serious crimes.

Kalvin treated everyone to his usual song and dance about injustice and cover up, provided endless promise that his brother would be vindicated, and all the evil doers involved would be hunted down and prosecuted.

Kalvin wrote soon after the trial that his brother was found "INNOCENT" and lawsuits would be filed and investigations launched and careers ended. As is standard with Kalvin, he once again embellished the facts. Kalvin once again has FAILED to reveal the complete truth to the public. Surprised? I don't think a lot of people are.

While it true Kalvin's brother was found not guilty of attempting to murder a police officer, Kalvin's brother was found GUILTY of a convicted FELON in possession of a gun and also found GUILTY of attempted assault for trying to run the police officer over with a car. I have some news for Kalvin - "innocent" people aren't sentenced to forty months in prison.

Yet here we have Kalvin who holds himself up a shining beacon of truth and justice telling the public his brother is innocent while Kalvin makes not even a brief mention of the FACT that his brother was CONVICTED of two FELONY CRIMES! This is a clear case of Kalvin MISLEADING the public and not in a single article written by Kalvin that has seen print has Kalvin mentioned his brother's other convictions.

So when was good old Kalvin Korff going to come forward with this information? I guess three months ago wasn't good enough for Kalvin to share this FACT with anyone and Kalvin's brother clearly is no stranger to being arrested.

Kalvin has contradicted himself so often during this bit about his brother that anyone with any self respect or half a brain would be utterly embarrassed. But then again, we are talking about Kalvin Korff. I'll be compiling a list of Kalvin's claims about his brother's arrest and a few other tasty tid-bits. i wonder how soon it will be before Kalvin starts erasing data again.

On a side-note, I hope you forgive the Kalvin-esque capitalizations and bold fonting. Kalvin seems to like to over use them, so what the hell and it can be a bit of fun.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kalvin Korff and Google

Poor old Kalvin thinks that he can actually hide what he has PUBLICLY placed on the Internet by removing it from his server. Thanks to the wonderful world of hypertext and a few other incredible inventions with computers, which Kalvin said we wouldn't see in our lifetime, the Internet is a gold mine of information with search engines like Google and great places like for looking back into past publishings.

Kalvin has left some tasty tid-bits floating around in cyberspace for our viewing pleasure. I'll be putting some of those tid-bits up shortly. I don;t have to point out Kalvin's errors or omission or lies, he does it all for me!

Kalvin Korff caught erasing data, hiding facts

Kalvin Korff has once again erased data from his website in a poor attempt to hide what he has written about others. I cannot count the number of times Kalvin has changed the format of his website and/or erased data. When you start erasing things this means you have something to hide. What's wrong Kalvin, open your big mouth again and realize it too late and you are now scrambling to cover it all up?

Kalvin won't stand by his words and in my eyes, among other reasons, makes him a COWARD who willfully and maliciously chooses to erase data to deceive consumers. Kalvin, your choosing to erase data when it doesn't suit you or makes you look like a complete asshole, which you do fine on your own, is disingenuous at best. Too bad for you that a copy is saved of everything you put on the Internet, you pathetic clown. Removing data is avoidance and your silence on this and many other issues surrounding you and coming down on you is deafening.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kalvin Korff and his legal threats

This is just one of many legal threats made by Kalvin Korff that will appear here. And it is indeed laughable. I am curious as to exactly how many of the multitude of threatened legal actions Kalvin actually followed through on. My guess would be zero.

It seems Kalvin is threatening to sue someone every other day. Wasn't his supposed adjunct "Avim" supposed to have testified at some legal proceeding and action was supposedly going to be taken immediately? I'll have to go back and check how many legal threats have been made by Kalvin. I recall Kalvin claiming he had a team of lawyers he was going to unleash. Whatever happened to that? Hell, what happened to all of the other events Kalvin claimed were "coming shortly"?

And has anyone else noticed how Martina's writing style and tone are the same as Kalvin's? I don't believe this to be coincidental. Kalvin has always misused commas.

Perhaps Kalvin, being the honest and ethical chap he claims to be, would supply the name and contact information for his horde of lawyers so it could be verified Kalvin actually has legal representation.

Kalvin Korff sells "the truth" for $29.95

I had a thought about Kalvin after reading this wonderful tid-bit posted in a forum and watching a few of his painful clips.

Kalvin seems to enjoy thinking he is some kind of centered, righteous, and moral truth seeker who martyrs himself a beacon of ethical standard. So why does a chap who says he has a $25,000,000.00 budget have to charge for any of this? Kalvin advertises at the end of one of his horrible clips that for $29.95 you can see his version of the truth about some backwood police department that shot his brother. And what did happen to truth cups and calendars and the rest of it?

One would think with Kalvin's self alleged computer expertise and his supposed $25,000,000.00 budget that he would have no problem offering this all free and online. And any argument from Kalvin that his supposed "investors" have to recoup their money, well, at $29.95 a pop Kalvin would have to sell over 800,000 units.

What this likely amounts to is Kalvin being desperate for money since he is no longer employed as a writer in Prague. The mighty "colonel" is forced to sell iPods to unsuspecting Czech citizens in order to scratch out a living? This is laughable and further illustrates Kalvin's lunacy and the lack of veracity or merit his claims have. I'm wondering who has actually laid down money for this garbage as it seems to me Kalvin is just recycling the same stuff he has been talking about for years now.

Kalvin is tool.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kalvin Korff caught

Looks as though Kalvin Korff has once again opened his enormous mouth and stuck both feet right on in. Now, I don't know much about this flying saucer business and personally think it a waste of time. Though, in this case, since it involves that quarter-wit Kalvin Korff, I'll pay it some mind.

Kalvin has been down on some members of the flying saucer circle and seems to have a real hard on for these chaps, particularly a fellow named Kevin Randle. You see, Kalvin authored a book he claims disproves this Roswell flying saucer stuff. This Kevin Randle lad has written a few books saying it all happened. Kevin Randle also appears to be a real officer in the military and I'm quite sure this burns Kalvin to no end since he has never been in the military.

Apparently Kalvin is so desperate to go at this Kevin Randle fellow, and Kalvin is easily confused, that Kalvin can't even interpret a passage in a book correctly and instead twisted it for his own need. You can read all about it at this blog by a chap named Paul Kimball, the same guy who filed the hilarious and spot on bit "Kal Korff is fucking crazy." Kalvin is apparently not too fond of Paul Kimball, which of course gives me due to think this Paul Kimball chap is not all that bad.

In viewing Kalvin's videos and viewing his website, Kalvin enjoys harshly taking people to task for their supposed errors in research and other areas. I've also noticed Kalvin is rather quick to demand apologies and threaten to take legal action. I suppose this all qualifies as SLANDER and LIBEL and DEFAMATION as Kalvin would write it. So when do we get see Kalvin apologize to this Kevin Randle fellow? Will Kalvin be a man about it and apologize? Doubtful.

A simple statement on the state of Kalvin Korff

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Is Kalvin Korff empowering terrorists?

I say Kalvin is empowering terrorists by pretending to be this anti-terrorism expert and field agent. You know that every real terror expert or anti-terrorism officer is laughing their ass of at Kalvin's bullshit claims. Any terrorist stumbling across the rantings of Kalvin must laugh at pathetic Kalvin.

I wonder if Kalvin has ever thought that he is placing his own nutty life on the line. Why would that happen? If you think about it, suppose some terrorist takes anything Kalvin says half-seriously and decides to take Kalvin out of the picture. Could you picture Kalvin being involved in a real fight of any kind? Hahahahahaha! Kalvin, as he always has, would get his ass kicked, tuck his tail between his legs, and beg for mercy.

Maybe Kalvin is hoping this happens, hoping an attempt is made on his life so he can come forward and say "told you so" as he struts around Prague dressed in full camouflage while wearing that ridiculous looking cowboy hat. Didn't that Billy Meyer chap claim to have had an attempt made on his life because of some flying saucer nonsense? Perhaps Kalvin has taken a page out of Billy's playbook.

Kalvin, you are an embarrassment to your country and you dishonor the real soldiers in this battle with your fictional claims. You disgrace those who have given their lives fighting in the middle east and you bring shame to America.

Kalvin Korff and his website "hits"

Kalvin Korff lists his website as receiving 2,289,400 hits. The painful truth is that these clearly inflated numbers are not true. According to statistics, Kalvin's sad website is ranked 5,141,225. Kalvin's website is not even in the top 100,000 worldwide.

For someone who is supposedly this computer expert with a 219 IQ, Kalvin certainly doesn't know much about web-design. While Kalvin adds content to his websites he does not write his own programming code. Instead, this supposed computer expert with a 219 IQ uses a free program for his designs. Kalvin has so often changed the formats and contents of his websites that unless you have been saving copies of his site, you won't see a lot of what Kalvin has erased.

Didn't Kalvin make some claim of having a revolutionary interface he was going to introduce to consumers? I believe he did. Kalvin also announced that he was offering "revolutionary" video editing software in the form of something called "videoglue." This is some old software that really never got to a good start in the market place. Why Kalvin would be calling this software "revolutionary" is a mystery. So where is all of this cutting edge technology Kalvin claims he is going to unleash on the public?

Another in a series of announcements by Kalvin that have no merit. Kalvin Korff, you are a joke and good for nothing but a laugh.

Kalvin Korff and his supposed terrorism book

Kalvin has been talking for years now about getting his book on terrorism published. But there are some oddities surrounding this book regaled by kalvin as the be-all end-all mother of terrorism books.

In 2004, a magazine called Skpetical Inquirer published an article about some piece of bigfoot film by none other than Kalvin Korff and a Czech woman named Michaela Kocis (much more on Michaela later and Kalvin's ties to Czech women). The article was published in 2004 and by scrolling to the bottom of the page you can see Kalvin's so-called biography where it mentions his terrorism book would be published later that year. has Secret Wars listed as a book published in November 2004 and is listed as being ranked as 4,154,262 on the best sellers list. is the only major bookseller with a listing and the book is not available for purchase. It is listed as being published by Prometheus Books which is a company that has published Kalvin's books previously.

Then in an interview found online I found Kalvin stating, " I have been secrety involved in fighting against organized terrorism since 1980, and in my new book I start off right away talking about this."

Working as a delivery driver, a computer tech support operator, and a security guard, I am curious where Kalvin had the time to secretly fight terrorism in California since he was a senior in high school at John F. Kennedy High in Fremont, California.

I am also curious how many more times Kalvin will say he is going to send his new terrorism book off? A real possibility here is that the publisher has discovered how big of a nut Kalvin is and has decided to not waste their money or the paper printing Kalvin's book. My humble opinion of Kalvin, who is a public figure, is that he comes off as being a complete nut with his over the top exaggerations and outright fictional claims.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The cult of Kalvin Korff?

Kalvin appears to have an obsession with cults or any other similar organization. In doing some research on Kalvin I have found he (laughably) went "undercover" at some new age flying saucer cult in Switzerland. Kalvin moved on to the flying saucer community and then on to terrorist groups.

Now, it may just be me, but it is odd that Kalvin is now the supposed figurehead for his own secret organization. Perhaps Kalvin may be jealous of the success of these other nutty cult and terror leaders and so desperately wants to be respected that he has started his own cult? Interesting.

Before exploring this possibility further, we should look at the definition of what a cult is.

cult (
1.a particular system of religious worship, esp. with reference to its rites and ceremonies. instance of great veneration of a person, ideal, or thing, esp. as manifested by a body of admirers: the physical fitness cult.
3.the object of such devotion.
4.a group or sect bound together by veneration of the same thing, person, ideal, etc.
5.Sociology. a group having a sacred ideology and a set of rites centering around their sacred symbols.
6.a religion or sect considered to be false, unorthodox, or extremist, with members often living outside of conventional society under the direction of a charismatic leader.
7.the members of such a religion or sect.
8.any system for treating human sickness that originated by a person usually claiming to have sole insight into the nature of disease, and that employs methods regarded as unorthodox or unscientific.
9.of or pertaining to a cult.
10.of, for, or attracting a small group of devotees: a cult movie.

Any of the above sound familiar at all? In this case, it is my opinion that Kalvin's supposed organization may qualify as a cult.