Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Is Kal K. Korff secretly a scientologist???

You read it right lads!! This could be yet another momentous break through in exposing Kal K. Korff. While I cannot speak to this at the moment I will most certainly keep all of you Korffers appraised of this story if it proves to be true. And if one thinks about it then it makes perfect sense and explains a lot about Kal's fascination with flying saucers and religion. Though I think Kal ought not get his hopes too high that John Travolta will be calling for a back rub anytime soon. Kal may have hit the gold mine here with rich celebrities in an organized religion that he could try to con and beg. aaahahahhhhahaahahahahahahhhaaaahaha! Oh Kal you poor stupid cunt.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kal K. Korff

Here we are lads right back at it after a bit of a hiatus on my part there. And yes unlike Kal K. Korff I do have a life and have other things to do beside get all obsessed and crazed and such.

Our greatest Korffing asset ever the one and only FN sent me a link to Kal K. Korff being back on that low rate show Xzone with Rob McConnell!!! Well lads it turns out that this is just a piece used to fill in some extra time and was very old. I did listen to part of it and heard Kal proclaim and gush about his CONVICTED FELON brother's innocence. RUBBISH!Too bad Kal can't tell the truth about his brother BEING CONVICTED OF A FELONY ASSAULT CHARGE.

This is old hat lads and I won't go on about it. The sound of Kal's low tone whiny voice was more than enough for me to turn it off about 10 minutes or so into the bloody nonsense Kal was on about. Amazing to hear a madman rant on in total denial of the truth.

And for those of you commenting saying you have sent me photos of Kal the fact is you have not. I have received 2 photos from the same person and no one else. Someone with some better computer skills than I must take this challenge of the photos up and make some! Lads be sure to take care and never let up on that valor and ipod stealing disgrace Kal K. Korff!!!!!!!!

This blog lives!!

Oh Kal you lonely stupid fat fuck. This blog will never die and shall forever showcase what a vile scum you are. KIAI is here to stay and unlike you Kal I have a life so I am not able to sit on the Internet every second. Fear not lads because pictures will be posted and we shall continue EXPOSING YOU KAL KORFF!!!

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