Saturday, April 24, 2010

Conniving Kal cons way onto chat

Here is something I read on Kal's facebook "

Hi, YES I WILL be appearing on Jeffrey Pritchett's online chat show here in Facebook at the end of May, I hope everyone is able to tune in and will ask me "tough questions." I plan to ask Jeff some myself, not tough ones, only friendly ones, I look forward to exchanging views and talking to as many of you as I can. I w...ould like to thank Jeff for his kind invitation."

Since Kal got kicked off Xzone radio and no one else will pay this mouthy little creep any attention I am sure Kal has been out fishing for a new sucker to pass off his rubbish onto. I think a few lads out there need to warn Mr.Pritchett about Kernal Kornhole.

I have also been reading Kal's facebook and this utterly ridiculous opinions-facts rubbish Kal is trying out on people. Kal needs to stop trying to sound smart or enlightened because he is neither. Kal claims that one cannot be Jewish without practicing the Jewish religion. Where exactly is this a fact and not an opinion? Keep opening that fat mouth Kal and looking all the more fool each time you do. ahahahahhhaa

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Are you really this dim-witted Kal????????

Please oh please oh plase make Kal K. Korff just stop! this is getting bloody fucking painful. This is from Kal's facebook page. I kid you not!!

" Jews are both a race and a religion, at least some of them."

"As far as I know by pure definition, it is NOT possible to be a "Jew" and NOT be religious." This gets better when Kal's uncle chimes in and tells Kal he is indeed full of it.

Now this may seem like a silly question but why in the hell would Kal ever allow people to find out who his family members are if he is so highly involved in fighting terrorists????? Kudos to you SAPASS for showing everyone just how utterly stupid you are.

How much more stupidity from that immbecile Kal K. Korff must we endure?? Kal you are simply one of the most ignorant blokes alive. I'd ask Kal how he reach such heights in stupidity but I cannot imagine being subjects to his brainless responses.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kal K. Korff is a TOOL!!

Bloody hell!! I just read a bit of Kal's facebook and the guy is an absolute tool!! Here we have Kal K. Korff who claims to be some sort of computer expert who also claims to have worked at Apple and for the Claris Corporation. If Kal is a computer expert and involved in fighting consumer fraud and is some sort of terrorism expert how is it then that Kal K. Korff DOES NOT KNOW what phishing is??????? Kal's own words from facebook " Pardon my ignorance, but HOW does this Phishing work? I am aware of phony FB emails, etc., I always delete them. But from WITHIN Facebook? Whatever happened to FB's security?"

AHAHAHAHHHAAAAHAHAA!! Are you fucking kidding here Kal? No of course not because only a fuck wit numb skull dolt pretending to be something he is not would ask this sort of question. And we all know the apparent TRUE STORY behind Kal's ludicrous claims of being involved with some of these computing companies such as short employment and third party contract work and Kal's apparent stint as a phone tech support person all blown far out of proportion by Kal to reimagine himself as some sort of computer expert. My own computing skills are not very good but even I know what phishing is!!

And Kal does know how to inflate things such as making a telephone call to his Internet website provider into a "technical meeting" involving "we" which amounts to 2 people n the phone with one of them being Kal! And then Kal has this on facebook saying " Hi, Web site will be back online with NEW STUFF and new books READY TO BE DOWNLOADED on Tuesday, 14 April. Until then I will deliberately keep it offline, so that when it comes BACK online, its content and the FREE DOWNLOADS will be available from more than one Internet location, which will eliminate "game playing" by the parties being exposed. :-)"

The last line seems to be Kal admitting that Michael Horn bloke did indeed shut down Kal. And Kal leaves us with the ever so dependable deadline that he will of course without fail never meet.

I proclaim it to be so that Kal K. Korff is a TOOL!!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kal Korff gets OWNED by arch rival!!!! ahahahaha!!

Well well now it looks like the mighty all knowing Special Secret Services and their star agent Kernal Crispy Kream Pants have been taken down by ahahah by ahhhhaaaa by a flying saucer believer!!! ahahhhaaahhhaaahahahahah

While Kal Korff tells his version on facebook saying his Internet website was suspended because of some computer issue or some other nonsense. Kernal Koward's arch nemesis and flying saucer believer Michael Horn is claiming responsibility for having Kernal Kreampuff's website suspended.

Goodness now just who do I believe here? A guy roaming Prague pretending to be a special agent for an organization he has clearly invented? Or do I perhaps believe a guy who promotes some flying saucer story? Goodness this is such a tough choice but I am going to have to go with the flying saucer bloke here.

I think Kal has been caught in YET ANOTHER LIE!! ahahahahhhhaaaahahaha So the Special Secret Services gets its ass kicked by a flying saucer fellow! ahahhhhaaahahahahha

Friday, April 9, 2010

OFFICIALLY SUSPENDED!!! Kal Korff website gets the boot!!

!!!!!!SUSPENEDED!!!! Well well it looks like one of two things have happened here now. That idiot Kal Korff has opened his fat mouth once too often and someone has shut him down or Kal failed to pay his bill. Hard to say which it might be. ahahahahahaaahhhaaa

I am sure this will evolve into some big story Kal will tell us all about how some terrorists got to his site and he had to cancel a debate because of it and he was uncover and you all know how Kal spins this nonsense up.

So where are the big bad special secret services now? ahahahahhhaaahahahaa For a bloke who claims to have all of these connections and this huge iq and all the rest it sure seems odd that someone could just unplug Kal's festering little website. ahahahhhaaaaahahahaha It looks like Internet website terrorist Kal K. Korff will have to rely on facebook now. Perhaps the website is just the beginning and facebook is next? ahahahhhaaaa Where is your secure Isreali Internet website server now? ahahhhaaaahaha

You are a joke Kal.