Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Need a translation for this

Could someone please translate this page? I know it appears to be about Kal being an alleged THIEF and alleged LIAR where he was accused of STEALING and committing FRAUD. Any help would truly be appreciated!
A most marvelous review posted by "Rick" in one of the comments section about this absolute joke of a book Kal:

I just punished myself by reading through that piece of shit Kal Korff has the nerve to call a book. All Kal has succeeded in doing is showing the entire world that he has the literary skill of a fern. I've seen better written research papers from high school freshmen and more honesty from a pedophile in a schoolyard.

This book (I cringe at ever using the word to describe this piece of trash Kal Korff has rigged together) is the sort even a "print it yourself" publisher would be embarrassed to print.

Essentially all Kal has done is taken a PowerPoint presentation compiled by someone else, some court documents compiled by soeone else, some court photos taken by someone else, a few Googled articles written by someone else, and has mixed them together in a and discombobulated 147 page poo fest.

Kal spares no room in dragging Kevin Randle, Royce Meyers, and David Bideny through the mud by making one of the farthest stretches I have ever seen by trying to tie them into a police shooting they have nothing to do with, all because apparently they dared to have an opinion or made a comment about it at some time. Kal should be prepared to get sued because were I ever mentioned in that manner my lawyer would sue Kal for every last i-Pod, third grade science award, and newspaper clipping he owns. Why someone hasn't sued that lying slanderer Kal Korff at this point is puzzling.

This thing Kal has put out is so incredibly painful I would rather take a wire coat hanger, straighten it, and use the hook part to remove my own brain through an ear than subject anyone else to this babbling ball of bullshit Kal Korff has concocted.

Kal Korff is not an author, a researcher, or an investigator of any sort of caliber, and he really never was. If you go look through his previous works you will see books with large fonts, oft used capital letters, liberties taken with previous works and no credit given, and a million other amateur marks consistent of someone who has no extended education or real experience in literature or research.

I'm an opponent of the Billy Meier case, but Kal Korff's Meier book is chock full of mistakes and baseless proclamations led not by research, but by Kal Korff's own ego and desire to steer the evidence toward his own belief.

Kal Korff once had a little credibility, and I emphasize little. But through his own antics, wild claims, and publicly broadcast delusions he is only viewed, even by the skeptics who once supported him, as nothing more than a discredited wacko nutjob living on the fringes.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Desperate Kal Korff back with phony lawsuit threats

Looks like Kal K. Korff has come uncorked again and is back to his old game of dishing out bogus lawsuit threats to those who have exposed him. Kal has grown so desperate that he has chosen to claim that he will be going before a judge to make a sworn statement about his self alleged role in the O.J. Simpson murder trial and civil lawsuit. Perhaps someone might inform Kal as the legal consequence of false swearing. Of course we shall never see this supposed sworn statement because as usual with Kal it is his rather large mouth doing all the driving and we all know how Kal likes to make claims but then never has anything to prove those claims. Kal says it is up to the person making the claim to prove it yet Kal only applies those rules when it is convenient for him to do so.

Kal has come unglued over this whole O.J. Simpson claim since he has been unable to prove his self claimed involvement while others have done more than sufficient work debunking Kal's silly claims. Now Kal is back to threatening a lawsuit against Paul Kimball and Kal is so desperate for attention that he has thrown a childish fishing line in a poor attempt to bait Paul Kimball into a debate. hahahahahahahaa This is of course way after Paul Kimball's shredding Kal's claim of being an 'expert witness' in the O.J. Simpson civil trial. Poor old dumb and desperate Kal Korff is so angry over this that he will do anything to attempt to misdirect everyone from the fact that Paul Kimball made Kal look like an utter asshole which Kal is.

Instead of licking his wounds and acknowledging that he was never an 'expert witness' of any kind Kal has to 'get even' with Paul Kimball at any expense no matter how much embarrassment Kal brings upon himself with these continuing empty threats. No one has ever bought into your over the top legal threats Kal and for someone like you who says he has a high IQ it is clear you have not figured this out by now. Kal your Internet terrorism is not having any affect on anyone other than bringing all massive laughs at your childish antics and immature attempts to 'get even' with people.

So now Kal is AGAIN threatening to sue Paul Kimball. This would be funny as it has been in the past were it not for the fact that Kal has threatened to sue a number of people and has NOT ONCE FOLLOWED THROUGH. Kal you need a new gimmick to toss out there. How about you threaten to file a complaint against someone with their boss? Right! You've already done that ages old threat repeatedly and a complaint has NEVER been filed. Then how about you threaten to expose everyone who points out the obvious problems with your claims and say you could do this by claiming you have a twenty-five million dollar budget and some production deals? I forgot that you did this too. What about the nanobots? Silly me I remember this claim was BULLSHIT too.

And why is it that Kal wants to debate everyone? Everyone knows Kal won't show up and that he is just a huffer and puffer with no substance and nobody takes Kal for anything other than the flaming joke he is. And I saw that Kal is caliming that yet another book is coming out in just a mere four hours. that was of course hours and hours ago and here we are yet again with nothing from Kal but more and more of his big mouth jacking away with endless promises of this and that and this. Blab blab blab blab. How many more BOGUS photoshopped book and dvd covers are you going to treat us to Kal? How many more times will you promise something in just a few hours and never deliver? You're like a joke that's been told a million times over Kal, old and not at all funny. What a sad miserable existence you lead with no real future, no more book publishing deals, no college degrees, no real sense of self or identity, always blaming everyone else for your problems and misfortunes. How terrible it must be for you to wake up and crawl through the day in your pointless existence only being able to live in a fantasy to get through it instead of having to act like a reasonable and responsible adult while the people you target and harass with your fifth rate pettiness and childish threats have the lives you so desperately want to have but never will and all because you just can't help being a complete lunatic asshole.

Kal is an IDIOT! Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I wonder if Kal will post me an iPod for the holidays? Perhaps Santa will bring Kal a free KMPG audit or perhaps a free publishing deal courtesy of Kinko's self publishing? I certainly will have to post a 2009 wrap of all the antics, lies, and utter bullshit Kal has dished up in 2008. Tow things I have been waiting for for literally YEARS now are the KPMG audit and Kal's book getting published by Prometheus books. That's right! How could I forget? Not one of those is ever going to happen because Kal is an IDIOT!

Tell me in the comments what you think Kal might get from Santa or what kind of gift Kal might give to certain persons.

Jolly holidays to all and wishes for a Kal-FREE Christmas.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kal Korff and his pal OJ Simpson

To the surprise of nobody, that dolt OJ Simpson is now behind bars for robbery and kidnapping. And to no surprise that other dolt and steaming pile of poo Kal Korff has once again tried to insert himself as somehow being involved in the previous OJ Simpson court dramas.

Kal actually has had the balls to stake claim to being an integral part in both the criminal prosecution and the civil lawsuit against OJ Simpson.

That chap Paul Kimball made a complete fool out of Kal by PUBLICLY HUMILIATING Kal and showing the world that Kal's story of him being an "expert witness" was complete nonsense. Not that it is very difficult to make a fool of Kal since he does just fine on his own with that but it was highly entertaining to see Kal blow a fuse over it. Could you possibly imagine Kal being called as a witness of any kind during the criminal trial or civil trial? A lawyer would have a field day and then some with crazy Kal Korff on the witness stand. If there is a remote chance Kal did work on the criminal trial then it is no wonder OJ was never convicted. Kal can't even produce a video he has claimed will be done and he certainly can't get his book published on time. What the hell would make anyone think Kal would be competent enough to get a killer convicted?

Until Kal provides irrefutable documentation or other proof of his self claimed roles in both OJ murder related cases I'm going to have to call Kal out as the loud mouthed loon he continues to prove he is. Kal you are a PATHETIC and LOUD MOUTHED MORON and continue to prove just how UTTERLY STUPID you truly are. I CHALLENGE KAL KORFF TO PROVIDE A SINGLE COURT DOCUMENT OR INVESTIGATIVE REPORT FROM EITHER TRIAL WITH KAL'S NAME ON IT.

If you really did have a part in either OJ trial Kal then you will have no problem proving it. After all Kal you're still carrying around ribbons and newspaper clippings from when you were a kid so it should not be a problem for you at all to prove what you say. And don;t give us this BULLSHIT where you try to turn this all around by saying it isn;t up to you to prove anything and that people need to look for it. IT IS UP TO YOU KAL TO PROVE SINCE YOU OPENED THAT GOD AWFUL THING YOU CALL A MOUTH AND PROCLAIMED IT A FACT THAT YOU WERE INVOLVED IN BOTH OJ MURDER TRIALS. Either PROVE IT or SHUT UP Kal. No one likes a braggart liar and I smell more of your BULLSHIT coming down the way as usual.