Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kernal Hornblower EPIC FAIL!!!

If you can count on Kal K. Korff for one thing it is his uncanny ability to never deliver as promised. It is the one bloody thing you can count on the fool for. Yes yes our own barmy Kernal Kolon has maintained a flawless record of NOT DELIVERING as promised. Utterly ace!!

Crazy Kal has failed to deliver on everything from promised lawsuits and criminal charges to calendars and books and beauty products and new gigs and and and and you get thepoint I think.

There hasn't been one thing Kal has ever followed through with that he has promised that I am aware of. All utter codswallop from Kal. Delusions of grandeur as I see it and I don't think that Kernal Krazed will be stopping any time soon so long as someone and I mean ANYONE will pay him a meager speck of attention.

So there Kernal Hornblower where are all the books and DVDs and lawsuits and criminal charges and the rest of your nonsense to be found? As with the rest of Kal's utter bullocks none of it is to be found other than in the imagination and fantasy life of Kal.


Anonymous said...


We're NOT laughing with you.

Jimmy D said...

I keep telling you, "Colonel".

Admit publicly and uneqivocally that you duped Mr S*dl*c*k and stripped him of his honour. And then make a full apology.

Admit publicly and uneqivocally that you stole computer goods from Milos "Fuck You" Bartu. And then make a full apology.

Do this and I will leave you alone.

Otherwise I will harrass you to the ends of the earth.

You lying vermin.

Anonymous said...

He, he. I'm so loving this.

And, knowing that Korff reads this blog and knowing that he doesn't know the many he friended on Face Book who play him for the fool he is, on this very blog (some secret agent).

He, he, just loving it.... While having a life as well.


Anonymous said...

Todays Promise:

Tomorrow our FIRST Meier UFO Cult Xpose Begins... EXCLUSIVE! The CIA and Billy Meier UFO Cult Promoter Wendelle Stevens' Prison Sentence for Child Molestation

I wonder which tomorrow Korff is referring to?

Regarding this Stevens thing. I once heard Bob Brown, former head of the UFO Con held in Laughlin, NV each year, tell people that the G-Men put this guy in prison so he wouldn't talk about what he knew i.e., UFO's. Didn't work!

Ha, ha, ha.

Maybe we should leave Korff alone and let him run wild with these crazy UFO people?


Anonymous said...

Remember this Kalvin?

Victims of Cyberpaths & Predators Speak Out About...

Kalvin Korff

Anonymous said...

Face Book Musings:

Kal Korff
This is ironic, in my new six book series on hatred, intolerance and Islamofascism, I conclude that the human race has about a hundred years left if it continues its present madness. I do hope I am 100% WRONG on this.


Kal Korff

There's a NEW GAME COMING OUT for PCs, which Xposes the Meier UFO Cult. To play, you have to have MONEY, so you CLICK on Obama's face to receive some "stimulus" money (he speaks to you from his Teleprompter). It NEVER works regardless of what U bet during the game, because it was NEVER a REAL "solution" and the Meier case is a HOAX. We are doing final beta testing now, we wrote it in some Czech Pubs, no joke! :-))

While Korff's fucks his day away, here's what Ecker posted:

Don Ecker

Tonight on Dark Matters Radio legendary (and missing for 15 years) writer, journalist and researcher LARS HANSSON resurfaces ONLY on DARK MATTERS RADIO. Noted for his famous (even infamous) "book" UFO's, Aliens and "Ex"-intelligence Agents: Who's Fooling Whom; the inside story on John Lear and Bill Cooper." This broadcast is already history in the making. Hope to see you there ... only on Dark Matters Radio.

Keep up the "good" work Korff. Udderly...


Jimmy D said...

Kalvin - you are a very, very sick man.

There are people here in Prague who are qualified to help you - free of charge - and I can put you in contact with them.

Just drop me an email at , and I'll supply you with the details.

Please, "Colonel". This has gone on long enough.

Jimmy D said...

Hmmm - that email again.

kalisaprick # gmail dot c.o.m.

Udderly looking FORWARD to "hearing" from you.

sghquinktompotipic said...

... We are doing final beta testing now, we wrote it in some Czech Pubs, no joke! :-))

Has MR. Korff added Game Theory & Design to his extensive resume yet? Beta testing sounds like ultra serious industry lingo too! It's a step above alpha, and since many games never make it out of a beta phase his base is covered in case anyone actually wants to see it.

sschhquonkonomotic said...

Oh snap, the phrase "we wrote it in some Czech pubs" also implies not just a collaboration with unseen, unnamed associates. It suggests a bunch of bozos out having a few beers with their laptops and messing around between rounds of beverages, laughing it up & having a good old time enjoying some casual bonding in a social setting. Normal, regular, healthy human relationships.

It won't work, dude.

Anonymous said...

>>> It won't work, dude. <<<

Ha, ha, ha!


Anonymous said...

Todays Face Book, Fathers Day, Korff, Fathers Day! You getting anything from your son, Korff!?! Ha, ha, ha...

>>> As a journalist myself, <<<

Ha, ha, ha, ha! Now that's rich... Dad! Ha!

Kal Korff Isn't is nice to know that Obama has DELIBERATELY BROKEN HIS "promise" to close Gitmo? Notice how this reporter weasels OUT by saying Obama's plans have been "stymied." Gee, WHO "stymied" them. WHO "tells" Obama what to do? As a journalist myself, this reporter's "reporting" is arguably bullpuckey. I'm going to contact this person, and their editor, see what "response" (I predict lack of) I will get. What a joke, there are many BLOGGERS out there who do a much BETTER job than these wire "story" reporters do.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha! Korff states on Face Book that his legal and given name is Kal, not Kalvin. Haven't we gone over this already. LIAR!

Kal Korff:

Happy Father's Day to my Father, Kalvin Korff (I'm just Kal, different name, not Jr!) — while Father's Day is "nice" everyone should always think of their parents on days which are also NOT their celebration days. It's like true friendship — a friend is someone who thinks of you when they do NOT need something. Love you, Dad, always will. xoxooo

Fuck You Kalvin.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't Kal be adding a "heil" in his greeting to daddy dearest?

Anonymous said...

Off Fuck Heads site:

Written by Kal Korff - op. ed. on the road.

Dear World,

As I have ALWAYS said, my position has NEVER changed — the Presidency of Barack Obama, despite all of the hype and over-stated "hope," IS A FAILED PRESIDENCY. Having seen Barack Obama in person TWICE now, I can say from FIRSTHAND experience and observation, that this President is not only a PHONY, but he is NOT COMPETENT to carry out what Americans EXPECT of him.

I never voted for Obama, because I knew better. Now, Obama's "approval" rating hovers at nearly 40% AND CONTINUES TO FALL.

Here are some video interviews with President Obama, notice that he outright LIES, and his "excuses" are given by him only to try to "save face."

As I have ALWAYS said, if you "believe" in Barack Obama, then you are REALLY for "CHUMP change we can 'believe' in," — NOT REAL change.


So much to say about this... I won't waste my time (or yours) other than to say, WHERE THE FUCK IS THAT REPORT ON OBAMA'S SPEECH FROM MONTHS AGO?


Anonymous said...

Kevin Randle goes after Korff bigtime:

Brad Hudson said...

The Kernal is now listing COLLEGE, Various, 1978 on his Facebook Page.

Damned impressive especially as he has his HS graduation as 1980.

The tool is still trying and failing...

Give it up, Kal, it's not even hard anymore.

Brad Hudson
Dallas, TX

Don Ecker said...

Anonymous said...

Kevin Randle goes after Korff bigtime:

Kevin Randle will be on Dark Matters Radio June 22 to discuss his new book Crash and I AM SURE we will somehow mention Kolonel Krazy ....

Don Ecker

Kauf Frankmann said...


....latest Korff video goes viral on the internet:

Korey Kalff said...

.....SAPSTOE Operations will continue to go forward from Afghanistan… ZANZIBAR!!!!

The Unknown Korffer said...

... I never voted for Obama, because I knew better.

Now he is revisiting an election he didn't even participate in, rewriting more history. More likely LITTLE KALVIN didn't vote at all in 2008 (I recall November 2008 as being a period of radio silence from Fuhrer Fartknocker) as he is in the Czech Republic and obtaining an absentee ballot would have required effort to obtain.

LITTLE KALVIN also sure likes to take credit for being an active participant in a country that he fled from to hide in Europe. Where is KALVIN's uncle when we need him?

Jimmy D said...

"Having seen Barack Obama in person TWICE now, I can say from FIRSTHAND experience and observation..."

"Colonel" - like me, you have twice seen him give public speeches in Prague. That's all. Regarding the first of those speeches - in April 2009, you posted the following on your website:

"Note: The following is the written version of President Barack Obama's speech given on Prague on 5 April, 2009 at Prague Castle, in the Czech Republic. During this week, fact checking commentary will be inserted to keep people fully informed on the important issues President Obama spoke about during his warm welcome in Prague.

Stay tuned..."

Fifteen months later, we are still waiting for your commentary. Why do you make these promises - new English newspaper debuting "next week", chat show airing "next Monday", etc. etc. - when you have no intention of keeping them? Do you think we will simply forget about them?

You are insane, Korff.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, Sweet Jesus, it never stops! I'll keep up with Horn and get an update, weekly, to see if this Fucking Dummy Korff EVER follows through with ANYTHING.

Off Fuck Heads site this night:

Dear World,

Mikey Horn, the official "volunteer" spokesman who earns a FINANCIAL LIVING promoting the Billy Meier UFO Cult and scam, and its anti-religious, anti-Semitic and anti-Islamic doctrine and hate-filled statements, IS BEING SENT A FORMAL, LEGALLY-BINDING AND LEGALLY ENFORCEABLE "CEASE AND DESIST."

Horn is also under investigation by several law enforcement entities and other officials, for everything from promoting anti-Semitism to engaging on illegal mail and consumer fraud.

"We look forward to PUBLISHING the legal notice Mikey will be served with VERY shortly," said Colonel Kal Korff.

"I will not elaborate, I don't have to."


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