Friday, January 28, 2011

Any guess there lads?

So now there lads what will be Kernal Kolonlicker's next big announcement?
Will Kal finally come clean and tell the truth?  Will it be Kernal Korntwat announcing a massive 1,000,000 volume series on exposing those with poor bathroom etiquette?  maybe a new announcement on hsi super duper extraordinary one of a kind 62,541 book deal!!!!!! ahahahahahahahahahhhahahahaha. Or maybe Kal will have ventured where he never has dared before....................................


Anonymous said...

Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock.

Soon, "Colonel". Soon...

Anonymous said...

Great new thread KIAI!

Nothing to report from Face Book since 12 hours ago and a Obama and Apple post.

How's it feel Korff? How's it feel to have Korffers watching you and waiting for you to stumble again?

Remove your web site, delete your Face Book account, and go away.


Anonymous said...

Kal loved telling people he was a public figure. But I think poor dumb Kal never imagined that someone would investigate and expose him! LMFAO! How's it feel Kal?

Anonymous said...

I bet u anything Kal will take full responsibility for the Egyptian revolution or remark he has "friends" there pushing it along or some other bullshit.

not served

Anonymous said...

FN is right, Karlton. There is a simple way of ending this.

Terminate your online presence ... completely and permenantly. That is all you have to do.

Still (like F1 Racer) waiting for the Czech police and the FBI to burst through my front door.

Anonymous said...

3 posts, Apple, etc. Karlton, you're not shooting "film". Just like you don't have a "reality based TV show", etc.

Oh, I have some interesting information regarding Karlton's reality series... and what his thoughts were regarding this series... ego adrift... developing.

Anyway, see Karlton respond to this blog once again, as he starts to post more personal information of his web site, i.e., ace Book)....

Kal Korff: I'm enjoying my iPad and iPod Touch, their newest generation. Handy also as a camera/video cam on the go. Have shot much film in several countries, report later.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Handy also as a camera/video cam on the go.

Most of us have such exotic consumer devices, they are called cell phones, and we work jobs to pay for them.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Oh and LOL, dinner with the troops.

Anonymous said...

458 views in 3 YEARS Korff! My God Korff, will you ever get a clue?

It's over.

Your reality TV show will never, ever happen, because you lie. And when you lie, which is every time you open your mouth, the producers you hope will show an interest in your life, they do a quick web search and they find....


We Korffers will not be stopped Korff.

As long as you stay active on the web, we will hound you.

Stay quiet Korff.

Stop making empty threats.

Delete all your activity and material from the web.

Take your "alter ego", your made up personality, as you say, and go have a life. Find a life, a family, a girl friend, a wife for more than 4 months, and a REAL child.

It's your only option, your only path back to sanity.

Waiting for your move....


Anonymous said...

Anyone looking into Korff doesn't need to find us. All they need to do is check out Kal on video for 5 seconds to know how big of a nut the dope is. No one is buying Kal's rubbish except for Kal.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff:

Just got word from Mr. Philip Mantle, that an article of mine analyzing the Billy Meier UFO cult hoax photos and the famous Trent UFO imagery from 1950 has now been published in the latest issue of UFO Matrix magazine. Mr. Mantle is one of the best researchers on this subject we have. The article also cites the work of Dr. Bruce Maccabee and Brad Sparks, two more top notch investigators.

Anonymous said...

But, Kal, you bloated sack of fat, Brad Sparks has publicly stated that the Roswell UFO crash was a UFO! Does that not make your "top notch" friend a fraud according to your own warped logic? And for the record, Phil Mantle thinks you are a fruitcake along with everyone else.

For those of you not in the know on this, Kal actually tried to take credit for getting Phil's alien autopsy book published. Kal said the publishing of the book was the first in a 500 book deal. Check out the book and ask Phil, Kal had NOTHING to do with it and once again tried to ride in on the coattails and hard work of someone other than himself.

Kal has NO CREDENTIALS as any sort of analyst other than probing his own anus, and deeply from what I hear.

Why would high and mighty Kal allow his name to be used in a UFO magazine when Kal has claimed, and later CONtradicted himself, that there is no such thing as the UFO field?

Kal, the first part to building an identity for yourself is to not trip over your own lies. For fuck's sake man, it must not be all that hard to confuse you if you're confusing yourself.

Anonymous said...

Karlton gets another Face Book smack down. Notice, Karlton refuses to comment on his many promises made on Face Book. Obviously, this Kris person is referring to those promise and lies.

Kal Korff: I'm going to unfriend various CONspiracy nuts after several of them get exposed in a few weeks. Not only should they be exposed, but held up as examples of how NOT to be. They're not worth wasting any electrons on, and giving them attention is an honor they're not worthy of.

Kris Thoreson: On the contrary - Kal will be depriving them of great amusement. Kal, why are you always posting some great revelation around the corner?

Kal Korff: I know of no "great revelation" coming, and I never claimed any. I never even used these words, and you know better, of course.

Kal Korff: If you believe in God, Kris, why lie and exaggerate and deliberately mischaracterize things? Is this what Jesus "commands" you to do? Didn't think so.

Kris Thoreson: You know which revelations I'm referring to. You're always hinting that so-and-so's got a surprise coming soon (that only you know about). If you're exposing or debunking anyone I must have missed it.

Kal Korff: No I do not. If you read some of my books, you would have dozens of names of people who have been exposed by myself and others. My exposes of the Meier UFO cult and the mythical Roswell "UFO" crash of 1947 remain largely vindicated, UFO Matrix magazine just published another expose article.

Kris Thoreson: You hang in there Kal buddy.

The Unkown Korffer said...

Oh Yipee! a good old Mass De-Friending alert, one of the tried & true methods of Face Book attention whores who don't feel they're getting enough. The natural thing to do when noticing such a cry for help is to ask what's wrong? and offer solutions. Instant contact! with those who don't see through the ruse, though it looks like this effort failed as someone chimed in with unfavorable comments be for anyone could provide Kalvin with validation. Awww.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: Whatever happened to the TRUTH, everyone? should this not be everyone's pursuit and championing? Not all truths are what we would like them to be, but this does not give us the right to ignore truths, whatever they might be.

Anonymous said...

Seems every time Korff goes on Face Book he gets a smack down.

Part 1

Kal Korff: For those who naively believe that the Muslim Brotherhood is purely benign, "think" again.

Kris Thoreson: ‎"This is a myth that was sold by the Mubarak regime -- that it's either us, the ruthless dictators, or... the al Qaeda types." - Mohamed ElBaradei

Kris Thoreson: You're right, Kal - Obama should be encouraging Mubarek to give protesters the "palestinian treatment". Then we might be able to prop up the rotting regime for another year or two and dump it on the next American president.

Egyptian democracy is a big problem for Israel, isn't it? Because if Egyptians actually had electoral representation Egypt would be an Islamic state.See More

Kal Korff: The issue is not propping up a corrupt regime, America does this and it is wrong. The failure is ours in not caring or helping Egypt reform so that it does not embrace radicalism. The problem is not Israel's, it is everyone's when the spread of hatred and intolerance is accepted instead of rejected.

Kris Thoreson: Radicalism is the direct result of poverty and ignorance. Islamic fundamentalists run food banks and youth centers in Egypt. Got a plan to replace them?

BTW, wanted to ask you: Are you familiar with the book "Three Cups of Tea" and the work ...of Greg Mortensen?

Kal Korff: It is NOT true that terrorism, specifically Islamofascism, is caused by poverty. Everyone from bin Laden to Zawahiri are educated and rich. Yes I am familiar with Three Cups of Tea, our peace org cooperates with others and we support his work. Terrorism is fueled by hatred, no one forces another person to hate.

Kal Korff: ElBaradei is incompetent, he let Iran lie to him and fool him. He could not handle the truth and showed lack of morals and resolve while playing politics at the UN, having him be Egypt's "leader" is like having Peter Pan teach Krav Maga. It will never happen.

Kris Thoreson: I specifically said radicalism, not terrorism.

Kal Korff: Terrorism is radicalism, since it is the deliberate targeting of innocent civilians for the purpose of political or social change. The MB are Islamofascists who seek world domination, period. They are radical and do support terrorism, HAMAS originated from them, and other groups.

Anonymous said...

Part 2

Kris Thoreson: Yes, Kal, terrorism is radicalism, but radicalism is not therefore terrorism. But conflate away - I'm loathe to interrupt at moments like these. You teach me so much.

Kal Korff: I did NOT say radicalism is automatically terrorism, and you know this, don't you?

Kris Thoreson: If I want to find radicalism I need look no further than your posts, Kal.

Kal Korff: I am NOT a "radical" and I suspect you know better. Exposing paranormal frauds and CONspiracy hucksters is not radicalism nor extremism, denying truth is. I'm not "promising" anything, I simply said what I plan to do, period.

Kris Thoreson: Why not let them have their beliefs? The power structure has full control of the message machine.That's the problem with you right-wing authoritarian types. It's not enough to be able to shove your dogma down everyone's throats, 24/7. You want them to like it!

Kal Korff: You have CONfused me with someone else. Let each person believe as they may, as long as they do not harm others, nor advocate hatred, intolerance or violence or racism. I have zero interest in forcing anything on anyone, I am NOT a "right winger" and once again I suspect you know better.

Kal Korff: I do NOT care if people "like" the truth or not. Truth is inviolate and it is independent of anyone's biases or preferences. People have the right to refuse to accept the truth, or not, with rightful consequences either way, it is called Cause and Effect.

Kris Thoreson: You're not a right winger, no. You're a propaganda-slinging anti-Muslim hawk who would smart-bomb a nursery school (in the name of peace of course) if he thought a radical had driven by it six weeks ago (just in case...can't take any chances..our intel is sound...)

Kal Korff: No I am NOT, and I do have friends and relatives who are Muslim and work towards advocating peace and not hatred. Since there was NEVER any evidence to support what you claim, since I am NOT this way at all and never was, you are making these irrelevant ad hominems up, for reasons which are not relevant to me, but say much about yourself.

Kal Korff: Kris, so when did Jesus "command" you to lie about people? Didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

LMFAO!!!!! Klassic Kal K. Korff running in circles contradicting himself for the world to see what sort of a fool he is.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: 'Whatever happened to the TRUTH everyone?..."

For starters, here's something about it:

Oh, incidentally, did you notice who one of the featured speakers is? Yup, your old mentor, Stan Friedman. He still gets around.


Anonymous said...


The truth is coming home to roost in Karlton's world. People are calling him out on Face Book.

You see how he's reacting.

Poor lozer.


Anonymous said...

Give it up, Kal. Everyone sees through your bullshit. LMFAO! How is it that the exposer is now getting exposed? Kal, people do care about the truth, just not your warped version of the truth you revisionist pig.

Anonymous said...

guy's a psycho. his truth is everyone else's retarded delusion. good to see his bullshit from the india baloney didn't work out, and that those poor people are no longer in contact with such filth as kalvin karlton korff

Anonymous said...

Korff is keeping out of the lime light, such as it is, because;

He needs to get his cut and paste books completed – he’s promised this for far too long and now his Face Book “friends” will not stand for his continuing promise to publish.

He’s going to finish up his book series with a scenario something like this...

"I then went quiet over all media channels and look how my haters responded.... My fake Korff persona worked like a charm…."

The problem with this is; the Korffers have stayed quiet in response, and his Face Book “friends” smack him down every time he gets pompous.

Korff finds himself in a no-win situation. He went “public” when joining Face Book. No longer does he control his web presence, Face Book owns it and owns Korff now.

Korff hasn’t a clue how to control this situation.

In his mind, his only option is to actually follow through with his claims, threats and promises.

Good luck with that, Karlton.

Many await police action.

Michael Horn laughs at you and continues to make money off the Meier case.


Anonymous said...

Who isn't laughing at Kal these days? Kal is the ass end of many jokes these days. Billy Meier gets more pussy than Kal.

Anonymous said...

kkk ..

You're reading these words.

Please, vanish entirely. Then all will be forgotten.

I would hide away in my bedroom if I were you.

Shh, really, just go away.


Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: Filming a promo video for my upcoming appearance on Jeff Pritchett's radio show where I will be "debating" Guy Weddle, Jeff's co-host. Looking forward to it, and releasing new material during this show. I thank Jeff Pritchett again for being neutral and staying professional, unlike Guy Weddle.

Anonymous said...

You are irredeemable scum, Korff.

Anonymous said...

I still havent been served.



Anonymous said...

Neither have I.
You are lying scum, Korff.

Anonymous said...

I have to say I am honestly surprised Kal has taken full or partial credit for the Egypt and Tunisian revolts. I am sure he is thinking of an angle, but surprised he hasnt pulled the trigger on it yet.


Anonymous said...

HASNT taken that should read


The Unknown Korffer said...

Isn't it Captain Lardass' birthday this month? 49 years old and still no full time job, mom must be so proud. Have fun with your show Jeff Prichard, you will be used and discarded like everyone else in Kalvin's miserable, pathetic, shitty meaningless life. I'd reschedule the slot with the lady who talks to weather predicting birds, Jeff. Anything.

Kernal Klaptrap also has a lot of nerve calling anyone else unprofessional, since he has no profession, training, skills, knowledge, or abilities that go beyond sponging money off others. It's always a crisis or some sort of historic breakthrough, never business as usual. Because he has no business, no profession, no work, no savings or investments, just the new scam of the day. What's it this week, KALVIN.

Anonymous said...

Kal's birthday is March 14. Born in 1962 about 8 months after his parents were married.
The only full-time jobs Kal ever had were in his younger days, and they were short lived, mostly due to his incompetence at them, having lied his way in with false credentials for most of them. He may hold a record though of being fired as many times as he was hired.
I'm sure his mother is very proud of her 2 sons.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Karlton is very proud of his son as well.

Oh wait, he doesn't have one.

49 years of failure.


Anonymous said...

What up Korff?

You Face Book friends scare you away?

Brit_in_Prague said...

Shut down your online presence, Karlton.

Shut down your Facebook account. Shut down your YouTube account. Shut down your crappy website.


That is all you have to do.

Then we'll leave you alone.

Stop_LYING_Korff!!! said...

Stop lying, Korff.




Anonymous said...

Watch out Col. Korff - Michael Horn is teaming up with Steven Bassett on the Billy Meier Case! Read it and weep! Here is the link:

Anonymous said...

Kontinued failure

YouTube viewer counts for Karlton's last 4 videos...

Remember, he promised many, many, many more videos and his last one wasn't even up loaded to Youtube.

How's it feel Karlton? Nobodies watching, nobody cares.

Facebook's all quiet.

Stay the course Karlton.

69 views - 1 month ago

218 views - 4 months ago

248 views - 5 months ago

Iranian Police Training Video
284 views - 11 months ago

Anonymous said...

Kalvin Karlton Korff.

What a loser. What an udder piece of lying, pedo dung.

Jimmy_D said...

M*los "Fuck You" B^rtu can look after himself, but V*jt*ch S*dl*c*k is another matter.

Acknowledge and apologise publicly and in full to this fine gentleman for your disgraceful treatment of him.

Then I will leave you alone, Karlton.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I read about that S*dl*c*k scam on a couple of Czech-language websites. Disgraceful behavior.

You need a f*(*(ing good kicking, "Colonel".

One day, when I bump into you here in Prague, that is precisely what you are going to get.

"Peace Institute"? What is that - some kind of crime academy for aspiring crooks like you? You scumbag.

Anonymous said...

The last Face Book post Karlton posted NOT using an iPhone was on January 29, some 10 days ago.

I'm sure we will hear about his travel exploits.

This certainly couldn't be because Kalrton no longer can afford both his cell phone plan AND an internet plan...?

Say it ain't so Karlton!?!

Tempted to post some dirt on Karlton but won't.

Awaiting Karlton's move.

Make it....


Anonymous said...

Still waiting....

From: Kal Korff
Date: Mon, Dec 6, 2010 at 2:31 AM
Subject: From Col. Kal Korff — CEASE and DESIST, You're Being Sued, Prosecuted
To: Jimmy D
Cc: Art Levine ,

Dear "Jimmy D,"

I have hired a lawyer to "deal" with you (more than one actually) and your "good buddy" aka "F1 Racer." You will receive a formal legal notice informing you of the charges and actions now underway against you, along with the police, in a few days.

Jimmy_D said...


I repeat that I have never met General Racer but that I would be honored to share a police van with him, should the FBI/Czech cops decide to nab us both in a simultaneous operation.

I also repeat that you're a liar, bully, charlatan, fraud, criminal, conman, delusional fantasist lover of young girls.

In short: you are scum.

Anonymous said...

I am a bit upset the Czech police have not come knockin on my door!


The Unknown Korffer said...

Story up on Drudge linking a junk food diet to lower IQ is up on Drudge and it made me think of Young Kalvin Karlton. Young, spry, and full of youthful energy at 49 as he looks to make his mark on the world as CEO of a peace organization. Which is hosted on the same server as a neo nazi because nobody else will have the lies, frauds, threats, intimidation tactics, and bullying which typify the Kalvin Korff Effect.

Anonymous said...

Darth Vader kid commercial -- 21.5 million views.

Kal Korff youtube views -- a couple of hundred if added together and most of those are we Korffers.

Way to go Kernel Sand Trap.

Anonymous said...

I got an update from an old nemesis of Karlton’s today. I can’t tell you who this is, sad to say, because they just don’t want to start it up again. They have a life, a job, friends and family and Karlton is just not worth their time to publicly comment on.

In a nut shell, I asked this person if they ever, ever, ever received anything from anyone OTHER than Karlton after the threat(s) of retaliation were made at anytime during their unfortunate association with him.

The answer; never. They never received any documentation, phone calls, e-mail, face to face, nothing at all. This person comes from very early on in the Karlton Korff post 2000 melt down.

I just wanted to pass this along as further proof that, for the most part and in the majority of cases, Karlton Korff follows through with zero threats.

I say “almost” because I do know that he has contacted work places on occasion in his attempt to scare a person’s boss, etc.

That never worked either, other than to make the boss and employee annoyed, and in the end, all ended up laughing hysterically after all was explained.


The Unknown Korffer said...

Hey Kal! Maybe this guy should be an officer of your peace organization too!

The two of you have a lot in common! Mostly that you're both creepy, obsessive, scary looking losers using Face Book and the internet in general to try and weasel your way into the lives of people who wouldn't otherwise have anything to do with you. Then you stalk them. Gee!

Anonymous said...

Kalvin Karlton Korff. What an udderly loathesome individual you are.

Rot in hell, Karlton.

Anonymous said...

Karlton posted a little on Face Book today.

In almost every response, Karlton mentions his "2,400 page six volume series on...."

He's working away on his copy and paste "books", because he has nothing left.

His videos have failed.
His web site has failed.
His peace activities have died.
His Face Book activities have turned against him.

Oh, a contact sent me confirmation that Karlton will not be appearing on Jerry’s show because Karlton would not supple the show with his “current” contact information.

Read into that what you will.

Let the KKK lies begin.


Anonymous said...

If I ever get my hands on you, Korff, I am going to beat the living crap out of you.

And I *will* get my hands on you, for Prague is a very small town.

Brit_in_Prague said...

We're watching, Karlton. We're watching you...

Anonymous said...

H - I thought that I was the only 'H' on here! :D

H. (<with a dot)

Anonymous said...

I took it from you for that single post. You'll understand later.


Anonymous said...

Just interested in your middle name, Karlton. It's very unusual.

Is it a family name? Or does it perhaps commemorate some person or place that was important to your parents?

Anonymous said...

...or was it chosen simply because it starts with a "K"?


Kare to komment?

Anonymous said...

Dear God, how I despise you, Korff.

Anonymous said...

I thought all of the Korff kids had KKK names. Which might go a long way towards giving context to Kalvin's obsession with Jewish faith and Israel as manifestations of his daddy issues. Then again since the same web sewer hosting his demented pages also hosts NATIONALSOCIALISM.ARCHIVE and FILTHYJEWISHTERRORISTS.ORG who knows, the guy is too inept, lazy and lacking in basic intelligence to draw any conclusions other than he is a moron. A knuckle dragging, unibrowed, trailer trash cracker from the sticks, thinking he's a TV celebrity who's personal friends with the Spice Girls.

Anonymous said...

kkk >> HYPOCRITE; zealot; wannabe; user; pretender; (below)average run of the mill loser.

For the last 30-odd years, kkk has pathetically attempted to cover up his lack of pretty much !everything! with not much more than wind, bitching and bad spelling.

Way to go kolonel kal-is-ra-el.

You'd have my sympathy if you weren't such a kock-ass.


Anonymous said...

As I said before, Karlton is working on, and he must try to finish, his copy and paste books. He has nothing else left.

Remember when Karlton told us that he had video of himself sending off his manuscript to his publisher, 2 years ago.

Lies, lies, all lies.

I have more current lies but I'll wait for the deadline to come, and go.

Kal Korff: ‎@Mel working away on it, now doing final candidate version for submission to my publisher, right now as I type this I am finishing the section in volume 5 where I INTERVIEWED Iranians and Bosnians who were directly and secretly supplied illegally by Bill Clinton with arms to stop Serbia. This was Clinton's equivalent of Iran Contra and the evidence they gave me when I interviewed them in Bosnia is devastating, it nails Strobe Talbott and Tony Lake and Richard Clarke and because Clinton never bothered to tell the CIA it was THE REASON CIA Director James Woolsey resigned in disgust. Similarly, I also PROVE that the REAL reason FBI Director Louis Freeh resigned from the FBI was also because of Clinton KEEPING THE FBI FROM interviewing the six terrorists who blew up Kobi towers, Clinton covered up the fact that we knew Iran was behind it. Clinton is very corrupt, to understate this issue. The Obama misadministration will move to try to silence this info because Clinton's attack dog (his wife) will always move to protect one of her own.

Anyone else have info on this?

The Unknown Korffer said...

Common history courtesy of Wikipedia and a dozen other sources along with hindsight being applied via rightist conspiracy thinking. Kalvin Karlton Korff's breathless boasting of it being exclusive unique information that has not been presented to the public is a deliberate misnomer. Or just wishful thinking that he can baffle his target audience with bullshit by hurling a bunch of names & dates at people and hope they are impressed. It is typical conspiracist bullshit, and means even less due to its alleged source.

Prometheus might publish it but Prometheus will publish anything from the looks of it. Running down a list of their printed fare is like a who's who at a failed paranormal interest pavilion. Kalvin Karlton Korff may refer to himself as a journalist but he's a flying saucer fanatic. Always has been and always will be.

Anonymous said...

You are lying scum, Karlton.

Jimmy_D said...

Still waiting for your lawyers/the Czech police/FBI to contact me, "Colonel".

I'm getting a bit fed up with all your unkept promises, to tell the truth...

Hey, it's Lent (a Christian tradition - perhaps you remember it from your pre-Jewish days) soon.

How about you give up lying for Lent?

Anonymous said...

Colonel Kalvin Karlton Korff.

What a noble name.


Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!!

I have more on "people" coming to Korff and asking of him, "things".

Still waiting for the right time to release the information.

Kal Korff

BREAKING NEWS! Obama and the CIA LEARNED OF MUBARAK's escape and defection from watching TV! so much for the CIA being "on top of things." Years ago I was asked if I wanted to work for the CIA. I told them no, because they are clueless and often wrong. This PROVES it again.

John W. Ratcliff

So it's your fault for not going to work for them?

Anonymous said...

Prometheus wil never publish the book. The contract only obligates Prometheus to accept a manuscript, not publish it.

Anonymous said...

LOLOL at Kal claiming the CIA wanted him to work for them. The CIA wanted to TALK to Kal about all his online activities including threatening the President.


Anonymous said...

Karlton, has neither sense of humor nor any sense of what a conversation really is. Notice that he responds, in true Karlton fashion, with two rambling posts, ending with more self promotion for his “books” and himself.

Karlton, if you want to be taken seriously, give us the names of anyone else who can prove your "friendship" with Bill Casey.

John W. Ratcliff: So it's your fault for not going to work for them?

Kal Karlton Korff: No, no fault here at all. I refuse to work for any intel agency which rejects intel it doesn't like. I knew CIA director Bill Casey and know where many of their skeletons are buried, literally. If I had my way, CIA would be abolished and replaced with a org that works instead of is dysfunctional and never acts consistently. George Tenet, Turner, and others have been historical failures and have cost our great nation trillions of dollars and have gotten millions of people killed due to their collective stupidity. Tenet gave Iran the blueprints for a real Soviet nuke warhead, under orders from president Clinton. Tenet never objected. Turner gutted humint under orders from Carter, and they were clueless about the Shah falling. When the Shah was overthrown, because a CIA coup had put him into power illegally and stupidly under republican president Eisenhower, there was not a single person at the US Embassy who spoke Farsi! This is how incompetent and outright STUPID Jimmy Carter and the CIA were then and still are where it concerns key issues. I know a lot more, and I unload on them in my new six book series on Islamofascism, hatred and extremism.

Kal Karlton Korff: Israel warned Carter and the CIA about the Shah and Khomeini, unlike the CIA the Mossad does have its act together. Carter ignored what Mossad said, CIA also "missed" the Russian invasion of Afghanistan despite the obvious build up of Russian troops and hardware for weeks, visible on satellite photos. CIA refused to share what it knew about the 911 hijackers with the FBI so the 911 attacks ended up being successful. Their reason was ego, turf wars, they "forgot" that we are ONE NATION, indivisible, with justice for all...unless you are the CIA. The CIA's latest scandal involves rewarding and not punishing thjose who screwed up calling 911 properly, while they punished those who said Saddam does NOT have active, battle ready WMDs. I publish photos in the new book series CIA has told me not to publish. My reply to them is try to stop me, get a court order, and please try to stop this book series. It will be a bestseller. My motives are not financial, I am motivated by truth.

Anonymous said...

Where's the free iPads Karlton?

All this talk abou your Peace venture and what?


Anonymous said...

Ya see, the thing is, Korff already knows he's been cancelled from the show. I won't get into why right now, but it is a fact.

WHY would Karlton EVEN mention in his post that IF the show gets CANCELLED, etc....?

NOBODY ventures a guess or would state publicly that a show their suppose to appear on might get cancelled. Karlton already knows the truth. The show will not take place, he was dismissed.

The reason why is best left unsaid until Karlton steps in it, makes some stupid excuses and then we release the truth, based on a time line that can't be ignored.

Karlton, your copy and paste books are all that’s left. You might as well go silent, work on those and let us worry about the rest.

And we will, oh yes, we will.

Kal Korff: I'm releasing at the end of THIS month, some new Xposes. I plan to debut them on Jeff Pritchett's show. If the show does not broadcast or gets canceled, they will come out regardless, instead of being offered as an exclusive for the show. They'll sell for a small fee, many for only a few bucks. Profits go into a fund to further more Xposes. They're produced by Martina Tycova, UFO WatchCat, and myself. Praise YHWH.

Kal Korff: I just registered as a new user on Mabus Incarnate's web site/forum BBS, which is run by Jeff Pritchett. He asked that I do this months ago, I just found his email msg and have now done so, sorry I did not get around to this earlier. I look forward to hopefully sharing views and opinions with those in UFOlogy.

Anonymous said...

>>> I look forward to hopefully sharing views and opinions with those in UFOlogy. <<<

See what I mean? "hopefully"

Can you say, transparent? This is getting easier and easier. Why? Because Karlton has made a HUGE mistake. He’s using Face Book as his main tool for his internet presences. Bad move Karlton.

You can’t control Face Book; it and your friends control you.

Don't let this little turd fool you Korffers; he full well knows that he's been pulled from the show.

The forth coming melt down should be epic.

Anonymous said...

Backtracking Karlton...? Another long rant, this time making sure you didn't hurt their feelings....

Totally grade school.

Kal Korff: Let us be clear that I distinguish between the CIA as a whole, vs. its brave men and women who serve in it, and some Presidents who order the CIA to do things that it should not. It is like the U.S. Military or other fine institutions. The and women who serve in the CIA are true heroes, but even a basic search on Google and studying the history of the CIA proves that at times its directors have done illegal things, which thankfully never became official policy. We certainly need a CIA type of agency, but must guard against rogue operations and cases where the "intelligence" is manufactured for some agenda, or also cases where good, solid, intelligence is found, but then is ignored by higher ups, such as was the case with the "Uranium" being sold by Niger to Iraq, which turned out not to be true, and as the Pelame scandal proved via US Ambassador Joe Wilson, the truth was ignored because said "evidence" was sought to justify a war against Saddam Hussein.

It is a tragedy that no US President stuck to the simple and never wrong argument that Saddam should have been removed on moral and humanitarian grounds. No dictator should be allowed to stay in power who commits genocide, period. But for reasons unknown and inexcusable, everyone from the UN to world leaders, lacked the moral courage to stop Saddam from killing as he did. Instead, various governments used their influence and him to further their agendas, sometimes at the direct expense of the innocent. We need a CIA type organization, always, but the agency's track record could be better, and as long as we know that things can always be improved, diligence demands that we try to do so, we are Americans.

Anonymous said...

You see Karlton, these are lies.

From your site.

>>> FREE issues of the Silent Revolution of LIES will be available STARTING JUNE 5, 2010! <<<



>>> Mikey Horn Gets Sent OFFICIAL, LEGAL "Cease and Desist" LAWSUIT Notice on Thursday! Tuesday, 22 June 2010 11:09 <<<


>>> Stay tuned for the first devastating Xpose....HOURS, not days! :-) <<<

>>> Kal Korff is an officially credited member of the International Media and has been since 1978. <<<


>>> As we prepare for our first broadcast next week, I am honored and humbled to have Mr. Philip Mantle on my show as our first esteemed guest. This debut episode will take place this coming Monday, June 7th, at 8PM UK time, 9PM Prague Time, 3PM US East Coast Time, 1PM US Pacific Standard Time. <<<

>>> By popular request, here is a reposting of our most popular video by UFO WatchCat — an Xpose of Josephine County Sheriff Gil Gilbertson. <<<

I'd post more but your template site ends there...

The Unknown Korffer said...

Well good for Jeff Prichett and I mean that. Sounds like he realized he was being used and ended the validation bandwagon he provided. Now if only Face Book would enforce their own anti-impersonation rules and remove Kalvin K. Karlton Korff from their user base. He has flagrantly presented himself as something he is not and is maintaining a scam on there which should be regarded as nothing less than a Stolen Valor fraud. Kalvin Korff is a washed up flying saucer fanatic, he has nothing to do with any "intel" services.

If I were to have any message for Jeff Prichett it would be to just carry on, there is no shame in being had by a pro. Kalvin Korff is a DANGEROUS online predator, he exists to use people and we here are not the only ones to have seen through his fraud. Hopefully Jeff can use his position to help expose Kalvin Korff's lies and scamjobs to help prevent others from likewise falling victim to Kalvin's fraud.