Friday, June 17, 2011

Conniving Kal drops Kidon shenanigans

So I see our bloated bloke did not make the usual lies about himself in this area 51 article and did not refer to himself as Kolon Chickenshit of Kidon anything. Perhaps Kal found his medication? You can't hide Kal and this blog is STILL in the top google searches. How long until Czech authorities FINALLY catch up to Kal? Not long from what I hear. Beware all of Kal and his HATE and ANTI GAY INTOLERANCE. Kal is true EXTREMIST.


Anonymous said...

Yes KIAI, so true. Korff is running away from his “self professed” fake persona. But let us all be very clear here, Kalvin. If you did make this entire decade’s long persona up, you’ve done a piss poor job of it. What did hater of the gay have to do with UFO people and terrorists? After all, that is your thesis isn’t it?

Continue on Korffers, our job is not yet done.

The Unknown Korffer said...

If the whole Kernal Korff thing was a ruse or research project Kalvin's opportunity to out himself on it came & went before 2008 was out. Since he isn't enrolled in a university the angle of a gotcha thesis aimed at the paranormal interest field isn't going to get him anywhere. More likely is that someone from a military community found KALVIN out for his stolen valor antics and let him know they would make it their point to bring him down. Whatever he's up to it's a lie.

Anonymous said...

Unknown, that may very well be.

10 years is a long time to keep up a lie...


Anonymous said...

Please Korffers excuse my language but FUCK YOU Korff! What a lair.

Kal Korff: I was on a bus earlier today and spoke to a nice man who writes software for BlackBerry. He smiled when he saw my iPad and iPod Touch and said that just as he is getting his software career going, his market is getting killed by Apple. I let him know about some cool software called LiveCode which allows one to write for any platform. It cane from the HyperCard project I once worked on at Apple/Claris.

The Unknown Korffer said...

There's no academic "thesis" either since as someone lacking undergraduate credentials (and at 50 years old) KALVIN would not be pursuing anything beyond community college. He got called out by somebody who scared the piss out of him and is striking his records to act like it never happened.

And then what about all the others Kalvin touched with his Kernal Korff fantasy? What about the sheriff and courts of Josephine Count? What's he going to do now, say that was just an experiment? If so he cost the taxpayers money doing it, made a horse's ass out of himself and disgraced his family. Then he staged three "press conferences" in "Geneva" at SAPSTOE headquarters, bedecked in his "uniform" and acting like he was Ted Koppel. The guy is fucking crazy, a committed liar and any attempt to distance himself from those years would be just another pathetic attempt to weasel out of trouble that Kal Korff brought onto himself. He's a piece of shit, deserves prosecution for fraud and is guilty of Stolen Valor. Nothing can change any of that.

Anonymous said...

>>> He's a piece of shit, deserves prosecution for fraud and is guilty of Stolen Valor. Nothing can change any of that. <<<

Hear, hear!


The Unknown Korffer said...

He smiled when he saw my iPad and iPod Touch ...

So KALVIN was sitting there with these items on display as he rode a metro bus, just waiting to strike up a conversation with someone he could earn points from having interacted with? Just another lie, a story meant to humanize his obsession with Apple. Everything Kal Korff does is a lie, deception, manipulation, exaggeration or put-on. He cannot do anything normal, human or spontaneous, which is why he had no friends in high school and isn't about to gain any now. IT WON'T WORK, KAL.

Anonymous said...

Kal: Better be careful about getting too friendly with strange men you meet on the bus. They could be gay and looking for a 'partner'!

happy red mogul balloon said...

happy father's day, kal! i know you will spend it with your "son", whom you obviously care about deeply.

Anonymous said...

Thought better of Mantle before this....

Kal Korff: BREAKING NEWS! UFO Matrix magazine, edited by Mr. Philip Mantle, who solved the "Alien Autopsy" hoax by Ray Santilli, JUST RELEASED a version of my Xpose of Annie Jacobsen's Area 51 hoax book, which disproves her claims. Jacobsen is also busted for deliberately misreporting events. Her claims about Mengele/Stalin being involved in Roswell are also disproved. More soon!


Kal Korff: Please give me feedback, if you wish, concerning my article that UFO Matrix just published exposing the false claims of Annie Jacobsen in her book on Area 51. I would also encourage everyone to write the LA Times and protest such misrepresentation of history, she works for them.

Anonymous said...

uh oh...i think i heard his head growing much more bloated can he get?

Don Ecker said...

Well, as I have been told by a number of British UFO reseachers concerning Phil Mantle, Mantle would sell his mother for a ham sandwich.

I had a "discussion" with Mantle about our Village Idiot when Mantle was begging me to come on my radio show to plug his mag. I asked him why would I bring him on when he showed such poor taste dealing with the likes of Korff. He really got pissed off and then sent all my emails to Korff. Mantle is simply a "dick head" and I am not surprised. Screw him and screw Korff.

Don Ecker
(noticed? I signed MY NAME)

The Unknown Korffer said...

I would also encourage everyone to write the LA Times and protest such misrepresentation of history, she works for them.

Once again Korff going after people's places of employment in a proxy recruitment bid to harass them for being successful while Kal has to scam money off his mom. UFO Matrix also looks like exactly the "UFO CONspiracy" type publication that he pretends to oppose. But anything to get some shit in print so he can beg his Flake Book friends for attention, right?

How was your Father's Day, Kal? Did your genius son at least send you a card?

Anonymous said...

Annie Jacobsen's book on Area 51 might be a bunch of crap, but as of today, it's still number 6 on the bestseller list! In spite of all the negative reviews, including Kal's, she is laughing all the way to the bank to cash in those royalty checks coming her way.
Kal must be a little upset by that.


Jimmy_D said...

You are lying vermin, Korff.

Apologise to Mr S*dl*c*k for your theft of his honor.

Anonymous said...

Mantle is a man to be taken with the same amount of seriousness as Karlton himself. They deserve each other.

Anonymous said...

Nobody really responded to Korff. Couple of "Likes"....

His Face Book posts get no response.

He logs on a couple times every 24 hours as he "tries" to get his "single" book completed.

More to come later.

Kal Korff: Those of you who are still "excusing" Annie Jacobsen's "Hitler Diaries" type hoax book on Area 51 are missing the point. A REAL journalist checks basic facts. Had Jacobsen bothered to do so regarding Mengele, she would never have done this. She has no excuse, this is WHY I exposed her and cite detailed Mengele info.

Anonymous said...


Kal Korff: BREAKING NEWS! a 500 odd page BOOK LENGTH expose on bozo "investigative journalist" Annie Jacobsen's "Hitler Diaries" Area 51 book will be out as early as next week! Jacobsen and her stonewalling LA Times will get copies. More news soon...

Anonymous said...

A question to Kalvin. Let's see if he will answer...

Norio Hayakawa: O.K., Kal, let's say you are correct on this whole issue. What good will it do at this point in time, now that the book has become a best-seller? The public-at-large, to begin with, has a very skeptical attiutude about anything dealing wit...h Area 51 or Roswell or UFOs. The public-at-large still regards the whole Area 51, Roswell, UFO issue as part of fringe science, to begin with. Military aviation enthusiasts are the only group that still seem to have a continual interest in Area 51. Sadly, this seems to be the case.

Anonymous said...

Big Don Ecker's hit song:

Kalvin Korff - Little Shit

Hs crested the 400 view mark on our own KIAI Youtube Channel.

Congrats Don Ecker.

God Bless Don Ecker.

Anonymous said...

Please, Kal, please go after the LA Times. I would love to see them expose you. See, Kal, that's a real large media news publication, unlike the free junk rags you hefted your deftness on. Go for it, Kal, as I'm sure LAT loves nutballs like you.

Anonymous said...

Turns out, this is another Korff ,PDF "book". This is why he's been off Face Book for so many hours at a time. He's trying to reinvent himself as fast as he can, and he's trying to use this miserable UFO - Area 51 book as his ticket out of krazy land.

Good luck with that Kalvin...

>>> BREAKING NEWS! a 500 odd page BOOK LENGTH expose <<<

happy red mogul balloon said...

has the l.a. times even published any of annie jacobsen's book? or are they just crooked now akkording to karlton korff simply for employing her

Anonymous said...

If anyone is interested you can read and even download Korff's "article" here:

It's been up loaded by someone at the Mantle web site.

Gee, I wonder if Korff's 500 page "book" will be free as well?


happy red mogul balloon said...

as usual very poorly written with zero indication that an actual EDITOR made sure it was readable before inflicting it on anyone. too many emphasis text changes & random aggressive capitalizations. overall amateurish, pointless, and most importantly 100% free.

Anonymous said...

>>> and most importantly 100% free.<<<

Ha, ha, ha!


Kevin Randle said...

Korff who suggests that others should fct check does not follow his own advice.

He mentions the "Horton" Brothers but ments Horten.

He mentions Mac Brazel but means Mack Brazel.

He mentions top secret Mogul but seems unaware that Mogul itself was unclassified as proved by the Air Force and Albert Crary's unclassified diary which mentions Mogul... the purpose was classified but Korff's little mind is unable to comprehend these distinctions.

He seems unaware that Bessie Brazel recanted her story, saying that she had confused a later event, in which she and her father did gather debris from a balloon with the 1947 event.

Jesse Marcel never said he was a pilot. He said he had flown AS a pilot which is a distinction that Korff doesn't understand.

He complains that Marcel said he flew the material to Fort Worth but claims Marcel wasn't a pilot and therefore didn't fly it. The quote actually belongs to Walter Haut and not Marcel... besides, if you were a passenger in a plane you often say you flew somewhere.

He says Marcel claimed to be the only survivor when his plane was shot down, but the truth is, no matter how you slice the quote, Marcel never made that claim.

According to the Bob Pratt interview, it seems that Marcel said he had five air medals, though the quote is garbled and the error might belong to Pratt. Marcel had two air medals, which is two more than Korff... the fake colonel claims.

So, if Korff is so interested in fact checking, he should do some of his own.

Kevin D. Randle, who is tired of hearing Korff call himself a colonel.

The Unknown Korffer said...

We will always salute your service to our great country Kevin!

Just finishing up the article here, and inspired by Colonel Randle's corrections I took a few notes starting with Kalvin's obviously self-penned and self lovin' final blurb. Made complete with a picture of himself that is just shy of 20 years old, as that was the last time he was allowed on television to promote the glory of his ego. All text changes & typos as printed unless noted -- Did anyone at this UFO Matrix website even read this before approving it to be associated with their activities for now & all time to come??

About the Author
Kal Korff is an Analyst, Author, and Investigative Journalist whose book The Roswell UFO Crash: What They Don't Want You To Know (Prometheus Books 1997, Dell 2000) remains the bestselling Roswell expose of all time. Kal has appeared on CNN's Larry King Live, NBC's Leeza, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, NPR and National Geographic. Kal's expertise on Area 51, was featured in the Discovery Channel special, "Secrets of Area 51 Revealed." Some of the "exclusive scoops" Annie Jacobsen claims in her book were first exposed in 1999 via this one hour special. Korff lived in the Czech Republic for ten years, has researched Joseph Mengele and Nazis extensively, speaks German, and has worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, the Boein company, and is very knowledgeable about aircraft. Kal is the President and CEO of Critical

Note the spelling "Joseph Mengele" with a PH; getting names right & being consistent with it is the first job in getting people to take you seriously. Also, right above it is a real jerk-off attempt to add social awareness substance to his meandering, pointless, repetitive diatribe by using a photograph of Jewish children taken at Auschwitz. He uses the following caption:

Fig. 13 This photo shows some of the child victims at Auschwitz who miraculously survived the brutal and inhumane treatment and experiments of Josef Mengele (ed: spelled with an F that time!) and the Nazis. We honor their survival. and won't disgrace their legacy and memory. (Credit: NARA.) (boldface emphasis mine.)

So there he goes, using more victims of genocide to try and look ... I don't know, more pompous & out of touch than nature had intended. Note for instance the inconsistency on citing the broadcast outlets he brags about having been seen on: Is Discovery Channel now a title? So a struggled to achieve 11th or (unfinished) 12th grade education on display and shamefully unprofessional with zero sources cited. The world is expected to just take Kalvin's word for it, or to be so intimately familiar with his rantings that no explanation is even needed.

None is, because Kal Korff Is An Idiot, and this is just more failure. And it's FREE!! you can even save a copy to compare Kalvin's spin on it later when he tries to deny that he was stupid enough to post it. Business as usual. The only thing notable about the effort is that he convinced UFO Matrix to sign off on it. Sloppy work guys!

The Unknown Korffer said...

Some of the "exclusive scoops" Annie Jacobsen claims in her book were first exposed in 1999 via this one hour special.

Isn't that something more appropriate to include in the body of his text? OH WAIT, HE DID. REPEATEDLY. The bio blurb is a bio blurb, not a re-hash of the article's information. Dahhhhh!

Korff lived in the Czech Republic for ten years, has researched Joseph Mengele and Nazis extensively, speaks German, and has worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, the Boeing company, and is very knowledgeable about aircraft.

LOL, what the f'ing hell??? hahaha! How does "speaking" German relate to expertise on Nazis & aircraft? HAH????

Anonymous said...

>>> We will always salute your service to our great country Kevin! <<<

Here, here!


Anonymous said...

Lying scum.

Lying vermin.

Lying pedophile piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Randle, a man with a verified history of showing TRUE BRAVERY.

Kal, you are not and will never be fit to lace Kevin's boots.

Anonymous said...

So Kal is an expert on the German Nazis. Well, he should be since a few of his distant ancestral relatives were members of the German Gestapo and the SS. How about a Colonel M. Korff, an SS Colonel, whose job was to round up little Jewish children from French villages and send them on cattle cars to...guess where? Auschwitz gas chambers!


Anonymous said...

But, Kalvin said this to Don Ecker in one of his fake cease and desist letters:

"My FAMILY name stretchs back a thousand years, the Korff's, have a CLEAR AND FACTUAL timeline of fighting terrorism since THE ROMAN EMPIRE."

happy red mogul balloon! :D said...

the use of the photo of the kids was base exploitation. the subject had nothing directly to do with the article. kal knew that, which is why he tried to justify it with his caption like a know it all asshole. his own words & actions are what damn him. this blog is just the messenger.

would be interested in seeing any response to this from his flakeybook crew. i also want to note that i use this posting handle not to mock the subject of roswell or those who have researched it, but to wave it in kal korff's face like a big middle finger. there are kevin randle books on my shelves but none by anyone named KORFF.

happy red mogul balloon! said...

oh yeah also, carrying on an idea from another post above, this is the entirety of the bio blurb that karl rove got for an article published yesterday on the wall street journal website ---

Mr. Rove is the former senior adviser and deputy chief of staff to President George W. Bush.
that's all kal, one sentence, and he's a guy who has actually done things with his life. no recaps taunts boasts or made up bullshit. when were you ever in national geographic? or on it, though you apparently forgot the name of the episode. just "national geographic." can anyone confirm that?

the rove article is here, and it's an actual article written then edited by professionals:

big, big middle finger kal.

Anonymous said...

funny..,kal told me years ago that his family adopted Korff name from the VonKorff' what really is true??..who knows..he has no idea what is real and factual

Anonymous said...

>>> would be interested in seeing any response to this from his flakeybook crew. <<<

In a very real way, Korff gets almost ZERO response to his FB posts.

He hasn't been on FB since last Tuesday, a new behavior of late, I base my FB behavior "thesis" on Korff trying to get this new "book" done and his old "book"(s) done as well.

His running away from his past all fit in her Korffers; the removal of Kidon,, everything terror, ufowatchcat, and the list goes on, from his Face Book page and from his template web site.

Little Kalvin wants BADLY to be a REAL journalist; a true “accredited” journalist; to be taken seriously on the world wide stage.

Never happen, idiot.


Anonymous said...

"funny..,kal told me years ago that his family adopted Korff name from the VonKorff' what really is true??..who knows..he has no idea what is real and factual"
Not true. The Austrian government back in the 1800s dictated that the use of the 'von' prefix in surnames was forever prohibited. Hence, Von Korffs became Korffs.
An example:
Berthold Korff. An SS officer in Nazi Germany during WWII. His SS number was 293,708.
And Kal's ancient ancestors did not fight terrorism. It was the other way around.
Nothing like a little historical research to set the facts straight!


Anonymous said...

Korff's back on Face Book after a 4 day lay off. Couple of political posts, no response.

Run away little Kalvin.

Good work Digger.

Anonymous said...

And so it goes. Korff, bashing about regarding a book and a subject that matters little to anyone. Korff, try putting that massive mind behind something that might make a differnce.

Like, free iPad...

"What matters is the truth", like, say, Don Ecker, Jimmy D, F1 Racer, 6 books, 500 book deal, 25 million budget, free ipads for peace... you mean truth like that?

Kal Korff: What matters is truth, Norio. It must never remain silent, because silence implies consent. The book has become a bestseller because of the dumbing down of our society, by choice, and because it received enormous help from the lamesteam med...ia. Everyone from NPR to the NYT "reported" on this uncritically, if they had bothered to research Mengele as I did, they would have known that Jacobsen is lying. There are lessons to learn from all this, before Jacobsen, it was Corso, befofe Corso it was Gary Kinder. This type of hucksterism will continue until people stand up for what is right, instead of what's wrong. UFO CONspiracy nuts have also lied about Area 51, repeatedly. They even have lied and falsely claim that Mengele worked for the CIA and was smuggled into America. I feel sorry neither for them nor Jacobsen, because their deceptions are deliberate and by now wholly predictable.

Anonymous said...

But, that's against the law, Korff.

Jerry Lapiroff: Have been in LA most of the past weeks on a family illness matter.

Kal Korff: Hope it worked out for you and that all was well. If there's anything I can do to help, just let me know. Example, if you need medicines far more cheaply, and legal, I can have friends who are doctors in India send them.

Anonymous said...

So, what we have here is a man-child who has moved on from being a lying, theatening cyber bully, to a fake new-boy. Hope that works out for you Kalvin.

What the f?

"I am against polluting, everyone forgets this basic principle,"

Forgets what? That you don't like polluting? And your point?

Kal Korff: It doesn't matter who the news source is jf the facts are true, does it, sir? Please prove that they are not, I'm writing an expose of svores of dishonest lies by GW extremists. Starting with Al Gore. I plan to publish it if all goes well in September, after one of their big conferences shows again that things are not panning out as they warned everyone. I am against polluting, everyone forgets this basic principle, and if everyone focused on it, the issue of GW would cure itself.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Oh my god he is not stupid enough to be offering to illegally import prescription medications from India is he??? That is 100% illegal and potentially dangerous. I would be reporting that to Flake Book immediately. Flag it, report it, that's serious enough to be actionable.

happy red mogul balloon! said...

if you need medicines far more cheaply, and legal, I can have friends who are doctors in India send them.

totally illegal. what a fucking idiot. you have to wonder why these people associate with him.

Anonymous said...

That Face Book post regarding the drugs has been maked as Abuse, etc.