Monday, April 2, 2012

Jimmy D to Kal K. Korff: PROVE IT!

KIAI commenter Jimmy D has issued the following challenge to Kal K. Korff: "
"Buy the latest edition of 'The Times of India' (which is sold nationwide, so don't tell us you couldn't find a copy) and have yourself photographed holding it with the top front page headline clearly visible. Then post that photo on your Facebook page on the same day on which it was taken."
Kal's public claims of being in India have been heavily questioned and since Kal likes to say that it is up to others to prove their claims then lads I would like to see Kal live up to his own if any standard for once. Time to put it up or shut it up Kal.

Oh and lads we are now the NUMBER 1 GOOGLE search hit for Kal Korff.


Anonymous said...

I agree. Korff's a huge coward. He's been asked to appear on Big Don Ecker's show and he ran away based on fake lawyer threat, etc.

Kal Korff is a fucking pussy.

Kal Korff I dare you to do anything of substance against anyone.



Little baby boy of the highest order.

Hide, Korff. Keeping hiding hoping people will not see this blog or the Korffie Leak site.

It's over asshole.

Come and get us ass wipe.


Jimmy D said...

Yeah, come and get us, ass wipe.

I'd say having the Prague Police keep my and F1's respective residences under 24-hour surveillance (how long has it been now, F1? Two years?) constitutes and outrageous misuse of public funds.

You are lying scum, Korff. You are worthless vermin.

Jimmy D said...

I'm waiting, Karlton.

*WE'RE* waiting.

Anonymous said...

Korff, no mention of anything related to his old, fake and lying life and ways. It seems it's all gone away.

Gee, I wonder why?

Maybe because it's all now laid out for anyone to see and he can't hide from it or try to hide it through lying anymore.

That damn internet Korff. You posted and it, we poached it and now the truth is posted forever.

Some genius.

Come get us Kalvin. What? You can't? My God, the truth for once.

F-you Kal Karlton Korff.

F-You! Ha, ha, ha!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Korff hasn't logged on to his main youtube channel for almost a year. No new videos, no mention of anything on Facebook related to his past fake life. Gee, I wonder why? Ha, ha, ha! Come out and play faker.

About SecretXWars

The "X" in Secret "X" Wars is like a variable in a math equation, it stands for many things. Whether it involves exposing bogus claims in the so-called "paranormal," to hunting down and bringing rogue cops and terrorists to justice; or working to bring about positive social change such as fighting against hatred, intolerance, and those who hate, the Secret "X" Wars covers it all.

And nothing at the India paper for almost a month...

Run away little man.

Anonymous said...

Kolonel Kal K Korff --- The Legendary LOSER! Run Kalvin . . Run!

Don Ecker said...

Well, greetings Korffing Syndicate ... I see you are all well and going strong! Just wanted to make a small note.

Monday, April 02, 2012 on my radio program I hosted Mr. Guy Weddle. Weddle, as many of you know incurred Korff's anger some time ago and suffered Korff going after him on You Tube. Of course Korff also went after David Biedny, Kevin Randle, myself, Royce Meyers and a number of other people prior to everyone here including FN, to clip Korff's toe nails. Now ol' Kal pretty much keeps his flapping fat mouth shut, eh Kalvin? Well at anyrate I could not let this pass and made sure I gave a huge plug to this site and FN's stellar Korff expose site on the show. Just wanted to let you know Kalvin, I still now and again think about you --- bunky. Still may do another 2 hour epic on you, will let you all know.

So Kalvin, have you figured out yet that you should keep your words short and sweet cause they have a way of coming back and biting a huge chunk outta ur flabby ass?

Don Ecker
Dark Matters Radio

Anonymous said...

Big Don Ecker kicks ass, major flabby Korff ass!

So Mr. Weddle never, ever heard from Korff's laywers, was never served, never nothing.

Ass wipe Korff.

Come out and play Korffie!

Namby Pamby KFC eating f-wade.

Please Kalvin, please shut down that Korffie Leak site! We dare you. You good for nothing waste of breath.

You rock Big Don Ecker!

You suck chubbies Little Kalvin Karlton Korff.


Jimmy D said...

Still waiting, Karlton.

You really aren't in India, are you?

Liar. Scum.

Anonymous said...

You remember the iPad’s for Peace scam, and the connection to Dayton, Ohio and a non existent museum, etc. The assumption is that Korff “stole” the idea, or came up with the idea after “friending” Lonnie Franks (a war hero) on Facebook.

Here’s a direct link to the Frank’s information:

From time to time Frank’s still responds to Korff’s posts. Here’s the web site Franks is associated with, “we” can leave a message in the contact area.

Stay professional please.


Lighthouse Technologies, Inc.
1430 Oak Court, Suite 101
Dayton, OH 45430

Phone: 937.458.0055
Fax: 937.458.0066

How's it feel Korff. Ass wipe.

Anonymous said...

Korffing Scribd Update

Feb 19th was the last time Korff posted anything to this site.

April 1, Korff's posts a retread of his UFO Corso material.

Some syndicated reporter. Almost 2 full months and no new material.

Lying liar.

You've been exposed ass wipe.

Tell him so:

Anonymous said...

One of three Korff scibd followers:

Send away.

Anonymous said...

Two of three Korff scribd followers:

Send away.

Anonymous said...

The last Korff scribd follower didn't post their e-mail address...

Please get the word out to any and all UFO, Bigfoot and JFK web sites and forums.

Anonymous said...

Korffie Leak Web Site Update

The Korffing Syndicate have over 30 new images to support at least a dozen Korff claims and lies as proven confabulation.

Much of this material is laughable as Korff calls out war heros as fakes and himself as a man with honor.

Expect an update in a few days.

The Korffing Syndicate

Jimmy D said...

Just remember, KalIsrael.

All you have to do is

a/ apologise profusely, unambiguoslly, publicly and in full to all those whom you have hurt over the years.
b/ haul down your entire Internet presence, permenantly.

and all this can go away.

Its up to you, Karlton.

Anonymous said...

Nah, to tell the truth "This stuff will NOT GO DOWN!!" First off you all know korff will NEVER admit he is a LYING FRAUD, or that he INTENTIONALLY TRIED TO HURT PEOPLE!"

If necessary, I will make sure this stays up on the Net FORFUCKINGEVER. Korffy, you be owned AssHat .. YOU BE OWNED. Get used to it!!!!!!!!!

Jimmy D said...

I believe it is important that we offer "Colonel" Korff the chance of redemption, even if we know full well that he will never take it.

I assume, however, that this is the minority view.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by ass-wipe! Run you little bitch, you can't hide.

The world (maybe a few a week) do a Kal Korff search and just look what they find, forever, and for the rest of your lying life.

Kal Korff: Hi everyone, hope you are all well.

I have been a "bad boy" not posting many of my articles lately, I think I posted none of them for March, even though I had several more published in the press. Here's one which came out today, it is a brief but hard hitting expose of the USA's involvement in and support of opium and heroin growing and processing in Afghanistan. The expose names names and what really happened, facts which the lamestream liberal media ignores.

Anonymous said...

Come on back to the States korff. A lot of folks here really, I mean really! want to see you. Jew got splaining to do Lucy. Jew got splaining to do.

And sooner or later asshole, you will.

Anonymous said...

You are worthless scum, Korff.

Anonymous said...

Yup, IMHO Kalvin is worth LESS that used toilet paper. Less. What a legacy to leave behind.

Anonymous said...

This is very interesting but typical for Korff. The only press to ever follow Korff was Korff’s own press; his subway newsletter and his own website. Now that a newspaper in India has taken to posting a small portion of Korff’s articles, why is it that Korff hasn’t yet used this as an opportunity to spread his claims and lies?

Gee, maybe because he knows if he tried, the Korffing Syndicate would be all over it with a massive e-mail campaign targeting the website.

Today Korff had an article posted which gets dangerously close to repeating his past behavior. Korff claims a friendship with William Casey (this info can be found on the Korffie Leak web site) and Korff’s new article drops Casey’s name, etc., putting past Korff lies and claims just to the side of this articles information. Korff does leave himself out of it, for now.


The Unknown Korffer said...

Just give it up Kalvin. You're finished and you know it. For instance, you will never be able to apply for another legitimate job for the rest of your pathetic waste of a life. Not without someone finding that website while looking into whom you claim to be. One ridiculous lie after the other & your application shredded as the person tries to suppress the revulsion of having been in the same room with such a crawling maggot.

If you did meet William Casey once that association never left the room with him. He forgot about you by the time he was out the door. You were just another stupid fucking kid like the rest of us, not a gifted scholar or wonder kid from a Steven Spielberg movie. Just another putz from the west coast drifting through life using and abusing as you can get away with it. Typical California slacker. The UFO thing is over, the JFK thing is over, the Bigfoot thing is over, the Colonel Klink thing is over, and your "whenever I feel like it" newspaper writer scam never caught on. You're a fraud and a failure.

Anonymous said...

That about sums it up. Well put!