Wednesday, July 16, 2014

This might not be the best idea - Question #3

The Syndicate contacted Big Don Ecker and we asked him to answer a few of our questions. Mr. Ecker granted our request.

Question #3 

Did you ever receive any communications or documentation that was the result of Korff’s threats?

Never, at least not real lawyer communications. There were several emails I did receive claiming to be from Attorneys at Law which were fraudulent. One very prominent attorney in southern California I ended up calling when Korff fraudulently used his name in an attempt to intimidate me. Of course Korff, who was then in Europe felt he was untouchable. And Korff, in touch with his sociopathic personality, managed to “use” people who have or had limited English skills, as backup in his scams. One, which by the way I felt very sorry for, was Martina Tycova. Korff is simply a creature with no conscience, no sense of right or wrong, just a despicable excuse for a human being.

I will sue you Don Ecker!!!
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Anonymous said...

If a person who is new to this lunatic needed a primer, an introduction, into what makes Kal Korff, Kal Korff, this post would be it. The Ecker text, the links and the images... says it all.

Chasing windmills indeed.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I watched those 2 videos... Amazing, everything Korff claimed or threatened, none of it happened; no e-mails or legal documents were ever posted, anywhere. Korff told Ecker that his lawyers told him to not appear on Ecker’s show, then Korff stole the name and information of a lawyer from Los Angles and he wrote an e-mail, using an anonymous e-mail server, to threaten Ecker again. Don called the lawyer and they both had a guarded laugh about the whole thing.

Now that’s fully lunatic behavior! Stealing the name and business information from a guy who actually exists!?! My God, this Korff douche is really out of his mind.

Anonymous said...

Blast from the past....

From the Kult of Kal blog

January 5, 2010 at 3:01 AM

"Anyway.. a bunch of us knew Kal at Boeing. None of us are sure what he did. He never really explained much and no one seemed to miss Kal when he left. In fact I think his own manager even said "He quit? When? I mean OH.. ok.. well we'll move on then."

At first I thought that was more a reflection of Boeing's backward-ass corporate culture... now I wonder.."

Anonymous said...

This posting was so "on the money" I decided to re-post it today. Ladies and Gentlemen ... from June 17th, 2014 I give you ...

"In short this is why Kal has attracted the kind of attention he has, Because Kal K. Korff has:
~Claimed he was a spy for a non-existent Israeli military intelligence agency
~Claimed that he would sue and have people who disagreed with or exposed him sued and arrested
~Stalked people claiming that his agents were following them and it was just a matter of time before they went to jail or lost their jobs. I think he called some peoples employers too.
~Said he had a 500 book publishing deal
~Told people he was employed by Lawrence Livermore national Labs and worked on the Star Wars Project when the truth was he just did low level technical support on computers
~Made up a story about creating something at Apple that he had nothing to do with
~Took advantage of a philanthropist and used this person's name to foot the bill for electronic products. Kal stole Apple electronics and sold them.
~Told people he was a CIA agent
~He's a complete homophobe, all around liar, proven thief, delusional dickhead and all around fucking asshole."

And, allow me to add ... those are this fucking fat little Troll's ... Good Points!

"They Weren't Green" said...

It must feel so honored to be humbled like this.

Anonymous said...

I didn't feel good tonight and I needed to throw up so I came here, looked at Kal's picture...MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!


still not sued

Anonymous said...

And, allow me to add ... those are this fucking fat little Troll's ... Good Points!

Anonymous said...

Stopping by today I really looked at that photo of korff titled "The face of hatred, jealousy and rage" and compared it to the blog's most recent picture of the obese and bloated korff and shit, he looked good then ... well kind of compared to what a fat, lard assed and bloated beach ball the troll is now. Sorry but I just kind of need to remark on the asshole. Bye for now ..

Anonymous said...

Remark away! :-)

Anonymous said...

Here is my remark: There is nothing I hate more than a pedo. Except a pedo setting up his own school (albeit imaginary) to increase his chances of easy pickings.

The Indian constabulary have been informed, Kalvin. I'd get the fuck out of there, if I were you.

You'd disgust a dung beetle, Korff. You are an even lower form of life that the calcareous sponge.

You are a disgrace.

Anonymous said...


Get a... dick shun airy, Kalvin.


Jimmy D said...

Kalvin - could you please have the decency to avoid pontificating on the latest news from Ukraine.

Thank you, turdworm.