Tuesday, February 24, 2015

8 dead in Czech restaurant shooting and madman kills himself

Well lads I thought that bloody pile of fat bloated waste of space Kal had finally done it but it looks like it was someone else. I saw this story on the tele and was surpised it wasn't Kal because I thought for sure the chubby little loser had waddled his fat arse back into the Czech Republic and hit his maximum level of mad and snapped. http://www.voanews.com/content/czech-republic-shooting-uhersky-brod/2656605.html
I'm really surprised it wasn't that twat Kernal Korff. Hearts out to the victims of this shooting. So where were you Kernal Korff? Where was Kernal Korff and super special secret dung pile forces? Thats right!!! Kal had to dash out of Prague as fast as his fat little feet would carry him after he stole from people here who he conned into trusting his lying stealing fat ass.


Anonymous said...

HOLY SHIT!!! The return of KIAI???????? Wow. One of the oldest Korffers around. Long live KIAI. Fuck Kal Korff!

Anonymous said...

Yes, but I doubt Kalvin would manage to point the business end of a gun in the right direction - and manage to pull the trigger - all at the same time.

Kalvin has the looney toons, but not the minimal amount of brains, required.

Anonymous said...

I know this will be quickly (and "rightfully", as Kalvin would say) deleted by the moderator, but I have to say it: For his lies, his thefts, his betrayals, for the misery that he has caused to so many people, Kalvin Karlton Korff deserves to be thrashed until he begs for mercy. And then some.

And I have no doubt that someday, that will happen.

Apologise publicly, Karlton. In full. And then disappear.

Anonymous said...

WAG Face Book Update

Kal Korff: I believe one should always CONFRONT "critics" and make short work of them. I am not him, but I would have met with people like Feinstein, who invited him, what harm does it do?

You do, really. Well bring it on, fucker!

Fucking pussy.

Anonymous said...

Very nice to see KIAI stopping by for a visit and post.

Recently Korff posted some memes on his locked down Facebook wall regarding the lies of newscaster, Brain Williams.

Of course we Korffer’s see the humor in Korff calling out somebody else for claiming things they either never did, or that they did do but not in the way they now represent the events.

We’re working on modifying these memes to present the truth.

Suck on it Korff.

Wanna debate? Step up asshole.

Anonymous said...

Korff is evil. He is an evil person.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. You are scum, Korff.

Jimmy D said...

I wonder how dirtbag Kurtis is settling back into civilian life. By robbing someone, probably.

Jimmy D said...

How is it that the sister can live a quiet, blameless life and the two brothers have to go around spreading such misery?

It's spring here in Prague, Kalvin. Or nearly. The end of winter is in sight. For you, there is just differing degrees of unbearable heat, and filth, and stink. I'm sure you fit right in there.

Why ever did you move?

Anonymous said...

She got married and has been influenced by better people.

I did find her, her married last name, location, etc.

I won't contact her.


Jimmy D said...

Oh, absolutely. I have no wish to torment her. Or M*ch**la K*c*s. I have no intention of hounding any of the innocent women whose paths have crossed with Kalvin Karlton Korff's.

But I have every intention of hounding and harassing you, Kalvin. To your grave (and beyond).

Anonymous said...

And I thought Kal looked like shit when that picture was taken. If he looked like shit then, what does he look like now? A cross between Jabba the Hut and the decaying carcass of a whale rotting on the beach. What a disgusting individual. Nobody from Kal's past really misses him.

Anonymous said...

He has diabetes, it looks like.

I doubt the chump has medical insurance, so we can look forward to the declaration of a worldwide "so long, Kalvin" holiday sooner rather than later.

When that day comes, you will have some explaining to do to your maker, Korff.

Anonymous said...

WAG Face Book Update

Of course you did Korff, you and hundreds of others at the Star Trek Convention held in San Jose, California.

See folks, this asshole is always adding to and elaborating on stories.

Korff acts as though he sat down with Spock, had lunch with him, etc.

You were "able to get tickets".

Fuck You Korff. Just fuck you.

Kal Korff: TRUE STORY - Over the years I have met several different members of the cast of Star Trek, my favorite science fiction series, Spock remains my favorite character.
I met Leonard Nimoy when he was doing publicity in the Bay Area for Star Trek IV, which of course takes place in the Bay Area. He was very charming, had a great sense of humor, loved to share jokes and anecdotes; just a really great person to be around. It was interesting to see that he was Spock, that the character fit his personality, while of course also being human.

I was able to get tickets to see him because I was working at Apple/Claris at the time, and the Macintosh was featured in the show, the iconic scene where Mr. Scott picks up its mouse and starts talking to it, wondering why the Mac won't answer.
This was YEARS before Siri existed of course smile emoticon

Star Trek was and remains an "inspiration" to people at Apple, it's understandable. Not only was my own cube at work then lined with posters of detailed cutaway engineering blueprints of the Enterprise, so were many of my friends and roommate at that time.
We even got to meet one of Star Trek's legendary prop makers, became friends, and we used to buy stuff from him.

The FIRST member of Star Trek I ever met was years earlier than Nimoy, it was William Shatner. I asked him about his "UFO" sighting and he told me all about it.

When the two were together at Star Trek conventions, it was "magic" -- it was always fascinating to hear their side stories and behind the scenes tales.

I wish he could have lived to be in the new, upcoming 50th anniversary of the Star Trek, the new movie coming out next year; rumor is that Shatner will be. George Takei, Marina Sirtis, Patrick Stewart, Denise Crosby, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, just some really wonderful people.

I'm not a robot said...

Disgustometer reading off the scale. Nobody would have been more repulsed by the human trash Kal Korff evolved into than Spock. Whom to Korff is apparently just another fictional character like James Bond or Captain Crunch, and his human actor a handy celebrity to brag about having "met". Just another person to use for a little bit of scant attention on social media. What a motherfucker you are, MR. Korff.

It is obvious from Kal's highly illogical, completely anti-humanistic and totally self centered agenda that he learned NOTHING from the character, the show, or the franchise.

Just more lies to be told -- like dinner with the troops.

Fuck off, Kal.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Kal Korff

Ajit Chak: Would make an excellent write up for the Daily Post India it could go in Daily Life Kal Korff.

Kal Korff: Hi, I have already sent in his obituary, I wrote it this morning right after the news hit and sent it into Daily Post, adding small info about my short interactions with him, I’ll send you the piece by email. I think your idea is a great one, but should be AFTER this straight up obit piece because there is so much info to communicate about him in the obit piece. Example, he was a author, like you, poet, accomplished photographer and director, etc.

Anyway, how about doing a JOINT piece in a day or so? Would love to collaborate with you on it.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Kal Korff

Kal Korff: OK, this can go on forever, but YES, actor Brent Spiner (Commander Data of Star Trek The Next generation) is a Jew, Leonard Nimoy and Shatner both Jews, and Klingon Worf's adoptive parents, they were in a couple of episodes, they are certainly Jewish.
I can just see this now, at some point from the Middle East, they'll start to be "Star Trek" pirate novels by extremists CONplaining about the Zionist Federation of Planets, or how Jews were exiled to Vulcan and beyond.
Oi vey!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Jesus you're an idiot kal Korff.

Kal Korff: I am SURPRISED many people seem not to have known that Leonard Nimoy (aka Mr. Spock) was a Jew.
Well, CAPTAIN KIRK, aka William Shatner, is ALSO JEWISH. I'm not kidding. Not bad for a "little farm boy" from Iowa, is it??

Anonymous said...

My God, WAG tell's us that Korff has gone nuts posting Star Trek is Jewish material for hours now.

Korff has really nothing in his life so....

He grabs Start Trek Jewishness and Korff made up Jewishness, that's right I said it, made up Jewishness, to make Kalvin feel.... special. One of the Chosen.

Spock had to die to allow Kal Korff to feel special for a couple of days.

Fuck you Kal Korff.

Jimmy D said...

I really do despise you, Karlton.

Just had a nice day cross country skiing up in the north of the Czech Republic with my real-life wife and real-life son.

How did you spend your day with your imaginary wife and imaginary son "Colonel"? Picking up turds?

I'm not a robot said...

Most people may not have known about the spiritual leanings of the Star Trek actors because they were actors who kept their private lives private. They did or do not wear their religion on their fucking sleeves as something to manipulate people with because they are earnest in their beliefs, pursue them privately, and aren't complete motherfucking assholes.

But let's let Kal Korff's obsession with the actors who played on Star Trek run its course. My question would be, how many of them have or had orders of protection against Kal Korff for stalking?

Anonymous said...

I wrote it this morning right after the news hit and sent it into Daily Post, adding small info about my short interactions with him, I’ll send you the piece by email.

TRANSLATION: the article will be about Kal Korff, and must be emailed since it will not actually be printed or posted to the Daily Post's ineptly engineered website.

Anyway, how about doing a JOINT piece in a day or so? Would love to collaborate with you on it.

And that's how it starts. I hope that individual actually looks into whom Korff is and the endless parade of "collaborators" he burned, used, deceived, manipulated, stole the identities of, created fake romances about, ripped off, paraded around like prizes and were eventually estranged from once the targets learned of how Korff was using their identities. He is an insincere loser, a stalker, a liar, a thief and about the worst nightmare anyone could end up working years to blot from their professional legacy.


Anonymous said...

Here it is.... And, Korff... you're wrong yet again, Spock directed two Star Trek movie. You fucking ass wipe.

Here's the article I wrote for Daily Post India about the passing of Leonard Nimoy. The personal story got cut because of space limitations, which is understandable, so I enclose that text as well, it was a paragraph below the last one which appears in the newspaper today.


Nimoy was more than an actor. He also directed several Star Trek movies and did TV shows in different genres, including being a cast member in the original weekly series Mission Impossible, decades before it morphed into movies starring Tom Cruise. He wrote books, poetry and was an accomplished professional photographer with articles, portfolios and exhibits to his credit.

I met Nimoy when he was promoting his new film, Star Trek IV. He was funny, charming, very witty and had a great sense of humor. I asked him if the character ‘Spock’ was the best one for him on the show? What if he had been cast to play Captain Kirk and Shatner had been asked to play the role of Spock, in other words the exact opposite?

Nimoy’s answer was priceless, “No, that would have been illogical.”

Anonymous said...


"several" means more than three. you were wrong, Kal. and when professional journalists are wrong they issue a correction. we will be waiting to see how long it takes you. as for your amusing anecdote about querying Nimoy about anything I say its a lie. thats because


happy red mogul balloon! said...

lol kal fucked with the star trek fans! now he's in for it. let the ridicule bandwagon roll!


Brit_in_Prague said...

Well, Kalvin, I just had a nice Sunday. Rose late, enjoyed a nice roast lunch cooked by Mrs Brit, went to the gym for an hour, then watched England play Ireland at rugby in the James Joyce Irish bar over a couple of pints of the black stuff. I think I'll have a bath now and perhaps a little rumpy pumpy with Mrs Brit before turning in. Or maybe I'll watch a bit of the cricket world cup.

Just a happy, humdrum Sunday here in Prague.

How was your Sunday, Kalvin?

Anonymous said...

Interesting... When was the last time WAG updated us on Korff watching rugby?


Anonymous said...

Kal, you'd be lucky if a great man like Leonard Nimoy shit in your mouth. You probably never met the guy and likely were on a list of his stalkers, you worthless fuck. Keep riding those trains as they come through Kal and maybe one day you'll finally fall off one and fucking die.

Brit_in_Prague said...

Rugby not the issue. Could just as well be gridiron or hockey or fisbee. The point is I see no signs of Kalvin living the kind of life one would expect him to lead as a loving father and husband. iPads for Peace, sowing whatsits along the India/Pakistan border, breaking up neo-Nazi marches in Prague, top-secret operations in the former East Germany - yes. But even Eisenhower threw a football in the backyard and helped his kids with their homework.

Anonymous said...

Hell, we've never seen a photo of his "wife", no photos of his "mothers" visit it Shitville, no mention of the death of his Step Father, nothing.

Good point.

Jimmy D said...

"...no mention of the death of his Step Father, nothing."
--- oops - you let the cat out of the bag, there, FN...

Anonymous said...

Nimoy was more than an actor. He also directed several Star Trek movies and did TV shows in different genres ...

Oxforddictionaries.com offers the following definition for several

"Definition of several in English:
determiner& pronoun

More than two but not many:
[AS DETERMINER]: the author of several books
[AS PRONOUN]: Van Gogh was just one of several artists who gathered at Auvers
several of his friends attended"

Of the theatrical Star Trek films Nimoy directed "The Search for Spock" and "The Voyage Home". Two.

Anonymous said...

You're really not very bright, are you, Korff?

Anonymous said...

Just looking at the photo of you in front of the Petrin Hill sculpures, Korff.

How did someone go from looking like shit to looking like total and udder shit in the space of only four or five years?

For Chrissake, man. Go on a diet. go for a run. Even go and sweep up some crap off the streets (provided you do so at a swift trot). But don't just sit in your single-bed slum all day pigging out on junk food and jacking off.

Anonymous said...

New thread, maybe?

Dirtbag brother?

Anonymous said...

WAG says, "here's one for our CZ friends....

Kal Korff Hi, thanks for asking.

I was asked to come on stage to accept the award for our Football team, Soccer, when I was a columnist in Europe and photo editor for Metropolitni Expres newspaper, and wrote my Kal's Korner column then. We came in second place, which was great.

I wasn't expecting to go on stage at all, so I was not dressed for the occasion. I wore the texas Stetson of what the Czechs called my "George Bush" hat because it was a gift from a real cowboy friend and it was a great way to promote the paper and column because people would know it was me walking around since cowboy hats are rare in Prague.

I remember one time I got a yellow card in a football match because the ref KNEW I did not understand Czech so I ignored him, didn't know he was talking to me... our coach bitched him out which was only right.

I really miss the GREAT and incredible people I worked with at that newspaper. We were so successful, after only two years in print, our competitor we dethroned in the Czech market, BOUGHT us out! Go figure.

Brit_in_Prague said...

You fat fraud, Korff.

"We were so successful, after only two years in print, our competitor we dethroned in the Czech market, BOUGHT us out."
... and immediately canned you!

"photo editor"
--- You BLOODY LIAR. Just like you were "Chief Operating Officer [sic] at The Prague Post.

Why do you have to lie all the time, Karlton? Why?

Brit_in_Prague said...

"I wasn't expecting to go on stage at all, so I was not dressed for the occasion."
--- no, "Colonel", you certainly weren't. You were dressed like a tramp - [fourth photo down, here: http://www.freekurtis.org/Korff_Klothes/Korff_Klothes.html

Anonymous said...

So the only reason he would have worn proper attire was if he was getting something for that effort?

So other than getting something for the effort of wearing some proper clothing to an awards party it's A-OK (as far as you see it) to wear your "cleaning the yard" clothes.

You fucking asshole.

Jimmy D said...

Scum. Pure scum.

Anonymous said...

The book or series of books are now 6 months past the last promised release date. That makes it....

11 years and 6 months past due.


Sadly this non book is still listed on Amazon. We've had it pulled on a number of occasions. One assumes Korff sheds a tear and they put it back up there...


Brit_in_Prague said...

Still waiting for your "fact-checking commentary" on Obama's Prague speech, "Colonel" ...

Anonymous said...

125: Claimed to have attended an Obama speech in the CZ and would release a report on the speech. Never did.


Jimmy D said...

Haven't heard much about your Triple S activities recently, "Colonel". Have you retired? What with events in Syria and Ukraine, I'd have thought the need for your supernatural powers would be at a premium.

Lying piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

Stolen Valor

Anonymous said...


That is nothing shy of academic fraud. Claiming credit for a "book" which has never been written. College professors lose tenure over such accusations, for Kalvin Korff it is business as usual. He is a cheat, a liar, a fraud, a crook, and thankfully a nobody living a nothing live in nowhere land.

Anonymous said...

The reason Kal is no longer employed by Metropolitni Expres is because the company that bought the paper fired his lying fat ass. They literally smelled Kal a mile away and knew they didn't want to be involved with a pathological liar. Kal had to run all the way to Prague in order to try to dupe people and he thought he was going to make it big here because he thought of himself as the big American personality who was going to impart his wisdom to the uneducated masses. And look at how it was so nice to see your bullshit archived for all to look at later and see what a filthy lying sack of shit you are Kal http://vice.idnes.cz/novinari.aspx?idnov=694

Brit_in_Prague said...

Kal raps on the theme of missile defence (the proposed "star wars" missile shield): http://zpravy.idnes.cz/czech-miss-isle-da-fense-0s2-/domaci.aspx?c=A080221_152157_anglictina_bar

I mean, this was an English language teaching column.

The real scandal was that the original owners didn't can his ass for the two or three years that Metropolitni express was in existence.

Anonymous said...

wow what a condescending asshole you are, kal! those articles are a laugh riot. like anyone really asked if you were a missionary. lol

why not link those up for all your facebooks pals and show them what a dickhead you really are!

Anonymous said...


Kal Korff: We MUSt do MORE to help the brave people who serve our country. The Obama administration has spent tens of BILLIONS since "promising" to "fix" the problems at the Veterans Administration, yet 22, count them, 22 American Vets KILL THEMSELVES each DAY! That's 660 AMERICANS DYING EACH MONTH! SHAME on CONgress.

Chinmoy Roy: Aw shucks. We need to stop these croc tears. The best thing we can do for these folks is not send them to war in foreign lands in the first. We are not fired up to fight, they have no interest to fight, it is only the US oil barons who want to fight these wars not at their expense but instead at the expense of theses young men and women.

Kal Korff: I am NOT heeding "crocodile" tears, Chinmoy, my concern for their welfare is sincere and legitimate. I'm sorry you don't seem to feel this way. Of course the best way ideally for ANY soldier is to never have to face war. But when terrorist attacks like 9/11 happen, it is inevitable.

Fact remains that PTSD has NEVER been dealt with properly by the American government, period. Dating back at least since Vietnam.

Chinmoy Roy: Kal, why do you take everything personally. It is not my intent to carry on a discussion through personal attacks and consider it as a " healthy discussion" after doing so. My comments are directed to the system in general. The powers that be in DC ...See More

Kal Korf: f Chinmoy, when you said "WE" that also includes me. While I thank you for clarifying, I don't have crocodile tears on any issue I know of, just letting you know. I either believe it or I don't more so than not.

You'd have to ask both the Democrats and Republicans WHY they keep doing things to implode this great nation. It is for this reason that I no longer support either of these parties and have said since late last century that things will get much worse before they have any chance of getting better.

I base this on my observations of how many issues and people and politicians are just into so much avoidance. Problems not solved today tend to get worse over time.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that "implode" was a transative verb, professor. But you being an English teacher, I'll bow to your judgement.


I'm not a robot said...

Dinner with the troops, Kal. You were eager to exploit servicepeople for praise from your Facebook friends for lying about having Thanksgiving dinner on a base in Afghanistan. I believe a cousin figured into the fraud as well, which everyone knew was a lie. You never even came close to serving in the military of any country.

Now you expect the same crew you lied to about dinner with the troops to praise you for allegedly being concerned about the wellbeing of veterans. After exploiting them, stealing their valor, including dressing up in a costume which mocks their dedication. Nobody is buying your steaming pile of shit anymore.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff Star Trek obsession c.2007

1) http://zpravy.idnes.cz/to-boldly-go-chy-/domaci.aspx?c=A070920_121323_anglictina_bar

2) http://zpravy.idnes.cz/here-come-the-trekkers-part-2-d1t-/domaci.aspx?c=A070926_121252_anglictina_bar

Interestingly there is NO MENTION of having "met" Leonard Nimoy in either "article".

Stop_LYING_Korff said...

That's because he's a liar.

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

Some changes to the liars FB information

Special Advisor to Owner, Columnist, Investigative Journalist at Daily Post India and President and CEO at CriticalThinkers.org, KalKorff.com

No family listed.

Birthday March 13 - 53 years old

The Unknown Korffer said...

Good to see the blog hopping again. And many thanks for the idines link -- What a treasure trove of Korffing material, months of content to ponder over. No wonder Kalvin brags about his contributions there but refuses to link it up for his Flakebook followers. On the surface it looks impressive.

Then the racism, homophobia, sexism, bigotry, xenophobia, fanaticism, obsession after obsession comes clear. The three-part visit to the gay bar is particularly enlightening and surely a fantasy concocted under the false pretense that it would be FUNNY. It wasn't, rather pathetic, ugly and ignorant instead.

And super duper creepiness in the followup articles to the Express Dinners scam, especially the one decorated with a softcore image of a naked model provocatively posed in a bathtub. Was that all her kind welcome meant to you, Kal? Another basis for a fantasy? No surprise that there weren't more dinners in spite of the "hundreds" of email invitations boasted of. Creepy creepy creepy stuff.

And indeed his use of pictures suggesting at least partial nudity or utilizing poses which could be construed as suggestive is quite eye opening. Here is a buffoon with just no clue about women in general and zero discretion on what would be appropriate to decorate his ramblings with. If I had been that woman's husband or brother Kal would have gotten an unexpected visit from me at the newsroom.

Then the forays into personal obsessions, the last one apparently finding English instruction content in his meddling with the Kurtis Korff Kase. After which the Kal Kontent ends abruptly. Conclusion: They got fed up with it and Kal was TERMINATED. Fired. Dismissed. And there goes that welcome visa. Yeah, I'd hesitate to share that link with my people too.

Anonymous said...

The link again for those who may have missed it.


Jimmy D said...

Ah, but there was so much more before Kal's Korner went online.

Originally, Metropolitni expres was just a printed rag that was handed out on public transport. (It was then re-posted in truncated form on indes.cz; after Metropolitni expres was closed, it ran for a short while on idnes.cz.) It was, however, scanned and posted online every day.

How I wish I'd known that this blog would emerge and that I'd at that time had the knowledge of Adobe Acrobat (and the wit) to cut and save Korff's columns for future entertainment.

I remember one column written on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor in which he claimed that this date marked the beginning of World War 2. That must have sparked a shit storm of readers' letters, because the next day, he posted a "follow up" article explaining that the war only became a World War when all the world's continents became involved.

A reader then pointed out that Canada declared war at the same time as Britain (along with all the other British colonies strung out across the globe). Another reader pointed out that by some people's reckoning, WW2 started when Japan invaded China in 1938. Then someone else pointed out that using Korff's logic, there never was a world war at all, since Antarctica stayed out of the conflict.

It went on and on. Eventually, Karlton wound things up by declaring that - after much "mutually respectful dialogue and discussion" - he was right.

Being Kal, of course, he signed off with one of his trademark guilt trips, declaring that anyone who disagreed was spitting on the graves of the soldiers and sailors who perished on the day that will live in infamy.

I think that was when I truly first started to loathe the guy.

Jimmy D said...

Clarification for Korff historians:

1/ Originally, Metropolitni expres was just a printed rag that was handed out on public transport. It was, however, scanned and posted online every day.

2/ Then it ran simultaneously (i) in full form in Metropolitni expres (in print and online pdf form) and (ii) (in truncated form) on idnes.cz

3/ Finally, after Metropolitni expres folded (it was not bought out, as Kalvin lied), it continued in truncated form on idnes.cz for a short while.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Many thanks for the rundown on verifiable accurate data. I had encountered repostings of the Metropolitni Kontent but not this repository of fail. The funniest part is that in all likelihood it will be there for ever. What a legacy of shame.

Anonymous said...


Maybe we will find time to post a whole new section on the web site so this material is hosted there and not lost....

If someone wants to start working on this; a word processor would be okay, and take threads that are worthy of this time, put them together for us and we'll modify to web code and post away.