Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Truth Pisses Down on Kal K. Korff

We think it’s time for an update. After the amazing response the Syndicate received regarding the radio appearance of our own Kal Israel, the flood gates have opened up regarding new information and historical (and hysterical) events that we thought were done and over with but surprise, surprise… they are not.

* Santa in a Floppy Hat is going to start doing live broadcasts on YouTube. This thing is hosted on the Youtube platform and we think you need to be part of Google+. It's all new to use. Anyway, add yourself to Kal Israel's circle (the host and SIAFH connection device). If you see yourself there and it's not right, etc., add yourself again. We will sort this out. Join the fun!

Click this link and join the circle or, if you know how to deal with this YouTube Live Broadcasting thing in a simpler way (we have to be a member of + to broadcast), help us out with a blog post.

* One of our newest members, Andre, has sent us some very interesting and very current information. We our combing through this information and we are sure that it will make for one (if not more) very enlightening threads.

* One of our most senior Korffer’s is putting the final touches on a new thread.

* A blog user of unknown origin has promised some material with (what looks to be) a more educated view, you know... some $10 words. We like, we like.

* We’ve been working on securing some old data to flesh and some very interesting events from the hallowed, humbled and honored Korffing year - circa 2009. We are closing in on this information for what we hope will be our year ending thread to celebrate of our 8th year of monitoring and exposing Kal K. Korff.

Lastly, we are trying to get more interest in Kal Isreal, FN, WAG and a few others to make more media appearances. You can help by contacting podcasts that are involved with the paranormal (UFO’s and Bigfoot) and podcast that are interested behavioral studies. Just think of it, maybe even Korff "media-giant" could be convinced that there really is more to Korff than they care to believe.

If you hit gold, please inform the Syndicate ~ kiaiblogspot@gmail.com

The Face May Change ~ The Lunacy Remains The Same


Anonymous said...

Holy shit!

Anonymous said...

Another way to research Korff?

Daily Post employees on video:


Anonymous said...

Looking at those photos of korff in this thread, one can almost see his descent into lunacy. One must wonder if that was caused organically or simply the lard asses refusal to grown up into a man. For example: his drama about being a "Colonel" or his drama about "leading a hunt" for Sadam's a-bombs. His drama hunting for "Neo-Nazi's" in Germany while holding mommy's hand. His constant threats of suing everyone and anyone who "dared" to question this lunatics LUNACY constantly on display on the www.

And lets face it, this moron is simply UNLIKABLE. So in the immortal words of "one Korffer" ... Fuck you Kalvin, You Piece of Shit!

Anonymous said...

Fuck you Kalvin, You Piece of Shit! Fuck you Kalvin, You Piece of Shit! Fuck you Kalvin, You Piece of Shit! Fuck you Kalvin, You Piece of Shit! Fuck you Kalvin, You Piece of Shit! Fuck you Kalvin, You Piece of Shit! Fuck you Kalvin, You Piece of Shit! Fuck you Kalvin, You Piece of Shit!

Anonymous said...

As much as I like this blog and the good works that it does to warn the world against Korff and people like him, I'm saddens that more people do not take the time and help and support the material that is needed to make it relevant and entertaining.

Not enough active Korffer's.


Anonymous said...

Hey I go to school with this guy who has a mental illness. Could you give me advice on how to create a cool website so I can make fun of him and harass him like you do about Kal. Because, as you know, nothing more fun than making fun of those that need serious psychiatric help.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but the comparison doesn't wash.

Has the person you mention targeted others in a systematic attempt at fraud? Has he routinely used the internet to harass, bully, intimidate and manipulate others? Has he tried to get people fired or removed from their work positions? Has he stolen the valor of those who have dedicated their lives to service for their countries for hollow praise and unearned attention? Has he stolen from, lied to and defrauded others by using the names & prominence of individuals within his community who welcomed him? And has he fled his home for reasons which suggest legal trouble that he is actively on the run from?

We're pretty convinced that Kal knows right from wrong and chooses to do what he does, though none of us would argue that mental illness plays a significant role in his equation. It is sad that those who are/were close to him have not done more to urge him to seek basic help. I'm sure even in India there are resourced available for Kal if he wants it. I also hope you will be there for your classmate in times of need and can help him navigate his path through life.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh I see, virtuous trolling.
By attacking Kal the same way he attacked others makes you right?????
My apologies, I was not aware you were an offshoot of Mensa.
I am by no means a religious person but I just returned from hearing the pope, and he's right that we need to be better as people. If Kal is attacking people and will not get help, then keep an eye on him. But all this fuck you Kal and eat shit. Where is this anything that needs to be said.
Kal needs help, and it's possible your attacks could send him over the edge. Of course I'm sure there are many on this site who would be high fiving each other should he kill himself.

Anonymous said...

You should take a long hard look at the comments. No matter what your original intentions were. This is a hate site no matter how you rationalize it. And as far as "We're pretty convinced that Kal knows right from wrong and chooses to do what he does", who made this diagnosis.
I could easily say Santa in a floppy hat is a borderline alcoholic from what I've seen and heard.

I am not defending Kal. I have zero tolerance for stolen valor, having had friend not come back from deployment.

What he does is wrong, and so is the way you go about it is as well no matter what you say.

I hope you change the tone of your message before someone does get hurt.

I wish all of you peace.

Kal Israel said...

Kal Korff got the attention he craved.

After Kal Korff got the attention he craved, albeit, not the attention he was hoping to get, his behavior changed.

A perfect process, no. A positive outcome, absolutely.

By the way, Santa does not drink nor does he do drugs. Santa took his on-screen persona from Korff himself; Korff said me made up his "character" to engage his haters to gather more information for his book, or series of books.

You are barking at the moon here friend.

Korff On.

Korffing Syndicate

Kal Israel said...

This is a direct response to this new Anonymous poster.

Of course we understand the downside of behaving in a similar manner Korff has since 1997. One (of many) exceptions is this; Ecker, Randle, Israel and many others took Korff at his word and we asked him to debate up on his claims.

Korff refuses; happy to leave a long list of people personally and professionally affected by his lunatic behavior.

An aside to a debate and as it has been posted many times before, all Korff has to do is to apology for stealing valor, for stealing Apple products and money from the CZ humanitarian and for harassing and bullying people in their private lives because they dared to question his claims, and all this will stop.

The blog, web site, youtube channel would go dormant, the monitoring would continue.

Korffer's; you see the information is getting out to a larger crowd through the efforts of Kal Israel asking Korff to debate him and the response to the Syndicate joining Twitter.

The Unknown Korffer said...

And again, the comparison just doesn't wash. Have you completely ignored his fake school scam? Creep you out a little maybe? Attacking Don Ecker or another adult OK. But he's preying on families and their children with that scam in a place where nobody has ever fucking heard of him before. That's why he is in India, so he can lie and manipulate to heart's content without anyone even knowing about him being a flying saucer. He can play school headmaster, military analyst and newspaper writer, have a desk in the newsroom with fake birthday parties and his inflatable doll dressed up like an Indian princess for a wife, get away with it and not have his past behavior or current intentions questioned. How can any of that be a good thing?

I'm personally fed up with people using mental illness as some sort of free pass for disruptive antisocial behavior that other people have to grab their heels and take without question. If you really care about Kal GET HIM THE FUCK OUT OF INDIA. Compel him to return home and face whatever it is he is on the run from -- You can't blame us for that, he did whatever it was that happened and Kal is the one who has to atone for it. That's called being responsible and I bet you'd see a lot of minds soften or change just by seeing something like that happen and I doubt the news cameras will be there at the airport, unless he has a problem with gaining entry to the USA. Until that takes place he's just another cyberpath using the internet to lie, cheat, and manipulate other people. Only good news is that now it's confined to FB where his ability to reach new targets is limited and this blog & related exposure site is the primary reason why.


Anonymous said...

The point seems to have been missed. The comments had nothing to do with Kal.

I am absolutely not defending Kal nor am I saying your wrong to call him out on everything he has done. I believe you reap what you sow. I also believe he needs to face up to what he has done.

What is disturbing are the posts like the one on top.

"Anonymous said...
Fuck you Kalvin, You Piece of Shit! Fuck you Kalvin, You Piece of Shit! Fuck you Kalvin, You Piece of Shit! Fuck you Kalvin, You Piece of Shit! Fuck you Kalvin, You Piece of Shit! Fuck you Kalvin, You Piece of Shit! Fuck you Kalvin, You Piece of Shit! Fuck you Kalvin, You Piece of Shit!"

Not all are innocent for effect I would imagine.

But this is your site and if you are okay with the comments, it is your website. I would like the same respect for my opinions as well, even though they may disagree with others.

However, it is a moot point, I came across your website from another search and my old fashioned attitudes got the better of me.

I apologize if any one felt insulted by my comments.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Understood, points well made, no insult taken at all and while not one of the admins and would never presume to speak for them I'd say your comments are most welcome! It is the first time anything approaching a dialog has taken place since I started keeping track of what Kal has been doing with his name and reputation. Kal's "supporters" (not the right term but can't think of another) don't seem very interested in engaging us and I have often wondered why not.

I also agree that posts like the one you mention are not helpful ... So much that at times I wonder if Kal himself may be the one responsible. Another anonymous voice did at one time leave messages amounting to "I want to hurt you Mr. Korff" which were removed and likewise, the immediate suspicion I felt is that was Kal making sure the blog did exactly what he was claiming it does in threatening him. While I do not know them personally I can assure you that the blog admins have NEVER engaged in posts of such a nature either as blog updates or user comments. I hope I never encounter the slob in life but have no wish to see him harmed or harm himself, and totally understand your concerns in the matter since the guy is more fucked up then ten fucked up guys. Point well taken.

Perhaps if the idea is to up the ante for public exposure via Twitter etc, more direct moderation may be required to assure those looking in that there is a standard of behavior expected by those who visit/use the blog. Is there a capacity for admins to approve reader comments before they go live? I would be willing to volunteer some attention to keeping an eye on it. Idea not being to censor those who wish to speak out but to make sure it's done without anything which could be construed as a direct threat.


Kal Israel said...

You're comments are as valid as anyone's. You'll notice, so far, nobody is telling you to F'off. I'm not insulted by you or your comments, I may not agree with all of your comments but I'm an adult. Korff, is not.

Regarding the post you example; sure, it's childish and really does no good and it doesn't further along the exposure of Kal K. Korff.

Then again, this is an open blog (not a web site), we are assuming that the person who posted that, is NOT, someone who received a dose of crazy by Korff, or by someone who's just slinging mud.

I, for one, recognize that school yard language and behavior does little to help our efforts to expose Korff. It can be entertaining but I do understand your point.

In contrast, Korff's behavior launched and continues to fuel this blog. This blogs "lives" and it's use age is in his hands, he's in the drivers seat.

Have we edited out some comments, yes. Threats are never left posted. Poking fun (childish and otherwise) is fair game when the person receiving it acted the same and worse. Tit for tat, karma, etc.

You're comments are welcomed by the majority of users here, we also recognize that you're posting as an Anonymous like the majority of the rest.

Why? That's up to you; post what you want, comment what you will.

You might say that most of us are cowards for not posting using our real names. I think not based on Korff's past behavior, but remember this; Korff has been asked to debate many people, in public and he will not, after claiming he would, again, and again. Korff will make claims and threats from cyberspace, but he will not debate those threats and claims up close and personal, using the same platform he makes them from.

If he were to kill himself, it would not be as a result of his internet shadow; a shadow which has only lengthened over the last 15 years. Korff is fully aware of his internet shadow and he is fully aware of why he has this shadow.

Bottom line; Korff is an example of what can happen when you act out on the internet. Like it or not, we have done the world a service by exposing him and his behavior. It may not be a perfect process but it does have worth and it has worked. Korff stopped posting videos, he stopped making personal threats and he has "almost" stopped making lunatic claims.

The future of this blog and all of it's related data is in Korff's hands. He is in control of his future on the internet. His silence speaks.

Korffing Syndicate

Kal Israel said...

I like the idea of moderating a little closer the posting on this blog. We won't be censoring, we will be trying to keep a tighter focus on the material on this blog.

Has this been a problem? Not really but, as a poster just mentioned, as we look for more coverage from the open internet and the world at large, I for one would like our work and data to be looked at in the most positive way we can.

Let's try it out, if it doesn't fit this blog, we will go back to the way it was.

Anonymous said...

My oh my oh my. We are fast closing in on 400 DAYS PAST DUE on Lumpy's promised book or series of books. NOTHING! No word, no book, no books.

The promised EXPOSE on Hilliary Clinton? No word, no book, nothing NADA. Should we assume that Lumpy thinks we all forgot his .... PROMISE? Well "Tons of Fun" ... we ain't. That is we did not forget so ... we will keep reminding you ... You Lying Sack of Shit ....

Anonymous said...

Given your hardon of hate for this guy, perhaps you should consider getting therapy. I mean there are WAY more important things to do than spend your time figuring out how to "expose" some random internet pundit. What, does it owe you money or something? Did he knock your mother up and leave town?

Just wondering..

Anonymous said...

Fuck you Anonymous. You weren't there apparently and did not see what this lunatic did and who he did it to. So, Fuck You.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Kalvin dropped by!! Hi Kalvin .. Fuck You Kalvin !!!

Anonymous said...

"... random internet pundit"

Interesting phrase, ignorant... but interesting.

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

And the lying continues....

Chinmoy Roy: Religious violence is not the same as honor killing . Modi is the "Butcher of Gujarat" who acquiesces to murders based on one's religious beliefs by keeping silent over such events. The big differences between you and me is that I speak about 4 native Indian languages unlike you. I talk to people in their native tongue without any interpreters and I visit Indian for at least 6 weeks in a year. So I have my ears to the ground in India.

Kal Korff: And i speak languages you do not as well and I live here and things don't get filtered. You don;t know my friends.

Korff's speaks English, only. Everyone knows a few phrases in other languages.

Kal Korff kontinues the lie.

The facts:


Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

Korff FaceBook "Friends" debating the crazy of Korff on Korff's locked down wall, nice to see this:

Raj Shekar Reddi: Chinmoy like many conservatives Kal likes Putin's show of manly strength, even if it means backing Assad.

Chinmoy Roy: Unreasonable: Kals thought process. Looks like Kal is practicing reasoning with himself.