Sunday, October 11, 2015

I never claimed i did.

Here we present an interesting thread.  Korff’s FaceBook “friends” (and his High School buddy Raj) take him to task on his lack of education and Korff goes all Korff on him. NOTE: We’ve removed some of the non-Korffing information from this thread to make this exchange as short as possible. Korff's words and spelling was left unedited. Not quite as bat shit crazy as circa 2008 - 2010 but not that far off either.

October 4, 2015

Kal Korff: Chinmoy, please take this question the right ay, but are you feeling OK and do you live in the REAL world, my friend. The US Dollar is NOT the world's strongest currency. Not even close.

Raj Shekar Reddi:  Kal you are cracking me up. I realize you have had little to no formal education after high school, but given how often you make economic pronouncements you should consider reading a basic economics text. Specifically macroeconomics. I imagine that Wikipedia has a pretty good overview of the topic. Just so you know currency exchange rates are relative and are not by themselves indicators of a nation's economic health. What you've posted is completely nonsensical. To get an idea of how the world economy works you need discard these wrong ideas.

Kal Korff: Yes, Wikipedia is the beacon of truth, Raj.  They're so accurate, Noble World "doesn'texist" right? As far as education goes, since I entered the IT field, I learned a lot MORE about IT working for some of the top firms in the world in this subject than I would ever have at school. At LLNL for example, I worked with colleagues who spent six years studying CIS. I knew more than they did many times. Chinmoy said the dollar was the strongest in the world. Not true.

Raj Shekar Reddi: Kal its one thing to learn a little programming, data entry, word processing what have you on the job. In fact that is quite common. I'm CADD tech among other things in my day to day job and I am constantly learning new tricks. When it comes to CADD you won't learn everything in a classroom.

But fields like medicine, engineering, mathematics and economics require some formal understanding and are rarely, if ever, self taught.

I won't repeat myself regarding currency rates, but Chinmoy Roy is correct.

Kal Korff: Hi, sorry to have to correct you, but, I did not learn those "on the job" Raj. You can't say how I learned what I did, because you don't know. You were not there.  But I could not have worked in the places I did for the top companies I did if I didn't know my stuff. You also have no idea what courses I have taken nor where. I understand about the sciences, like medicine, etc., but since I never specialized in any such things, never claimed i did, the point is not relevant concerning me.

(ed; Korff worked in the phone customer support department at Apple. LLNL will not go on record that Korff ever worked there. Our research resulted in the fact that Korff worked for a sub-contractor at LLNL in charge of keeping their Apple computers in working order. What Korff did at Boeing is unknown, they have been contacted and they were unable to find any Korff related employment information.)

Raj Shekar Reddi: You didn't learn on the job and you didn't go to school...Hmmm. Did your knowledge come to you like an angel in the night?

Kal Korff:  I wasn't talking about them you brought them up. I was talking about currency exchange rates and how other currencies are stronger in this regard. I taught myself computers, by the way, became a good enough hacker to get job offers and was the only one in our dept at LLNL who did;t have a degree. Same with Boeing, etc. I also worked at Atari and Apple and Claris and they make the stuff consumers and schools use, so it doesn't get any better than that and learned to program teaching myself and also have taken many private courses over the years, prefer those to campuses actually. Less BS overhead. I remember when I was in college I had to retake German I AFTER having FOUR YEARS of it at JFK. All because they didn't recognize those credits. So I said screw them after one year and changed. Now the systems are far more compatible.

ed; Korff went to Junior college for less than one year, that was the end of his “after high school” formal education: Korff did not take German as a Freshman or Sophmore, he did as a Junior, and possibly as a Senior. That adds up to, maybe two years Korff.

Lisa Slovenz: I guess the most pathetic part is that the whole point of Kal's post is about the college graduate Commander in Chief in the White House that doesn't know what he is doing about a world changing war yet Raj and Chinmoy refuse to comment on that... I wonder why.

Chinmoy Roy: Lisa, I refuse to comment because you think education is worthless. I know how worthwhile is it having been on both sides: picking up computer skills and computer stuff and then going back to school full time to get a formal education and a degree in Computer Science. So it is only through education that you get to know how much you didn't know. So you think I should spend any time answering your questions when you are lost and wandering like a blind person in the domain of knowledge.

Kal Korff: Raj, you ignorant slut. I am relaunching the web sites after deliberately making them dormant for years when my next book launches shortly. We are filming the keynote for it this Friday.
But of course you knew that, right? Raj, when I got married, I deliberately stopped much of what I was doing. This includes everything from regular radio appearances to bothering exposing UFO and JFK CONspiracy nuts. A couple of months ago, I gave my first radio interview in years. It's on iTunes, you can listen to it, I was on Mind Cemetery, Chip Prescher's show and I announced what I am doing and planning and I AM doing it. I don't care if you or anyone else doesn't believe it. It's not my problem, Sir.

(ed; Firstly, Korff stopped his web site and Youtube activities because the Korffing Syndicate shut him down, as we will again should he start up any web site or Youtube postings again. Second, Korff said he got married in 2011, after meeting his Indian Princess (and her proposing to him after one "date") in 2010. The same 2010 that Korff ceased all web site and Youtube activity, the same 2010 that the Syndicate turned up the heat, launched our website, Youtube channel and in early 2011 Don Ecker exposed Korff on his radio show.) The dates don't lie, Kal Korff does.

Korff appearance:
Kal Israel’s Truth and Facts appearance:

I was referring to exchange rates. You changed the subject to a different issue entirely, then attacked me for not knowing that subject. Non sequitir. I am not an expert on economics. Never claimed to be.
Neither are you as far as I know.

Raj Shekar Reddi:  Yawn.

Kal Korff: You can "yawn" all you want, it won't change what's happening nor why I am proceeding with my plans. And just like the Noble World "not existing" issue, you can add these other items to the "I was wrong list"

Raj Shekar Reddi: Is that book ever going to come out? You mention it now and then, like it's just around the corner, but nothing so far. I'll repeat. Not only are your web links dead, you have them run together as one link. Not very techie.

ed; information of Korff’s book or series of books:

Kal Korff: Raj, we ARE filming the keynote this Friday (ed; October 9, 2015). The book will be out in about two weeks after that. Everything is explained in the keynote, and there's even preview shots of the new movie which comes out after that. I will also be announcing who else is in the upcoming movie. The domains will all point to the same web site, no need in having to make my work flow harder than it needs to be. Post once, deploy to several sites, that has always been my plan. Last Tuesday (ed; September 29, 2015) we went through rehearsals and were up til 3AM doing the dry run. Everything is set. I just need to execute now and I hope my "kritics" continue to delude themselves into wrongly "thinking" that none of this is happening. This is not a reference to you by the way.

Raj Shekar Reddi: So you're making two films? A "keynote" whatever that is, and something else? Is the second film a documentary or is it a video of you speaking?

Kal Korff: Thanks for asking these questions, by the way, sincerely. What we are filming this Friday (ed; October 9, 2015) is a video that explains my background and track record over the years since I have been out of the media largely since I got married compared to in the past, and it reveals things that are not on the Internet and exposes some of the BS out there about me. Then after the background the brief trip through the decades, since I have been into the certain subjects and have published works on them dating back to my high school years, after we go though and show all of that (some of this material will bring back memories for you), we show the new book and it will become very clear WHY I am absolutely qualified to write and do it. Then after this and I show the demo and different versions I introduce the new movie that is being filmed mention who is in it, show some imagery from it, and announce that this is the next project coming out. There are many more, but I cannot disclose all of them nor give release dates yet. The new movie is open ended so that if any sequels get done they can pick up right where this one leaves off. Ironically, a major movie about the very same subject is being done in Hollywood, this will only make our production much bigger, but ours will be out first.

Raj Shekar Reddi: Will this be posted to YouTube, or will people have to buy it?

ed; Korff never responded to this question.

Lisa Slovenz: Chinmoy you play the typical game of insulting people personally instead of discussing the actual issue on this post. And the game of putting words into peoples mouth when they never said what you say they said. Please find on this thread where I said education was worthless. I choose not to insult you personally, though I would love to, because I believe you can learn something from everyone - no matter how small. When you think you are above people that don't have a formal education that is when you become ignorant.

Raj Shekar Reddi: Sorry Lisa but you definitely implied that higher education was worthless (as many Republican leaders like to make their base think it is) by castigating our President for have a college degree aka being an egghead.

My point about higher education was in relation to Kal's ignorance in economic matters, yet his insistence on making definitive pronouncements. His talk about exchange rates only drove home the point. What I said was "given how often you make economic pronouncements you should consider reading a basic economics text". Basically, to have refined understanding of economic theory you need to have some formal study. Unlike language you don't just pick it up.

Chinmoy Roy: Notice Raj that I didn't even bother with Kal's specific comment that the dollar was not strong and the criteria he used to reach that conclusion.


Anonymous said...

15+ years on and no change other than the one's the Korffing Syndicate forced Korff to do.

I do hope Korff launches another web site (though why would he, Facebook is free and easy) and I REALLY hope Korff starts posting new videos. Oh yes, pretty please.

This thread is a really good example of where Korff is now (in a less lunatic way), and why Korff deserves what he's been getting, and will kontinue to get.

Anonymous said...

Here we still are after how many years, we are still talking about Kal Korff. Alright, I will be the first to admit that I LOVE coming here to read the comments about this guy mainly because he has proven to be nothing but a dick. I have watched the antics by Korff for a long time and for much of that not too many were willing to take him on. He was obliviously not sane and his lashing out at anyone who even questioned him was truly epic. Well, until he took aim at 3 guys who then took Korff to the woodshed. Who were those 3 guys and what were Korff’s antics?

If you all remember Korff’s claims were beyond fantastic. Kind of like Al Gore creating the internet, Korff claimed he helped create hyper-card. Among his claims he knew Steve Jobs, met him and boy they clicked. Even if true I personally would never admit that because Jobs was a huge tool and abandoned his own daughter.

He knew Wm. Casey, former Director of CIA. (Kal was involved in anti-terrorism ops since he was in high school .. don’t cha know?) He knew Ollie North! (One Korffer wrote North who stated he never heard of anybody named Korff. How could you forget that name?) Kal then got in a dust up with noted UFO researcher Kevin Randle … PhD. and Randle just happened to be a military veteran of 2 wars … Vietnam and Iraq. Korff, who had now started to claim he was a Captain in something called the “Special Secret Services” now claimed he was a Captain that was promoted to Colonel because of his stellar work for things like hunting for Saddam’s A-bombs in the Iraq desert and for Neo Nazi’s in Germany. (You see, Kal was now telling everyone how he is Jewish with a name that reaches back a thousand years in the annuals of fighting injustice!)

Taking every opportunity to celebrate that he is an Apple computer head, he met David Biedny a real honest to God Apple/Mac legend. That couldn’t stand with Kal so Korff took every opportunity to attempt to sabotage any function where Biedny was invited to appear at. (Korff has a proven track record of back stabbing in a very clumsy and ham handed way. Because he is so inept he almost always is found out.) Then he tried to attack radio personality Don Ecker. Ecker is a combat veteran of Vietnam and he took umbrage at Korff when Korff called Kevin Randle a “coward” for refusing to come on the radio to debate Korff about the Roswell UFO case. Of course what Korff never told anyone was he, Korff, had already ran away for several debates that were set up for him to debate Randle. Ecker tried to get Korff to appear on his show but Korff refused to even answer the emails sent to him. Ecker did a show anyway, had on many folks who spoke about Korff and his lunatic antics .. often very funny ones .. and Korff being Korff .. a back stabbing little coward that he is .. impersonated several lawyers in an attempt to intimidate Ecker and his network to pull the show. Not very long after … Kal retreated to Facebook, has a locked down page and now he pretends to be a journalist residing in the nation of India. His recent antics that have leaked out through “moles” on his locked down page involve Kal “leading the fight to convince Indians to not urinate or defecate on public streets .. and of course starting a school for Indian kids to teach them manners. (My mind trembles at that thought.) Kal K Korff is a man in his early 50’s that still, in his head, is a lonely and lost little 12 year old.

Anonymous said...

Masterful posting right there.

Anonymous said...

WAG Facebook Update

The comment of a 12 year old.


Lamar Odom hospitalized after being found unconscious at Nevada brothel.

Kal Korff: I guess in this instance, what happens in Vegas isn't stay in Vegas... smiley face.

Anonymous said...

WAG Facebook Update

Some reporter... Hefner gave over the control of his company many, many years ago, to his doughter. Way to go accredited journalist.

Kal Korff: So Playboy will no longer feature nude women. This is after seeing their sales tank over the years thanks in no small part to the Internet,.
Good luck with that. The sales will tank even further now over time, Hugh Hefner at age 89 should step down and turn the reigns over to someone more competent.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see the Syndicate keeping tabs on this lunatic.

Kal Israel said...

Kal K. Korff is 53 years old. After reading this thread, let that sink in, 53 years old.

Other than some drunks, drug addicts and politicians that I know, I can't point to a single adult who behaves in this way.

The older Korff gets and the deeper his make believe life becomes, his options to get out of the loop that he's in are less and less.

Chasing windmills, naked and with his pecker swinging, for the rest of his life. said...

For a fat guy, Korff really does twist himself in knots to keep this fantasy life going.

Anonymous said...

Fellow Korffer's, we are already 406 plus days Past Due on The Village Idiot's book or series of books ... and time continues to roll right along.

Great Job there Kolonel ... great fricking job. Even though we all live change ... some things with you NEVER CHANGE.

Anonymous said...

his weight changes.... :-)

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

As the bile raises in my throat....

"Male brain is programmed to seek out sex over food."

Kal Korff: Now science has confirmed that I am a NORMAL male.

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update...

Making fun of threatening lawsuits... really. To even comment on this is such a loser and liar move. I wish more people on Facebook would take the time to look into this guys past.

Kal Korff: For all you Donald Trump fans.

Donald Trump Is a Yuuuuuuuge Wuss. If Trump can't take even the mildest criticism without threatening a lawsuit, why is he in politics? And why should we trust him with the presidency?

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

Yeah, you tell us about the truth regarding Jobs, Korff, as you we're such a good friend of his. And why would the word review be in capital letters? Oh, right, both Jobs and Korff used illegal drugs, often, and that effected both of them, deeply.

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. Here's my REVIEW of the new Steve Jobs movie for my Hollywood Schmollywood column in the LifeStyle pull out section of the newspaper i write for, Daily Post India. Since I was present during one of the events depicted in the movie, I can say with certainty the film's depiction of it is nonsense. Other segments are incomplete, such as his relationship with his daughter. Hope you like it.

Anonymous said...

Korffing Flashback - 14 months ago. Promise results; zero.

August 13, 2014

Kal Korff: BREAKING NEWS! This is for people who have an interest in my next two books coming out as early as next month and by the end of this year: I have just viewed the final cover for one of these upcoming titles and have signed off on it, it has also been reviewed legally and passed. As soon as I have release dates I'll let everyone know.

There is so much to do on so many fronts, I'll also be starting the smart classes shortly we are launching at Noble World School where I am also the Principal, this school exists in a very underdeveloped area of India and is the FIRST school in this region to have iPad centric classes and agreements with dozens of schools so that Indian children can learn with their "study buddies" online together. I am genuinely honored and humbled to have been asked to help manage this project and advise on it, more such schools will be opened up across India after this first project is complete. We're closer to being done than not, it's been a lot of work and everyone involved works hard. We have some really great staff and talent.

Anonymous said...

Staff? What staff?

Anonymous said...

Well it is plain to see .. Kal K Korff is STILL AN IDIOT!

Anonymous said...

Yeah he is still an idiot and a moron and a jackass and a liar and an ego maniac and a horses ass and a waste of skin, fluid and air and .....

Anonymous said...

Damn dude.. the ragefest over the non-pundit continues.

He fucked your mom, didn't he?

Anonymous said...

Hmm, maybe .. right after I fucked your mom ... hmmm?

Anonymous said...

And you guys want your work to be taken seriously by a larger audience. I'm sure the "I fucked your mother" comment will no doubt inspire those with a modicum of interest to keep reading. Seriously, you need to raise your game a few notches and present the facts. Seems the art of discussion without insult is fast becoming a lost skill.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Trolls are EVERYWHERE. The post, 3rd above this note, is I suspect from the tubby little person that this blog is all about. I remember him trying to leave anonymous notes several years ago when this became too much for him to take. And if you are going to dish it out ... expect it to come back.

Korff was ALWAYS, and one poster here said once upon a time .. a back biting sneaky little shit. Not one thing has changed with him that I can see .. with the possible exception that he is in self-exile. So, before anyone goes off the cliff look at the big picture.

Anonymous said...

The big picture is he isn't a bond villian who stole nuclear weapons that you guys forced to blow up his secret base under a volcano in the Czech Republic, thereby saving eastern Europe from enslavent by a criminal mastermind and his minions.

He was an Internet bully that you took down and he needed to be. There seems to be a great deal of talent behind this blogg, talent that really seems to be wasted. As bad as Kal is, there are worse. People who really do more harm than Kal ever could on his best day. Maybe you should think about using this talent and consider bringing to the attention of others more than just Kal.

Anonymous said...

We will continue regardless of what a few anonymous posters may, or may not, think about our efforts.

Korffing Syndicate

Anonymous said...

I don't think the people who put this material out here really cares if it is taken seriously or not.

They wanted Korff to stop posting his videos. He did. They wanted his web site to come down, it did. And they wanted to ruin his internet footprint for the rest of his life. It is.

That's a pretty serious response to the material I'd say.

No effort is without it's faults, certainly not an internet based effort.

All in all, this effort has been very successful.

I'm glad it will continue to be maintained.

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

Takes a fraud to know a fraud, and liar.

Kal Korff: Here's Billary Clinton FAKING a "Southern" accent while pandering to the gullible in Alabama. She's such a fraud.

Anonymous said...

This quote from the front page: "he turned tail to lick his ass. Kal K. Korff, you are a pussy and a coward"

So that's not trolling when the Korffing Syndicate does it?

So when Kal, has for the most part stopped what you have been accusing him of, you resort to name calling or insult his physical appearance.

Why? To try to force a reaction from him so you can attack again. Most of the topics on the front page are just rehash of past deeds.

Quote: "We will continue regardless of what a few anonymous posters may, or may not, think about our efforts.

Korffing Syndicate"

Obsess much.

I have a feeling even if Kal did what you said and apologize, this website wouldn't go dark like you said.

Of course him apologizing is the last thing you want. It would ruin your fun.

15 years, really?

Anonymous said...

This posting is for Kal Korff.

Kal I don't know you and I am not defending you. I actually agree with what this site has posted. What I object too is the way they do it.

Fact is, you have done some pretty shitty things and have hurt people and stole from them.

I don't know to what degree you can tell right from wrong, or whether you have any impulse control to stop yourself.

But I want you to do what they say. I want you to apologize.

Then lets see if they hold up there end.

Unfortunately I don't think it will stop them. They will say your apology wasn't sincere or they will make more and different demands from you.

But do it Kal.

And if they don't stop then the syndicate can't complain if when you type in Kal Korff in Google, right next to "Kal Korff is an idiot" there is another link that says "Kal Korff is an idiot hate site" A blog about a blog that is attacking what I believe to be a mentally ill man. Despite him doing everything they asked him to do.

A site no different than what this one is.

Anonymous said...

The web site stays up, the blog stays up, the youtube channel stays up.

Should Korff come out of hiding and man up, the sites stay up, the monitoring continues, the posting of new information and the rehashing of old behavior "should" stop... that's up to Korff and his behavior.

Korffing Syndicate

Anonymous said...

You didn't address the comment regarding your personal attacks on Kal and his appearance.

These are on the front page of the site. Not a "Troll" like you like to say. Not some poster. You know exactly what your saying and the kind of response you want from him.

Tell me again how the attacks by Kal are different from your attacks on him. (And please don't rehash all his past crimes as justification. I'm just trying to find the adult in the room.

Sorry Unknown Korffer you are wrong about the administrators not egging this on.

Anonymous said...

My, my, my ... don't you JUST LUV IT when some bleeding heart drops by (every few years) and CRIES about how we Korffers are just abusing for mentally ill Kalvin. These whining and bleeding poor souls were not around when "poor Kalvin" was attempting to get people fired from their jobs because Kal (who invented hyper-card, hunted for a-bombs, fought neo-Nazi's, exposed UFO frauds, had a 500 book deal, had a super-model for an aide, etc. etc. etc.)didn't like them. As a matter of fact back then anybody who disagreed with Kal bore the brunt of his anger and rage. Noted humanitarians, people who put their lives on the line when the Communists were still in power and now were working to better the lives of less fortunate fell victim to Korff's greed and criminal behavior when Korff stole in their name and tried to force the victim to pay for Korff
s theft.

You don't like our continuous pointing this out? Well isn't that just tough shit? Hey dill-weed ... you don't like it here .. don't come here. You want to kiss Korff's ass or feel sorry for him? Friend the lunatic on Facebook. You don't like my posts? Well Fuck You Dude. Hows about them Apples, eh?

Kal Israel said...

Your understanding of this blog is incorrect.

In general I never hate on Korff... maybe a little grade school name calling but I, as one of the admins, never call Korff out with "Fuck you, fat fuck..." etc. As one of the admins of this blog, the web site and the youtube channel you won't find very much of that type of material posted by me or the other "current" admins.

Now, the posters post what they will, and that's where you'll see the vast majority of that kind of material. We do pull down personal threats and that type of thing however, this is an open blog and anyone can post whatever they like.

Go look over the web site and youtube channel, by and large you will find the material presented in a educational manner and sometimes in (we hope) a funny manner.

So yes, there is poking at Korff's weight; in response to his claim (among others), that he had those shower photos taken for his "reality TV show", etc. He did not and we proved it. In general, you will find that any type of grade school shout downs are based on Korff's own behavior; claims and lies.

Do we egg on these grade school shout downs, guilty.

Our attacks are different in many ways, if you're paying attention you could figure that out.

If what you're looking for is a blog with a more mature exposing of a internet bully, a liar, a thief and a stealer of valor, look elsewhere, this blog is not for you.

Lastly, you seem to think that you're responding to one person, you're not. I never used that term Troll, I never call Korff out as a Fat Fuck, etc.

If you really want an adult back and forth, try posting for real and not as Anonymous. You might get a better response. Or not.

Anonymous said...

"As a matter of fact back then anybody who disagreed with Kal bore the brunt of his anger and rage"

Pot meet kettle. (I'm sure you can find someone to explain the irony here with your statement)

Thanks for proving my point.

No heart bleeding. No feeling sorry for Kal. You have it wrong. I support the cause, not the method.

Let me tell you a story about something that happened at my kids school. There were three girls. Let's call them Ann, Betty and Cathy. Ann and Betty didn't like Cathy. Mostly I think It was because she was pretty.

Ann and Betty started a blog. They told their friends. It was all about calling Cathy names and making fun of her.(Quite similar to the ones people comment here actually I later found out).

This went on for months before Cathy found out about it. When she did she got on there and read what people were posting. Some comments were from people she thought were her friends.

She did this most of the night as they found the activity on her computer lasted until around 3:00 in the morning. That's when it stopped.

She had hanged herself.

So please feel free to fuck yourself in the ass with those apples. I'm sure that's where your head is anyway.

Kal Israel said...

If you don't like the method, please, by all means, start up your own effort.

Anonymous said...

If Korff was going to off himself because of his internet shadow, he would have already done it at some point over the last.... 10 years.

Instead, he continues on, seemingly not to care about our efforts.

Korff may act out as a 10 year old, he's not, he's 53, married, works, and continues to firm up the foundation of the lies which he's built his life upon.

Time to move on to another blog which might modify their behavior based on your views.

This blog will carry on.

Anonymous said...

Sad the point keeps being missed.

Sad that you don't see that your not that different from Kal.

You say anyone is free to post her until they post things you don't like then you tell them to move on.

Not very sporting of you old boy.

"If you really want an adult back and forth, try posting for real and not as Anonymous"

Your name is really Kal Israel? Wow. Two Kal's.

Anonymous said...

As an admin I only remove threats against Korff's life, his family, etc.

Kal Isreal is not my real name however, I have an e-mail address which I use to contact people and I've appeared on radio shows, ready and willing to take Korff up on his offer; to debate anyone, any where, any time.

If you don't understand why a person would not use their real name while Korffing, then you're not paying attention. I think you are, hence you're using the Anonymous option. Using the option is fully justified given Korff's behavior.

I understand your point and your view on our effort.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

I am not trying to stop you.

Hell this may be the best way to take on Korff. I don't know.

I actually like that some people are willing to take on those who cause harm on the internet. And in Korffs case I understand that a gorilla campaign is for the best.

I choose anonymous, not because of Korff, but from some of the posters. Some do seem to have IQ's well into the double digits and argue for their right to act like 53 year old adolescents.

Like you said: "As an admin I only remove threats against Korff's life, his family, etc"

It's just a damn shame you have to do that at all.

I really do believe in your cause.

Korff on

Anonymous said...

Korff on indeed.

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

Yes Korff, your actions have consequences, as you have found out. Ask yourself, how many people feel sorry for you?

Lamar Odom Shelled Out $75,000 at Nevada Brothel Before Collapse - “You can spend as little or as much as you want,” brothel owner Dennis Hof says.

Kal Korff: I do not "feel sorry" for this guy. He goes to a house of prostitution, goes on a drinking and drugs binge (according to medical reports he had every drug "imaginable" in his system), he passes out and gets robbed while passed out, now his kidneys are failing because of the deliberate abuse on his body that he MADE A POINT to engage in, and racks up a $75,000 bill at the brothel. I don't care if he was once part of the sick Kardashian clan, he deserves what he gets. You reap what you sew, as the adage goes.

Anonymous said...

I see two more days left until the new book and movie promise is broken...

Jimmy D said...

Kalvin - why do you "use" so many "quote marks"?


Just "wondering".

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

Korff had a motorcycle with a fearing... A fearing of what? That it might also find out that you're a 12 year old prone to lying?

It's called a fairing... globally renown, accredited and military vetted investigative journalist.

Yahweh and praise Jesus for your ignorance and stupidity.


Kal Korff: I used to own two motorcycles back when I lived in the USA. A Kawasaki 800 with cruise control, four exhaust pipes and trunk and complete fiberglass saddlebags with lights built into them, bike was a bit to heavy for me, but very powerful; now the bikes are lighter with one exhaust pipe breaking off into four, it also had knee guards, which saved my legs in one accident; then I had a Kawasaki 440 belt drive with a fearing that was much quieter and my girlfriend and i used to go riding. Was wonderful in the countryside of when I needed to get out of traffic jams in Silicon Valley.

Anonymous said...

14 hours until the latest book or series of books AND a movie and possible series of movies promise is broken.


Never let us down Tubby.

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

So, in just a few hours, Korff's book "AND" movie will be released... As I "understand" this blog and the web site have already "proven" that even when there's a "small" bit of Korff truth, Korff cannot "help" himself but to add to that slim bit of truth in the "hope" that he'll be even more "impressive"...

Well then, let her rip...

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. I am honored and truly humbled to report that the one and only Yelena Sabel was kind enough to grant me an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW for the newspaper I write for, Daily Post India, which is one of the fastest growing English language news dailies in northern India. This feature story is about her and her new movie, Sex, Blood and Fairytales, (note: Fairytales has two spellings, both Fairytales and Fairy Tales) which has already won several awards. CONGRATULATIONS to Yelena for her hard earned success. She wrote, produced, directed and "stars" in this new movie, whose upcoming Premiere tomorrow in New York is already SOLD OUT! If there is anyone who is a symbol for the attitude of "Go for it, follow your dreams!" it is certainly Yelena. As she says, you're not born with balls, you have to grow them!

Anonymous said...

So Kalvin, ya gotta grow ur own balls huh? Well Bubb, when are you gonna grow yours? Huh???

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

Here's a couple of posts from this actress that Korff was humbled and honored to do an interview with.

Of interest, other than her potty mouth, is that she says she did the interview 2 weeks ago. Wonder why it took Korff two weeks to stand atop the mountain to humble brag and for his "media giant"insert it into an edition of the rag?

And, concerning these two posts, Korff didn't Like or Comment on either of them. Way to share the honor and humble Korff.

Yelena Sabel: HOLY FUCK I"M IN DAILYPOST!!!! (excuse the language I'm just too excited)
In the column of lifestyle, fashion and beauty (yay) they're talking about my film. There is a comment section, so knock yourself out.

Yelena Sabel: Couple of weeks ago I gave an exclusive interview to the newspaper Daily Post India (400.000+ readers) and I will post an article here soon, and for now a screenshot from the newspaper.

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Uppate

Read along... as a high school educated accredited and vetted journalist, butcher English...

CAPITALS and " " to "make" HIS "point"...

Kal Korff: I have been asked my views about what Hillary Clinton said about "talking" to the Ambassador of Libya. Here's my answer: There is NO EVIDENCE that they ever spoke, period. Although Hillary CLAIMS they did, CONveniently, she could "not recall" specifics. Most likely because they never spoke. Apologists for Hillary say it is common for the Secretary of State not to speak to every Ambassador. The point is irrelevant. This was NO ORDINARY COUNTRY, there was everything from a UNIQUE COVERT CIA WEAPONS SMUGGLING OPERATION AND COMMAN CENTER GOING ON, to a COUP OBAMA STAGED (because you know, he doesn't do "nation building") and it was HILLARY who was ONE OF THE THREE KEY PEOPLE WHO MADE OBAMA CHANGE HIS MIND. One would THINK that with THIS UNIQUE DYNAMIC that Hillary would at least TALK DIRECTLY TO THE AMBASSADOR. BUT NO, SHE DID NOT!

Unfortunately the Republicans were TOO STUPID and INCOMPETENT to notice this and hold her feet to the fire over it and at least point out the obvious dynamics of this. The "obvious" being that with a special situation like this, it was WRONG NOT to talk to the Ambassador. But then again Obama doesn't exactly have a stellar record of decent foreign policy accomplishments. Just ask the Islamic State, the Taliban and Vladimir Putin and China.

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

This said (it's a matter of public record) by the man-child who loves KFC and other such fast-food.


Headline: Vegetarians have fewer, less-healthy sperm than meat-eaters – study

Kal Korff: DUH!

Chris Gennett Bullshit! a little passionate there. Sorry Kal

Raj Shekar Reddi: I usually ignore anything from this Putin mouthpiece, but if true India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Nigeria need more vegetarians.


Kal K. Korff, his command of the English language on display…. And of course, trying to be funny is the face of the despair and death of others. Narcissistic prick.

Kal Korff: I'm sad to report that at least 43 people have died from the large earthquake that struck from Afghanistan all the way through Pakistan and across India to the other side in Kolkata. I felt it, but being from California I am used to them. It was about a 5.5 where I was, but apparently as powerful as an 8.1 in the Hindukush mountains. It's tragic when people die, especially by the dozens.

Kal Korff: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has offered to help both Pakistan and Afghanistan in the aftermath of the 8.1 earthquake what struck the Hindukusch region. For once, I agree with Chinmoy Roy, this is indeed MODI'S FAULT!

Jimmy D said...

"It's tragic when people die, especially by the dozens."


Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

Kal Korff: India is now the WORLD'S LARGEST EXPORTER of beef! You cannot legally eat it in most states of India, because of "religious" revisionist reasons, the original Hindu vedas never forbade it, let's forget these pesky historical details, but HEY, AS LONG AS ONE CAN MAKE BIG BICKS EXPORTING IT, no "crime" no foul! Mighty "Godly" of these "let's ban it" types, isn't it? What's the Hindu word for hypocrisy?

Anonymous said...

Oh Great! Our KFC gorging Village Idiot is now pointing fingers at the Hindu population in India calling them hypocrites. Boy, that is fucking rich. This lard ass really does not know just when in hell to keep his pie hole shut. Nice work there Tubby.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: This is because TV audiences have been steadily dumbed down over the years. smile emoticon Put another way, LACK of Critical Thinking.

Headline: TV’s obsessed with New-Age plotlines

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

An hour after posting this humble bragging... no response. Nice.

Kal Korff: HI everyone. Here's the latest Kal's Korner column in Daily Post India, I hope you like it. THANKS again for your support and interest smile emoticon

Anonymous said...

... What?... What!?!

Kal Korff: I am enjoying listening and watching this video rock on (Metallica) while I work on other stuff on the computer. Nothing like good multitasking

Kal Israel said...

Keep up the good work Brothers and Sisters.

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

I'd like to report that Korff is no longer an ignorant, lying ass hat, I cannot....

Kal Korff: I went to price a simple pair of glasses with normal clear lenses, since I want them to keep dust out of my eyes, and I have always liked the "round" style or "rounders" as they call them here in India. Here were the prices: USA - $450 BUCKS! India: 3500 Rs or about $53 USD, Communist China: $15.00 plus FREE shipping to India. No wonder the USA is headed down to number three economically.

Anonymous said...

"Kal Korff: I went to price a simple pair of glasses with normal clear lenses, since I want them to keep dust out of my eyes, and I have always liked the "round" style or "rounders" as they call them here in India. Here were the prices: USA - $450 BUCKS! India: 3500 Rs or about $53 USD, Communist China: $15.00 plus FREE shipping to India. No wonder the USA is headed down to number three economically."

Well then, move to Commie China ya FAT FUCK! We won't miss your lying fat ass.

Anonymous said...

... and he did....

Kal Korff: When I have read reports of some being "offended" that women are not forced to cover themselves, my reaction is, "If you don't like it, LEAVE."

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

Kal K. Korff; The Messenger

Kal Korff: I'm used to people attacking the messenger, ignoring the message. I find this to be true or right-wingers, left-wingers, liberals and self-proclaimed "progressives."

This remark isn't directed at an one specific, but having written and exposed everything from UFO CONspiracy nuts to JFK assassination CONspiracy types, I am quite used to it.

Anonymous said...

Tubby said; "This remark isn't directed at an one specific, but having written and exposed everything from UFO CONspiracy nuts to JFK assassination CONspiracy types, I am quite used to it."

Yeah ya fat fuck, and you still HAVEN'T learned HOW TO WRITE. Fucken' Moron ..

Anonymous said...

Korff, if I were you (and my God! Thank you for not burdening me with THAT!) I would be asking myself when that 219 IQ you used to trumpet .. would start to "kick in." Not this week, huh?