Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Santa in a Floppy Hat Interviews Kalvin Karlton Korff

SIAFH interviews Kalvin and the results are.... interesting. Was Santa drunk or high? Was Kalvin drunk or just stupid to come on his show?

Santa in a Floppy Hat Show #1

We've been informed that a major, global media company is interested in our show, Santa told them to F' off, he's not interested in playing the game for the man.

Turn up the volume, Santa's a bit "off" in this one.


Anonymous said...

Damn, when will the lying stop?

Kal Korff: Raj, we ARE filming the keynote this Friday (ed; October 9, 2015). The book will be out in about two weeks after that. Everything is explained in the keynote, and there's even preview shots of the new movie which comes out after that. I will also be announcing who else is in the upcoming movie. The domains will all point to the same web site, no need in having to make my work flow harder than it needs to be. Post once, deploy to several sites, that has always been my plan. Last Tuesday (ed; September 29, 2015) we went through rehearsals and were up til 3AM doing the dry run. Everything is set. I just need to execute now and I hope my "kritics" continue to delude themselves into wrongly "thinking" that none of this is happening. This is not a reference to you by the way.

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

I saw that SIAFH made a new video which used my information. Thanks very much Santa.

NOTE: On Korff's Soundcloud page he removed Radio Show #1... not sure what that means... maybe he's re-cutting it with the "commercial breaks"...

Korff posted the promo for his new "show".... Interesting that he's still using the decades old Photoshop image which Andre called him out on.

Come on Korff, just embrace your Jabba the Hutt look and use the best and most current photo you have:


Kal Korff: HI everyone. On the next Kal Korff Radio Show it will be all about UFOs, and of course it will contain some exposes smile emoticon Air Date: 26 December. THANKS!

9 hours later, 2 Likes.

Anonymous said...

Santa In A Floppy Hat ... WE LUV IT!! Santa In A Floppy Hat ... WE LUV IT!! Santa In A Floppy Hat ... WE LUV IT!! Santa In A Floppy Hat ... WE LUV IT!! Santa In A Floppy Hat ... WE LUV IT!! Santa In A Floppy Hat ... WE LUV IT!! Santa In A Floppy Hat ... WE LUV IT!! Santa In A Floppy Hat ... WE LUV IT!! Santa In A Floppy Hat ... WE LUV IT!!

Flying Saucer Fanatic said...

"Air Date" LOL Liar liar liar, it must suck hard to be so alone at Christmas.

Our favorite delusional idiot continuing to delude himself. Uploading is not broadcasting and I wonder if Kalvin's "friends" will avoid pointing that out to coddle his feelings so he won't feel bad about having lied to them. And being a loser on the run in a squalid 3rd world country.

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

So, you bad mouth the early movies as cheap Star Trek clones, and then when a new one comes out that is loved by the majority, now you like it. So obvious. You lie when you say you were moved by it Korff. Remember Fuck You Bartu... those are the only emotions you're capably of.

From the Syndicate:

Merry Christmas you spineless motherfucker.

Kal Korff: Well I saw the new Star Wars movie. I have one word to describe it: AWESOME!
I was emotionally moved by it, which surprised me. I think it is one of the best ones they've done yet, look forward to seeing the next one.

Kal Israel said...

WAG FaceBook Update - Christmas Day 2015

Kalvin didn't really wish his "fans", "friends" and "family" any holiday greetings this year.

Of course, Kalvin doesn't have any "real" friends to wish a happy holiday or a Merry Christmas to..., all poor old Kalvin has is his FaceBook "friends". Hell's bells, Kalvin didn't even wish his "wife" or his Mother any goodwill or love on social media this year.

What up, Kalvin?

In contrast, Kalvin's more than willing and able to humbly brag about himself in the hope of garnering some kind of response to fuel his ego.

In light of this fact, here's what Kalvin did post. In response, over a 24 hour period, 10 people Liked it and one of his extended family members wished him a Happy Christmas.

Kal Korff: Since MOST Americans have an iPhone, you might find this app useful today smile emoticon MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!

Mary Benson: Merry Christmas nephew. Love and miss you.

The point is this; at 53 years old, Kalvin is not mentally unequipped and is fully incapable to write up even a simple note to convey the slightest bit of unvarnished emotionally based truth on how he feels about his family or a friend (if he has any). Kalvin can bang on for thousands of words when it comes to UFO’s, his critics, his haters, Obama, etc. but when it comes to something like family, friends, anything associated with mature emotions, forget about it. Some accredited journalist


Because it's all about Kalvin and his "achievements"; his two 2 books and one pamphlet, his decades old television appearances, his ever growing list of material to be produced and rarely (if ever) released.

It’s all about Kalvin, all the time. Proof; look at Kalvin’s “radio show” up to this point; three shows in, and it’s all Kalvin, all the time. Kalvin is only interested in Kalvin and the public should consider themselves not only lucky but truly honored for the opportunity to listen to Kalvin brattle on and on about what interests Kalvin.

In short; Kalvin doesn't give two shits about his family, his "wife" or anyone else who may be so unfortunate to have found themselves in the general vicinity of the great Kalvin Karlton Korff and his vast galaxy of amazing feats... Feats that wobble on a foundation of half truths and outright lies.

NOTE: At the beginning of Kalvin's first show Kalvin does a "shout out" where he thanks many, many people... Did anyone else notice Kalvin did not thank his "wife"? Now that's bad enough but to shine an even brighter light on this example of too many lies to keep track of, let's focus in on this bright bullet of truth; Kalvin didn't thank a single person he once claimed as part of his team during his decade as a super secret, valor stealing, nanodust snorting Agent. Even worse, Kalvin didn't thank his self professed "best friend" and Super Model, Martian Tycova.

Surprise anyone… of course not. Keeping all these claims and lies straight is more work than making them up in the first place.

Kalvin, at some point all this Korffing activity will finally gel into a clear thought and a clear response from you, until then.... We will karry on and keep Korffing.

Merry Christmas Santa in a Floppy Hat and Merry Christmas Korffer's from around the world and in the Syndicate.

Anonymous said...

A quick look at Korff's soundcloud page (before we go to an after Christmas family breakfast ) and I see Korff's mark everywhere.

He's still using that photoshop photo and even worse, he's hiding from India....

- Kal Korff is an internationally accredited Investigative Journalist and Columnist for the Daily Post newspaper. He is also the author of several expose books and has appeared on such major TV networks as CNN, Discovery Channel, ABC, FOX, MSNBC, NBC, etc.

What's a Daily Post? Which Daily Post?

I can smell the urine from here.

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

This Korff is such a liar. We all remember when he said that he had a $25 million budget, that he had all the money he needed and more waiting for him when he retired, did not pay taxes, etc.

Korff can't have it all way; he wants to be thought of a big thinker and a grand man, a "for the people" man. So, either Korff was gaming the system to save money at the expense of the tax payers or he was lying about the big money he had. Either way, Korff was lying and cheating. No way around these matter of public record facts.

I took this off his FB wall this morning. Korff was "debating" Obamacare, etc. So many lies to keep track of.

Kal Korff: Having lived in Europe for a decade, I saw firsthand how healthcare was done right. The healthcare I had, I paid a fixed monthly fee, period. Regardless of whether I went to the doctor or not. Then when I needed to, and I did on a few occasions, I paid NOTHING! Just showed my card. Only costs were like five bucks as "co-pay" for any medicines.

Then for FIVE EXTRA BUCKS I got FREE DENTAL CARE! I have always considered dental care to be part of health care. Countless heart attacks are caused by bad teeth, this is a fact.

Anonymous said...

Okay Korffer's,

Kalvin uploaded his "show" #4:


Kalvin removed the other two shows, there's nothing on his soundcloud page now but show #4.

Maybe Kalvin knows that we've already downloaded all of his shows, plus this new one, for our own uses...

Kalvin, when you use the internet to "share" your material, it's impossible to secure it from downloading and editing.

Even your Twitter account has been hacked. You tried to lock it down to subscribers only but, guess what Lard Ass, we have all 10 tweets and the rest of that useless information.

The New Year promises new and exciting Korffing projects.

Kalvin, want a clue... Santa assures us that for each one of your "radio" shows, he will match that show with one of his own.

Release any material, in any format, and Santa will match your efforts with his own.

Data does as data will.

Anonymous said...

NOTE: In this new "show", Korff inserts his first "commercial break" at the 4:30 minute marker.

As we reported a few days ago, a report that Korff obviously read, Korff has now changed his insert point(s) to something more akin to a regular broadcast format that "real" broadcasts use that have actual paid commercials in need of the aforementioned break.

At the end of this "show" Korff tries to pass off another one of his "known" and "matter of public record" words; "ufoology". A word made up by Kalvin, like many others you can find on the web.

Congrats Kalvin, the work of the Korffing Syndicate is espresially for you.

And as Korff says, you can quote him on that.

Korff ends the "show" with the promise to release a "movie" on the Betty and Barney Hill abduction case.

A movie... not a video, streaming or otherwise but a movie.

Clearly a Korff "movie" births itself out of the same vile womb that one of his books is dribbled out of;

The .PDF book... and what the hell, we haven't seen any of the recently promised "books" any way.

You keep at it Kalvin, you rarely deliver any deliverables and when you do, we own it and we love it.

Happy New Year, Kalvin

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

So humbled, so honored... to be asked to a seat at the "office".... Also, WAG did not here, and never does, spell check, or otherwise correct or edit Korff's... "work"....

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. I am honored to report that once again I have a fill page Special article in today's issue of Daily Post India. As a journalist and columnist, it is always an honor to be asked to do them. This piece is about Putin and Indian's PM's Modi's meeting and provides some info regarding the nuances and real politik that exists behind their partnership. Hope you find it interesting.

Anonymous said...

Christmas really is the time for giving. Nice work Santa!

Anonymous said...

And no, Kal, we don't find it interesting. We find it self serving and poorly written as usual.

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

Really, have you been "asked"... for the link.. again.... Really. Since posting, the page has been loaded 30 times in two days and you have 3 followers. No, me thinks you are bummed out that nobody cares and nobody is listening.

The epic failure will surely kontinue into 2016.

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. I have been asked to post the link for the latest epode of the Kal Korff Radio Show, which is about UFOs, here it is. Thanks for your interest, hope you like it.

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

This Wood Sprite person was thanked by Korff in his first "show". Interesting that 4 shows in and this person, so admired by Korff that he thanked her, did a shout out because she is so important to him... finally got a round to listening to one of his "shows."

Gee, that's gotta sting.

Wood Sprite: Interesting to hear your voice after all this time.

Anonymous said...

It’s a matter of public record that Kal Korff would debate any one at any time on any subject.

Tellingly, over the last 15 years, Korff has refused to debate the claims of his life.

Recently, Kal Israel called Korff out on the internet and on an internet radio show. Korff refused to appear. Much is left, unsettled.

Given the obvious high entertainment value of a Kal vs. Kal debate, the challenge will continue, the work will continue.

In the meantime, Kal K. Korff will continue to tilt at the windmills built on his own lies and half truths. Korff’s vanes are not powered by the winds of truth; they are powered of the work of the Korffing Syndicate.

The Syndicate waits.

Happy New Year, Kalvin

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

Would you like to read the words from the mind of a delusional person? I give you Kal K. Korff.

A couple truths must be told; Kal K. Korff is a clever liar and the fact of the matter is, nobody gives two shits about Korff but the Korffer's and maybe his Mother. This matter of public record makes it clear the "why and how" Korff can spin his web of half truths and lies, nobody cares. That and Korff will never answer a simple question or stand up to his own:

"Selective and Uneven 'Standards of Credibility' "

Lastly, Korff mentions here that he couldn't hold the position he holds if he wasn't whom he says he is and has always been.

Korff, try this out; go back to America (or any first world) and try to get a job working for a "media giant" there. Unlike the backwards, 3rd world, fecal swathed country you find yourself in, American businesses actually vet their hopeful employees.

Remember Korff (we do), you "wrote" for a free, throw away rag in the CZ. That same "paper" you point to as "a matter of public record" regarding your super secret, nanodust snorting agent claim... the ONLY "matter of public record" that exists and the one you "wrote".

END: Korff writes; "Special Advisor to the owner" do a google search on this phase and see where it takes you. Look at the top result. It's a matter of public record, again.

Kontinue to delude yourself Kal K. Korff. If you lose your way we will be here to guide you to the truth.


Kal Korff: Hi, briefly, I have to go to the office, Andre, you know, the newspaper I work at where since I am the Special Advisor to the owner, an investigative journalist and columnist, smile emoticon

These are positions I could not have held for the past several years if I was anything even remotely like what my "kritics" claim.

I will reply in more detail later, perhaps late tonight my time.

Bottom line is that I am jammed and backlogged. We realized that the books could NOT come out while the movie had so much left to get done. So we are finishing the movie then the books will be out and there are three of them to start with. Here they are by the way, this artwork would not exist if this wasn't true.

We also did not realize when I gave the first update that we would be filming the kind of schedule we have ended up being in. This was due to many reasons, some of the case finishing their exams for this quarter, the fact I was a judge in another modeling contest, etc., all taking away valuable time. So since the books will start coming out after the movie is done, that's the grand plan as they say.

As you may recall, I POSTED the book covers of the first three titles and from their titles it is clear what they are about. One of them is about the CIA's use of torture for example.

If you missed these even though I posted them on FB, I will repost them here, no problem. Only one of them this round is on UFOs.

One new decisions made as well, to do a book exposing the Hill case based on the movie. That was not considered before.

I will reply later to the other points, I have to get to the office and go do a job I could not possibly hold if I was REALLY like UFO nuts claim

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

Korff, commenting on a real news article about tribes in Africa using an iPad. Korff lying about his FAKE school. There is no school. Check the web site, the Facebook page and their twitter page. No use age at all, zero. A school with zero social network use age is no school at all.

Lies, lies and more lies:

Kal Korff - August 13, 2014 · BREAKING NEWS!
This is for people who have an interest in my next two books coming out as early as next month and by the end of this year: I have just viewed the final cover for one of these upcoming titles and have signed off on it, it has also been reviewed legally and passed.
As soon as I have release dates I'll let everyone know. There is so much to do on so many fronts, I'll also be starting the smart classes shortly we are launching at Noble World School where I am also the Principal, this school exists in a very underdeveloped area of India and is the FIRST school in this region to have iPad centric classes and agreements with dozens of schools so that Indian children can learn with their "study buddies" online together. I am genuinely honored and humbled to have been asked to help manage this project and advise on it, more such schools will be opened up across India after this first project is complete. We're closer to being done than not, it's been a lot of work and everyone involved works hard. We have some really great staff and talent.

I am the PRINCIPAL of Noble World School. It is a new revolutionary school for grades nursery through 5th in an underdeveloped area in India. It is the first of several planned schools. We use iPads and AppleTV for SmartClasses and combine the best educational standards of what India and the West have to offer.

The website: http://nobleworldschool.com/
The FaceBook Wall: https://www.facebook.com/Noble-World-School-637963936253173/
The Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/nobleworldsch

All unused, all proving the lie. There is no school, no teachers and no students. Only Korff.

BTW, who is the name on the web site? The same guy who is the Editor-In-Chief at the media giant Korff "writes" for:

Registrant Name: Manish Tiwari
email: mtiwarimedia@gmail.com


You see how this works. Manish is being taken for a ride by Kal K. Korff. Remind anyone of another person who was taken in by Korff only to have get fleeced by Korff in an Apple product scam. Hey Manish, are you just ignorant, stupid, or both?

Kal Korff: Hi, no, this is in an African country, but I HAVE seen the same amazement in India on kids' faces. In the area where the school is, they had never seen an iPad before.

I remember meeting parents who were checking out the school and asked where the "computer lab" was and I would hand them an iPad and say "This is it!"

Then I would unlock it and show them and they were surprised and I would tell them that we live in a post Pc world now and that increasingly, the old Windows desktop metaphor is "dead" and will ben even more so over time especially the time their young child grows up.

Honestly, seeing reactions like this gets me every time.

Anonymous said...

Korffing Syndicate News

Two classic Korffing videos have surpassed the 10,000 views mark.

This one"

and more importantly, this one. We wanted our video to surpass Korff's video in our attempt to push Korff's video down and out. We've now done that:


Happy New Year Korff, the failure continues.

Anonymous said...

As 2015 winds down, WAG wonders...

What would Kal K. Korff do without his kritics and haters...?


Can you name her another "nobody" with a similar internet response to their behavior?

She's looking for and cannot find any other "nobody" with anywhere close to the amount of material that's been posted on the internet.

Lastly, the books Kalvin, or series of books, or the .PDF documents or series of .PDF documents. Where are those Kalvin? Nobody cares about "articles" which nobody reads. That's a fact... and a matter of public record.

Kal Korff: HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! IN ten minutes in india it will be 2016, just wrapping up writing some news stories (much to the chagrin of my "kritics") and wanted to wish everyone a SAFE and HAPPY NEW YEARS once again.

Anonymous said...

Your "KRITICS" you FUCKING LUNATIC? Yea .. I would say you have KRITICS. Your insane shit has been on DISPLAY for years you fucking moron. Your assault on a humanitarian and stealing thousands of dollars of electronics, your STEALING OF HONOR FROM REAL MILITARY VETERANS, your assaults on men with jobs, families and children and your ATTEMPTS to ruin their lives and jobs ... yea you fat fucking retard ... we've noticed.

God help you .. you thumb sucking piece of shit .. if you come back to the USA. We will make sure EVERYONE KNOWS what a genuine LUNATIC and THIEF and a RAT that you really are. By the Way you TWO TON LARD ASS ... when is the last time you threatened a 16 year old girl, you FUCK FACE? Has it been lately? How is married life you fucking loser? Been awhile since you blathered on about your Punjab "Princess" wife. Still married Mr. Shit for Brains? How come I fucking doubt it? You are so fucking transparent Tubby, so transparent. We Got Ur Number Asswipe, we got it ...

Anonymous said...

And there we have our year end (and that's 8 very successful years of Korffing) post to end all 2015 posts.

2016; bring it on.

Keep Kalm and Keep Korffing

The Syndicate awaits... your move Korff.

niedermeyer said...

LOL he actually posted that he was in the Newsroom at midnight on new year's eve writing articles? Might as well have just typed I'm home all alone with nothing to do, nowhere to be, and nobody to be there with.

Which is sad and it's mean to poke corpses with sticks. But what the hell, he has exactly what he deserves, and if stupid enough to actually post something like that also deserves to have it thrown in his face. Write on, dillweed.


Anonymous said...

Stupid is as stupid does.

Kiss your "wife" for me dillweed.

And by the way, I see the # tags and I'm hoping that more people sign up for the Kal Israel tweeterverse.


Anonymous said...

Hot Damn!! Here it is January 01, 2016 and a brand new year of Korffing to look forward to! Hot Damn!!!

Anonymous said...

Hot Damn indeed.

Anonymous said...

Just shut up, Kal. Shut your face, stop posting your bullshit radio shows, leave facebook alone and fuck off.


Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

It's interesting that Korff always has extended family whom are always involved, in one way or the other, in the most important past and current events... you know, like Forrest Gump...

Kal Korff: My cousin, who married a wonderful Muslim man, an individual who prevented Arabs from committing violence and brought down the carnage in Egypt form what it would have been, same in Syria, etc., his name was Dr. Eid, you can look him up.

Kal Korff: I also know from yet another cousin whines also married to a Muslim that she feels the same way. The point again was the hypocrisy and uneven standards. To give you perspective on this, my cousin Lonnie D. Franks, his sister married a Muslim and his daughter married a Muslim and Franks is a Christian and I am a Jew.

Jimmy D said...

Santa! You're drunk!

Again ...:)